End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101 Rune Fusing

How could this woman be so terrifying, her Chill not only freezes flames, it can even freeze shadows. Shadow spells simply cant get within three meters of that woman, isnt she supposed to be an ordinary Frost Dragon?

How could Frost Dragon have such a terrifying ice magic ability? Damn, that woman is definitely the descendant of a formidable Dragon, she might even be the descendant of the legendary original Frost Dragon.

Im out of ideas, even fleeing is impossible. These damned guys absolutely wont let me off

Dylas was scared witless, he didnt dare to keep resisting after seeing that most of the mages hadnt been killed and were only restrained, including Sizhang. He might be killed if this fight continued, at least he would have some hope to survive if he was caught.

Dylas was just about to say something when Xiubans Carnage arrived in front of him.

Blue and red light could be seen on the yellow halo covering Carnage, the two lights kept chasing each other around Carnage as formidable fire and ice power surged. Countless explosions seemed to be compressed when Carnage ruthlessly smashed on Dylas triple shield.

The power of ice and fire interweaved and formed a terrifying explosive force. Then, a layer of bloody light covered Xiubans body and an imposing yet sinister aura flashed, tearing apart Dylas triple shields in an instant.

Dylas saw Carnage sweeping in front of him with terrifying power, as well as the air being frozen to the point of forcibly obstructing his mouth and nose, blocking his breathing.

He hurriedly took out a shadow rune imprint and transformed into a shadow, but Xiubans all-out attack instantly slammed onto that shadow.

A loud explosion echoed as the shadow burst into pieces. Five meters away, a shadow suddenly appeared and transformed back into Dylas. He had been shaken out of the shadow state and spat out several mouthfuls of blood, his body was also covered in ice cracks, just like a cracked porcelain.

The alarmed Dylas took out three bottles of Health Potions, and poured two of them over his body while drinking the last one, making the cracks slowly disappear.

He saw Xiuban rushing over, but he could only stand there, unable to use his mana.

His shadow had disappeared, it looked as if he didnt exist. Just now, he had used the shadow rune imprint to make his shadow take the blow for him.

But he hadnt expected his shadow to be directly torn apart by Xiuban. His shadow had already been smashed into a few hundred pieces and he would be unable to use magic until his shadow recovered. It was a soul vibration, he couldnt even cast the most simple spell to light a fire.

Dylas was like a chick as he was carried in Xiubans hand before being bound and thrown to the ground. But after thinking about it, Xiuban didnt feel too reassured.

"Do we need to break his limbs? Cant he escape by being bound like this?"

Cold sweat trickled down Dylas back as he heard those words, but he wisely chose to not argue with that low intelligence Beastman-shaped monster. If he got angry, Xiuban might really break his limbs.

A mage laughed from the side and said, "Its all right, he cant use his magic for the time being. Not dying is already his luck. If he hadnt used that shadow rune imprint as a supporting material, he would have either died or became mindless due to excessive damage to his soul"

The shadow everyone cast was linked to their souls, this was a view that shadow mages always held onto. Controlling shadows was inevitably linked to souls.

Xiuban was somewhat regretful at the fact that he couldnt break Dylas limbs.

"I heard that mages can use some general spells, like a spell to cook, summon water, or unbind ropes, he can definitely use those, cant he?

"Ive once seen Sir Merlin control a rope as if it was alive"

Hearing Xiubans words, the few mages near him rolled their eyes.

There was indeed a spell to unbind ropes, and it was indeed a general spell that all mages could cast, but that incantation could only untie simple binds. The harder ones required the Binding Removal Spell, that was a spell that could remove spells. Unfortunately, the incantation had been lost in the destruction of the Nesser Dynasty.

All the people brought by Dylas and Sizhang had been captured, some of them ending up dead in the process. Moreover, many of them had their mana sealed and were thrown into the camp, bound and looking extremely miserable.

After Dylas discovered that they were just caught, his mind suddenly became active.

Mafa Merlins technique must have made some crucial progress or these people wouldnt have remained here instead of hunting for mana crystals.

