End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 Starlight And Darkness

Harrens eyes reddened as he held the potion.

"Sir Merlin, I cant take this. It was Sir Jouyi who persuaded me this time Moreover, I previously"

Lin Yun shook his head and looked at Harren.

"Sir Harren, the past is the past. To be honest, I have a whole new level of respect for you now. Some stuff happened, but that doesnt change the fact that Im giving you this potion.

"Sirs, hurry up. The Raging Flame Beastmen can directly fuse with the Beast Gods Blood without any side effect while also obtaining other benefits contained within the blood of the Beast God.

"As for us, we can only use the Beast Gods Blood to complete the Extraordinary transformation.

"Moreover, we cant use Extraordinary Power even if we advance to the Heaven Rank, we are naturally weaker than the Beastmen so we can only act with urgency."

Jouyi sighed at Lin Yuns words and looked at the potion in his hands before solemnly saying, "Sir Merlin, I dont know how to express my gratitude for such a great favor. I can only say that Ill unconditionally stand by you, no matter what problem you encounter. This might be the only thing I can do"

Harrens eyes were red, it had been countless years since he was moved like that. He wanted to speak, but didnt know what to say.

"Sir Merlin, your troubles will be my troubles, your enemies will be my enemies."

Harren blushed after saying those cheesy words.

Lin Yun smiled and looked at the two.

"Sirs, time is waiting for no one. Ill guard whoever wants to go first."

Harren and Jouyi looked at each other and smiled.

"Then lets go together. We have been old rivals since Harren became the Chairman of the Black Tower. Moreover, itll stop one of us from mentioning the fact that they let the other advance first"

Jouyi smiled as he joked, Harren also smiled.

"Lets go together then, there is enough space for both of us"

The Black Tower and the Cloud Tower are the two strongest forces of the Andlusa Kingdom. They usually opposed each other, because they completely inherited the hatred of their Holy Lands.

The enmity between the two Holy Lands was deeply rooted, while it was mostly a competitive relationship between the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower. It was far from the great hatred between the Holy Lands.

Otherwise, the two forces would never be able to cooperate. Moreover, the relationship between Harren and Jouyi wasnt too bad. The two would always bicker, but they had been frequently working together after entering the Raging Flame Battlefield, their relationship grew stronger and stronger and they actually had a pretty decent friendship now.

Especially while they were hunting together. They pulled together all their mana crystals. This was something no one expected.

The two each took a side of the karst cave and simultaneously drank their Golden Temptation potion.

All of a sudden, terrifying mana fluctuations appeared, it was like the mana within their bodies was being forcibly pushed out.

Endless spots of light appeared around Jouyi, along with some boundless dark light, this formed some kind of starry sky.

Jouyis body disappeared almost instantly, replaced by a ten-meter-big sphere of light. As the sphere of light rotated, it attracted all the light within the karst cave and brightly illuminated everything within a hundred meters, no shadow could be found.

The aura of Laws appeared within the light sphere, and the emitted mana started slowly fusing with the Law Power and shrunk towards the center.

The aura coming from the sphere of light was becoming stronger with each rotation of the light sphere.

On the other side, Harrens body was also wrapped by a huge black sphere which rejected all light in its surroundings. It was like a curtain of darkness was covering the hundred meters around Harren and a terrifying monster seemed to be birthed within the darkness.

The darkness was fluctuating and countless darkness runes condensed within. These runes kept merging with the black sphere with every fluctuation.

Half of the karst cave was covered in starlight so bright that no shadow could be seen, while the other half sank into pure darkness and countless darkness runes were roaming within.

Lin Yun calmly looked at the two breaking through, his Magic Array continuously revolving. It was a very rare opportunity to observe the Law Runes from their breakthrough.

Jouyis Core Meditation Law Set was the Starry Sky Reflection. After being patched, the Law it formed used the Light Law as a foundation and was far more powerful than the previous Core Meditation Law.

Moreover, Starlight was a kind of path within the Light Law that had the widest range. With that Law as a foundation, Jouyis range during casting would be very wide, the range of his spells would far exceed a mage of the same rank.

Especially on a big battlefield, he would be able to cover the entire battlefield, especially when coordinating with Starry Sky Mirage. The power he would display on the battlefield would be comparable to two or three Heaven Mages.

As for Harren, he wasnt taking the path of nurturing his Demiplanes Darkness Elemental God, he was instead focusing on pure darkness spells.

He would lose the support of the Darkness Elemental God, but his individual strength would be greatly increased. This was something that could only be achieved by a minority of dark mages.

After all, it would be very difficult to purify the negative emotions, it would be far more troublesome to advance to the Heaven realm.

