End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 Arrogance

Regret could be seen in his eyes. Even the runes he understood the best, the fire runes, hadnt completed their transformation into Law Runes. He had only fused nine runes together so far, but he needed at least ten runes to form a Law Rune.

Unfortunately, his comprehension had been interrupted and he would have to fuse them from scratch once again.

Lin Yuns complexion turned unsightly as he stood up, but he naturally wouldnt blame his subordinates, they wouldnt have disturbed him if they could handle the situation.

"Whats going on? What happened?"

The mage of the mage army has a sullen expression. A guest should have been a good thing, but the visitors attitude was extremely bad, it looked like he came to pick a fight.

"Dedale of the Burning Tower has dispatched someone to look for you, Sir. I do not know the details, he said he wanted you to meet him, but that guy is extremely arrogant"

Lin Yun frowned. He already knew what the other side was doing.

The Burning Towers research had failed and they had made a fool of themselves, so they would naturally want to look at his research. After all, while the Burning Towers research ended in utter failure, Lin Yuns research ended up with one success case.

The Burning Tower might even know about Raphael having advanced to the Heaven Rank. If he was right, this matter was related to the Beast Gods Blood.

But although Dedale conducted himself arrogantly, he wasnt rampant, he only acted as the leader of the strongest force. He was also the strongest person, so he was naturally somewhat arrogant.

Lin Yun followed his subordinates to the camp, but before he even reached his camp, he saw Sizhang proudly standing in the middle, surrounded by several dozen mages without a trace of fear on his face, as if he didnt care about the surrounding mages.

Sizhang sneered as he saw Lin Yun walking over.

"Mafa Merlin, you have to give a satisfactory account to our Burning Tower regarding this matter or youll be met with our Burning Towers punishment and Sir Dedales fury!"

Lin Yun was baffled before a frown appeared on his face, he couldnt understand what that guy was talking about.

Sizhang saw that Lin Yun remained silent and immediately sneered. He took out a fragment of the alchemical device from his spatial ring and violently threw it into the ground. After gritting his teeth, he pointed at that burnt piece of melted scrap iron.

"Mafa Merlin, dont think that you can deny it by remaining silent!

"Sir Dylas of the Shadow Tower already exposed you, our failure and the death of those powerhouses are all due to your tempering!

"Not only did you shamelessly alter our alchemical device, because of you, that brave Archmage transformed into a killing monster.

"Do you know how heavy our Burning Towers losses are?

"Hmpf, if not for Sir Dylas exposing you, we would have never known what happened.

"But we know now, youd best sincerely admit your wrongdoings!

"Hand over all your research materials and confess your plot!

"You definitely tempered with the alchemical device because you researched the Beast Gods Blood. You must acknowledge what you have done and give us what you have researched so we can destroy it.

"Fool, we are currently at war with the Beastmen and they are becoming stronger and stronger, infighting would definitely affect mankinds strength.

"If not for me coming here to negotiate, our Burning Towers powerhouses would be razing your camp under Sir Dedales lead!

"You only have one opportunity, sincerely confess your crimes, compensate our Burning Tower, and hand over your research materials regarding the Beast Gods Blood"

Lin Yun coldly looked at Sizhang as if he was an idiot.

His research on the Beast Gods Blood had greatly advanced recently, and with it, Lin Yun paid less attention to it, while also valuing it more.

What he considered less important was the part where Beast Gods Blood helped powerhouses advance to the Heaven Rank, that was actually the surface of the Beast Gods Bloods worth.

Once that part was removed, what remained was even more important and meaningful.

After all, the side-effects of Golden Temptations use were recorded in the decaying library.

In the later ranks of the Heaven realm, those Heaven Rank powerhouses would have a harder time advancing than other Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Ever since he opened his eyes in this era, Lin Yun knew that as long as there was no accident and he didnt die midway, he definitely wouldnt stop at the Heaven Rank thanks to his experience at the end of Noscent.

Although the Heaven Rank powerhouses were powerful, they werent the most powerful. When Noscent reached its peak era, Heaven Rank powerhouses status could only compare to that of the current Archmages. They were the core power of a force, but they werent the peak power.

