End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078 Youll Understand Then

Lin Yun directly packed the temporary camp and threw everything into the Demiplane before leading everyone in the direction indicated by the invitation card.

They rushed forward while killing all the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts on their path. By the time they reached the Burning Towers camp, every other force had already arrived.

In the center of the temporary camp was an eight-meter-tall device covered in all kinds of complex runes and arrays. It looked like a large amount of components had been piled together into a tall platform with four runic pillars around it.

That device was placed at the highest part of the temporary camp and couldnt be missed. It was also emitting thick mana fluctuations, and anyone seeing it would feel that this was a powerful alchemy device.

Lin Yun grinned, he looked ready to enjoy a good show.

The most crude and simple device to guide the fusion, this kind of device was just the most basic train of thought.

It would be very interesting if they used this fusion.

Lin Yun threw a glance at this device and knew what would happen. He originally had no plan to meddle in other peoples business. Moreover, they wouldnt even believe him if he kindly told them that this alchemy device was a failed product.

They might just think that Lin Yun was messing around, and it might even end up in a fight if something happened.

Furthermore, Lin Yun had heard from the others discussions that the one getting ready to use the device to complete the Extraordinary transformation was a mage from the Shadow Tower.

And thus, Lin Yun didnt feel like intervening, he might as well watch the show. Even if he really forgot their past enmity to try and persuade him, Dylas definitely wouldnt believe him and would only think that he was looking for trouble.

The four forces of the Andlusa Kingdom and the six forces of the Odin Kingdom were all present. The Odin Kingdoms people were all enthusiastically surrounding Dedale and Dylas.

As for the Andlusa Kingdom, Jouyi and Harren were together while the Azurewave Sword Saint of the Andlusa Royal Family was calmly waiting in a corner.

From Jouyi and Harrens appearance, it looked like they had been in a very difficult situation.

The two looked exhausted and their mana was somewhat unstable. They had definitely been injured during these days and frequently consumed their mana in battle to the point where they couldnt rest and recover.

The three forces of the Andlusa Kingdom were all on another side, and from seeing Jouyi and Harrens expressions, they had definitely been ridiculed by Dylas.

Lin Yun waved his hand at Harren and Jouyi.

This time, Jouyi no longer had that thick scholarly aura and now looked like a mage that has undergone a very harsh test. As for Harren, he looked exhausted and his eyes were flickering with anger, his pride as the Chairman of the Black Tower was nowhere to be seen.

Seeing that these two were still alive, Lin Yun sighed in relief.

Morgan kept bringing news these days, there had already been sightings of three different Heaven Rank Beastmen, and there might be a 4th.

Considering the one Lin Yun had burnt to death, there might have already been five Beastman powerhouses that advanced to the Heaven Rank!

Jouyi and Harren originally had disastrous losses, their inherited True Spirit Magic Tools had already been destroyed, and even if they previously got some benefits from the temple, they couldnt make up for that huge loss in power.

They had lost their Magic Tools and their forces suffered disastrous losses. Hunting Heaven Rank Magic Beasts would be even more challenging, they could only look for lone Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and they couldnt provoke the ones with special abilities.

If something bad happened, they would lose the rest of their subordinates. At that time, they might become unable to leave the Raging Flame Battlefield alive.

Lin Yun looked at Jouyi and Harren and sighed.

Seeing Lin Yun, Jouyi and Harren also sighed in relief.

"Sir Merlin, its good to see you again, this is really good. I thought we wouldnt be able to find you. We both thought we would definitely all fall here"

Jouyi had a complicated expression, apparently these days hadnt been very good.

Harren was gnashing his teeth as he looked at the Odin Kingdom with a complicated expression.

"Whether it is in the number of powerhouses, or the power of their mage towers, the Odin Kingdom is really stronger than our Andlusa Kingdom.

"We previously met a group of Beastmen with a Heaven Rank powerhouse, and if not because an admirable elder of the Cloud Tower used Sacrifice to stop that Beastman powerhouse with his vitality, Jouyi and I would have both been dead

"Now, the Odin Kingdom found a way to use Beast Gods Blood and their strength is bound to keep on growing. Even if we manage to come back alive, the fight over the Raging Flame Plane will definitely end up with our loss"

Lin Yun sighed, "Sir Jouyi, Sir Harren, dont be discouraged, the situation hasnt reached that stage yet. You were just unlucky, no one knows what will happen before the end"

After saying that, Lin Yun glanced at the seemingly very powerful and complex alchemical device.

