End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Byron

Shadow Stealth was a 5th Tier Spell, but it could exert the power of a 7th Tier Spell in Byrons hands, which wasnt much different from an Ultimate Spell.

Ultimate Spells werent just stronger spells, the second characteristic of Ultimate Spell was to display a spells property to its pinnacle.

Shadow Stealth didnt have attacking or defensive effects, but it could allow a mage to hide, walk within the shadows and avoid many detection spells.

Once this spells characteristics were displayed to their peak, the users body would transform into a shadow and merge into the shadows.

By going through the shadows, mages detection spells would be unable to discover the user. Magic traps and alarm arrays also didnt have too much of an effect.

It was also because of this that Dylas paid a lot of importance to Byron even though his strength wasnt that great, it was all due to that ability. Byron had made a lot of contributions for the Shadow Tower, he stole many materials and items.

And now, he could use the power of the Dark Night Cloak. Byron spread the cloak and covered everyone around him. The group merged with the shadows and slowly infiltrated Lin Yuns camp.

Byrons eyes flickered with light. He led the group of people and went through the alarm arrays. That area was arguably the most dangerous part of the camp, they would be triggering the two alarm arrays if it didnt go well.

But after merging with the shadows, this place was also where his power was the strongest.

Everything in the world had a shadow. Ordinary Shadow Stealth could only merge with the shadows of physical things, such as a mountain, trees, buildings, and so on.

But the Shadow Stealth Byron mastered could allow him to merge with the shadows of other things, such as an Arrays shadow.

These shadows, invisible to ordinary people, were the mediums Byron used to sneak.

After going through the edge of the camp, and with the support of the Dark Night Cloak, Byron Shadow Stealth was almost raised to its peak. No one could discover him.

He kept moving deeper and deeper into the camps karst cave.

Then, Byron suddenly saw Lin Yun opening a Planar Path.

After Lin Yun went into the Planar Path, it slowly closed.


But Byron was exulting as he saw this scene.

Damn, thats great, that Mafa Merlin actually controls a Planar Path, and this is a Planar Path to a Demiplane!

That lucky guy actually inherited a Heaven Rank powerhouses Demiplane, no wonder he has so much information.

But your luck is coming to an end. You encountered me, Byron. Even if I dont know the location of the Planar Path, you actually let me see the place where you opened the Planar Path. Thats the same as giving me an entrance key!

Byron was called the thief of the Shadow Tower. He had suddenly risen in the past few years. Back then, he was just a guy that barely managed to advance to the Archmage realm. In order to obtain even more resources, he just kept researching the Shadow Stealth spell.

It was because that guy was originally a thief, what could he do with no natural resources? Simple, just steal and keep on stealing. Stealing became a lot easier once he became a Mage.

Moreover, he was very suitable for Shadow Stealth. Once he reached the boundary, the Magic Conducting Rune he picked was the very neglected Plane of Shadows. This was a Magic Conducting Rune that didnt influence ones fighting strength.

The Plane of Shadows was a Magic Conducting Rune specialized in moving through the shadows and which would increase the ability of the Shadow Stealth, displaying its power to its limit and even exceeding its pinnacle.

The person that created the Plane of Shadows couldnt be investigated. It was said to have been produced by the Shadow God during the era of Gods, as well as having been one of his innate runes.

The rumors created a lot of interest, but over the years, that Magic Conducting Rune sunk to the lowest floor of Shadow Tower.

Were it not for the fact that this was a shadow Magic Conducting Rune, the Shadow Tower wouldnt have kept such a weak Magic Conducting Rune.

When mages picked a Magic Conducting Rune, they would pick a Magic Conducting Rune that was helpful for battle, like the Endless Spring which helped recovering mana faster and increased their mana pool. This was the best Magic Conducting Rune for mages using spells with high consumption.

Time Hand could shorten casting time, it was a very helpful Magic Conducting Rune for battle. It was good for mages that went for powerful spells. It would cut down the casting time of those long incantations and was the fastest way to increase combat effectiveness.

