End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Instant Kill

Dylas kept on chattering endlessly, he looked as if he was willing to go past their previous enmity. Hearing this, Lin Yun felt that this was laughable and lightly shook his head before looking at the distant alchemical device. The shadow was already dissipating as was the bloody mist, but Bloss aura was getting stronger and stronger.

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Dylas as if he was looking at a clown, and said, "Dylas, if I were you, I would stop talking nonsense over there and back up"

These words made Dylas explode. He sneered and coldly looked at Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, you stupid guy, you actually dare to make me back up? Are you planning on attacking me? You dare?

"I changed my mind, today is your last opportunity! I still remember everything you did to humiliate me before.

"Youll sign a soul contract with me and youll become an Undead even after your death, continuing to serve me to repay me for the disgraces.

"If you serve me willingly and let me see your loyalty, I may give you the chance to complete your Extraordinary transformation.

"Otherwise, youll pay a disastrous price today and a price you definitely didnt expect.

"You wont be the only one, Ill even conquer your Andlusa Kingdom and throw all the Andlusans out of the Raging Flame Plane"

Dylas angrily threatened, his arrogance hardly concealed. But he hardly said half of what he planned to say when a painful roar echoed from the alchemical device.

The deep roar sounded like a giant creature was awakening.

The shadow covering the alchemical device suddenly dissipated, as if it had been forcibly torn apart.

The diffused bloody mist also frantically collapsed towards the center before ultimately transforming into a layer of light enveloping Bloss body.

Bloss was kneeling on the ground, his body curled into a ball as he roared in pain. The mana in his surroundings instantly turned berserk and chaotic.

Then, the mana flowing into Bloss body started flowing back out. The mana kept leaking out, as if his body was a bottle with a hole at the bottom.

Then, the expelled mana started flowing back into his body and was devoured by the layer of bloody light covering his body. Blood spurted out, but just like mana, that blood flew back into Bloss body.

That sudden change startled everyone.

Dylas could no longer arrogantly threaten Lin Yun and promptly rushed to the alchemical device.

"Bloss, whats going on? Damn, what the hell is happening. Just say it, what is it?"

Dylas roared as he charged towards the alchemical device.

Something suddenly swelled up on Bloss back and tore his magic robe apart. Vertebrae poked out of his body, one after another.

His body also seemed to be swelling up and started frantically expanding. In less than a second, his body swelled up a dozen times.

Blood-colored needle-sized hair grew out from the surface of his body and bloody bony outgrowths came out of his joints.


A roar echoed as the monster Bloss turned into raised its head. Thin fur was growing all over its face, but Bloss original appearance could still faintly be seen.

Four rune-covered bloody tusks grew over its lips and crisscrossed, just like a Beastmans tusks.

Its eyes had turned pure blood-red, no white or pupil could be seen, it looked like a blood-colored flame was burning within, filled with traces of madness and slaughter.

Everyone was shocked as Bloss stood up.

Its huge twenty-meter-tall body crushed the alchemical device into pieces. It looked like a werewolf with those huge sharp claws. A big part of its face still had Bloss appearance, but it also had the Beastmen iconic tusks.

It had blood-colored fur all over its body just like a beast.

It completely looked like a half-man half-beast monster, and the most frightening part was the aura of a Heaven Rank powerhouse it was emitting!

A layer of bloody mist lingered around its body and was emitting an even thicker Extraordinary Power aura, this was something it was doing instinctively.

Bloss had suddenly turned into a monster, and a Heaven Rank monster. Dylas was completely stunned, but he still subconsciously shouted at the monster when he saw the pile of crushed components, "Bloss! You damn b*stard, you destroyed the alchemical device!

It looked like the monster suddenly sensed something and turned to look at Dylas, its blood-colored eyes frantically flickering with a frantic light. It slightly bent its body, before its mountain-like body charged towards Dylas.

Its long arms dragging on the ground suddenly clawed toward Dylas. It blew the air away as it clawed in front of itself.

