End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Swamp

Flames erupted from the monsters wounds as it let out a blood-curdling screech and exploded into flames. The flames spread everywhere before being absorbed by the plant walls.

The passage was exposed once the flames disappeared, but it looked unchanged. There wasnt a single mark on the lawn.

Byron tried Shadow Stealth once again, but the result was the same. He couldnt merge with the visible and invisible shadows.

Suddenly, a monster with three faces extended his head out of one of the plant walls and sneered at the group of shadow mages.

"Its a bunch of idiots. How could one of you be eliminated right away, arent you Archmages? The strongest is at the 9th Rank while the weakest is at the 7th Rank.

"Yet, one of you was burnt to death, killed by a Level 35 fire blasting monster. This is really a disgrace. If I were you, I would cut off my own head and then smash it. That would save you the humiliation of people recognizing you, you might as well just die.

"Truly a group of trashes"

Seeing the three-faced monster, Byron unhesitantly raised his hand to cast a Shadow Arrow. Unfortunately, that three-faced monster silently merged back into the plant wall and disappeared without a trace, before reappearing in another part of the wall, to keep sneering at the group of shadow mages.

"I said that you are trash and you were so ashamed that you got angry? Good, very good!

"It would be very boring if you cut off your own head, wouldnt it? Youd best surprise me and entertain me.

"Hurry up and go forward, trashes. Im waiting for you to defeat me. You can leave long as you defeat me."

The three-faced monster merged back into the plant wall and disappeared. Byrons expression turned unsightly and his eyes looked at the empty path in alarm.

"We were definitely discovered. That three-faced monster is definitely some trick created by Mafa Merlin. Lets keep going. That maze array isnt too difficult, we can definitely leave. Be careful of that three-faced monsters sneak attacks!"

This time, Byron walked at the forefront and maintained his Shadow Shield to prevent any ambush. He was walking while recording the path they took in order to crack this maze.

There were many types of maze arrays. Spatial maze arrays were the most troublesome ones, and they, along with ground maze arrays created by proficient alchemists, could only be escaped by forcibly cutting the array open.

The maze array before their eyes was the most simple maze array and even an ordinary person, as long as they had some talent in this regard, could leave.

Byron was extremely confident. He kept recording his path while confidently comforting the mages behind him.

"There is no need to worry, this maze is very simple. But we have to hurry up because this kind of maze would definitely rearrange itself at regular intervals. The map we have been drawing would become ineffective after it did.

"This place wont be able to stop me as long as we find the exit before it rearranges itself!"

Byron was full of confidence, and this made the dozen mages following him relax. In a battle ranking, Byrons strength would definitely be ranked at the very bottom of the 9th Rank Archmages of the Shadow Tower, he was the weakest.

But when it came to things like concealment, stealing, sneaking, and mazes, no one could compare to him among the Shadow Towers non-Heaven Rank mages.

But Byron just finished his words and the mages hadnt even had time to agree, that the earth under the last mage suddenly split open and a hidden beast opened its large mouth and devoured him whole.

The hidden beast extended its claws and climbed out of the ground. It had the exact same color as the ground and wasnt emitting any mana fluctuations. No one could find it.

The sudden attack spread panic among the mages and they all drew back in fear before pointing their staves at the hidden beast.

It took a dozen seconds for the hidden beast to turn into a hedgehog, and it ultimately exploded in a burst of mud, covering the ground and walls before disappearing as if it had never been there. Even the hole disappeared and the lawn was back to normal.

It was as if nothing ever happened, apart from the disappearance of another mage.

Byron angrily stomped his feet and moved his staff to keep casting on the ground and walls, unfortunately, spells silently disappeared after hitting the ground and walls, nothing changed.

"Truly a bunch of idiots. How could you be so careless and so easily lose one person. This is really boring. This game is too boring, there is no entertainment, youll just die.

"When moving in an unknown area, the last place where a hunter might be hiding is under the ground, how could you forget that? Its common sense for the hidden beast to attack the last person.

"But you actually let the strongest among you walk in the front. Is this because you are afraid of death? Doesnt matter, its best for the strongest one to die last, its more entertaining that way"

The three-faced monster left some mocking words and let out a weird laugh before disappearing back into the plant walls.

