End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 Alchemical Device

They melted many kinds of valuable magic metals into one piece and enchanted a great amount of runes onto it. The alchemy patterns were directly carved onto the entire platform. The entire platform was covered in runes, and only a meter-big area was a bit more clear as it only had a dozen runes.

The mage of the Shadow Tower, named Bloss, was sitting at the top of the alchemical device, his face flushed with excitement. He was a bit nervous, but he was even more excited and full of expectations.

Looking at the group of mages with complex expressions below him, Bloss couldnt help smiling.

I hadnt expected to be the first to use the device to complete the Extraordinary transformation. Sir Dylas is truly worth following, he gave the opportunity to the one who followed him the longest, me.

This is a drop of Beast Gods Blood worth 100 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals. We havent traded anything else in the temple and fought for such a long time only to get about 120 mana crystals. Who knew when we would save up another 100 mana crystals

Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts are slowly decreasing as time passes, and who knows when those Beastmen would start their attack.

Its even possible that I would be the first and the last to complete the Extraordinary transformation.

Sir Dylas is truly too smart, looking for the Burning Tower in order to cooperate is the wisest decision he made in years!

The Burning Tower is an ancient mage force with a ten millennia old foundation, it didnt take long for them to craft this complex alchemical device.

It truly is a masterpiece, it could compare to an Artisans masterpiece. This device is definitely the greatest accomplishment in Noscents history since the Era of Gods.

Haha, just look at those people below, everyone is looking at me with envy and jealousy, especially those few idiots who werent chosen by Sir Dylas, their eyes are burning with anger.

You can be envious and hateful all you want, once I advance to the Heaven Rank, youll have to call me Lord Bloss. You would be mortals while I would have already transcended.

Bloss was flushed from excitement. He sat on the platform and was somewhat unable to calm down his mana fluctuations.

On another side, Dedale was standing up, watching that alchemical device with a grin on his face.

That foolish Dylas, did he think I would help him manufacture an alchemical device and give him the first spot out of kindness?

The Beast God was a True God, and one of the Gods with the strongest bloodline. His blood cant be compared to the average God Blood.

Its not something mortals can make hypotheses about. Even if our Burning Tower is a very ancient force, we dont have a method to handle the blood of the Beast God.

All fields of alchemy are very strict, any item that doesnt pass the experimental stage is a failure. An alchemical device that hasnt been tested through the passage of time didnt have a guaranteed outcome.

There is a reason why alchemists motto is: Experiencing the blood and tears of countless years to obtain the truth.

A drop of Beast Gods Blood isnt worth having a 9th Rank Archmage take the risk.

If it was successful, great, if it failed A powerhouse would be lost. Who could know what the consequences of failure were?

But that idiot Dylas isnt that foolish, he actually sent a subordinate to test it and didnt go himself

Regret flashed in Dedales eyes. If Dylas went and the experiment was a success, the contribution would have gone to the Burning Tower. However, if they failed, regardless of the consequences, the agreement between Dylas and the Burning Tower would be void. If Dylas died, they would no longer have to share the results of the research with the Shadow Tower

Not far from the alchemical device, Dylas looked at the excited Bloss, and his envious subordinates whose eyes were so red that they looked bloody, and felt quite pleased with himself.

Of course I wont go test that alchemical device. Its an alchemical device never before seen in Noscent, it has never been tested. I wont personally test it even with the temptation of advancing to the Heaven Rank.

Before it had been discovered that the Beast Gods Blood could make the Beastmen complete the Extraordinary transformation, who would have thought that the Beast Gods Blood had this kind of power. Even if some drops were found, they would only be used as ordinary God Blood.

The pioneers in the field of alchemy usually died very ugly deaths. Did that greedy leech Dedale think I was clueless?

That drop of Beast Gods Blood cant be wasted and it was definitely my quota. Giving it to my subordinate is naturally the best method.

If its successful, then Bloss would forever remember this great favor. He has been with me for so many years, giving him this opportunity would make him even more loyal.

