End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095 Caugh

The surroundings of the mage army instantly burst into flames, everything over a hundred meters transformed into a sea of flames. Fire Shields formed a huge shield wall blocking all Shadow Arrows.

Then, the mages disappeared within the flames and all transformed into tall Flame Elemental lifeforms. The fifty elemental lifeforms all raised their staves at once. And immediately started chanting incantations.

The chaotic incantations echoed as the mages were actually chanting incomplete and different incantations.

Seeing this scene, Byron finally felt something was wrong and promptly poured mana into the Dark Night Cloak. A shadow covered Byron as he rapidly retreated.

"Hurry up and get out of the way! These are real people, not illusions!"

Byron used shadow magic only to discover that the shadows of the mages before them were real, all these mages were real!

When they stood together, the fifty mages were only fifty Low Rank Archmages, but a fierce change appeared after using Fire Elemental Incarnation and merging their auras and flames.

It was as if those fifty Low Rank Archmages disappeared and a terrifying fire lifeform awakened instead. The terrifying aura was like an inactive volcano suddenly erupting. It increased a hundred times in an instant and kept on rising.

Byron let out a fearful exclamation, but it was already too late.

Five blue fire vortexes suddenly appeared above the sea of flames. The burning flames seemed to want to set this world on fire and the space was already distorting.

In an instant, blue fireballs blossomed with glaring radiance. Every fireball spurting out from the fire vortexes was three to four-meter-big.

The numerous blue fireballs were like meteors as they fell down within a hundred-meter-wide area around the shadow mages, crashing everywhere indiscriminately.

"Boom, boom, boom"

Deafening explosions echoed and spatial cracks were already forming as if that place was already collapsing. Blue fireballs exploded everywhere with glaring rays of light.

The silhouettes of the shadow mages had already been thoroughly submerged by the endless sea of explosions.

The three-faced monster floated in the air and sighed as he looked at those mages using Fire Elemental Incarnations.

"Damn, those b*stards, I barely managed to find something fun, but they completely destroyed it with Mass Bursting Flames

"That damn Merlin, couldnt he teach that mage army some less violent abilities?"

Mass Bursting Flames was an upgraded version of a strengthened Bursting Flames. Bursting Flames was the most typical fire spell focused on flames explosive power, but with the same spells properties, Mass Bursting Flames was a large area of effect spell and it could shoot dozens of Bursting Flames at once to cover an area spreading over a few dozen meters.

But Mass Bursting Flames consumed too much mana. Moreover, without precise control, the power of the Bursting Flames would be greatly reduced. It would have the strongest effect when it directly hit the target and made the Bursting Flames explode at the closest distance.

The bursting power would abruptly decrease if they didnt hit the target directly. The power would reduce by a tier 3 meters away, and an ordinary Mana Shield could resist it 5 meters away.

And Mass Bursting Flames was the kind of spells that would just grow stronger. It was absolutely an 8th Tier Spell, and the most unreasonable spell among 8th Tier Spells.

With the area it covered, there was no need to worry about the power of every blue fireball being reduced, because there were too many Bursting Flames crowding the area, they would definitely overlap.

Such a concentrated field of Bursting Flames would intangibly magnify the power of each Bursting Flames. The peak explosions and collisions would produce a devastating attack.

This kind of spell was two or three times as mana consuming as an ordinary 8th Tier Spell and took two to three times the time to cast. No sane ordinary mage would learn this spell.

The mages who would learn this spell would only study the incantation and research the spell, they wouldnt use it in battle. Even within an army in a large scale war, no one would use this spell.

But this was the most suitable spell for Lin Yuns mage army. Mana consumption? The fifty mages were sharing it equally, it cost as much as an ordinary 6th Tier Spell.

Long casting time, increased for a mage army? That wasnt a problem, the Joint Chant Arrays existence made the ten mages share the cast of the spell. Even if the combined chant was longer, the casting time would be several times shorter than a mages casting. If they were proficient in it, the casting time could be cut down a dozen times.

A powerful cumulative spell that could only be used as a research material has become the most suitable spell here.

Moreover, the mage armys Magic Robes were giving bonuses to fire spells. Their mastery over Fire Elemental Incarnation has also exceeded ordinary mages by a lot, and the power of their fire spells were even more impressive.

