End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 Provocation

Mana? I can drink potions like water and it will be paid back two folds after the fight. Spells? Are magic scrolls made to be hoarded? We can just spend everything, we will be paid back two folds after the battle anyway!

There will be no problem as long as I ruthlessly beat up these idiots. Ill crush these idiots with gold coins.

Hell, Ive been worrying about being unable to do anything for Sir Merlin when that group of idiots suddenly delivered themselves to my door, thats perfect!

That idiot Dylas, his idea was really stupid this time, but he gave me a huge opportunity!

Sir Merlin isnt lacking Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals. Potions? Sir Merlin is powerful enough and he can refine the Golden Transformation.

Magic Tools? Sir Merlins Magic Tools are most suitable to him and are tailor-made to suit his Magic Conducting Rune, I cant come up with something better.

Sir Merlin isnt lacking golds either. Ive been worrying about how to curry favor with Sir Merlin to make Sir Merlin give me the next Golden Transformation Potion.

Isnt this a perfect opportunity?

Morgan was smiling and almost drooled

Damn, I would have already made a move and gotten rid of these idiots if not for Raphael saying that it would be shameless for Heaven Rank powerhouses to deal with that group of Archmages. They came to attack their ally Dedale must be puking blood

Morgan attentively watched the fight, and seeing that it was getting more and more chaotic, he hurriedly used mana and sent a command to the Henry Familys mages.

[Fools, this is your chance! Damnit, dont you know that this is the best investment opportunity?]

[If we spend the most effort, the next Golden Transformation Potion might go to our Henry Family!]

[Whoever contributes the most is likely to have the next potion!]

[Hell, there might not be a second opportunity where fools attack Sir Merlins camp! Do I have to babysit you to make you kill these idiots?]

[It doesnt matter if you get rid of all of them! Just dont let the Sky City hog the limelight!]

Morgans words immediately made the Henry Familys mages red-eyed and they all took out their trump cards. This was throwing away golds, but the return might be a mountain of pure gold!

Triple the profits could make anyone risk their lives. Ten times the profits could even make them lose their minds. But the opportunity they had was worth ten thousand times the profits!

Even if the possibility was small, it was enough to test their luck.

On the side, Raphael quietly glanced at Morgan and his subordinates as if they were a group of fattened pigs. He also secretly gave a command.

[When necessary, use the floating fortresses to get rid of a few, but dont get rid of the leaders, these guys came to attack Sir Merlins camp after all. We will grab them to offer them to Sir Merlin.]

[Pay attention to those nouveau riches, dont let them kill too many people. We will capture them and hand them to Sir Merlin!]

Raphael silently grinned.

That foolish Morgan has already been blinded by benefits. He is truly stupid and isnt much different from those idiots who rushed to attack Sir Merlins camp.

These idiots came to attack Sir Merlins camp, only Sir Merlin has the right to punish them. We only have the right to help.

Moreover, these idiots are rats from the Shadow Tower and mages of the Burning Tower. If we completely get rid of them, the Shadow Tower and the Burning Tower will definitely loom over Sir Merlins head.

The arrogant Dedale would definitely not care about the details. If he learns that his people died here, he would definitely come to retaliate.

These idiots are in the wrong this time, wouldnt Sir Merlin have the moral high ground if they were caught?

At that time, Sir Merlin would be the magnanimous one while the Shadow Tower and the Burning Tower would be the one destroying the alliance. Sir Merlin would be able to silently get the benefits and reputation.

This is the best way to express ones goodwill. How could a guy like Morgan, whose brain is filled with gold coin, understand.

Raphael proudly smiled. He then looked as Sky Citys mages captured a shadow mage.

The Cloud Tower and Black Tower had the lowest number of people, the two forces numbered less than ten people, but their average strength was higher.

The Black Tower and the Cloud Tower suffered quite a bit, and only the strongest few remained. The weaker ones all died before.

And the Cloud Tower and the Black Towers mages also captured the enemies. Apart from those they couldnt control and killed, they captured everyone they could.

The chaotic fight continued, and seeing that quite a few people had been captured, Bailey felt somewhat anxious.

He looked for Dylas, only to find out that Dylas and Xiubans battlefield was a few hundred meters away.

Knowing that they would fail if this continued. Bailey pondered before figuring out something.

He threw three bottles of Shadow Fog Potions and the exploding potions immediately transformed into an ashened black fog that spread out and covered over half of the camp.

