End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086 I Dont Know What To Say

One of the biggest obstacles on a mages magic path was the transformation process. This was the step where mortals transformed into Extraordinary lifeforms.

After thinking about it, Dedale suddenly raised his head and looked at Sizhang.

"Sir Sizhang, you are the best alchemist of our Burning Tower in the Raging Flame Battlefield, since Mafa Merlins research of the Beast Gods Blood has far surpassed ours, why should we waste time researching?

"We might waste a lot of time searching for the path of research. Not to mention, the two alchemists researching it already died.

"Isnt it a lot better to cooperate with Mafa Merlin? He can research the theory but cant turn it into the final alchemy product, and this is our specialty.

"After all, our ultimate goal is the final product, we dont have time to waste in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"Sir Sizhang, go look for Mafa Merlin. You should hurry up and catch up to him on his way back to his temporary camp.

"Its better if you catch up to him, because we might not be able to find him if he gives up on that temporary camp and relocates somewhere else.

"Remember, this is a collaboration, do whatever you need to succeed. You can also take the opportunity to check if he already completed the research of the theory behind it.

"Our Burning Tower is the strongest and we inevitably have the most magic crystals. We can surpass our current strength as long as the technique has been refined, it would be a huge leap forward!

"At that time, the losses we just suffered would only be considered a setback on the path to success"

Dedale waved his hand as he dispatched Sizhang as an envoy for cooperation. After all, those without genuine knowledge wouldnt distinguish right from left when it came to alchemy.

Sizhang exulted when he heard the task Dedale gave him.

Its great, since Sir Dedale sent me to discuss possible cooperation with Mafa Merlin, that means he doesnt blame me for the previous mistake.

This is really good news! Damn, I was scared to death. According to the rules of the Burning Tower, it would be really bad for the ones in charge if there was such a big accident during an alchemy experiment.

So many people died this time, and two 9th Rank Archmages fell. Of the three people in charge, only I remain. I thought I would have been sent to the frontline to fight, or I would have lost a magic ore vein.

But I would not only not be blamed if this cooperation goes well, I would also get some reward. As long as I bring back some results, I would definitely be able to obtain the fruits of the research ahead of time and complete the Extraordinary transformation!

Sizhang was extremely excited and energetically rushed out of the camp.

He used Flight and spared no mana to hasten his journey. As he rested midway, Sizhang suddenly thought of a problem.

This is bad, Sir Dedale didnt blame me and instead sent me to take care of the cooperation.

But Mafa Merlin isnt a member of our Burning Tower, nor is he a citizen or our Odin Kingdom

How could he happily accept to cooperate with us if I ask him?

Right, this is definitely not going to happen. How to convince Mafa Merlin is the hard part!

Damnit, how could I forget about this. Mafa Merlin definitely knew that something would go wrong, but he still remained silent.

He didnt even warn us and just stood and watched from the side. There wouldnt have been such a big problem if he had warned us.

He might have only come to watch our Burning Towers farce.

If I just come and talk about cooperation with him, he would definitely feel that he is monopolizing the research of the Beast Gods Blood and wouldnt easily take it out.

He might even ask for a huge price and put forward really high conditions in order to get as much benefits as possible.

Dylas said that Mafa Merlin was a greedy leech. It might have been because of his grudge with Mafa Merlin, but this couldnt have come from nowhere?

Im going this time not just to discuss a possible cooperation, but also to fight for our Burning Towers benefits. Only that way could I be treated favorably by Sir Dedale. Maybe I would even be the first to enjoy the power of the Heaven Rank after the research is successful.

I have to find a way to make this cooperation discussion go a bit smoother. If I go look for Mafa Merlin right now, he would definitely be the one to hold the initiative and would be the one setting the conditions.

I have to grasp the initiative and make him obediently hand over the fruits of his research.

Not to mention anything else, we had such big losses this time because he hadnt warned us.

Sizhang had a proud expression on his face. He pondered for a very long time before ultimately figuring out something. He was extremely confident that he would be able to strive for more benefits for the Burning Tower in this cooperation.

Unfortunately, Sizhang never considered what would have happened if Lin Yun had warned them that their experiment would fail and that something bad would happen.

Nothing would have changed, as they wouldnt have believed him and would have gone through with the experiment before ultimately failing. They would have even blamed Lin Yun.

