End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102 Breakthroughs

No matter if it was two-dimensional or three-dimensional, a triangle, or pyramid, were the most stable shapes. Stability was the first priority when forming Law Runes. Thats how the final fusion was and no one could change it.

The previous fusions could be done by slowly fusing runes one by one.

More than a day passed and runes dwindled in the sky. Less than 80,000 runes remained of the original 200,000 runes, but the aura they emitted was completely different.

The basic runes were only the most basic forms, they only had elemental power. But these runes formed from twelve basic runes exceeded the ten runes base line for Law Runes!

They were stronger than most Law Runes created by Heaven Mages that had just advanced to the Heaven Rank.

Most importantly, there was a huge number of them.

Over 70,000 Law Runes could theoretically combine into several millions kinds of spells.

Even if 99% of the spells were worthless, just by relying on these Law Runes, they were still bound to be better than Lin Yuns ordinary spells!

Once he finished the formation of the final Law Rune, no basic rune was left and the runes flickering within Lin Yuns eyes disappeared.

But Lin Yuns aura started changing at that instant. The power of Wind, Fire, and Earth appeared on their own. A translucent cyan blue wind, a crimson flame, and a rolling lump of earth. They were rotating around Lin Yuns body.

Suddenly, a wisp of the aura of the Ice Law slowly appeared and an ice sphere formed from countless fragments of ice floated in Lin Yuns surroundings and revolved around him just like the other three elements.

Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, the four Foundation Laws thoroughly merged. The aura of Lin Yuns mana kept rising, before instantly reached the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm in a burst.

The manifestation of the four elemental Laws curled around him, and something happened as they reached an equilibrium.

The cyan tornado, crimson flames, blue ice, and yellow earth completely changed shape and slowly transformed into four spheres. Then, the four spheres rapidly shrank and formed four crystals emitting a halo each.

A huge wheel shadow suddenly appeared behind Lin Yun. These four spheres all revolved and entered the wheel shadow, falling into its center and embedding themselves into a position.

At that moment, the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun seemed to become even more real. As it spinned, the starry sky-like mysterious wheel slowly turned four-colored and looked like a rainbow as it revolved behind Lin Yuns back.

Lin Yun closed his eyes and floated down. The Laws fluctuations spread to the entire Demiplane and refined the Demiplanes Laws.

Lin Yun used the four elements Foundation Laws to establish his Laws. They werent the strongest ones, rather, they were just the closest to the foundation.

This kind of method to establish Laws wasnt biased towards powerful fighting Laws, but it was only the early stages.

Just like the Fire Laws branches, some leaned towards explosion, some towards burning, and some towards other directions

These kinds of branches were very powerful, while the Foundation Law was the most balanced and had no strength and no weakness.

That was the most unacceptable kind to mages, but Lin Yun chose that one because it was the most suitable Law for the Magic Array

It was also the most suitable for Lin Yun, especially after obtaining that Natural Demiplane. Choosing the Foundation Laws as a foundation was the best choice, and the strongest choice.

With the Magic Array, he could release all kinds of powerful spells which were comparable to the mages with the branch Laws. More importantly, his future prospect would be broader.

Mages of this era still didnt know that only those who established a Foundation Law as their foundation Law would ultimately become the strongest. The more extreme or detailed a foundation Law was, the harder it would be to strengthen and they would ultimately be unable to strengthen it. Even if the mages Rank increased, the power of the Laws wouldnt.

As for mages that established a Foundation Law as their foundation Law, although they would be weaker early on, their power would grow without limits!

Moreover, for the Demiplane to develop into a true world, the owner must have a well-rounded equilibrium.

If Lin Yun merged four kinds of Laws and established the strongest Foundation Laws, the four elements would stabilize and the Natural Demiplane would immediately gain some benefits and show signs of developing to the next stage.

But it would only stabilize to the passing line. To reach perfection, Lin Yun would have to personally use his power to guide the Natural Demiplanes elements.

As Lin Yuns Laws fluctuations spread out, gales suddenly settled on the edge of the Demiplane, the violent sea waves also calmed down, the earth became more sturdy, and the berserk flames became docile.

In an instant, the entire Demiplane turned into a genuine world.

Lin Yun opened his eyes and grinned.

Sure enough, it was just as I thought. The more control over the Natural Demiplane, the closer the connection. As long as I keep making progress and comprehend the Laws, although it wouldnt make the Demiplane grow, its foundation would become better.

From the bare minimum passing score into full marks. Only with full marks could it become a real world. It might be a bit bigger now.

Just as Lin Yun was done with his breakthrough, the sky of the Burning Towers camp was covered in flames, and so was the mountain.

A mage wearing a red flame robe walked out of the flames, those flames spread apart on their own, as if they were facing a sovereign, some of them even licked the mages body.

"Sir Phelps, congratulations on succeeding the last step. You officially entered the Heaven Rank and became a true Heaven Rank powerhouse!"

Dedale was smiling as he looked at the person before him with a cheerful expression.

No one expected that someone on the same level as Dedale, a Pseudo Heaven Rank powerhouse transcending the Archmage realm, would be the first to come to a realization and advance to the Heaven Rank in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Phelps walked through the flames with an arrogant expression and nodded at Dedale.

"Sir Dedale, the flames just told me that someone captured our Burning Towers mages, as well as killed some of our people. Who was it?"