The Shadow Fog Potion was a battle potion that isolated probing spells and had very powerful disturbing effects towards mana. It was used by the assassins of the Shadow Tower when they met danger, but it was used as a battle potion by Bailey

"The despicable Mafa Merlin murdered our closest friends and relatives, we have to destroy and burn his camp!"

Bailey loudly roared and started recklessly releasing spells towards the camp and destroying large areas of the camp. Many arrays protecting buildings were forcibly destroyed.

The battlefield suddenly became more chaotic.

Bailey sneered as he went in the shadow fog and stealthily approached the back of a Henry Family mage before casting three Shadow Arrows in a row.

"Mafa Merlins lackey! Go to hell!"

Bailey didnt care about the result after making his move and he immediately went back into the shadow fog.

"Mafa Merlin! Your lackeys will fall first today, only a bloody retaliation awaits a despicable guy like you who dared to kill mages of our Shadow Tower.

"This is just the first step. You damn b*stard, maggot. Ill kill your dogs first!

"You fools have desecrated the honor of the Odin Kingdom. I recognize you, the nouveau riches of the Henry Family, fools whose brains are filled with gold coins and lifeforms as greedy as goblins.

"For the sake of benefits, you can kneel to lick Mafa Merlins shoe. You would still kneel to lick Mafa Merlins shoes even if a maggot like him is covered in nauseating feces.

"You disgusting guys, go to hell! And dont think we didnt notice you, fools of Sky City whose brains are filled with lubricant.

"You pretend to be mysterious? You are just using arrays, and we will now destroy your arrays!

"As for you, Andlusan country bumpkins, you are just lower lifeforms. Scolding you is a waste of my saliva

"You can wait for our Shadow Towers bloody retaliation, thatll teach you that shadows are just as omnipresent as light.

"Mafa Merlin, get the f*ck out. The truth is that we are here to steal your technique. After snatching it, we will use your technique to produce a large number of Heaven Rank powerhouses, and when the time comes, the Family behind you will be the first target of our reprisal.

"All the men will be killed while the women will be thrown to the most impoverished slums to be used as low-cost prostit*te, pleasuring beggars for a single copper.

"You coward, maggot"

Bailey kept travelling through the dense fog, shouting all kinds of obscenities and creating a lot of chaos while discreetly approaching the camps deepest karst cave.

Bailey suddenly disappeared after entering the karst cave, stealthily moving through its depths.

And outside the karst cave, a group of mage floating in the sky had green complexions. Morgans darkness mana was surging as he was about to attack with red eyes when the similarly angry Raphael hurriedly held him back.

"Raphael, let go. I want to get rid of that idiot. I want to kill these stupid guys. F*ck, Im not done with these fools of the Shadow Tower.

"These stinky sewer rats. Just you wait, Ill teach you what gold retaliation is. After I return, Ill use all my gold coins to crush these stinky rats, Ill flatten them!"

Raphael had a dark expression, his eyes were also filled with fury as he pulled Morgan back with gritted teeth.

"Morgan, thats this fools plot. If we make a move, itll definitely be considered a Heaven Rank powerhouses intervention and the nature of the fight would change.

"Idiot, the Shadow Tower can wait for our retaliation, once the battle is over, we will kill that b*stard first!"

They didnt make a move, but whether it was Raphael or Morgan, or even Jouyi and Harren, they were all secretly ordering their subordinates to clear up the shadow fog before looking for that guy to tear him apart.

Others who resisted could be crippled.

Suddenly, a gale whistled past. Some mages released wind spells to disperse the fog, the Henry Familys mages threw fog dissolving potions while the mages of Sky City arranged simple arrays to lead the shadow fog elsewhere.

The chaotic battlefield soon regained its order. The Shadow Tower and the Burning Towers mages had no other choice but to band together to resist.

But they couldnt resist these enraged mages, they were being suppressed and even unknowingly surrounded.

And on the other side, the one who created that chaos and provoked everyone had dove into the cave after shifting everyones attention. Bailey had smoothly infiltrated the karst cave.

Using the reaction of the imprint left behind by Byron, he rapidly found the Planar Paths location.

That Planar Path had remained half-opened. It was a path and a door leading to the Demiplane. As long as they knew the secret to open it, anyone could pass through. This was made by Lin Yun in order to prevent him from being left behind by the events of the outside world while experimenting.