Jouyi and Harren glanced at each other and Jouyi took out a leather pouch imprinted with a seal and handed it to Lin Yun.

"Sir Merlin, those are the mana crystals Sir Harren and I have hunted together, there are a total of 88 mana crystals. We are now giving them to you."

Lin Yun was somewhat stunned as he looked at Jouyi.

"Sir Jouyi, what are you doing? Your True Spirit Magic Tools have been destroyed, you can trade for a suitable True Spirit Magic Tool within the temple in order to increase your overall strength"

Lin Yun didnt have time to finish his words before Jouyi shook his head and sighed.

"Sir Merlin, we are aware. But Sir Harren and I have been thinking a lot during those days of fighting. At first, we were wondering how to hunt even more magic beasts.

"But later, we personally encountered a Heaven Rank Beastman able to use Extraordinary Power and fully able to display the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"We understood then that we wouldnt be those Beastmen opponents no matter what we did, even if our True Spirit Magic Tools hadnt been destroyed.

"Not to mention catching up to the Odin Kingdom

"You are the strongest in our Andlusa Kingdom, you can burst with the power of the Heaven Rank as an 8th Rank Archmage.

"Moreover, Sir Merlins advancing speed is very fast. I believe that you might be close to advancing to the 9th Rank.

"These mana crystals are for you, Sir Merlin, you can gather a few more, trade for a drop of Beast Gods Blood and see if you can use the Burning Towers alchemical device.

"Once Sir Merlin advance to the Heaven Rank, our Andlusa Kingdoms forces might be able to avoid dying in the Raging Flame Battlefield and our power wouldnt be extremely weakened.

"We can only do this much, we can only rely on Sir Merlin to withstand the Heaven Rank Beastmen" He said before sighing.

Hearing Jouyis words, Lin Yun couldnt help being emotionally moved and an unconcealable shock flashed in his eyes.

Lin Yun noticed that Harren seemed to be agreeing with Jouyi. What they experienced greatly changed these two Andlusan powerhouses.

They had encountered many powerhouses stronger than them and were met with the biggest setbacks in their lifetimes. It was impossible for them to not change.

But handing over the mana crystals they worked so hard to gather wasnt in line with the interest of the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower.

They were doing that for the interest of the Andlusa Kingdom, as the strongest two people of the Andlusa Kingdom, they would inevitably obtain the most benefits if they succeeded.

But no force would put their hopes on others. A sharp sword held by oneself would never alter its course.

Lin Yun looked at the two for some time, puzzled for a bit.

After looking at the pouch of mana crystals for half a minute, Lin Yun sighed and declined.

"Sir Jouyi, you should hold onto these mana crystals. Take a look at the temple and see if there are True Spirit Magic Tools that you can trade for.

"I dont lack mana crystals, Im telling the truth. Moreover, my advancement to the Heaven Rank should have nothing to do with Beast Gods Blood, I have my own plans"

Jouyi and Harren were somewhat worried since Lin Yun didnt accept the mana crystals.

Anxious, Harren promptly put the mana crystals in Lin Yuns embrace.

"Sir Merlin, I know you definitely arent willing to accept them, but with the current situation, our Andlusa Kingdom needs the emergence of a true powerhouse, a Heaven Rank powerhouse. That is the best method.

"The Raging Flame Beastmens understanding of the Raging Flame Battlefield far surpasses our own, they have unearthed many secrets of this place, and when coming here, I heard that those Raging Flame Beastmen could directly fuse with the Beast Gods Blood to complete the Extraordinary transformation, while being able to use Extraordinary Power due to the Beast Gods Blessings.

"This time, there are nine powerhouses on the level of 9th Rank Sword Saints within the Beastmen!

"When added together, the number of Sword Saints or Arch-Warlocks that can advance to the Heaven Rank is just too high.

"We cant rely on the Odin Kingdom, we are rivals after all. If we dont have a Heaven Rank powerhouse supporting us at a critical time, the consequences would be too dire to imagine"

Harrens rapid explanations made Lin Yun bitterly smile. He then solemnly looked at Jouyi and Harren.

"Sir Jouyi, Sir Harren, lets talk about that later. I dont need those Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals, I really dont need them. When the matter at hand is finished, please follow me, youll understand then."

Harren wanted to say something, but Jouyi lightly shook his head.

On the other side, the alchemists of the Burning Tower were proceeding with the last checks of that huge device, they were making sure that nothing was wrong before activating it.

The Peak 9th Rank Archmage powerhouse of the Shadow Tower already flew to the round circular platform atop the device.