End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Caught 2

Damnit, I saw it when we came in. I would be able to record the process of Mafa Merlins experiments with my image crystal if I could take just one more look.

With it, I could obtain the technique to refine the Beast Gods Blood. This would be a huge contribution to the Shadow Tower and I would just need a drop of Beast Gods Blood to advance to the Heaven Rank at that time.

After advancing to the Heaven Rank, my Shadow Stealth would definitely become an Ultimate Spell and nothing would be able to block my path from now on, no one could ever stop me.

That damned three-faced monster, dont think that you caught me just because you discovered me

Hmpf, although these guys are powerful, no one discovered the image crystal Im carrying. And its active! It will record anything I see!

You had best lead me to the laboratory

Byron wasnt struggling, he was actually looking forward to it. And sure enough, the door to the laboratory was opened and two mages led Byron in after a few seconds.

In the alchemy laboratory, Lin Yun was in the middle of his alchemy experiment and simply didnt pay attention to the people behind him. Once his experiment finished, he turned around and saw Byron.

Lin Yun smiled, his eyes shining with interest.

Planar Infiltrator? Its not easy for one of those to appear in this era, I truly didnt expect to encounter one

Lin Yun recalled the records of Planar Infiltrators, interest visible on his face.

Plane Infiltrators were the most infamous existences during Noscents peak.

These guys were able to infiltrate planes, and they were able to sneak into a Planar Path as long as they found the location of its entrance, whether it was opened or closed.

Moreover, these guys concealment abilities were extremely formidable and they could rarely be obstructed. The most famous one was the first one to be called Planar Infiltrator by everyone.

For over a century, every time a plane rich in resources was discovered, the planar coordinates would immediately be known by some interested forces.

The fights over the planes were extremely fierce. Later, someone discovered the truth. A man claiming to be a Planar Infiltrator sold the coordinates of the planes to many forces.

There would always be people buying them. For a century, no one knew who that guy was and only called him the Planar Infiltrator.

It was only a century later that a mage controlling a Spatial Venom Snakes eye actually discovered the Planar Infiltrator infiltrating a plane from the Planar Path.

After being captured, the Planar Infiltrators secrets were unveiled, and people learnt that he was merging with the shadow of the Planar Paths to infiltrate the planes. No one expected that, they thought that he was using some spatial spell to infiltrate the planes.

In the past century, the defenses all forces set up for their Planar Paths were made out to resist spatial magic, so no one could have ever discovered him.

But now, this small thief was discovered sneaking into his Demiplane. How could Lin Yun be cheerful, this guy had clearly come to steal the technique to refine Beast Gods Blood.

A wisp of mana flew out and transformed into a Mana Hand that grabbed into Byrons shadow.

Suddenly, an image crystal appeared within that Mana Hand and was shattered into pieces as the Mana Hand formed a fist.

Shock flashed in Byrons eyes, immediately after, a wisp of special power fluctuations appeared around him and the Demiplanes elemental power formed a three-meter-big cage around Byron before he was thrown out of the laboratory.

Lin Yun controlled the Demiplanes power to form a three-meter-big cage imprisoning Byron. That space was cut off from the outside world and even suppressed by the power of the Demiplane. Unless his power could match the entire Demiplanes power, he would never be able to escape.

This was the best way to imprison a Planar Infiltrator. There was no need for a secure cage, they only needed to cut off access to the shadows.

After easily imprisoning Byron, Lin Yun took his mind off this matter and kept researching the Beast Gods Blood.

With this matter rapidly settled, no one paid attention to this matter in the camp and they continued doing what they were doing.

But there were two worried people outside the camp.

Dylas and Sizhang were gathered together with terrible expressions.

Dylas dispatched people to take a look around the camp, but they didnt discover anything from a distance. The camp seemed to be operating normally.

"Sir Sizhang, Im afraid things arent so good. Our people have yet to return. Itll soon be a day since they infiltrated Mafa Merlins camp, that should be enough to take dozens of trips around the camp.

"Even if they had no success, Byron would have sent someone to report back. Yet not a single person came back and the camp is very peaceful.

