End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090 Heis

Dylas flattered Sizhang for a while, and once their relationship eased up a bit, he tentatively asked, "Sir Sizhang, I noticed that you came from Mafa Merlins camp, could it be"

Dylas spoke slower and slower, as if he was asking without thinking it through. But he hadnt expected that Sizhang would become downcast.

As Sizhang remained silent, Dylas continued, "Sir Sizhang, if Im not wrong, you must have seeked Mafa Merlin to discuss a potential cooperation, but it unfortunately didnt go through, am I right?"

Sizhang was downcast and sullen, "Didnt go through? I didnt even get to discuss it before being kicked out of the camp"

Dylas was actually startled.

"What happened Sir Sizhang? Mafa Merlin couldnt have been savage enough to Kick you out of his camp?"

Sizhang had been worrying about going back to Dedale. He has been chatting with Dylas for a while and the latters flattery put him in a good mood so he explained what happened.

" You see, I originally wanted to play with him and scare him a bit, after all, I was certain that he didnt tamper with the alchemical device in front of everyone.

"But to be honest, I know that his research of the Beast Gods Blood has far surpassed ours, so why not cooperate?

"He is from the Andlusa Kingdom after all, we are opponents in the Raging Flame Plane, and although we are allies against a common enemy in the Raging Flame Battlefield, we cant let him get too many benefits.

"I wanted to scare him a bit to make it easier for us to get more benefits while settling the cooperation.

"Isnt it normal to try to overwhelm the other side before a negotiation?

"If he explained himself, even just to deny it, wouldnt I just bring up the negotiation? Arent negotiations always like that?

"But who would have thought that Mafa Merlin didnt even want to talk and directly kicked me out of his camp, and he even sent that barbarous Beastman

"Sir Dylas, tell me, what should I do? Sir Dedale sent me to seek Mafa Merlin as a punishment, but this happened after I seeked Mafa Merlin for cooperation.

"Sir Dedale would definitely get rid of me if I return like this"

Sizhang looked worried, he really didnt know what to do and could only complain to someone.

Dylas sneered.

"Sir Sizhang, do you think you are the one at fault? Definitely not, Mafa Merlin is the problem.

"You only teased him, who would have thought that he would react so strongly. He must have really done something!

"If he had a clear conscience, why would he unhesitantly drive you away from his temporary camp for some teasing?

"The only explanation is that what you said was right. Mafa Merlins tempering is definitely the reason behind that disaster.

"His research of the Beast Gods Blood far surpasses our own and he definitely used some unknown method to temper with the experiment. You said that he couldnt have tempered with the alchemical device, but are you sure that he couldnt have tempered with the Beast Gods Blood?

"He must have used some method to temper with that drop of Beast God Blood and cause that disaster.

"Think about it, his research would be thoroughly scrapped if the Burning Tower successfully completed the experiment and helped a 9th Rank Archmage advance to the Heaven Rank. An alchemical device that guaranteed success against a potion with very low chances of being successfully crafted and whose quality wasnt guaranteed.

"As long as they werent fools, everyone would know what to pick.

"But our cooperation would be cancelled if our alchemical device failed, while his research would become the only valuable one. Only a few rumors would be needed for everyone to fawn over Mafa Merlin.

"You accidently said the truth, and thus, he must have thought that you truly came to settle the account. Thats why he threw you out of his camp."

After hearing Dylas words, Sizhang looked as if he suddenly realized something and he hatefully stomped the ground.

"That damn b*stard, I was almost tricked by him. Turns out it was really him! That despicable guy really did something.

"We cant easily let him off, I must tell Sir Dedale and expose him"

Sizhangs expression turned red as he gnashed his teeth. He turned to fly back to the Burning Towers camp.

But Dylas was suddenly alarmed and quickly grabbed him.

Sh*t, how could this guy be so impulsive. He thinks that he is smart, but would Dedale be easily swayed if he reported to him?

What if Dedale personally goes looking for Mafa Merlin to cooperate? There definitely wouldnt be anything for me if they successfully cooperate.

