End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1104

Chapter 1104 Teaching A Lesson

Lin Yun walked up the wind stairs step by step, his aura slowly blooming. His body originally wasnt emitting a single mana fluctuation and made him look like an ordinary person, but the fluctuations were now raising without limit.

Terrifying mana fluctuations surged like raging waves, which echoed with loud sounds as they spread in the air.

Lin Yun stood there with a cold expression, his Draconic Staff appearing in his hand while the Purple Dragons shadow appeared behind him. The Purple Dragon coldly stared at Phelps. He was holding a multi-colored wheel shadow, and the center of the wheel had four precious jewels in its center representing the four elements.

In an instant, the four elements condensed on their own in Lin Yuns surroundings. Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind, the four elements formed a stable equilibrium. They showed no sign of bumping into each other. Instead, they kept fusing with one another, transforming into even stronger powers.

A wisp of regret flashed on Morgans face, he withdrew the Darkness Elemental God back into the Demiplane and looked at Phelps with sympathy before slowly landing on the ground.

Idiot, he actually wants to fight Sir Merlin? Is that guy an idiot? Does he think he can ignore Archmages because he advanced to the Heaven realm?

Sir Merlin could already burst with the power of a 1st Rank Heaven Mage while he was an 8th Rank Archmage, if he went all-out, 1st Rank Heaven Rank powerhouses might not even have been his opponent.

And Now, Sir Merlin has already advanced to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm and his Foundation Law has already been established, not to mention his huge amount of mana, he was at least several times stronger than before.

After that burst of mana, the Darkness Elemental God expressed that Sir Merlin is the strongest powerhouse here.

It is even unwilling to fight Mafa Merlin, it feels that the only outcome awaiting it if it did was death.

That idiot Phelps, he incited Sir Merlin into making a move himself.

Fortunately, Sir Merlin only took out two Magic Tools, if he had taken out that book with burning flame or the Spell Wheel, Phelps would have had no chance of leaving this place alive.

Now, he is only using his magic staff and an Augment, Phelps shouldnt die, right?

Haha, wouldnt Dedale go insane if Phelps died here? Morgan grinned.

As for Jouyi, Harren, and Raphael, they all had strange expressions as they watched Lin Yun personally making a move. They could only look at Phelps with sympathy before dispersing the encirclement.

But a smile remained on Phelps face, his confidence had returned and he was grinning while slowly diffusing his mana.

Mafa Merlin is really an arrogant fool. Do you think I dont know about your burst power being comparable to a Heaven Rank powerhouse?

Even then, you arent a Heaven Rank powerhouse. You may be powerful, but you are only an Archmage and you absolutely cant compare to a true Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Today, Ill teach that stupid and arrogant guy how big the gap between him and a true Heaven Mage is!

Phelps raised his chin with arrogance, a flaming radiance flashing atop his magic staff. In an instant, nine orange Bursting Flames appeared around Lin Yun and flew at him from various angles.

"Mafa Merlin, become ashes! One spell is more than enough to take care of you!"

Lin Yun remained still as he coldly looked at these Bursting Flames.

The nine orange Bursting Flames submerged Lin Yuns body and explosions kept echoing. It was like the power of nine Bursting Flames layered on top of each other and exceeded the limits!

Moreover, those orange flames were higher grade elemental flames, their power was naturally higher than ordinary Bursting Flames!

Phelps proudly smiled. That was a spell he had researched for a very long time and the cast time was extremely short. It was more powerful than most single-target spells and would display its might when handling a lone enemy. It was definitely one of the strongest spells among 8th Tier Spells.

After successfully casting it, Phelps started putting his staff away.

But on the ground, Morgan and the rest were looking at him with ridicule, Morgan was even covering his eyes.

F*ck, that idiot Phelps, he actually blinded me. I even have to rinse my eyes with Life Spring Water. Ive lived for many many years, but this is the biggest idiot Ive ever seen. I got blinded by his stupidity, its like a Curse

The orange flames slowly dissipated and a thin light membrane appeared within the flames. Lin Yun reached with his hand and the orange flames surrounding his body transformed into the most basic elemental power and dissipated.

Phelps exclaimed in fear, "Law Runes? Fusion Shield? How could this be!?"

Lin Yuns body was wrapped in a spherical barrier, and several hundred runes were roaming on that barrier.

This was Lin Yuns new Runic Shield, but the runes it used as its foundation were Law Runes. However, that shield kept the shape of the Runic Shield.

The greater the number of runes, the stronger the defense of the shield!

Facing this spell, which was one of the strongest single-target 8th Tier spells, Lin Yun barely used several hundred runes to block.

If he had used several dozen thousands Law Runes to form a Runic Shield, it would be definitely comparable" to an Extraordinary defensive spell.

Lin Yun sneered as he looked at the shocked Phelps.