"They might have already died, the people I dispatched must have unfortunately been killed by Mafa Merlin"

Dylas expression was unsightly, he was even somewhat pale.

As for Sizhang, he was even paler, just like an Undead.

"Sir Dy Sir Dylas, this shouldnt be. Hasnt it been less than a day? They shouldnt have completed their mission yet, thats why they have yet to come out.

"Lets wait a bit, theyll definitely return, definitely, right?

"Nothing will happen"

Sizhang stuttered.

The two werent in a mood to talk after saying a few sentences and they paced around restlessly. Once the agreed time was up, their faces were as white as sheets of paper and carried alarmed expressions.

"Sir Sizhang, a day has passed. Ive already sent people to examine the camp and there has been no sign of activity.

"Moreover, I also used our Shadow Towers communication method, but there has been no response to my call.

"They have definitely been discovered and already fell.

"With our Shadow Towers communication method, even if they were caught, they would be able to respond as long as they had a wisp of mana. But there has been no response"

Hearing Dylas words, Sizhang fell on his buttocks, despair visible on his face.

"Finished, we are done for

"Its completely over. I would have only been thrown into a mine by Sir Dedale if I went to report, but now, he may just directly get rid of me."

Sizhang was despairing and regretting.

I shouldnt have listened to Dylas If I had reported to Sir Dedale immediately, he might not have punished me immediately due to the need of manpower in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

If I managed to have some outstanding achievement, I might have even ended up without a punishment

But now, the cooperation has failed, and the people sent to steal Mafa Merlins technique have been captured, and may have been eliminated.

There would be no hope if they are still alive. As long as Mafa Merlin openly announces this matter, the weak alliance between our human forces would instantly collapse.

This might even lead to the two forces fighting, and it would spread to the Odin Kingdom and Andlusa Kingdom.

When the time comes, even dying would be very difficult. I would be treated as the main culprit and my soul might be dragged into a lamp. They might even stuff a Pig Beastmans soul into my body

I cant afford this responsibility

Im screwed, I shouldnt have come here. I thought I was smart, but I shouldnt have listened to Dylas.

Sizhang was sitting on the ground with a despairing expression. The Burning Towers rules were very strict, they were very specific about rewards and punishments. The rewards were very generous and the punishments made people despair.

He would be done for if this matter came out, regardless of the outcome.

On the side, Dylas expression was also extremely pale. Regardless of the relationship between the Odin Kingdom and the Andlusa Kingdom, even if they were opponents, they were currently allies.

They tried to steal their allys technique. If this went well, they could just keep on denying. But being discovered would definitely shatter the alliance and this would become the fuse that started a war.

In Noscent, wars could start even when resources appeared in an area between two forces. This kind of technique spying would definitely trigger a war if unveiled.

I didnt even get to enjoy the benefits that I provoked a lot of trouble, and they have the moral high ground. I wouldnt be able to find any helper willing to assist me for benefits

No one can afford this responsibility We would become the first scapegoat

Dylas was extremely pale. He looked at the dazed Sizhang and gritted his teeth.

Sh*t, I cant share the blame alone. Since the plan has already been exposed, then I can only go for the technique. What could the others say as long as it is in my hands.

And I have to drag in Sizhang of the Burning Tower!

"Sir Sizhang, our plan has already failed and we are exposed. That Mafa Merlin definitely wont let us off easily.

"We can only take possession of the technique if we want to survive, otherwise, we would just become scapegoats if something big happened.

"What if Sir Dedale learns about it and Mafa Merlin says he wants to cooperate?

"Our achievements would have no worth, we would definitely be killed as an apology gift to Mafa Merlin when the time comes.

"We would be screwed!

"If we cant steal it, then we will snatch it with force!

"So what if Mafa Merlin isnt weak and can burst with the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse? We only need to lead more people in and snatch the technique.

"When the time comes, you can ask for help from Sir Dedale. With the Beast Gods Blood in hand, Sir Dedale would definitely protect us. No matter how angry Mafa Merlin is, he wouldnt be able to do anything."

Dylas was tempting Sizhang, but Sizhang cowered before hesitantly shaking his head.