I would have wasted that drop of Beast Gods Blood. It cant be wasted like that, I must get Mafa Merlins technique!

"Sir Sizhang, please dont be impulsive. Rushing back to report to Sir Dedale is definitely bad.

"Sir Dedale definitely wouldnt listen to your explanation. Think about it, you were sent to negotiate a cooperation but failed. Sir Dedale will definitely think that you are making excuses and wont believe in you.

"But if you get hold of Mafa Merlins technique, Sir Dedale definitely wouldnt blame you once you returned. After all, the final goal is the alchemy technique held by Mafa Merlin!"

Sizhang was suddenly startled. He was now afraid of Dedale punishing him, the rest didnt matter to him.

"Sir Dylas, do you have any good solution?"

Dylas sneered.

"Sir Sizhang, Mafa Merlin was the one to pull something and make us lose powerhouses and reputation.

"We would definitely be a joke to everyone when we leave the Raging Flame Battlefield, especially your Burning Tower. Thats enough to make people laugh at us for a very long time. You wont be able to raise your head when we meet people from the other forces.

"We cant negotiate fairly with Mafa Merlin now. Since he was the one who used his alchemy skills to play some tricks, we have to go and snatch his alchemy technique.

"Once we grasp that technique, the previous failure would only count as a necessary price to pay for success. After all, who could succeed in their first experiment?

"Moreover, as long as its successful, who would care how many times you failed before?"

Sizhang was a bit surprised, but he resolutely gritted his teeth.

"You are right, that despicable Mafa Merlin did something first and almost made me suffer Sir Dedales punishment, and he ruthlessly humiliated me.

"He cant blame me for that. Since he doesnt want to discuss a potential cooperation, Ill snatch his alchemy technique. Sir Dedale wont blame me as long as I have his alchemy technique."

Dylas waved to one of the mages behind him.

"Sir Sizhang, this is my most trusted subordinate, Sir Byron. His Stealth shadow spell is about to become an Ultimate Spell. If he takes my Dark Night Cloak, no mage under the Heaven Rank can discover his existence.

"As long as he led people to infiltrate Mafa Merlins location, we would definitely be able to figure out his secrets through spying.

"Unfortunately, my Dark Night Cloak has been damaged in the previous accident and might not be able to display its full power. It would have definitely been a successful plan if not for that"

Dylas took out his Dark Night Cloak. There was a long and thin tear which even cut a dozen runes

Hearing this, Sizhang immediately patted his chest.

"Why didnt you say so earlier? While I might not be able to craft such a powerful True Spirit Magic Tool, I can mend it! Just wait, Ill be able to mend this Magic Tool within three days.

"We will definitely learn Mafa Merlins secret when Sir Byron leads people in Mafa Merlins camp."

Sizhang was most proficient in Magic Tools, that was the reason why he had been tasked with creating the alchemical device. Mending a True Spirit Magic Tool with self-mending properties wasnt too difficult. He only needed to spend some time and materials

Sizhang didnt even ask Dylas for materials, he took a lot of materials out of his own pockets and started mending Dylas Dark Night Cloak.

A proud expression flashed in Dylas eyes.

He spoke so much with Sizhang not only to get some information, it was also to have him mend the Dark Night Cloak.

Apart from alchemists specialized in Magic Tool crafting, few people carried tools and materials to fix Magic Tools, especially for True Spirit Magic Tools. Those materials were very precious and extremely rare, their prices would be unconventional and ordinary mages wouldnt have the funds.

Sizhang spent three days to mend Dylas Dark Night Cloak. Then, Byron led a dozen Shadow Towers mages to Lin Yuns camp.

Byron wasnt known in the Shadow Tower for his strength, but he was famous for his stealing ability.

He was the mage with the most profound knowledge of Stealth, and his knowledge far exceeded other mages.

His Stealth was almost an Ultimate Spell, and strengthening this kind of support spell was very challenging.

Strengthening spells like Fireball of Frost Spike into Ultimate Spells was something most Archmages could accomplish, but they would only master one or two 3rd Tier or 4th Tier Spells.