With this kind of side-effect, this thing that other mages would settle on was something Lin Yun couldnt care less about.

Now that he needed Beast Gods Blood to research, something like cooperation wasnt out of question. They only cared about being able to complete the Extraordinary transformation through the Beast Gods Blood, not the rest of the power contained within the Beast Gods Blood.

Apart from those fragments of Laws, everything else contained within the Beast Gods Blood was nothing more than rubbish to other mages.

Others would get the Golden Temptation Potion while he would get the rest of the power contained within the Beast Gods Blood, and that thing could speed up his research.

Moreover, in the current situation, having a few more Heaven Rank powerhouses would be a bit better to confront the Raging Flame Beastmen.

Unfortunately, after hearing that foolish Sizhang, Lin Yun gave up on those thoughts and coldly glanced at him.

"You have three seconds to get the f*ck out of my camp."

Sizhang suddenly got angry, he extended his hand in disbelief and pointed at Lin Yuns face with a trembling finger. His voice also became a lot sharper.

"Damn you! You dare to tell me to f*ck off? Do you know what you are doing? Do you know who youre facing?

"Mafa Merlin, you dare to set yourself against our Burning Tower? You are really bold! Do you think I would have been the one dispatched to negotiate if not for Sir Dedale worrying about the Beastmen?"

"If you dont admit your crimes today and hand over the research material, the Burning Tower will definitely retaliate!

"If it was somewhere else, you would already be facing the Burning Towers mage army, you would be facing endless flames"

Lin Yun frowned and his face turned cold.

"Your three seconds are up, since you dont want to f*ck off by yourself, I can only force you to leave.

"Xiuban, make this member of the Burning Tower leave."

Xiuban grinned as he walked from the back. He looked at his Carnage and hesitated before putting it down, in fear of carelessly killing that person.

Xiuban smiled as he walked over while emitting a terrifying aura. He was like a monster in a Beastman body. This made Sizhangs expression change, but he immediately sneered and raised his head before loftily saying, "Mafa Merlin, Im standing here today, do you even dare to touch a hair of mine? You would have to face the retaliation of the Burning Tower if you dare to attack me!

"No one ever managed to survive after offending our Burning Tower, whether it was a mage, or another mage force.

"There has been no exception!"

Lin Yun sneered and instructed Xiuban, "Dont injure that person, make him leave in a friendly way.

"After that, make sure to guard properly. Directly kill anyone rushing into the camp without announcing themselves. I dont need to remind you about this, do I?"

After saying that, Lin Yun turned and left, ignoring the arrogant guy behind him.

Sizhang angrily stomped on the ground as if he had suffered a great humiliation. As a mage of the Burning Tower, he had never suffered such treatment when he negotiated with other forces on behalf of the Burning Tower.

Xiuban didnt care who he was and spread his big hands in front of Sizhang, planning to grab him to throw him out.

Sizhangs face turned ashen and his aura kept fiercely fluctuating. Looking at Xiubans big hands, he sneered and used a Mana Shield, covering his body in a translucent barrier.

He really is an Andlusan country bumpkin, he doesnt know how big our Burning Tower is. He definitely thinks that the Burning Tower is only a bit stronger than their Andlusan mage towers.

Really an idiot, the gap between the Andlusa Kingdom and the Odin Kingdom is almost comparable to an era.

The Andlusan mage towers are far from being able to compare to our mage towers. The Burning Tower has hardly appeared in the Andlusa Kingdom, so its normal for him to not know how powerful we are.

But how could they not be intimidated by our current power?

Attacking me is a provocation to the Burning Tower, would they dare?

Hmpf, Im standing here, let me see who would dare to attack me. Aside from Mafa Merlin, who could be my match here?

As for the grinning Xiuban, he didnt even care about the Mana Shield and slapped it. The formidable power in such a short distance blew the air away and created flashes of lightning. It was like Xiuban was slapping a bubble.

The Mana Shield, Sizhang was so confident about, exploded in an instant, and Xiubans large palm created fierce gales as it swept towards Sizhangs body, almost sending him flying.