Dedale ignored Phelps attitude and nodded.

"I received the news a day ago. Sir Sizhang led our mages and they were captured by Mafa Merlin. They are locked in their temporary camp.

"Sir Phelps broke through the Heaven Rank at a perfect time. I shall trouble Sir Phelps to show off that our Buring Tower has a new Heaven Rank powerhouse!"

Phelps sneered, "A bunch of idiots, they actually dared to challenge the honor of our Burning Tower?! Looks like the Burning Flag hasnt appeared for a long time so people thought that the Burning Tower is all bark but no bite.

"Its time to teach a lesson to thoseThose Andlusan country bumpkins!"

Phelps led the Burning Towers mages to attack Lin Yuns camp, it just happened to be when Lin Yun left the Demiplane.

Hearing what happened from his subordinates, Lin Yun didnt really care. If they had been caught, they had been caught.

They rushed to attack his camp, not killing them was already being benevolent. Attacking an allys camp and trying to steal their things was punishable by death.

Lin Yun didnt have time to finish his words before frowning. He could sense a Heaven Rank powerhouse surging with power rushing towards them.

Apart from Lin Yun, the other four Heaven Rank powerhouses also noticed the Heaven Rank powerhouses aura.

Lin Yun left the karst cave and glanced at the person walking on flames in the distance, several crimson flames were floating beside him as he flew over.

Phelps led mages of the Burning Tower and stopped above the camp, overlooking the entire camp while releasing the pressure of a Heaven Mage.

Everyone below the Peak of the Archmage realm paled, it was like a mountain was pressuring them and making it difficult for them to circulate their mana, especially the low 7th Rank Archmages, they couldnt support the pressure and directly lied on their stomach.

The only ones that could stand without paling were Morgan, Jouyi, Harren, Raphael, Lin Yun, as well as the gifted Xiuban and Reina.

It would be considered pretty good if the others could barely stand.

Phelps sneered as he glanced at the camps miserable condition with a proud expression.

"Mafa Merlin? Who is Mafa Merlin? Get the f*ck out."

Lin Yun laughed. The four Heaven Mages had weird expressions and Morgan grinned, "I said I hadnt seen the foolish Phelps for a while, I thought he was dead, I thought he was dead But I really didnt expect him to be lucky enough to advance to the Heaven realm, only to throw away his life.

"But advancing to the Heaven Rank is a good thing, very good"

After mumbling, Morgan strangely smiled while Raphael couldnt help grinning.

We have four genuine Heaven Rank powerhouses here, as well as someone whose strength could compare to a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Moreover, it looks like Sir Mafa broke through.

He is already a 9th Rank Archmage His strength, in this Raging Battlefield blocking Extraordinary Power, might very well be stronger than ours.

That idiot Phelps, it looks like he doesnt know what happened recently, does he truly think that he can do whatever he wants by advancing to the Heaven Rank?

He just broke through, his Demiplane most likely hasnt been established. Even if he just established it, he would be more or less at our level.

Yet he dares to come here and be rampant? Dedale probably didnt explain properly.

Damn, he provoked Mafa Merlin, I dont know if that guy can be saved Forget it, lets see when he is on the verge of death

Lin Yun had a strange smile on his face as he just ignored Phelps aura and calmly walked out.

"I am Mafa Merlin, you"

Lin Yun barely finished that sentence when Phelps aura suddenly rose and focused its pressure on Lin Yun.

Lin Yun remained motionless, indifferently looking at Phelps. Not even his magic robe shook, Phelps pressure seemed ineffective on Lin Yun.

Unfortunately, Phelps himself didnt notice and thought that Lin Yun was stiff from the pressure.

"Mafa Merlin, you are really daring! Ill give you two choices. First, kneel and release all the mages of the Burning Tower before letting yourself be crippled.

"Ill spare your life and wont bother to bicker about your offense on our Burning Tower. Im not feeling like taking care of trashes like you.

"2nd option, I get rid of you and all the trashes in you camp, Ill burn everything to ashes and plant the Burning Flag in your camp. Dont even think of surviving then.

"The only thing awaiting you is total annihilation and Ill save our Burning Towers mages myself.

"You have three seconds to think. Once that time is past, you can only wait for the Burning Flag to be planted in your camp!"

Phelps looked arrogant as he floated in the sky, looking at the crowd below him with indifference, as if they were no different from a group of ants waiting to die.

Lin Yun couldnt help laughing.

"Who? Id like to ask who gave you that confidence? Where did Dedale find such an idiotic Heaven Mage? This is clearly lowering the average intelligence of Heaven Rank powerhouse"

Phelps expression was filled with arrogance. His Heaven Rank aura surged at full power and flames kept revolving around him while the surroundings fire elements started converging towards him.

"Fool! Its because Im a Heaven Mage! A true Heaven Mage!

"I already established my Demiplane, my burning power can already burn everything to ashes!

"The entire Raging Flame Battlefield is suppressing Extraordinary Power, yet I advanced to the Heaven Rank in there. Even if I cant use Extraordinary Power to attack, its enough to become the most powerful person in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"Look at this group of stupid idiots, they cant even support my aura!

"A Heaven Mage isnt something you can resist. Three seconds already passed, Ill show you how strong a Heaven Mage is!

"You can rest in peace knowing that you died in the hands of a Heaven Mage!"