End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 Surprise Attack?

Dylas gritted his teeth and roared at Sizhang with a fierce expression, "Sir Sizhang! Dont tell me that you think we still have a way out? Without the technique, we wont be able to avoid the blame if Mafa Merlin pokes around!

"At that time, Sir Dedale will not only not let us off, the other forces would also not let us off for being the fuse that shattered the alliance.

"However! If we have the technique, we can use it to advance to the Heaven Rank and Sir Dedale will also save you. Then, your Burning Tower and my Shadow Tower can mass produce Heaven Rank powerhouses.

"Based on the speed at which we gather Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals, we definitely gathered far more than Mafa Merlin. Even if Mafa Merlin wants to say something then, it would be no use.

"We would be stronger and no one would dare to offend us. Moreover, we would still have the technique, so no one would dare to help Mafa Merlin!

"Sir Sizhang, our losses are too high and the manpower not enough. We need you to bring in more people to snatch the technique.

"You can think about it carefully, this is our last opportunity, if we lose this opportunity, Ill at worst have to apologize to Mafa Merlin, but youll definitely be ruthlessly punished by Sir Dedale"

Dylas threats were inciting him at the same time. Eventually, Sizhang came to a realization and bit his teeth as he stood up.

"Okay, Sir Dylas, lets go and attack. Mafa Merlin might be powerful, but he is only one Archmage. Even if he can burst with the power of the Heaven Rank, he doesnt have Extraordinary Power.

"If we use numbers, we can definitely snatch it. As long as we grab some of the key parts, we will definitely be able to research the secrets of the Beast Gods Blood."

Sizhang left, bustling with energy, and rapidly attracted a few dozen people, all of which were mages of the Burning Tower. Many of them were mages that studied alchemy under Sizhang had been supporting Sizhang during the crafting of the alchemy device.

Now, Sizhang brought them together using some reasoning and even used Dedales name.

After the two groups converged together, their force numbered fifty individuals, all of which were powerhouses above the 7th Rank of the Archmage realm.

With the addition of Dylas and Sizhang, there was a total of seven 9th Rank Archmages!

The group of people rushed towards Lin Yuns temporary camp in an awe-inspiring fashion, with Dylas and Sizhang walking at the forefront.

Before they even reached the camp, a 9th Rank Archmage with a sinister expression standing beside Dylas took the initiative to use a sound amplification spell to shout.

"Mafa Merlin, you daring and stupid guy! You actually dared to murder our men!

"My pitiful brother Byron My closest brother accidentally entered your camp while chasing a Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast, yet you actually imprisoned him!

"Moreover, our Shadow Tower and Burning Towers mages are all honest mages, how could you maliciously attack them because they wandered into your camp?

"Today, we will avenge my closest brother. Mafa Merlin, you malicious murderer. Today is the day you suffer our magic judgement.

"Immediately release our Shadow Tower and Burning Towers mages, or youll have to face the fierce retaliation of our two towers!"

That guy named Bailey had a sorrowful and angry expression. He instantly entered the camp and used the imprint Byron left behind to obtain a lot of information. He understood that there was a Planar Path in this place and Byron had already infiltrated it.

He discreetly told that news to Dylas and Sizhang and they both immediately exulted. They hadnt been confident originally, but they were brimming with confidence now.

Dylas had an ashen expression in the back, but his heart was racing from joy.

Byron is most proficient in Shadow Stealth, even if he was discovered, he cant die. I didnt expect this place to have a Planar Path, Byron must have sneaked in.

He must have definitely discovered Mafa Merlins secret, the technique to refine Beast Gods Blood must be in his hands. Everything will be worth it as long as we rescue Byron. The losses would be completely paid for.

The group arrogantly charged into the camp. They destroyed the various warning arrays they encountered on their way and fierce fluctuations kept spreading towards the surroundings.

Within a dozen seconds, Dylas and Sizhang led the group to enter the camp, and they just kept going towards the depths of the camp.

Lin Yuns mage army was researching new incantations and fighting techniques within the Demiplane. Apart from Xiuban and Reina, only the members of the Henry Family, Cloud Tower, Black Tower, and Sky City remained within the camp.

Everyone was alarmed when they saw intruders in the camp. The Henry Familys people reacted the fastest. They immediately reacted and blocked the group of mages.

Dylas and Sizhang retreated to the middle of the group. Dylas kept trying to contact Byron through the Shadow Towers secret connection. As for Sizhang, he was looking for traces of Lin Yun in the crowd.

Bailey stood at the forefront with his sinister and angry expression. He was bursting with the aura of the 9th Rank, grinning before roaring.