Byron gritted his teeth as he glared where the monster had disappeared.

"Dont be tricked by that guy, the first monster attacked the first person, and the next one attacked the last person once we swapped positions. This is definitely premeditated.

"He is targeting the weakest locations, he must be pretty weak and cant face us all.

"Lets group up, Ill stand in the middle, that way, if someone gets attacked, Ill have enough time to save him. Dont worry, those two arent necessarily dead.

"This place is very abnormal, its too strange. Ive never seen a mage thats interfering with Shadow Stealth. Not to mention, this is the lowest kind of maze.

"Their bodies disappeared, and this might not necessarily be because they died. Their bodies instantly disappeared without a trace, this is too strange.

"This is a hallucination, this must be an illusion, thats definitely Mafa Merlins trick!

"He must be afraid of us and cant directly fight us, he can only use this kind of trap to slowly kill us.

"We have nothing to fear, this is an illusion!"

Byron had a resolute expression which allowed the panicked mages to calm down.

They kept exploring the maze, and the maze transformed three times during that time. They were ambushed by all kinds of monsters, and even when the maze fluctuated, a monster was delivered right in front of them.

After three hours, only fifteen mages remained from the group of eighteen. They were on guard against ambush from the rear, but someone still got caught.

"Everyone be careful, we will definitely be able to leave this maze after this corner. Be wary of that three-faced monsters sneak attack. That despicable thing definitely wont miss that opportunity!

"As long as we leave the maze, that three-faced monster would be unable to ambush us!"

Byrons words boosted the morale of those exhausted mages, hearing that they were about to leave put a smile on their faces.

After taking a turn, they really saw the exit of the maze, but crouched at the exit were five big fire monsters with heads half as big as their bodies.

The monsters could swallow their own bodies whole with their mouth. Seeing the shadow mage appear, the five heads simultaneously opened their maws to spurt out flames.

Five 3-meter-thick columns of flames were crammed into the entire passage. Shadow Shields were formed at the front to forcibly resist the attack.

"Hurry up and rush out, that damned monsters cant block us! This is the last trap, get rid of these few monsters!" Byron loudly yelled.

The exit behind these five fire monsters was like the light illuminating the darkness for these people, it made them crazily attack as they charged forward.

They were facing their last hurdle. It wasnt just Byron, everyone was on the verge of collapsing after having suffered from various traps.

Especially since they couldnt merge with the shadows due to the mazes special power. This forced them to fight their battles head on, and the energy they spent in a few hours made them more tired than if they spent several days of continuous battles.

They didnt know whether the ground under their feet would suddenly split open for a maw to appear, they didnt know if they would be met with a sudden magic attack after taking a turn.

They also didnt know if a few monsters large hands would suddenly spread out of the wall to tear them apart when they considered lying against the wall to rest.

The frontal attack of these five monsters was trivial.

Under Byrons lead, the group of angry shadow mages didnt spare any mana to raise their shields as the five fire attacks rushed over.

Several dozen shadow spells flew out, and Shadow Bindings turned into whips of shadows that restrained the five fire monsters.

Then, numerous Shadow Arrows, along with Shadow Distortions, fell onto these fire monsters. In less than ten seconds, the five fire monsters were bound.

Explosions echoed as the five monsters burst into flames and disappeared.

After pushing open the exit of the maze, the group of shadow mages all sprinted into it as if they were chased by a pack of mad dogs.

Glaring rays of light came from the other side, forcing the mages to protect their eyes with their hands.

Byron and the shadow mages were stunned once they adapted to this suddenly appearing radiance.

They turned to check behind them, but the maze had already disappeared. Now, there was an endless swamp under their feet.

The swamp was covered in a faint fog, and even Eagle Sight and Fog Observation couldnt let them see more than three kilometers away before their sight was obstructed.

Piercing roars and deep roars kept echoing within the swamp, stunning Byron.

Sh*t, whats going on?

Didnt we just leave the maze? How could we appear in a swamp?

At this time, Byron heard someone clapping.