End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098 Battle

Arent these guys as greedy as goblins?! They would usually be reluctant to use magic scrolls! Those are 8th Tier magic scrolls, they are just using gold!

Each scroll is worth over a dozen spirit mana crystals, did they lose their minds? They didnt even plan how to use them and cast six large-scale defensive spells at once!? They also used offensive scrolls like they were nothing.

Those damn scoundrels, they must have lost their minds

And werent the Cloud Tower and Black Tower crippled? How could they still be so powerful? Damn, those guys are casting too skillfully, their incantations have been compressed to their pinnacle.

They just keep spamming their abilities, are they not worried about mana consumption?

As for Sky Citys mages, those damn b*stards alchemists are actually willing to waste a set of array materials to set up a single-use array! Moreover, in order to raise the power of the array, they even overdrew the arrays power

I want to see how long that Frost Spring Array can last

Sh*t, they actually set up another one!

Sizhangs expression turned green. He watched as several mages of Sky City overdrew the power of the array to burst with power at the fastest speed. In less than a minute, the materials, on which a large number of carved runes were inscribed, were turned into scraps.

But they didnt blink and took out a pile of valuable magic materials. And all of them had been already carved in advance and could be used anytime as array materials.

The Shadow Tower and the Burning Towers mages suffered. Just as the fighting started, their attacking plan was scrapped and they could only keep navigate through the chaos and fight a chaotic battle against the other side.

Xiuban held Carnage and his body was covered in a layer of wind while a yellow layer covered Carnage. Its heaviness could almost be seen with the naked eye.

Sweeping with a layer of white mist, Carnage ruthlessly hit a shadow mages Shadow Shield.

Cracking sounds echoed as the shadow under the shadow mages feet cracked into a hundred pieces. The Shadow Shield burst with an extremely powerful halo before exploding with a bang.

A circle of white aura spread out like waves, forming a smoke ring rapidly spreading away. Then, that shadow mages body instantly disappeared from that spot and only left behind an afterimage as he flew into the distance.

On another side, Reina coldly raised her hand and spat out an Ice Rune in her palm before softly blowing towards the mages of the Burning Tower.

In an instant, sparkling ice fragments flew out and the surroundings temperature instantly dropped below the freezing point. A layer of frost covered the ground, and even a meter-tall Fireball was forcibly frozen. The spreading frost extinguished all flames within twenty meters.

Xiuban and Reinas counterattack was formidable, even 9th Rank Archmages werent their opponents, this gave Dylas and Sizhang no other choice but to face them.

Dylas and Sizhangs expression became very unsightly after facing them.

Dylas kept releasing Shadow Mirages, turning his body into a black shadow while producing three black shadows that looked exactly like him and kept changing positions to cast Shadow Bindings on Xiuban.

The dark shadows coiled around Xiubans body, but they instantly dissipated when they came in contact with the bloody light emitted from his body.

Shadow Binding simply had no effect on Xiuban.

Damn b*stard, is that Beastman a monster? His shadow is so powerful that I cant even make use of it His aura is so formidable that even his shadow carries his terrifying bloodline aura.

What kind of Beastman is that? Sh*t, Heaven Rank Raging Flame Beastmen dont have such a powerful Bloodline Aura, and his strength is too scary. He can shake off my shadow spells with his physical strength alone. None of my shadow spells are effective

Where did Mafa Merlin find this monster?! F*ck, is that guy a descendant of an Ancestor Beastman?

Dylas shadow spells couldnt do anything against Xiuban. Apart from Shadow Arrow and other direct attacking spells, he simply couldnt do anything against him, the other shadow spells would just be torn apart.

He gritted his teeth and released all the spells he could at once, but he could only resist He couldnt do any damage while he had to rely on his Shadow Doppelgangers to keep dodging Xiubans terrifying Carnage.

He didnt know that Xiuban was a Draconic Beastman, which gave him the ability to fuse with Dragon Blood. He had first fused with a drop of Three-Headed Gold Dragons blood.

There was no lifeform stronger than a Three-Headed Golden Dragon during the Nesser Era.

He then fused with a drop of Ancient Poison Dragons blood, and it was a drop of hearts blood!

