End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Blame

Ill ask for 1,000 then No, although the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts keep appearing in the Raging Flame Battlefield, he might not be able to hunt that many? It might only be possible if he stayed there for four to five years

How about 500? Hmmm, 500 is also not too realistic, he wouldnt be able to get that many

What should I do?

Morgan sullenly calculated Dylas limit in order to earn more mana crystals.

Some of the forces looking at this farce left, still shocked by what happened. On the Andlusa Kingdoms side, the Azurewave Sword Saint led the royal family and left.

Jouyi and Harren didnt have many subordinates, but they still remembered Lin Yun telling them he had some matter to discuss, so they just remained at his side.

Morgan became more resolute after witnessing that scene. He followed Lin Yun wherever he went, even if he was ignored, he would still follow with a chuckle.

Raphael dispatched his subordinates to hunt for mana crystals while he silently followed Lin Yun.

He felt quite complicated as he looked at Lin Yuns casual expression.

I now understand how lucky I was to be able to smoothly complete the Extraordinary transformation and establish my Demiplane

I hadnt expected the Beast Gods Blood to be so dangerous, the research of an ancient force like the Burning Tower actually transformed a mage into a half-man half-beast monster.

This is truly terrifying. That monster was a Heaven Rank powerhouse, if not for the pressure of the Raging Flame Battlefield, that monsters Extraordinary Power might have not been limited to defensive use and it might have killed even more people.

The Burning Towers research completely failed while Sir Merlins golden transformation potion was perfect, I have yet to notice any side effect after such a long time.

Damn, I thought I knew how great he was, but it turns out that I was still underestimating Sir Merlin, I completely underestimated his ability in the field of potioneering

Ive only seen Sir Merlins mastery of the field of array, and it far surpassed my own to a very terrifying degree. He is absolutely at the apex of the Artisan realm

I previously thought that the Andlusan were wrong, but Sir Merlins potioneering is really his strongest alchemy field.

The golden transformation potion is probably the strongest potion an Artisan could compound, that thing isnt something any Artisan could make Im afraid Sir Merlin isnt far from the Saint Alchemist realm.

Raphael understood just how big that gap was after what he just witnessed. The Burning Towers failure served to emphasize Lin Yuns greatness.

At this time, he had to follow first, and deal with the rest later

Lin Yun led his group to leave.

The Burning Towers temporary camp had been thoroughly deserted and only some dispirited mages swept through the battlefield before looking for another place to set camp.

The battlefield was soon cleaned up and everything was collected. Even the burnt remains of that bloody monster were collected.

Within the new temporary camp, a pile of trash was spread out in front of an annoyed Dedale.

"This is the fruit of your research? Damn, you didnt find anything after your inspection? Sizhang, this is the answer you prepared for me?

"Idiot! I dont want this answer, what I want to know is how! How did this happen!"

Dedale was suppressing his anger as he roared to the mage before him.

Sizhang paled. Of the three people in charge of the research, two had been killed by the monster, only leaving him behind.

Faced with Dedales criticism, Sizhang could only lower his head and explain in a low voice, "Sir Dedale, I truly cant find the reason from the wreckage on my own. The alchemical device had already been thoroughly destroyed and I inspected its remains, but I can guarantee that there was no problem with its remains.

"I was in charge of manufacturing the alchemical device, and I dont see any problem from the remains. I even studied the blueprint just now, and there are no problems"

Sizhang didnt finish his words before Dedale angrily interrupted him.

"Idiot! No problem? Damnit, so many people died in this matter, our reputation took such a big blow in front of so many people, yet you tell me there was no problem?"

Sizhang promptly continued his explanation, "Sir Dedale, I meant that the alchemical device and its blueprint had no problem, so the problem must have come from another area.

"There must have been a problem with the research of the Beast Gods Blood. If they went in a wrong direction, then regardless if the following procedures were right or not, it would just go wrong.

"The other two were in charge of the research of the Beast Gods Blood, Im not proficient in that regard"

Sizhang emphasized his innocence, but that only made Dedales face darken. Since those responsible died, he could only rely on this one.

"Then, what do you think the cause was?"