Sizhang hurriedly flew towards Lin Yuns camp. Lin Yun was in the middle of something and had yet to move the camp.

The camp was situated in a canyon. The canyon was deep, and in the deepest parts, the cliffs were slowly closing in and formed a karst cave.

Through the passage of time, the karst cave had become very deep and its ceiling was very high. Its stones were also as hard as steel. That was an ideal pace to set up camp and it made it a lot easier to defend.

The cave itself was the nest of six Horned Boa and had been taken over after Lin Yuns subordinates took care of them.

At this moment, Lin Yun, Harren and Jouyi were the only ones within the karst cave. There was even an aura concealing array set up at the entrance of the cave.

Jouyi and Harren were confused, they didnt know what Lin Yun had planned.

"Sir Merlin, did you lead us here to discuss some matter? Is there something wrong? You should still take those mana crystals and rapidly increase your strength, that way, we can deal with the incoming trouble."

Lin Yun had yet to say anything when Harren took the lead and pushed a bag of mana crystals into Lin Yuns hands.

Lin Yuns expression was complicated as he looked at this bag of mana crystals.

Jouyi looked relaxed, without a wisp of regret, he was only looking at Lin Yun with a smile.

"Sir Merlin, even if we havent obtained many mana crystals, there are still over eighty. Just a bit more and you can trade for a drop of Beast Gods Blood.

"But it now looks like using the Beast Gods Blood isnt such a good idea However, there are still many valuable materials here that you cant find in Noscent. You can trade for some and use your alchemy skills to advance to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm.

"You might not advance to the Heaven Rank, but with Sir Merlins strength, you will definitely be able to display the power of a 1st Rank Heaven Mage at the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm"

Lin Yun smiled and put away the mana crystals.

Alright, I shall accept these mana crystals, Ive been needing more Beast Gods Blood for my research. However, you have to accept these two potions as my gift to both of you."

After saying that, Lin Yun took out two potion bottles covered in runes. The potions bottles were filled with a thick golden liquid.

As the potion bottles swayed, a very hard to sense mysterious fluctuation spread out.

Jouyi and Harren thought these were some high grade potions, but their expressions changed after holding them.

The seals on the bottles couldnt prevent the fluctuations from spreading out, and those were clearly Law fluctuations, they were as obvious as a black dot on a white sheet of paper.

Just putting the potions there was enough for an Archmage that had just come in contact with the Laws to feel them. These were Law Power fluctuations which would clearly prevent Archmages from getting stuck at the 5th Rank.

After all, the 5th Rank was a huge step. It was when Archmages came in contact with Laws, and most Archmages would remain stuck at that step.

Now, there was a potion that could help those Archmages breakthrough just by being close to it. Jouyi and Harren were stunned and almost let go of the potions.

"Sir Sir Merlin, what is this potion?"

Even the knowledgeable Harren stuttered after getting his hands on that potion.

Lin Yun smiled.

"This is what I researched, I named it Golden Temptation, but Sir Morgan insists on calling it the Golden Transformation Potion. I developed it from the Beast Gods Blood.

"And there are already successful cases. Sir Morgan used that potion to complete the Extraordinary transformation.

"These two bottles were recently refined and are now my gift to the both of you.

"Sir Harren is already a Peak 9th Rank Archmage, strictly speaking you already surpassed the Archmage realm and you only need to complete the Extraordinary transformation to advance to the Heaven Rank. It might be taking so long because Sir Harren is a dark mage and purifying darkness mana takes a lot of time.

"As for Sir Jouyi, your legend is already spreading through the Andlusa Kingdom, if not because you spent countless years to inspect a core formula to prevent mages from taking a longer path on their magic path, you would have already become a Heaven Mage powerhouse.

"For the sake of countless mages, you wasted a few dozen years, yet you are but one step away from the Heaven Rank.

"Ever since I stepped foot on the path of magic, Ive admired your character, Sir Jouyi.

"This time, you both risked your lives to hunt those mana crystals and gave them to me, I truly dont know what to say. These two bottles are yours.

"I cant handle the Raging Flame Beastmen by myself. Sirs, I already set up an array here, you can rest assured and complete the Extraordinary transformation"

Lin Yun smiled after finishing his words, but neither Harren nor Jouyi knew what to say.