End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 Huge Joke

A pale mage standing next to Dylas incoherently suggested a poor idea.

Dylas slapped him with a backhand.

"Byron, you idiot! Have you lost your brain? Flee? Where? If we flee now, the only thing awaiting us is being chased by an angry Dedale later on.

"Do you think Sir Dedale will be killed by that monster?"

Byrons eyes turned towards the crowd spectating the scene and he laughed evilly as he got a rotten idea.

"Sir Dylas, can we lure that monster to those people? If we force them to give us a hand, we can definitely take care of that monster"

Approval flashed in Dylas eyes, but he instantly shook his head.

"Fool, you think our sins arent heavy enough? Do you want to offend everyone to death? Damn, if this matter had gone right, it wouldnt have mattered if we offended them as they definitely wouldnt dare to retaliate.

"But we already failed, do you understand what that means?

"If we offend everyone today and that monster kills some of their forces, we would be the one being hounded for it!

"You think you can resist the attack from so many forces? Damn, they will silently overthrow the Shadow Tower!

"Dont get any stupid idea and immediately help getting rid of that monster, we cant offend Dedale again, we absolutely cant offend him"

Dylas thought of escaping, but he didnt dare. There would be no path for him in the future if he did.

Dylas led the Shadow Towers mages behind the monster. Shadows started squirming like snakes and rapidly approached the back of the monster.

Unfortunately, the power of the shadows were reduced by more than half as they went through the sea of flames.

Holy light and flames were the best natural nemesis of shadow spells as shadow would disappear in places with light and flames. A place with boundless flames like the sea of flames produced endless light and there was no shadow that could be used within.

The power of their spells would be greatly reduced while their consumption would be greatly increased.

Dylas looked at his subordinates and shouted fiercely, "Fools, dont you see that this place is completely covered by the flames of the sea of flames? Why are you still using Shadow Control? F*ck, do you plan on dying from stupidity!?

"Thats a monster without wisdom, do you not understand what that means?! Shadow Whip! Shadow Madness! Confusion! Dont tell me you dont know how to use those?"

After saying that, Dylas raised his staff and the light emerging from it turned into a skull of shadow. The skull then let out a strange laugh as it flew towards the monster while dragging a long ashen black trail.

The skull caused some changes to the monsters halo on impact. Ripples spread and the places covered by the halo fluctuated, as if the monsters control over the bloody light had some issues.

Seeing how useful Shadow Madness was, Dylas subordinates all moved their staff and released ashen black skull shadows.

Waves of skulls entered the monsters body and rapidly made that layer of bloody light fluctuate even more fiercely. After being hit by over a hundred Shadow Madness within a dozen seconds, the monsters instinctive control over the bloody light thoroughly became chaotic.

Some parts of the monsters body were already devoid of bloody light.

Dylas eyes shone, he raised his staff and a dozen translucent ashen black runes transformed in a dozen black lights that hit the monsters body.

A dozen Confusion Spells hit the monster one after another, and the monsters formidable magic resistance couldnt resist them. This kind of spell targeting the mind was a dozen to a few dozen times stronger against this kind of mindless monster!

Skull shadows floated around the monsters head as the monster started crazily attacking his surroundings, no longer using his Blood Arm Shield to block Dedales fire spells.

Shadow Madness, Confusion, these were beginner spells to a shadow mage, they were only 4th Tier Spells.

The original intent behind these spells werent to be used as attacking spells, but to interrupt powerful spells incantations.

They wouldnt have any destructive power against intelligent lifeforms, but they could display ten times to a few dozen times their power against pure mindless beasts.

Unfortunately, even low level magic beasts had inferior instinctive wisdom, while Heaven Rank Magic Beasts already awakened their wisdom and were no different from humans in that regard.

A pure mindless lifeform was almost non-existent. They would use some wild animals when learning these spells, unfortunately the effects would only make them go crazy for a moment.

If they hadnt been reminded, no one would have thought of that kind of niche spell. After all, very few mages would chant an incantation in a mage battle. Any spell taking more than two seconds simply couldnt be used in an intense fight.