And recently, he fused with a drop of Abyssal Blood Dragons blood.

After a few fusion, that guys bloodline had evolved to an unimaginable degree. Saying that he was a Beastman-shaped Dragon wasnt an exaggeration.

Most importantly, Xiuban had bathed in God Blood and his body had grown stronger to an unimaginable degree.

Only a Heaven Shadow Mage would be able to control Xiuban through his shadow, and it would be very difficult. If they didnt do it properly, Xiuban would be able to use the power he was currently unable to control to shatter their souls.

The current Xiuban was the natural predator of blood mages, shadow mages, and the Soul Walker. The other sides signature spells would be useless even if he stood motionless, and if they were unlucky, they would even rouse the power hidden within Xiubans body and their deaths would be very creative.

Dylas felt something bitter in his mouth. After coiling around Xiuban, all his spells had been fiercely torn to shreds. He was looking at Xiuban as if he carried a curse.

Sh*t, if someone told me yesterday that shadows would be torn apart through pure strength, I would have laughed

But that guy is just that powerful. He relies on pure physical strength to tear apart most of my spells.

Damn, what a monster

Dylas was puking blood, but he had to stay on guard against Xiubans terrifying Carnage.

On the other side, Sizhang could hardly puke blood.

Sizhang was purple from frostbite, ice could be seen on his eyebrows and whenever he puked blood, it would turn into a pile of ice crystals. The blood would even start freezing and clog his throat whenever he opened his mouth.

The hundred-meter-wide field around him had turned into a world of ice and snow. There were over twenty fire spells frozen into ice cubes in the air.

Those flames seemed to have been frozen while burning.

Sizhang kept falling back and shattered a Fire Crystal to release a large amount of flames. He then used the flame power to form a fire vortex in order to summon a large number of Flame Elementals.

The panting Sizhang stared at the calm Reina while trembling.

How come her ice spells are so powerful?

Damnit, a Chill that can freeze elemental flames isnt unheard of, there are records of it in our library

But there are no 9th Rank Archmage capable of this feat mentioned in the records!

Isnt that ice statue-like woman supposed to be an ordinary Frost Dragon? How did that idiot Dylas gather intelligence?

How could an ordinary Frost Dragon be capable of freezing my spells at the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm?

You are f*cking kidding me, pre-Heaven Rank Chromatic Dragons cant do this!

Damnit, freezing elemental flames with an ordinary Chill. Thats a cheat, that damned woman is definitely using some Extraordinary Magic Tool!

That must be the case, otherwise she wouldnt have been fighting for so long while only using a Chill ability

Damn, she can freeze me into an ice statue just by using Chills. F*ck, what the hell is going on

Sizhang bit his teeth as he looked at frozen fire spells before taking out another Fire Crystal. He kept summoning elemental flames to continue casting and counter attacking.

The fight was becoming more and more chaotic on this side and Enderfa passed through the Planar Path in the karst cave and reported to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was busy with his experiment, his hands didnt shake and he carefully followed every step of the experiment and only answered.

"Dont send the mage army, therell naturally be someone to take care of those idiots"

After saying those words, Lin Yun proceeded with his experiment. Enderfa didnt mind and floated out of the Demiplane through the Planar Path before happily flying above the camp to enjoy the show.

Morgan, Jouyi, Harren, and Raphael were hidden, floating above the battlefield to watch the fight. None of them planned to make a move.

The strongest was a 9th Rank Archmage idiot, and Dylas was merely a Peak 9th Rank Archmage, he wasnt worthy of a Heaven Rank powerhouse making a move.

But a Heaven Rank powerhouse not joining in didnt mean that their subordinates wouldnt.

Morgan sneered as he looked at the fight below.

These idiots actually rushed over to attack Sir Merlins camp. Even if its merely a temporary camp, its not something that these idiots can attack.

Even if Dedale personally came, he would only end up being killed.

Hmpf, that Dylas is no longer on the same level as me. I want to deal with him myself, but it would be an embarrassment if I said I would take care of him.

But even if I dont go, our Henry Familys people arent a decoration. What is fighting? Isnt it using everything you have? All your mana? All your spells?

Well, our Henry Family might not have much, but we do have a lot of gold coins!