"Mafa Merlin, we are in an alliance, yet you actually murdered members of the Shadow Tower and the Burning Tower! You even imprisoned Sir Byron!

"You actions deserve a huge punishment! Damn scoundrel, you definitely plan on torturing classified information out of Sir Byron.

"You have ten seconds to release Sir Byron. If you refuse, youll die, everyone will die.

"We will make you experience first-hand what a bloody retaliation is. Youll all die tragically, your souls wont be able to rest.

"Mafa Merlin, get the f*ck out, kneel and beg for forgiveness. Apologize to us and Sir Byron!"

Bailey loudly roared with the attitude of a victim asking for justice.

On the other side, Xiuban came out while grinning with Carnage in his hands.

"Fool, you must be tired of living to dare cause trouble in Sir Merlins territory. Come, let Lord Xiuban crush your head and let you reunite with that departed brother"

Baileys eyes shone as Xiuban stood out. He then raised his staff and roared.

"Damn b*stard, you finally admitted to it! Our Shadow Tower and Burning Tower accidentally entered your territory yet you killed them all and even imprisoned Sir Byron!

"Damn you! Accept your death! Ill let you experience the rage of the Shadow Tower and Burning Tower!"

After roaring, Bailey immediately raised his staff to shoot a Shadow Arrow.

At that instant, the mage Dylas and Sizhang brought seemed to have received a signal and they all raised their staves to cast.

Shadow Arrows fell down like rain towards the inside of the camp.

Bailey raised a Shadow Shield and rapidly chanted an incantation. An ashen black shadow flew out of the ground and transformed into the phantom of a Shadow Dragon which ruthlessly charged forward.

"Get rid of these despicable guys and take revenge for our closest friends!"

The shadow mages and the Burning Towers mages thought they would catch the camp unprepared with their sudden attack and gain the advantage, but the reaction of the other side when facing their perfect ambush surprised them.

The Henry Familys mages acted like a group of nouveau riches and instantly took out several scrolls, each of which was half-a-meter-long!

Such big scrolls contained 8th Tier Spells, or some of the strongest 7th Tier Spells at the very least!

Even if the power of scroll casts was a bit lower than incanted spells, incanted spells couldnt compare to them in one regard. Scrolls cast were instant.

The spells incantation and mana required for the consumption were all stored within the scroll. It only needed to be roused for the spell to be released.

The Henry Familys dozen mages seemed to have been waiting for that sudden attack, they were all grinning as they roused their scrolls.

Heavenflower Water Barrier, Earth Rampart, Tornado Barriers.

Five 8th Tier defensive spells appeared in front of the group of mages. A layer of water barrier, a layer of light, Layer upon layer superposed and created a five-layered large-scale defensive spell.

After having carefully planned this attack, it looked as if they were rushing into the maw of a hunter that had been carefully waiting for a long time

Several dozens Shadow Arrows and Dark Dragon Impacts attacked this five-layered magic defense, but they only created a big hole on the first layer, the remaining four Layers remained untouched and their mana hadnt been consumed.

Instead, these suddenly appearing 7th and 8th Tier magic scrolls let out a large amount of flames, ice, tornado, and rocks which formed an Elemental Flood.

The shadow mages and Burning Towers mages promptly released defensive spells. In order to suddenly attack, they hadnt even cast the most basic defensive shields. Who would have thought that those people would react so quickly? They seemed to have been waiting for their surprise attack.

Their original advantage had instantly disappeared and the fight sunk into a stalemate. The Shadow Tower and the Burning Tower were numerous and had no weaklings, even if they lost their advantage, they could still suppress the Henry Family and keep on fighting.

From the side, the few mages of the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower joined in the fight, along with thirty mages of Sky City.

The number of 9th Rank Sword Saint or Archmage powerhouses surpassed the other side, and that was without counting Xiuban an Reina, those two Peak powerhouses. The shadow mages and the Burning Towers mages were all suppressed.

Hiding in the back, Dylas and Sizhang were originally getting ready to take advantage of the chaos to infiltrate the depths of the camp in order to steal the technique and save people. But they figured out that everything was going differently than they had planned.

Sizhang kept casting in disbelief.

Damn, how could these people be so powerful? Damnit, the Henry Family, the Cloud Tower, the Black Tower, Sky City, why arent these forces hunting mana crystals?

Why are they here? How could they be so strong?

The group of nouveau riche of the Henry Family unexpectedly treated those 8th Tier scrolls like 1st rank spells. Within a minute, they used over forty 8th Tier mana scrolls!