End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089 Thrown Ou

Xiuban regretfully remembered that he couldnt kill Sizhang just as he was about to hit his head and redirected the slap to his shoulder instead.

Sizhang paled as his bones let out cracking noises. It sounded as if all his bones were shattering and he was suddenly unable to feel half of his body.

Xiubans large hands grabbed his shoulder and he carried him like a sack of potatoes.

The stunned Sizhang soon recovered and his mana burst out of his body. Runes flew out as Sizhang wanted to use his Runic Shield to escape Xiubans monstrous strength.

Unfortunately, the annoyed Xiuban swatted his hand. Fiery red light appeared in the center of his palm before pure flaming power covered his hand.

His palm collided with Sizhangs runes and it felt as if Bursting Fireballs exploded in front of Sizhangs face as his fire runes were forcibly smashed.

The Runic Shield hadnt even taken shape before being shattered by Xiuban. The bursting flame power washed over Sizhangs head and burnt a part of his hair and left black traces on his face.

Sizhang angrily screeched, "B*stard, you dared to do this to me?! You are screwed! Ill definitely remember this humiliation, the Burning Tower will remember! Just wait for my bloody retaliation!

"The Burning Tower never suffered this kind of disgrace, you"

Xiuban sneered and pinched Sizhangs jaw. He then used a bit of strength and dislocated it.

Once they left the camp, Xiuban casually sent Sizhang flying a dozen meters away. If not for Sizhang using a shield, he would have definitely been seriously injured.

After standing up, Sizhang angrily wanted to rush back into the camp, but Xiuban punched the ground at the camps entrance just as Sizhang was about to enter the camp. The earth instantly started shaking and large cracks spread over ten meters, smaller cracks even continued up to thirty meters.

Seeing this scene, Sizhang no longer dared to move forward. He coldly looked at the mage army making their way over there and managed to calm down a bit. He coldly snorted and left in a hurry.

Damn, I cant negotiate with this group of barbarians, this group of brainless guys might not even know the might of the Burning Tower

Moreover, those barbarians might actually take Mafa Merlins words seriously. These guys arent weak, especially that terrifying Beastman. He is actually that powerful without using Aura

Damnit, wouldnt I die an unfair death if that brainless idiot takes it seriously and gets rid of me?

Sh*t, I should go back and report to Sir Dedale first. These idiots actually disrespected me and disregarded our Burning Tower. This is a humiliation, we have to retaliate

That damn guy I should avoid these barbarians for now

After being kicked out, Sizhang understood that the Burning Towers name had no use in front of these people and left, dejected.

Sizhang had calmed down quite a bit by the time he was halfway back to the Burning Towers camp.

He could already see the Burning Towers camp from the sky, but his expression suddenly became strange. He then rapidly stopped.

Sh*t, I completely forgot the goal of the mission!

Sir Dedale sent me to look for Mafa Merlin in order to cooperate, Sir Dedale specifically said that he wanted cooperation, and I had to facilitate it

What should I do now?

I only wanted to scare Mafa Merlin Who would have thought that a barbarian country bumpkins brain couldnt understand? I was only speaking a bit roughly, but he immediately became hostile

The cooperation has been messed up, how could I explain it to Sir Dylas when I go back?

A few of our powerhouses died in the alchemical device matter, including two of the three alchemists in charge.

Im the only one left and I can count myself lucky to not have been sent to one of those sinister magic mines

Im afraid he wouldnt have sent me to negotiate with Mafa Merlin if not for the fact that there is no manpower available in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

But its messed up now. I only wanted to scare Mafa Merlin, yet he directly became hostile. If I return and say that there is no chance of cooperation

Sir Dedale might not even ask why there is no cooperation and might directly get rid of me.

The pale Sizhang floated in the air, cold sweat kept dripping down his forehead and his back as he remembered Dedales punishments for the subordinates that made mistakes.

After floating for a bit, Sizhang helplessly sighed.

Its over, Im finished. Sir Dedale might not punish me too hard right now because of the lack of manpower, but this wont be the case once we leave the Raging Flame Battlefield If Im lucky, I might be sent to oversee the Burning Towers industry in some remote small plane.

