End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080 Have You Seen This?

Unfortunately, it would still be a failure. The alchemical device researched by the Burning Tower is just slowly guiding the power of Beast Gods Blood to transform it into a bloody mist before fusing it with a mage.

Its really too simple and crude, I dont know where Dylas and Dedales confidence comes from

Lin Yun was expressionless as he started slowly retreating.

Bloss aura was still frantically rising after a dozen seconds. The spectators couldnt see what was happening due to the bloody mist and bloody light surrounding him.

They could only sense more and more Extraordinary Power rapidly forming at the top of the alchemical device. The powerful aura already curled into a whirlwind and frantically devoured the surrounding mana.

The light around the alchemical device darkened a bit as if most of the light was already being devoured. The sky turned dusky as darkness descended.

Shadows appeared around the alchemical device, it was just like a cloud blocking the sunlight and forming a 200 to 300-meter-wide shadow.

Bloss aura reached the Heaven Rank, but his Extraordinary transformation hadnt stopped, and the increase of power showed no sign of halting.

Sensing the skyrocketing aura, Morgan couldnt help being shocked.

Damn, that Bloss guy took about a century to become an Archmage, and after so many years, he had only been able to reach the 9th Rank by using a lot of resources and a lot of time.

He had been innately not fated to reach the Heaven Rank, so why is he advancing so quickly? He is already at the Heaven Rank and completed the Extraordinary transformation, he is only lacking the control over Extraordinary Power, yet he is still becoming stronger and stronger.

Sh*t, wouldnt he be stronger than me once he finished advancing?

The alchemical device is so powerful Is it even better than the potion Sir Merlin gave me?

No, wait, Sir Merlin told me that he was coming to watch a show. Doesnt that mean that they would definitely fail?

"Eh, where is Sir Merlin?

Morgan was puzzled, but his expression changed as he noticed that Lin Yun had retreated to the back of the crowd.

Damn, how could Sir Merlin run to the back? Does he want to escape?

Oh no, that Bloss would definitely complete his breakthrough, they already succeeded!

Sir Merlins relationship with Dylas isnt very friendly. That foolish Dylas is a hungry wolf, if his subordinate advances to the Heaven Rank, he might immediately look for trouble with Sir Merlin.

Morgan hesitated before retreating to the back of the crowd. He lowered his voice as he moved closer to Lin Yun.

"Sir Merlin, are we leaving now? Rest assured, even if that fool really advances, that foolish Dylas wouldnt dare to cause trouble.

"Raphael and I have already advanced to the Heaven Rank, even if that Bloss also succeeds and teams up with Dedale, they would only have two powerhouses with the power of the Heaven Rank.

"When the time comes, Sir Raphael and I can stop both of them while Sir Merlin take care of Dylas so that he would never have the opportunity to advance to the Heaven Rank"

Lin Yun didnt know whether to laugh or cry after hearing Morgans ferocious plan.

"Sir Morgan, I think you misunderstood something. Rest assured, I just want to stand a bit far. Im here to enjoy the show, naturally, I cant participate in it"

Morgan was a bit doubtful. Lin Yun didnt explain, but he instructed Morga, "Go and discreetly tell Raphael to stand further away."

After saying that, Lin Yun used a wisp of mana to discreetly notify Jouyi and Harren to stand further back. They could enjoy the show from standing at the back of the crowd.

Although Jouyi and Harren were a bit puzzled, they have known Lin Yun for a long time and they werent foolish. They immediately retreated to the back of the crowd in silence. Moreover, no one harbored any suspicions, they were the weakest so standing in the back was normal.

Only a vague shadow could be seen at the alchemical devices location. In the center of the shadow was a red bloody mist and Bloss powerful aura transformed into a gale continuously spreading outward.

Dylas was standing not too far from it, excited and not caring about his mana being somewhat absorbed. His gaze was feverish.

Success, its a success!

Not only is it already a success, the power of the Beast Gods Blood is still being used and Bloss is becoming stronger and stronger. As long as he completely fuse with that drop of Beast Gods Blood, Bloss power would be compared to a Heaven Rank powerhouse that had advanced a long time ago and had completely stabilized his realm.

Heaven Rank powerhouse, Ill have a Heaven Mage subordinate soon! Bloss has been following me for such a long time, I dont have to worry about his loyalty.

Moreover, he secretly signed a contract with me before, hell be my subordinate until his death.

Controlling a Heaven Rank subordinate, haha, even my uncle doesnt have that ability. No, no one in the Shadow Tower has that ability.

Moreover, I already possess the method to help mages complete the Extraordinary transformation, Ill be able to have many Heaven Rank powerhouses in the future.

Want to complete the Extraordinary transformation?

Sure, as long as they agree to sign a blood contract with me. The contract wont be too severe, they only need to become my subordinates and pledge their loyalty, the rest doesnt matter.