But as long as he advanced, the casting time and the tier of his darkness spells would naturally increase. 4th Tier darkness spells would naturally become Ultimate Spells, and even one or two 5th or 6th Tier Spells could be comprehended and turned into Ultimate Spells.

At this time, the roaming Law Runes outside their bodies were in full display.

Every Law Rune was tri-dimensional, they looked like completely different runes when viewed from different angles.

Recording these runes was a rare opportunity for Lin Yun.

He really had accumulated a huge number of runes, he had 800,000 so far, and they kept on increasing.

Moving such a huge number of runes becomes somewhat challenging, even the speed would slow down quite a bit.

But he had gotten an idea when he watched Raphaels breakthrough.

He started researching how to form Law Runes to compress his own runes and let his runes fuse into Law Runes. Even if it didnt work, he could still simulate it.

Like that, not only would the power of each rune increase, the speed at which he moved them would greatly increase too.

The power of a hundred 1st Tier Spell couldnt compare to a 5th or 6th Tier Spell.

It was the same for runes.

The power of the Magic Array needed a huge number of runes to support it. Unfortunately, there was too many runes and they were all basic runes, they were actually slowly down the Magic Array and lowering his strength.

While observing the powerhouses Extraordinary transformation, he was trying to emulate the construction method of the Law Runes. This was the best opportunity to observe it.

Countless runes roamed within Lin Yuns eyes, those runes kept assembling two by two, before continuously increasing the number of combined runes. He kept failing, and trying again.

As the number of Law Runes roaming around Jouyi and Harrens dwindled, he felt that he would lose the opportunity to directly observe these Law Runes, because Jouyi and Harren would be unable to accomplish this feat so easily.

These Law Runes evolved because of the Beast Gods Bloods Law fragments. Ordinary Heaven Rank powerhouses didnt possess that kind of ability.

As Jouyi and Harren were breaking through and Lin Yun was busy studying the method to construct the Law Runes, Sizhang finally arrived near the camp.

As he reached the camp, Sizhangs eyes were filled with confidence and he instantly feigned to be calm. He directly flew above the camp before slowly landing in the center.

"Where is Mafa Merlin? Have him come see me."

Sizhang proudly stood in the center of the camp and looked at the group of people surrounding him with a prideful attitude.

Xiuban walked over with Carnage and bared his teeth as he was about to smash Sizhangs head But he was quickly pulled back by Arnaud.

"Dont attack, that guy is a member of the Burning Tower and is called Sizhang. It is said that he recently obtained Sir Dedales trust and is a 9th Rank Archmage with a pretty decent strength."

Hearing that Sizhang was a member of the Burning Tower, Xiuban regretfully took a step back. He might be too lazy to think, but he wasnt stupid. He naturally knew that the Burning Tower was the strongest force among the forces of the Odin Kingdom that participated in this expedition.

If the other sides subordinate was killed just as he got here, the two forces would definitely wage war. If this went badly, even more people would die.

"Damn, I really wanted to shatter that idiots skull"

After mumbling those words, Xiuban was dragged away by some mages of the mage army.

Pride flashed in Sizhangs eyes as he looked at the surrounding mages who didnt dare to attack him, nor blame him for directly flying in the camp. He immediately had more confidence in his plan.

A bunch of scaredy Andlusan insects, would they dare to set themselves against the Burning Tower? Not only is there a Heaven Rank powerhouse here, he doesnt dare to attack me. They can only endure, no matter what I do.

Then again, although Sir Morgan was a powerful Heaven Rank powerhouse, he is still from our Odin Kingdom, how could he help Mafa Merlin and these weak Andlusans?

A group of people encircled him, but Sizhang just kept his head raised with a lofty expression, only calmly waiting.

"Where is Mafa Merlin, hurry up and have him appear before me. I came on Sir Dedales order. If he doesnt show up, this place is going to end up destroyed!"

Sizhang used Sir Dedale as a show of force and the mages on this side notified Lin Yun. Dedale was considered the strongest human within the Raging Flame Battlefield. Morgan previously said that even if he advanced to the Heaven realm, he might not be Dedales opponent without Extraordinary Tower.

Whether they were worried or not didnt matter, as subordinates, they didnt want to trouble Lin Yun for no reason. After all, as a follower, they couldnt casually make a decision for their leader, Lin Yun had to personally take care of it.

The mage army notified Lin Yun.

In the karst cave, the Law Runes hovering alongside Jouyi and Harren had almost been completely absorbed. Just as they were disturbed, the runes roaming within Lin Yuns eyes loudly shattered.