End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100 End Of The Battle

Bailey looked at the Planar Path with a surprised expression.

Damn, its actually a Planar Path leading to a Demiplane!

That Mafa Merlin is so f*cking lucky, he actually controls a Demiplane!

Good, he actually left the Planar Path of his Demiplane here, hell be done for if I destroy it!

In any case, Sir Byron has a special ability, he would definitely be able to escape that Demiplane as long as he has the opportunity. But all that awaits Mafa Merlin is being trapped in his own Demiplane!

When the time comes, Sir Byron would return with Mafa Merlins technique and our Shadow Tower would have exclusivity. We would be able to produce a large number of Heaven Rank powerhouses and we would become the strongest mage force!

Haha, Mafa Merlin, youll remain trapped in your Demiplane with your technique

Bailey grinned as he looked at the Planar Paths location and slowly took out his staff.

Demiplanes were something unique to Heaven Mages, but Heaven Mages wouldnt enter their Demiplane frequently. They would only enter when it was absolutely safe and they would set up defensive and alarm arrays before entering the Demiplane.

Using the power of the Demiplane to comprehend the power of Laws and develop the Demiplane was something that could only be done when it was safe.

No one would dare to go into their Demiplane during a battle.

A Demiplane coordinates were the Heaven Mages coordinates, the Heaven Mage himself was moving Planar Path.

But when Heaven Mage personally entered their Demiplane, the location where they entered would be where the Heaven Mage left the only path out of the Demiplane.

The Demiplanes of Low Rank Heaven Mage werent developed enough, that was the only method to enter and exit those Demiplanes.

Entering ones Demiplane during a battle was just courting death. The opponent would only need to destroy the coordinates to trap the Heaven Mage in their Demiplane.

Thus, Demiplanes only had supporting functions for most Heaven Mages. Most of the time they were used as mana storage. They would summon their Elemental God and replenish their own mana.

Once the Demiplane developed enough, a large amount of resources could be spent to build a Planar Teleportation Array. But very few Heaven Rank powerhouses had the power to build such a luxurious path in this era.

Almost all Heaven Mages would build a connection to Noscent in the future. Even if the coordinates were destroyed, the Demiplane wouldnt float within the endless void and would instead be attached to Noscent. At that time, the Heaven Rank powerhouses wouldnt have to worry about entering their own Demiplane and having the coordinates destroyed.

But this was also recognized as the biggest reason behind the fall of the Heaven Mages during Noscents fall.

As Noscents mana dissipated, it was like the Demiplanes attached to Noscent were facing a huge hungry monster frantically devouring mana.

Thats why the first to die were the powerhouses while the weak ones lived to the end. During Noscents destruction, non-Heaven mages were the peak powerhouses.

As for the mages that possessed Demiplanes before reaching the Heaven Rank, they inevitably hadnt established these Demiplanes themselves and they would be in even more danger.

Bailey raised his head and laughed before raising his staff and chanting an incantation. He didnt care about being in the open and chanted an incantation that lasted over four seconds. Six Shadow Dragons shadows fluttered around Baileys body, letting out whimpers as the several dozen meters area around him sunk in shadows.

"Mafa Merlin, go to hell! Shadow Dragon Ripple!"

Bailey laughed heartily as those six Shadow Dragon flew out with a roar, ruthlessly attacking the Planar Path.

Lin Yun frowned in the middle of his experiment as the first Shadow Dragon impacted the Planar Path. He kept holding the instrument with his right hand and extended his left hand to the side.

Ripples suddenly appeared in a twenty-centimeter-big space and Lin Yuns hand dove into it as if it was entering a pond.

And outside, at the Planar Coordinates location, a ripple appeared in space and Lin Yuns hands stretched out from within.

In an instant, countless runes seemed to appear out of nowhere and instantly converged in Lin Yuns palm.

Layers of fire runes formed a ball of runes, and the runes formed chains, which then turned into lines before combining to form a three-dimensional rune!

A different rune would appear every time the runic sphere rotated.

It was like endless flames forcibly tore through the void to converge here, and these berserk elemental flames instantly submerged the area.

The remaining five Shadow Dragons shadows were instantly burnt into nothingness.

The huge flames transformed into a ten-meter-tall large hand that instantly appeared in front of Bailey.

Facing this kind of terrifying twist, Bailey became frightened and instantly merged with the shadows of the karst cave while raising four shields.