As for Lin Yuns Magic Conducting Rune, it was known as the most powerful one because of its calculation ability, it could adapt to all spells. But unfortunately, the Magic Array required a huge number of runes.

To complete the Magic Array, one would have to spend a lot of time in its early stages to gather runes. By the time the owner of the Magic Array became a Great Mage, other mages would have already advanced to the Archmage realm.

For a very long time, the Magic Array was considered a failure since many mages would die of old age before accumulating enough runes, wasting their talent in vain.

In contrast, the Plane of Shadows was considered the worst type of Magic Conducting Rune. It couldnt increase mana, it couldnt shorten cast time, it couldnt even increase the power of spells.

It was a supporting Magic Conducting Rune, but it wasnt as good as the few Magic Conducting Runes specially chosen by alchemists to assist them.

Alchemists that specialized in potioneering would chose the Hand of Flame. With that Magic Conducting Rune, they could subtly raise their control over flames to the pinnacle when compounding and would never fail compounding because of heat.

After all, potioneers mostly failed their compounding because of a problem with flames, some mistake in their control over flames, or even the heat being too high or too low. Those issues would lead to problems during the refining.

With Hand of Flame, they could avoid most of these problems and the success rate of compounding would greatly increase.

Alchemists that specialized in Magic Tool crafting would choose the Paladin Hammer. This was a Magic Conducting Rune that helped them control every single detail, increased the purity of materials, or perfected the fusion of materials.

The biggest influence to the forging of Magic Tools was the small details. While forging, the Magic Tools power would be reduced or the forging might even fail if some details were very hard to grasp.

There were many supporting Magic Conducting Rune like these, and many people were using them. Not to mention, most of the supporting Magic Conducting Runes also had the effect to raise the users strength.

But the Plane of Shadows Magic Conducting Rune only reinforced the Shadow Stealth ability. In the Shadow Tower, only some low ranked Shadow Mages would be compelled to choose that one. These people were spies and mostly focused on gathering information.

Moreover, these people had the most chances of dying, every year, there would be many shadow mages being found out and killed while spying on others secrets or stealing things.

After so many years, Byron was the only one who took the initiative to choose the Plane of Shadows as his Magic Conducting Rune.

Moreover, he was the only one that had comprehended Shadow Stealth to that extent within the last few millennia.

But Byron liked it very much. Since he chose the Plane of Shadows, his Shadow Stealth had grown stronger and stronger and no one under the Heaven Rank could discover him. The only time he was ever found out was when the Heaven Mage of the Shadow Tower personally tried to find him.

Since then, Byron possessed far more resources than others. According to the Shadow Towers rules, as long as they had the ability, they could even steal from a Heaven Rank powerhouse without being blamed.

They wouldnt receive any punishment if they werent caught on the spot, even if they turned back and admitted to having stolen something. They might even obtain a reward.

Byrons Shadow Stealth was strengthened after he advanced to the Archmage realm and no one could catch him. His resources just exceeded everyone else, and by relying on these resources, he rapidly advanced and soon reached the 5th Rank of the Archmage realm.

Byron received first-rate nurturing due to a secret of the Shadow Tower, many forces of the Odin Kingdom were still wondering about that secret.

At the very start, the Shadow Tower hadnt been part of the Raging Flame Planes conquest.

The Shadow Towers conquest was for the benefit of the Odin Kingdom, but even a fool knew that it was for the interests of the forces participating.

Whoever got the larger domain would get more benefits, so naturally, the fewer people the better. Everyone wanted more benefits.

The Shadow Tower started being envious as mankind gained a foothold in the Raging Flame Plane.

Unfortunately, the Raging Flame Planes coordinates were a secret to all forces, even the commanders leading troops in the Raging Flame Plane didnt know the specific coordinates.

Everyone was entering the Raging Flame Plane through the Planar Path of their respective force while the coordinates remained their core secret.

Apart from these forces knowing the coordinates of the Raging Flame Plane, the other forces remained envious and jealous.

Only one force suddenly inserted themselves in the Raging Flame Plane, the Shadow Tower!

And Byron was the man who discovered the coordinates of the Raging Flame Plane.