End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082 Scoundrel

In addition to the Burning Tower and the Shadow Towers disastrous losses, the Odin Royal Family also suffered as the princes two guards turned into mummies.

The mages of the Quicksand Tower were the quickest to react, the earth under their feet turned into sand and engulfed their bodies just as the disaster occured, allowing them to avoid that crazy monsters attacks.

The only ones completely unaffected were the four forces of the Andlusa Kingdom.

Lin Yun already knew that something would go wrong so he stood far from the alchemical device, with Jouyi and Harren next to him. The Azurewave Sword Saint naturally followed the forces of his Kingdom.

A large fire broke out in the Burning Towers temporary camp a few seconds later, the chaotic elements transformed into a devastating storm while the blood-colored monster chased after the fleeing spectators, killing or injuring someone every second.

Thirteen mages died in less than ten second, six of which belonged to the Burning Tower, and three to Shadow Tower.

Dedale originally thought that that transformation was already complete, but looking at this scene, his red eyes were dripping blood.

"Damn b*stards, dont run! Return fire! Return fire!"

Dedale flew up as he shouted, his Burning Soul robe blossoming with orange flames as the Fire Dragon rushed out of it and fused with Dedale.

Dedales aura instantly rose up and exceeded the limits of the Archmage realm. Three flaming fireballs were floating besides his body.

Golden flames, black flames, and green flames were spurting out together, the Hellfire, Poisonfire, and Destruction Fire merged together and transformed into a tri-colored firewave that flew towards the monsters head.

At that instant, the blood-colored light covering the monsters body sharply rose and transformed into runes. Those runes formed a ten-meter-big arm shield on the monsters left arm.

The three kinds of flames released by Dedale were all resisted by that blood-colored arm shield

But it also stopped the monsters slaughter and gave a moment of respite to those mages. Since the greatest danger was held in check, they only needed to figure out how to deal with that monster.

In the distance, Lin Yun was calmly looking at this monster, some surprise visible in his eyes.

I knew there would be an issue, but I never expected them to engineer a mage beast transformation and turn that guy into a half-man half-beast monster.

Isnt that kind of situation something that only appears when Beast Gods Blood is directly fused?

It looks like I overestimated the abilities of the Burning Towers alchemists. They didnt even add other materials to purify the Beast Gods Blood, they just split it into pieces to make it fuse with a mage.

They are really bold. The effects of that kind of fusion are even more thorough than directly fusing with the Beast Gods Blood. That monster completed its transformation almost instantly before going berserk.

But I hadnt expected it to be able to use a Blood Armshield after going berserk. It looks like that drop of Beast Gods Blood contained information about the Berserk Transformation and the Blood Arm Shield. Their luck is quite good

Lin Yuns eyes carried a wisp of sympathy as he looked at that berserk monster.

Directly fusing with the Beast Gods Blood wouldnt cause such a great destruction in the future, there were many powerhouses during that era, and even the first mage researching the direct fusion with the Beast Gods Blood was a 5th Rank Heaven Mage.

The mage that directly fused with the Beast Gods Blood also left his name in history and his achievements were recorded.

The ability he obtained at the time was Bloodthirst, and he only inherited that ability through blood.

These abilities were brought up by the fragments of will and soul imprinted within the Beast Gods Blood. This was definitely a poisonous substance to human mages. It was a toxin that would simultaneously target their soul and bodies.

Even a small fragment of willpower and a small fragment of bloodline ability would form a power that couldnt be resisted by 9th Rank Archmage when merging with them.

That kind of huge bloodline power could forcibly transform the shape of a human mages bloodline and thoroughly invade a mages own bloodline.

Even the Beastmen, known to have the Beast Gods bloodline, could only use those bloodline fragments or willpower fragments as a catalyst to rouse their own bloodline. They couldnt let the other things within the blood take the upper hand.

The only outcome awaiting them if the bloodline fragments or willpower fragments gained the upper hand was having their soul shattered.

Was God Blood that easy to fuse with?

However, not every drop of Beast Gods Blood contained willpower fragments or bloodline fragments.

The main reason why the mages fusing with the Beast Gods Blood lost their will and soul wasnt because the fragments of willpower shattered their soul, but because they couldnt bear that huge power. Their bloodline would corrode and their shape would change within an extremely short time. The souls of mages that didnt complete the Extraordinary transformation absolutely couldnt bear with that power.