But that didnt affect the huge flaming hand as it forcibly grabbed over and caught Bailey. Two layers of his shields were instantly broken when it came in contact with the flames.

"No Mafa Merlin, you cant kill me, Im a 9th Rank Archmage of the Shadow Tower! If you kill me, youll have to face the assassinations and reprisal of the Shadow Tower

"Release me, we"

Bailey begged for forgiveness. The flame power was too formidable and his 3rd layer of shield shattered just from being licked by the flaming tongues. Only his Runic Shield could hold on a bit.

But Baileys frightened begging had no effect. The flaming hand ruthlessly squeezed and Baileys last layer of defense popped.

A mournful scream echoed before abruptly coming to an end as everything within the flaming palm had turned into ashes.

After that attack, ripples once again appeared in the space around the Planar Path as Lin Yuns hand disappeared back in.

His expression hadnt changed at all after casually killing the one who wanted to destroy his Planar Path. His eyes were focused on the alchemy table from the start.

How could he not be on guard after opening the Planar Path in that location?

How could he not know the weaknesses of a Demiplane as a Demiplanes owner?

What a joke, without being confident, Lin Yun wouldnt place his life in the hands of others.

A Natural Demiplane was entirely different from a Demiplane inherited from Heaven Rank powerhouse.

After controlling the Natural Demiplane, there was no difference between locations in the Demiplane to Lin Yun, he could instantly leave the Demiplane.

He could even borrow the Natural Demiplanes power to launch a powerful counter attack. It was simply impossible for someone to destroy the planar coordinates to Lin Yuns Demiplane.

Because he could leave in an instant if anything was happening. Mounting a sneak attack was absolutely impossible.

The only similar part was that he couldnt enter the Demiplane to dodge an attack.

Using most of the Law Runes he comprehended from the Fire Law, he casually got rid of Bailey, while the battle in the camp was reaching its conclusion.

Most of the shadow mages and Burning Towers mages that Dylas and Sizhang brought had been captured. Apart from the ones that died in battle, the rest werent feeling great and most of them were seriously injured.

Only Dylas and Sizhang remained, barely resisting. The two had gathered together, their complexions extremely pale.

Sizhang couldnt help being shocked as he looked at those mages with sealed mana and limping on the ground like injured dogs.

Several dozen mages in the surroundings were sneering while looking at them. Most of them hadnt come to besiege them, but it still made Sizhang feel cold sweat trickling down his back.

Damn, how come these guys are so powerful?

They obviously have less people than us, the weakest among us is a 7th Rank Archmage! We have more people, so we should definitely have the upperhand!

But how could it be like this

These guys went insane, they used all their trump cards to help Mafa Merlin. Didnt Mafa Merlin only figure out the theory behind the Beast Gods Blood? He shouldnt have a refined technique Dont tell me He has refined the technique?

In any case, how could they dare to gang up on us, arent they afraid of offending the Shadow Tower and the Burning Tower?

Did these daring guys forget what happens to those that offend the Burning Tower?

Sizhang was doubtful, he only saw two of Lin Yuns subordinates participating in the battle Those several dozen mages werent Lin Yuns subordinates!

As Sizhang was a bit distracted, an ice fragment floated over and transformed into huge ice fragments. In an instant, the runes at the top of Sizhangs Runic Shield were frozen and a layer of frost started covering it, slowly freezing the Runic Shield!

Facing this sudden twist, Sizhang didnt have time to react when Xiuban appeared before him like a ghost, using speed that didnt seem to match his build.

The huge Carnage wrapped in a yellow halo ruthlessly smashed onto Sizhangs Runic Shield, shattering it. The air compressed by Carnages huge power burst out and violently hit Sizhang in his chest.

Sharp cracking sound echoed as Sizhangs chest caved in and broken ribs pierced his skin to expose bloody white bones fragments.

Sizhang was sent flying, heavily injured, leaving Dylas behind as the last opponent.

Dylas was alarmed, several dozen mages were surrounding him, and in the middle, there was a terrifying Beastman scolding him to death, as well as a Frost Dragon that only used Chill throughout the battle.

But these two individuals were the most terrifying ones.

Damn, how could it be like this, that damned Beastman is immune to most Shadow Spells, who knows what bloodline that Beastman-shaped monster possesses