They may be here to fawn over Mafa Merlin, but they didnt capture us because they dont dare to kill us, they are definitely afraid of offending the Burning Tower!

Indeed, bringing Sizhang here was truly the correct move. Damn, those country bumpkins of the Andlusa Kingdom definitely dont care about our Shadow Tower, they simply arent from the Odin Kingdom. If we retaliate, we will face the resentment of the Andlusa Kingdoms other forces.

Sky City is much stronger than our Shadow Tower, and they have very good relationships with other forces. The Shadow Tower might not necessarily avenge me if they get rid of me.

But they wont dare to offend the Burning Tower. The Burning Tower has the strongest existence among the mage forces, Dedale.

As long as they dont want to offend the Burning Tower, they wont dare to kill us.

Dylas eyes flashed and he sneered before angrily glaring at the surrounding mages.

"You!? By fawning over Mafa Merin, you are offending the Burning Tower! None of you will have a good ending.

"Especially Mafa Merlin, he will definitely die!"

Hearing Dylas, the originally alarmed Sizhang immediately came to himself.

"Hurry up and release us, or wait until Sir Dedale learns of this and youll all suffer from the Burning Towers bloody retaliation! The Burning Towers honor cant be trampled. You guys offended our Burning Tower, all that awaits you is retaliation!

"Let me tell you, I was dispatched here by Sir Dedale, youll all suffer if Sir Dedale learns of this!"

Dylas and Sizhang were reluctant to admit their mistakes, but no one cared about them. They were imprisoned and everyone had their mana sealed. A mage of Sky City that was annoyed by the noise they were making even added a silencing array around these people.

Lin Yun never came out during the entire thing.

If not for Bailey wanting to destroy his Planar Path, Lin Yun wouldnt have bothered to kill that guy.

Lin Yuns research had already reached a critical juncture.

It wasnt regarding the Beast Gods Blood, rather, in researching the Beast Gods Blood, he had researched the Law Runes contained within.

He had been able to use basic runes to form a loose Law Rune, but that wasnt a true Law Rune.

Using hundreds of basic runes to form the Law Rune pattern could create a model that could display the power of Law Runes.

But that method was really too complicated and the essence remained unchanged.

But after grasping the frame and pattern and with his comprehension towards runes, Lin Yun already started fusing the runes.

Floating in the sky of the Demiplane, there were close to 900,000 runes coiling around Lin Yuns body.

Numerous runes shadows flashed in Lin Yuns eyes. These runes kept colliding and fusing, before transforming into new runes.

All kinds of runes were merging around his body. Same types of runes started superposing and fusing.

The first step of the fusion took no less than three hours. Close to 900,000 runes had been reduced by half.

But the aura emitted by these runes was clearly stronger!

The next round of fusion took even more time and he barely completed the fusion after seven hours.

At that time, there were only a bit over 200,000 runes left. These runes appeared to be no different from ordinary runes, but they would keep changing into other runes every time they rotated. Each rune contained the power of multiple runes.

After two rounds of fusion, it looked like four runes were fused together, but it didnt just contain the power of four runes!

These runes held several dozen kinds of different powers. After fusing a single rune, the fusion with another rune would create a new kind of rune. Different fusing patterns and sequences would result in completely different runes.

There were several dozen ways of permuting and combining four kinds of runes together.

Every fusion was a qualitative leap, reducing the number of runes but increasing the power and properties a few dozen times.

After two rounds of fusion, Lin Yuns forehead was already drenched in sweat. The next round of fusion required him to fuse three runes together.

The difficulty was a few dozen times higher than it had been earlier. Ordinary mages didnt have as many runes as Lin Yun, they also needed to advance to the Heaven Rank and stabilize their realm to complete this process with the help of Extraordinary Power.

After completing this step, the runes would completely change into Law Runes!

Lin Yuns Magic Array was already operating at its peak and only a few hundred runes could be fused at a time, he wouldnt be able to avoid a mistake if there were more.

He would need to spend a year working on it without sleep if he fused those few hundred thousand runes one by one.

These continuously changing runes were transforming in the air, sets of three formed triangles before slowly fusing. They looked as if they were slowly melting and converging towards the center of their triangles.