But if my luck is bad, I might be sent to mine an ore vein in the Raging Flame Plane.

The more Sizhang thought about it, the more discouraged he felt. He was a bit nervous to return, but not returning wouldnt be good. He could only brace himself and slowly fly back.

After flying for a bit, Sizhang suddenly heard someone calling for him and using mana fluctuation to lure him over.

He used Eagle Sight to look over there and immediately noticed the Shadow Towers people processing a Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts corpse.

The one releasing the mana fluctuations was Dylas. Noticing him, a poor expression appeared on Sizhangs face.

Its that stupid rodent, hes just as nauseating as a goblin. If not for him saying that the experiment failed because of Mafa Merlins tempering, would I try to scare off Mafa Merlin?

The cooperation might have already been successful if I didnt try to scare Mafa Merlin, and with the refined technique to compound Beast Gods Blood, I might have been among the first ones to advance to the Heaven Rank. This isnt going to happen now

Sizhangs expression didnt look great, he was looking down on Dylas and the Shadow Tower.

There was a reason why there were plenty of bad rumors regarding the Shadow Tower in the Odin Kingdom. Many powerful mage forces would dare to openly say that they despised these smelly rats-like mages.

The Shadow Tower was a necessary existence as there were always people needing to use their services. Moreover, despite their shameful behavior, they couldnt be labelled as weak, they were also always respectful to those stronger than them. If not for those reasons, the Shadow Tower would have already been eradicated.

Sizhang didnt feel like paying attention to Dylas, but Dylas came over and blocked his path to greet him with an enthusiastic expression.

"Sir Sizhang, I didnt expect to meet you here. This is great, Ive heard of your distinguished name before and I knew you were in charge of the alchemical devices creation. I wanted to pay you a visit, but I was afraid of disturbing your research and didnt have an opportunity to chat with you"

It would have been fine if Dylas hadnt mentioned the alchemical device, but the mention of it made Sizhang angry, Does he not understand that the blame for the alchemical device is being put on me? The most important part of the research is the alchemical device, the research of the Beast Gods Blood is auxiliary

Sizhangs expression was very unsightly, Dylas noticed it and rapidly added, "Naturally, I know that something happened to the alchemy experiment, who doesnt? But I also know that Sir Sizhangs alchemical device had no problem. After all, you werent in charge of studying the Beast Gods Blood, others were in charge of that. There were no issues with your alchemical device.

"There might not have been an accident if not for the despicable Mafa Merlin, there might have been a huge accomplishment instead.

"Sir Sizhang would have been able to leave your name in history alongside the alchemical device, and you would have been recorded at the top of the list of contributors."

Dylas flattered him a lot first, which improved Sizhangs mood.

"Hmpf, of course, that selfish Mafa Merlin clearly saw that there was an issue with the research of those two dead fools, but he still watched from the side and didnt warn us.

"That disaster wouldnt have occurred if he warned us, there wouldnt have been such heavy losses"

Dylas nodded again, letting Sizhangs shirk the blame on the dead alchemists and Lin Yun.

That Sizhang guy flew from that direction, which should be where Mafa Merlins camp is located. Its been less than a day so he couldnt have researched the cause of the failure in the Burning Towers camp. Why did he go to Mafa Merlins camp?

Damn, could it be that they noticed that Mafa Merlins research of the Beast Gods Blood far surpasses theirs?

The Burning Towers experiment failed while Mafa Merlins potion allowed Morgan to smoothly advance. Morgan is still alive and well, without any abnormal side effect.

Did Sizhang obtain something from Mafa Merlin?

This isnt good, the Burning Tower definitely wont cooperate with me after this, and I already wasted that drop of Beast Gods Blood.

Moreover, it looks like its impossible for the Burning Tower to research the Beast Gods Blood in the short term, looking for Mafa Merlin to cooperate should be their best option.

Although I dont want to admit it, I dont have much of a choice. Mafa Merlin is very skilled in the field of research, he far surpasses my imagination.

Would the Burning Tower still need me if they cooperate with Mafa Merlin? No good, I have to get information out of Sizhang