"Done playing? I dont have time to waste on you.

"The condition is still valid, Ill send the mages of the Burning Tower out as long as you can flee."

Phelps didnt understand, he didnt even think about fleeing. But then, Phelps suddenly understood

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and several hundred Law Runes surged from the huge wheel shadow behind him.

The large number of runes exploded in the air, before countless spells of the four elements appeared.

Those several hundred runes seemed to keep expanding countless times, and the berserk spells of the four elements transformed into a huge hundred-meter-wide spellwave.

Countless spells kept colliding against each other and earth-shaking changes kept happening. All the spell matrices collapsed and created into a berserk storm of pure destruction power.

The four elements came together and formed the strongest elemental storm.

The elemental storm surged and devoured all the elements within several hundred meters. This formed an elemental vacuum area. The elements were collapsing in from all sides, gales were even funnelling in from over a kilometer.

Phelps was shocked. He promptly cast his Fusion Shield, and then large flames rose around his body. He used these flames to keep fleeing backward.

But at that instant, the elemental storm that spread over a hundred and fifty meters used a shocking devouring power and forcibly tore apart the surrounding flames, making the elemental storm become bigger and bigger.

The flying Phelps fell out of the flames several dozen meters away

Heaven Rank powerhouses wouldnt dare to directly face this huge 200-meter-wide elemental wave, they could only dodge.

Phelps calmed down and sneered.

That idiot really scared me, that spell is indeed a powerful spell to use on the battlefield, but using it to handle a Heaven Rank powerhouse is like using a tortoise to chase a Wyvern

Phelps flew up and easily dodged the elemental wave, but before he could rejoice, an artillery shell exuding monstrous power appeared before him.

Law Runes suddenly appeared on the surface of the meter-long artillery shell. Then, the artillery shell exploded and the terrifying force swept in all directions.

Phelps Fusion Shield was directly hit and ripples kept spreading on the surface of the shield.

The Fusion Shield didnt break from Lin Yuns reinforced Four-Element Bomb, but Phelps was sent flying into the range of the elemental storm.

Phelps flew downward, but was suddenly hit by a Four-Element Bomb and was once again pushed back by the explosion.

After taking four consecutive explosions, Phelps Fusion Shield was on the verge of shattering.

But at this time, that 200-meter-wide elemental wave was already lashed at him.

As the berserk elemental storm and Phelps Fusion Shield came in contact, it was like countless sharp swords were slashing at steel. The ear-piercing sharp friction sounds instantly echoed.

Phelps Fusion Shield was thoroughly shattered by the elemental storm. His magic robe was next, it looked as if it suffered years of damage and had been eaten by moths, numerous small holes appeared and its mana fluctuations completely disappeared.

The bloody Phelps let out a mournful scream as he landed on a small mountain not far outside the camp. Lin Yun already raised his Draconic Staff and chanted a brief incantation.

After chanting an incantation that lasted over a second, seven Four Element Bombs condensed in the air. The surface of the new version of the Four Element-Bomb looked like red copper and the runes in its surroundings formed a light membrane. Law Runes were also taking care of the propulsion.

The entire Four Element Bomb was like an engineered missile. If its speed was even faster, the power would be even stronger. Moreover, it didnt have the flaw that made it only able to fly in straight lines.

Four Element Bombs kept flying at an arc, dragging long white trails as they chased Phelps towards the ground.

Phelps had yet to reach the ground when these seven Four Element Bombs reached him. Explosions kept echoing as a several-hundred-meter-tall pitch-black mushroom cloud rose up from that small mountain.

The several-dozen-meter-tall hill completely disappeared and fragments filled the entire sky, falling over a kilometer.

Lin Yun put away his Draconic Staff and slowly landed.

"Xiuban, go and get that idiot back."

After instructing Xiuban, Lin Yun no longer cared about this matter.

The four Heaven Mages watching the battle from the sides were shocked. They had known that Lin Yun was powerful, but no one thought that he was that powerful after advancing to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm.

Morgan gulped, he finally understood why the pure slaughter tool Darkness Elemental Gold was afraid of getting near Lin Yun.

Damn, hasnt Sir Merlin just advanced to the 9th Rank?

Is this really just the breakthrough to the 9th Rank and not to the Heaven Rank?

Although that idiotic Phelps stupidity could blind my eye, isnt he a true Heaven Rank powerhouse? Thats a true Heaven Mage!?"

Even if he cant use Extraordinary Power here and his strength is a bit reduced, it couldnt be reduced to that degree!

He shouldnt be so weak after advancing to the Heaven Rank He doesnt even have the power to retaliate. Moreover, that terrifying explosive spell used just now wasnt a fire spell. It had a huge amount of mana.

That idiot should have already died Right?

"Sir Merlin, that idiotic Phelps should have already died, right?"