Ill dispatch Bloss to hunt those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts once he finishes his breakthrough. Hunting those magic beasts would definitely be a lot easier with the power of a Heaven Mage.

100 mana crystals would be nothing. I already have two dozen, we would just need to hunt over seventy Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts to trade for a drop of Beast Gods Blood.

Then, I would be able to complete the Extraordinary transformation and become a true Heaven Rank powerhouse!

And I would have a Heaven Mage subordinate, which would soon be followed by a steady flow of Heaven Rank powerhouses, who would be my match then?

Cooperating with the Burning Tower was really a smart move. The Burning Tower hadnt known the secret of the Beast Gods Blood, even if they could research it, they wouldnt have known what path to use.

And I held the secret of the Beast Gods Blood but I couldnt create this alchemical device.

We would share the profits from the research. Fortunately, I provided the drop of the Beast Gods Blood or I would have ended up with nothing by the time the Burning Tower researched that secret on their own.

Haha, when the time comes, our Shadow Tower and the Burning Tower would become the strongest forces. Even the major forces of the Odin Kingdom wouldnt be our match.

There wouldnt be a need to send Archmages if a fight occurred, we could just send a dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses. Who would dare to fight us then?

Would Raphael still dare to mention what happened when he was being chased? Would Morgan still try to scam me?

As for Mafa Merlin, that Andlusan insect, if he is tactful enough and rushes over to beg for my help, I might reluctantly accept him.

If he refuses to serve me, Ill show him the power of the Heaven Rank, the power of a few Heaven Rank powerhouses!

There are less and less Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts appearing in the Raging Flame Battlefield, but it doesnt matter. I would have enough Heaven Rank powerhouses by then and I would be able to sweep through the Raging Flame Beastmen alongside the Burning Tower and snatch those Beastmens mana crystals.

After taking over the Raging Flame Battlefield and gathering enough Beast Gods Blood, I would turn those drops of blood into Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Dylas was proudly laughing, not concealing his ecstasy and the fact that he was proud of himself. But after looking around, he noticed that Lin Yun was nowhere to be found.

After attentively searching his surroundings, he finally discovered Lin Yuns silhouette in the back.

Damn, that Mafa Merlin must be afraid that I would take care of him after Bloss advanced to the Heaven Rank, he is already escaping.

Wretched, now you know how to be scared? You never came out when I looked for you before, hmpf, if you dont swear allegiance today, youll have to bear the anger of a Heaven Rank powerhouse!

As he thought about that, Dylas smirked and confidently walked towards Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, why are you standing there, really, how could you stand at the back? Can you even see anything from here? Can you even sense anything?" Dylas loudly exclaimed as he proudly sneered, even calling out Lin Yuns name without even using the "Sir" title.

"Mafa Merlin, Im talking to you. Werent you very busy? How come you have time to witness the birth of a Heaven Rank powerhouse?

"Dont you know? That newly advanced Heaven Rank powerhouse is my subordinate, Bloss. He has been with me for a very long time and is my most loyal subordinate."

Dylas was proudly showing off, but Lin Yun still remained calm, completely ignoring Dylas.

Dylas sneered, his expression turning sinister.

"Mafa Merlin, hmpf, I see that you have some self-awareness. You, Andlusan country bumpkin, know that you are weaklings and that you should be standing at the back.

"I personally paid you a visit before, but you unexpectedly didnt show yourself because you were so busy, so why did you come here to witness the birth of a Heaven Rank powerhouse?

"Hmpf, that swindler, Morgan, must have been deceived by you, what about the transformation potion?

"Since you found a method to use the Beast Gods Blood, how come you havent compounded a new one for your subordinates? How come none of them broke through?

"300 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals, you are really a daring greedy leech!

"That Morgan already advanced to the Heaven Rank and has been helping you hunt many mana crystals, hasnt he? Then how come you havent used them?

"Isnt it because all the compounding failed?

"Hahaha, Mafa Merlin, its already pretty good for lady luck to smile upon you once, but could it be that you wanted her to remain by your side every time?

"What a joke. Have you seen this?

"That alchemical device is something that I developed in collaboration with the Burning Tower. It can be recorded in Noscents history as the key to a new era for all mages.

"That is the most trustworthy thing, it only needs Beast Gods Blood to create a steady flow of Heaven Rank powerhouses. Its completely different from those potions relying on luck to be successfully crafted!

"Im about to become a Heaven Rank powerhouse, wasting my time with Andlusan country bumpkins is truly not worth it.

"Ill now give you an opportunity. Become my subordinate by signing a blood contract and Ill forget about your previous offenses.

"If you do a good job for me in the future, it wouldnt be impossible for you to advance to the Heaven Rank.

"As long as you hunt 500 Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts for me, I can show mercy and give you a chance to use that alchemical device"