A white gust accompanied with minute lightning effects appeared. The monsters claws forcibly pierced through all obstruction and arrived before Dylas.

Dylas could feel a terrifying feeling of crisis engulfing his entire body, he could feel it through his pores, Somethings wrong, the transformation failed

The Dark Night Cloak instantly appeared in front of him and a Mana Shield and a Runic Shield appeared together, before being slapped by the monster.

His Mana Shield popped like a bubble on contact, while the Runic Shields layers of runes seemed to be continuously peeling off.

The monsters claws were covered in a bloody light and were like sinister knives that were peeling layers upon layers of runes.

Dylas Runic Shield quickly burst open, and ultimately, the monsters claws fiercely hit the Dark Night Cloak.

Black rays of light collided with the blood-colored light, but just as the lights collided, the Dark Night Cloak coiled around Dylas and instantly flashed.

Over twenty-meter-away, a flash of black light could be seen as Dylas and the Dark Night Cloak appeared once again. But the Dark Night Cloaks black halo suddenly disappeared.

A fifty-centimeter-long tear could be seen on the black cloak, and many of the runes were torn apart.

Dylas grasped the Dark Night Cloak with regret. That tear might reduce the Magic Tools power by 50%. And that was because the Dark Night Cloak was a special Magic Tool. Had it been any other Magic Tool, they would have already been destroyed.

Recalling the method to repair the Dark Night Cloak made Dylas heart bleed.

And that thought only flashed before Dylas fearfully looked at the bloody monster not far away.

Damn, such a powerful monster. I would have already been torn apart without the Dark Night Cloaks flashing ability

Sh*t, whats going on, he clearly advanced to the Heaven Rank, how come he suddenly transformed into a crazy monster?

Dylas didnt dare to think too much and buffed himself with a Shadow Conceal to reduce his mana fluctuations to the minimum and merge with the shadows.

He rapidly retreated and turned to look at the monster. The monsters claws were frantically destroying everything it saw.

Two mages of the Shadow Tower that didnt have time to react were slapped by the monsters claws and their bodies were instantly covered in a layer of bloody light. After the bloody light dissipated, their bodies withered and fell to the ground.

"Damn, whats going on? Sir Dylas, what are you doing?"

Shock and anger came from the chaotic crowd. The group of people still lamenting that the Shadow Tower was about to get one more Heaven Rank power suddenly acted like debtors encountering their loan sharks.

The strongest mage there was only a 9th Rank Archmage, most of them werent even at the 9th Rank.

They were merely a hundred meters away from that Heaven Rank monster and couldnt avoid that disaster.

A hundred meters was nothing more than a few steps to that twenty-meter-tall monster. Moreover, that monsters speed was as terrifying as a Heaven Sword Saint, it took less than a second to tear apart two mages a hundred meters away.

The group of mage flew backward in alarm as the disaster suddenly happened. Fierce mana fluctuations burst out from the originally calm group of mages.

Mana Shield, Elemental Shield, Runic Shield, every single Archmage cast these three defensive spells instinctively.

Especially the Runic Shield, this was an Archmages final line of defense, it couldnt be re-cast after it was broken through.

Apart from those three defensive shields, everyone added the defensive spells they were proficient in, Fire Shield, Ice Shield, Earth Shield

But these protective shields simply couldnt resist the power of that monster.

The surface of the half-man half-beast monsters body was covered in a layer of Extraordinary Power in the form of bloody light. That layer of light was synergizing with the monsters power and tore through these mages defensive shields as if they were just sheets of paper.

In less than three seconds, three mages of the Shadow Tower had been torn apart. The mages of the Burning Tower were also standing at the forefront and three of them were torn apart, their bodies transforming into withered corpses.

Especially the few alchemists that researched the alchemical device, they were only 8th Rank Archmages. Dedale wouldnt have brought them to the Raging Flame Battlefield if not for their expertise in the field of alchemy.

They were the weakest among the people standing at the forefront, and the closest to the alchemical device. When the disaster happened, the three alchemists didnt have the power to resist and were killed instantly.