Numerous blue flames kept exploding on the ground and formed a sea of blue flames spreading over a hundred meters. After a dozen seconds, those five blue fire vortexes disappeared without a trace.

The blue flames burning on the ground also slowly disappeared without a trace, along with the shadow mages Some remains of Magic Tools could be found on the ground, but those Magic Tools already had grotesque shapes, they had been mostly burnt down or melted into a pile of scrap metals.

Over two hundred meters away, Byron was lying on his stomach, his hair and eyebrows mostly burnt. The Dark Night Cloak was wrapped around his body with its runes completely darkened and its surface was burnt black.

Byron looked at the burnt ground ahead of him. He couldnt see any corpse, and aside from a few melted Magic Tools, all other magic Tools had been completely destroyed.

He struggled to get up, completely pale and his heart beating extremely fast. From sensing the shadows, he knew that these fifty mages were all real existences.

After spitting a mouthful of blood, Byron fiercely glared at the mage army and his vicious gaze shot like a knife towards the floating three-faced monster.

He poured mana into the Dark Night Cloak and his body became blurry before instantly disappearing.

But then, a dozen Bursting Flames fell down in a ten-meter-wide area around Byron. The earth was plowed again and a shadow flashed as Byron suddenly appeared in the air, screaming.

At that instant, four burning flaming shackles were now surrounding him, binding one of his limbs. There were even three flaming shackles binding the Dark Night Cloak.

The flames on the shackles kept burning Byrons body and forced him to use a Mana Shield to resist. He wanted to escape, but he had lost contact with the Dark Night Cloak. It could barely resist the flame shackles and Byron could even hear the shrieks of the Magic Tool Incarnation.

The flaming shackles dragged Byron to the three-faced monster like a slave.

Byron opened his eyes and angrily glared at this three-faced monster before loudly roaring, "Mafa Merlin, you despicable b*stard! You turned into a three-faced monster to keep ambushing us, where is your honor as a mage!

"Damn you! Dont ambush us if you have the ability, lets have a real fight!

"You degenerate relying on illusions to ambush others, dont you feel embarrassed!?"

Byron struggled as he angrily cursed at Enderfa.

Following Byrons curses, the expressions of the fifty mages changed and they all looked at Byron as if he was an idiot.

Enderfa couldnt resist laughing before exposing three mocking smiles.

"Idiot, you are such an idiot, how could you be worth ambushing? How could you be worthy of Merlin personally ambushing you?

"You are overthinking, I was just bored so I accompanied you to play and experiment with my new masterpiece. I just didnt expect you to be worse than I thought.

"I couldnt get any results at all. I was getting bored so I sent the mage army for a warm up, but who would have thought that you would be so terrible?

"A group of High Rank Archmages, with a 9th Rank Archmage powerhouse, couldnt resist a single spell, really boring."

Enderfas three faces looked at Byron with disdain, before floating away. On the other side, the mage armys people also disdainfully glanced at Byron. They even had to draw lots to decide on a guard.

The one who drew the short stick looked as if he had stepped on feces and walked to Byron before grabbing his shackles to follow Enderfa.

Byrons heart skipped a beat and he once again spurted out a mouthful of blood, almost fainting in the process.

Damnit, Im not a fighter! This damn area is actually suppressing Shadow Stealth, so what if Im a 9th Rank Archmage?

Who said that a 9th Rank Archmage must be extremely powerful in battle? My title is the Planar Infiltrator!

Damnit, who would have thought that I had been discovered right away and that this Demiplane had some many powerful guys. Those fifty Low Rank Archmages army are even stronger than a 9th Rank Archmage!

It took them two seconds to cast a terrifying spell like Mass Bursting Flames Wasnt that spell known as the most worthless explosion spell?

How could these guys cast it so quickly? And its power is more formidable than rumored

Byron spat out blood, depressed. He was extremely regretful, he regretted the decision to infiltrate this Demiplane. Now, the Dark Night Cloak was bound and he couldnt sneak out of here.

Byron was taken outside the laboratory, and looking at the blood-colored mist covering the place, he opened his eyes wide to try seeing inside the laboratory.

Unfortunately, everything was covered up and he couldnt see anything.