Under normal circumstances, there would at most one kind of bloodline fragment. In other words, a mage transforming into a monster would only have one kind of ability, and it wouldnt necessarily be very strong.

The one before his eyes was a product of extreme luck.

Not only did it inherit the Berserk Transformation bloodline fragment, it also inherited the Blood Arm Shield bloodline fragment.

Lin Yun gently shook his head and looked to his sides.

Apart from Lin Yun, the mages of the other forces were also standing far back to watch the fight. They were only invited spectators after all.

The Burning Tower and the Shadow Tower did this, so it was their responsibility. Moreover, the losses of the other forces had to be compensated by these two forces. Especially the deaths of powerful mages, those were disastrous losses.

Because no one knew if those mages would have been lucky one day and suddenly comprehended a Law before completing their Extraordinary transformation.

Soon, only the mages of the Burning Tower and the Shadow Tower remained on the battlefield.

Dedale was displaying his full power, not holding anything back. He was rousing his Burning Soul and his three spheres of flames to their pinnacle.

His metallic staff skillfully moved and twelve fire vortexes appeared in the sky, spurting out high grade elemental flames like a flood. Half of the flames turned into a sea of flames surrounding the monster, while the greater half of the flames were devoured by the three colored spheres of flames and transformed into even more powerful flames spurting out.

The chaotic flames burnt everything within several hundred meters. Dedale was hovering above the flames with an angry expression. He had three ten-meter-big fire vortexes spurting out an infinite number of fire spells pressuring that monster.

Its left arm raised, the monster slowly walked towards Dedale with an expression full of madness. The surrounding sea of flames couldnt leave a single burn on its body, they didnt even wear down the layer of bloody light covering its body.

Fireballs kept exploding on the Blood Arm Shield, but they could barely slow down the monsters approach and didnt cause any damage. That Blood Arm Shield was linked to the bloody light covering the monsters body and wasnt weakened no matter how many spells it blocked.

"Fools, what the hell are you doing being distracted? Hurry up and make a move! Dylas! You scoundrel, dont tell me you want to flee?! Sh*t, hurry up and restrain that monster!"

Dedales expression became unsightly as he looked at the approaching monster, His spells were completely blocked by that Blood Arm Shield, but he couldnt stop casting. If he stopped, everyone would die.

Needless to say, that monster was powerful, especially its layer of bloody light. It tore through mages shields as if they were sheets of paper, and anyone infected by that light would turn into a mummy. Who would dare to get close to it?

Dedale angrily shouted, apparently wanting to rouse those frightened subordinates. The Burning Towers mages started surrounding the monster and casting fire spells.

With the sea of flames Dedale had set up, the power of their fire spells increased by half a Tier.

Huge fireballs kept falling onto that monsters body. The impacts of the flames hit the monsters body from all directions while some liquid sticky flames stuck to the monsters body and kept burning.

On the other side, Dylas was pale and in disbelief. He had barely managed to escape the monsters attack, but he couldnt believe what he was seeing after turning around.

Sh*t, whats going on? Didnt Bloss already complete the Extraordinary transformation? How could he suddenly transform into a monster?

Didnt those idiot alchemists swear on their mothers that there would be no problem with that alchemical device? Didnt they check everything a dozen times?

What the hell happened? Damnit, how could the monster Bloss turned into be so powerful

Scoundrel, a bunch of scoundrels, my drop of Beast Gods Blood has been wasted like that That monster simply cant listen to my words, he cant listen to my orders. Bloss already died

Sh*t, this isnt just the loss of a drop of Beast Gods Blood, I also lost Bloss, and everyone saw this failure. Damn, that monster also killed members of the royal family, this is very bad

Dylas was pale and stunned when Dedales roar echoed once again.

"Dylas! You moron! What are you doing? Are you planning on waiting until that monster kills us all? F*ck, that monster is too powerful"

Dedale and the group of mages from the Burning Tower were working together, but they could barely manage to block that monster. Killing it was definitely impossible.

It was because that monsters body was covered in a thick layer of Extraordinary Power. Apart from Extraordinary Power, no other power could tear through that layer of defense.

"Sir Dylas, what should we do now? That monster possesses Extraordinary Power, its not something we can defend against Should we flee?"