Sizhang opened his mouth, but he bitterly smiled and shook his head as he saw Dedales ice-cold expression.

"Sir Dedale, to tell the truth, I have no idea. We previous deduced a dozen times that there would be no problem.

"I really dont know what caused this issue"

Sizhang led a few mages to research the remains of the battlefield, but he couldnt find any answer. There had been no clue, everything returned to the origin.

After a few hours of studying the remains a few dozen times, they still hadnt found any answer.

At that time, the silent Dylas suddenly heard a mage complaining mumble and he had a flash of inspiration.

"Sir Dedale, I know! I know why we failed!

"Its because of Mafa Merlin! Its definitely because of that treacherous guy!

"The potion he previously researched had been compounded through extreme luck! It allowed Morgan to complete the Extraordinary transformation and advance to the Heaven Rank. There had been no further success since then.

"He definitely wasnt willing to let us succeed. Ive looked for him a few times, and he didnt even come up to meet me. But this time, we sent an invitation card and he unhesitantly rushed over.

"He was definitely afraid of our success!

"I just recalled, before Bloss turned into a monster, Mafa Merlin suddenly said that if he were me, he would be moving further away from the alchemical device.

"He definitely knew that Bloss would turn into a crazy Heaven Rank monster!

"No one noticed him during the chaos, but I remember that he was standing behind everyone and there was the least number of people there. The monster simply didnt attack in that direction.

"He definitely knew that Bloss would turn into a monster and he definitely knew where the monster would attack!

"He must have done something! If we were successful, no one would care about his potion with a low rate of success, because our alchemical device would give everyone 100% chances of advancing to the Heaven Rank

"As long as we succeeded, the people he roped in would have definitely left him!

"But as long as we failed, it wouldnt matter how low the compounding success rate was, his potion could make people safely advance to the Heaven Rank.

"Even a dark mage like that idiot Morgan advanced.

"I just saw the Andlusans Jouyi and Harren follow Mafa Merlin, along with Morgan and Raphael.

"He definitely tempted Sir Raphael! Like that, he would definitely gain a large number of mana crystals. Whether the transformation potion was compounded successfully or not, only he knew. Even if it was a success, he could still secretly stash it away and say that the compounding failed.

"Sir Dedale, we cant let his plot succeed, we must get rid of him and make him pay for this disaster before others are tempted!"

Dylas gritted his teeth as he shouted, but Dedale remained silent and only frowned.

Dylas started getting worried, he had spoken for so long, yet no one voiced their agreement.

"Sir Dedale, this is our best opportunity, we should join hands and settle our account with Mafa Merlin, how could we just bear with it.

"Sir Dedale originally was this groups strongest existence, but what about now? Everything changed after the appearance of Mafa merlin.

"Maybe no one would listen to Sir Dedales commands later on"

Dylas maintained that this was Lin Yuns work and kept instigating Dedale to trouble Lin Yun.

Dedale didnt say anything, he just remained silent for a while before waving his hands at Dylas.

"Okay, I got it. Sir Dylas, I still have some matters to handle so I wont see you off."

Dylas was helpless, but Dedale had already clearly expressed that he was seeing him off, and thus, he couldnt just remain there and had to leave angrily, but he still left a few instigating sentences as he departed.

Although Dedale hadnt stated his opinion, he was starting to grow suspicious. Once Dylas left, he immediately gathered all his mage subordinates proficient in the field of alchemy.

These people werent especially talented and many of them used special methods to reach the strength they currently had. They had no chances of ever reaching the Heaven Rank unless they were given an opportunity.

And thus, like every mage, the first thing they considered after being stuck for a long time without being able to make progress was to find an alchemy method. This was also the most reliable method. There had been many cases recorded in history.

And thus, there were many people with alchemy knowledge, its just that two of the three most proficient alchemists had already died.

After gathering the group of mages, Dedale asked a question.

"Dylas just said that this disaster was caused by Mafa Merlins tempering, what do you think?"

The mages looked at each other, they didnt dare to casually answer. Blaming someone else for their mistakes could sometimes work, but now clearly wasnt the time to blame someone else.