Having a Heaven Rank subordinate is overall a bit better than if I was a Heaven powerhouse. If this succeeds, then Ill use the Beast Gods Blood again and our Shadow Tower would have two Heaven Rank powerhouses.

And at worst, this cant be blamed on me if it fails. I also wouldnt have taken any risk, haha. That Dedale wanted me to take part in the experiment? Too naive, does he think Im stupid?

Apart from Dylas and Dedale, the others were also watching the situation with complex thoughts.

They were hoping that it would be a success so they could witness the birth of a powerful Heaven Rank powerhouse. They could then discuss with the Burning Tower and use the alchemical device to complete the Extraordinary transformation in order to become a true Heaven Rank powerhouse.

But these people were also envious and hoped that this alchemical device would fail. If the device didnt work, everyone would remain at the same rank and they wouldnt need to lower their heads when talking to others in the future.

Although they all had complicated emotions, they were all surrounding Dedale. The Quicksand Tower and the Odin Royal Family were lowering their heads as they gathered in front of Dedale.

As for the Henry Family and the Sky City, they were also gathered there. Raphael was hiding his strength. Since human mages couldnt use Extraordinary Power, no one would be able to see that Raphael was a Heaven Mage unless he used his strength.

Even the news of Morgans breakthrough had been concealed by the Burning Tower and the Shadow Tower. The huge effects caused by Raphaels breakthrough puzzled everyone, they were wondering who had advanced to the Heaven Rank.

As everyone was getting impatient, an alchemist of the Burning Tower soon put the drop of Beast Gods Blood in a stone bottle prepared at the bottom of the alchemical device.

The alchemical devices runes faintly shone and a head-sized hole appeared in that pillar-like alchemical device.

The stone bottle containing the Beast Gods Blood was placed inside the hole, and immediately, wisps of blood-colored smoke transformed into a blood-colored light cloth which sent the stone bottle flying up inside the alchemical device.

The hole closed and a rune roamed about. There was no trace of the hole and the alchemy patterns on the devices surface shone brightly, the large amount of runes also blossomed with light.

Boundless mana fluctuations spread towards the surroundings like a tide, and the mana became uncontrollable.

It was as if an extremely powerful existence was forcibly controlling the elements and mana in the vicinity of the device.

Feeling this, all the spectating mages withdrew in shock. They were unable to control elements and even their innate mana showed signs of going berserk near the device. The mana covering the surface of their bodies already started dispelling, as if the device was absorbing it.

The group retreated, and soon, the mana fluctuations emitted by the alchemical device became stronger and stronger. A blood-colored wisp started spreading from within the device. The colorful runes on the surface of the alchemical device suddenly looked like they couldnt resist the power corrosion.

It looked like a blood-colored halo flashed in an instant and all the runes turned blood-colored. The energy flowing within the alchemy patterns also turned blood-colored.

Boundless blood-colored power spread out from the lower half of the alchemical device and rapidly spread towards the upper part before converging at the top of the alchemical device and transforming into blood-colored radiance and mist that wrapped around Bloss.

Suddenly, a groan echoed from the peak of the alchemical device as Bloss mana seemed to instantly burst open, spreading out at a frightening speed. The power of Law fragments also fluctuated separately.

After a dozen seconds, Bloss mana fluctuations thoroughly exceeded the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm and underwent some incomprehensible fierce changes. Some peculiar aura started rising out of Bloss body.

"Extraordinary Power!"

"Its actually working, damnit, Extraordinary Power appeared, Bloss has already completed the Extraordinary transformation, what a powerful alchemical device!"

As gasps of surprise kept echoing, an undetectable sneer appeared at the corner of Lin Yuns mouth.

Extraordinary Power? That can indeed be considered Extraordinary Power.

Its using the alchemical device to stabilize and guide the power within the Beast Gods Blood through the complex dividers of the alchemical device.

After the Beast Gods Blood Power is scattered in countless parts, it then merge every bit of power inside the mages body.

Such a crude method would actually appear in the future, before being discarded.

Those crazy alchemists first device would be able to disperse a drop of Beast Gods Blood into more than a million parts.

And they could even precisely control the path of every bit of force to ensure that they would be well-distributed within the mages body