The confused monster was hallucinating. To the monster, it looked like it was surrounded by countless enemies. It was frantically attacking the enemies, but it couldnt make the difference between reality and illusion.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Dedale poured his mana into the three spheres of flames. The dark green Poisonfire spurted out and covered the blood-colored monsters body. Soon, the monsters fur started withering and falling off.

That revealed the skin hiding under the fur. Dedale controlled his Poisonfire to burn the monsters flesh and slowly created holes in the monsters skin.

He then controlled the two other spheres of flames, the Hellfire with its extreme heat and the Destruction Fire with destruction properties, to enter the monsters body through those extremely small holes.

The flames controlled by Dedale rapidly rushed in the monsters body, and after no less than ten seconds, the monster stopped crazily attacking the surroundings and fell to the ground while angrily roaring and letting out miserable shrieks.

The mages of the Burning Tower cast powerful fire spells. Burning Flames and Fire God Spears were the most practical spells, Burning Flames kept exploding on the monsters body while the Fire God Spears kept piercing it.

As for the Shadow Towers mages, they cast shadow spells with no regard for consumption, they kept controlling the monster through all kinds of illusions and didnt give it an opportunity to counterattack.

A few dozen mages surrounded this "defenseless" monster, and after a dozen minutes of constant casting, the monster stopped struggling and roaring.

Three colored flames simultaneously spurted in the few hundred holes and that huge body started rapidly transforming into ashes. Those few hundred small holes kept widening as the monster thoroughly became ashes, only leaving three kinds of flames behind.

With a bang, the monsters corpse exploded open and the last parts were burnt to ashes. The spreading flames were once again devoured by Dedales three flame spheres.

The fight was over. Everything within a few hundred meters was burnt black, and only a few broken components that managed to survive the melting remained at the location of the alchemical device.

The Burning Towers temporary camp had been thoroughly destroyed.

Dylas led the Shadow Towers mages and hid in the back, simply not daring to meet with other forces. Only the Burning Tower dispatched a 9th Rank Archmage to give an explanation to other forces.

But the members of the Odin Royal Family directly looked for Dedale. They had lost two guards to the monster, so they naturally seeked compensation from Dedale.

No one knew what they spoke about, but Dedales face turned dark purple and his lips kept shivering after the Odin Royal Family group left.

"F*ck, that damn b*stard, this is pure extortion. Only two guards fell, yet he actually dares to extort a drop of Beast Gods Blood from me

"Wretched b*stard"

Seeing Dedales dark expression, the other forces didnt dare to go look for him.

This event had cost them a few dozen image crystals for the announcement as they notified everyone in order to have witnesses.

They wanted to show off and display their might.

The Burning Towers status in the Odin Kingdom would have greatly risen as long as everyone witnessed how they could help 9th Rank Archmages complete the Extraordinary transformation.

They would have continuously produced Heaven Rank powerhouses, so these forces could have only chosen the path of allegiance to keep seeking their help.

But this had turned into a huge joke.

Their temporary camp was thoroughly destroyed and he lost seven subordinates, five of which were 8th Rank Archmages, while two were 9th Rank Archmages. This was a huge loss.

And that was without mentioning the fact that the secret of the Beast Gods Blood had been leaked. The Burning Tower had now become a huge joke.

Dedale was seething behind that dark expression and even Dylas didnt dare to look at him.

Morgan stretched his neck and looked around a few times but he could only regretfully shake his head since he couldnt find Dylas silhouette.

Very regrettable, I thought Dylas would try to pull something again. Wasnt that idiot going rampant? From what I saw, he was just a bit short of telling everyone to submit to him.

Several 9th Rank Archmage powerhouses have just fallen. Although they were quite old and hadnt made progress for a while, they had a small chance of completing their Extraordinary transformation and advance to the Heaven Rank.

For Peak Archmages to fall like that, it truly is a pity

I used to have some friendship with that idiot Dylas and only asked him to come up with 300 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals, but look at what happened. Not only did he lose a drop of Beast Gods Blood, he also lost a few powerful subordinates.

That kind of loss is worth more than 300 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals. Damn, maybe that shameless guy will come look for me later"