End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105 Negotiations

Lin Yun shook his head.

"How could he say he was a true Heaven Mage if he died so easily. He cant use Extraordinary Power, but he can at least protect his life. Its only seven Four Element Bombs, how could they take his life"

Lin Yun said it very casually, but it made cold sweat trickle down the four Heaven Mages backs. They couldnt laugh when they thought of facing those terrifying spells.

Especially since Lin Yuns words meant that he could release even more Four Element Bombs at once.

The four Heaven Mages all shuddered.

Lin Yun knew that the power of a Four Element Bomb was comparable to a Peak 8th Tier Spell, which was already its limit. Even if he used Law Runes, it couldnt exceed this limit and couldnt reach the power of Extraordinary Spells.

Thus, he could only increase the quantity in order to increase the power. Releasing many Four Element Bombs at once would give a pretty good result. As long as the quantity could be raised enough, it would almost compare to an Extraordinary Spell.

But Lin Yun wanted to emulate an Extraordinary Spell, he referenced the few memories of nuclear warheads he possessed and tested whether he could create burst power that could compare to those nuclear explosions by chaining the Four Element Bomb within a short time period.

Unfortunately, he couldnt. He would only be able to create such a powerful spell after advancing to the Heaven Rank and using Extraordinary Power.

If that spell was created, it would definitely become a huge tool of destruction. To destroy a small plane he would only need to go there and the plane would collapse with a few mushrooms clouds.

Lin Yun was thinking on how to improve the Four Element Bombs when Xiuban returned with a bloody human-shaped lifeform.

He threw the thing in his hand to the ground, and even Morgan, the person who loved watching others make fools of themselves, couldnt bear to look at it and looked away. This was too miserable.

Phelps had already lost consciousness and only a few strips of his robe remained. Three of his limbs were broken, his two arms and a leg were twisted at a strange angle.

Only half of the magic staff he was still holding onto remained, the other half had been broken off somewhere.

Half of his meticulously combed hair had been burnt and his skin was dripping with blood. He was injured everywhere, and if not for sensing his breath and his mana fluctuations, anyone would think that this was a corpse, a corpse that had suffered a very miserable death.

No one cared about Phelps fate. As Lin Yun said, Heaven Rank powerhouses were already another species and mortals couldnt compare. He wouldnt die as long as his heart wasnt destroyed and his head wasnt cut off.

When the corpse-like Phelps was thrown into the captives barracks, those complaining mages were immediately silenced.

A Heaven Mage was beaten so badly They werent Heaven Mages, they would definitely die if they remained arrogant.

After the fight finished, the mages Phelps brought immediately flew away. They saw Phelps being overpowered and captured, how could they dare to approach Lin Yuns camp?

"What? Sir Phelps was captured? By Mafa Merlin? Mafa Merlin defeated Sir Phelps? Are you making fun of me?!"

Hearing their alarmed report, Dedale was startled and angry. He didnt believe it at first, but everyone said the exact same thing so Dedale had no other choice but to believe them.

Damn b*stard, is Mafa Merlin that strong?

Even if Phelps just advanced to the Heaven Rank, he is a genuine Heaven Mage, how did he do it?

He is actually that strong

Heaven Mage F*ck, thats a Heaven Mage. Phelps might have just advanced, but if he had enough time, he would have become extremely powerful.

He managed to advance in this damned place, he definitely wouldnt stop at the 1st Rank.

How many Heaven Rank powerhouses are there in the Burning Tower? Now, one of them got captured, and a very talented one that could have become the Burning Towers pillar in the future

Dedale was startled and angry, but he unconsciously put Lin Yun on the same level, Many Archmages and even a Heaven Mage got captured, what should I do?

I should hurry up and negotiate, something big might happen if there is more trouble. If a war truly blows up, Phelps head would definitely be the first to be cut off.

Losing a hundred 9th Rank Archmages cant even compare to losing a true Heaven Mage.

Dedale hurriedly called someone.

"Sir Sumart, you have to immediately rush to Mafa Merlins camp to negotiate. Remember, saving Sir Phelps is the most important thing, anything else isnt important.

"Everything else can wait for after Sir Phelps has been saved.

"Sir Sumart, you are the most calm and stead person I brought, you cannot let the negotiation fail"

Smart heavily nodded and left for Lin Yuns camp.

After reaching the outside of the camp, Sumart led everyone to land and then dispatched someone to announce their arrival. He was at least keeping up with the basic courtesy.

Inside the camp, Morgan was holding a crystal mirror which reflected the scene from the entrance.

"Hmpf, the Burning Towers mages are just as arrogant as always. If not for Phelps being captured, they might have directly flown into the camp"

The Burning Tower came to negotiate, and although they still seemed arrogant, they remained courteous.

In a big tent, Sumart and Lin Yun were sitting on both sides of the table. Sumart had a calm expression as he first criticized Lin Yun.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, I came on behalf of the Burning Tower to negotiate in good faith.

"As an alliance, this kind of thing shouldnt happen between us. Sir Merlin, you captured our Burning Towers mages, and even captured Sir Phelps, please give us a rational explanation first."

"Rational explanation? Sir Sumart, it looks like you dont know anything. I also dont feel like talking that much, Im very busy and short on time."

Lin Yun extended a hand and showed his five fingers as he quoted the price, "50 Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystals in exchange for Phelps.

"As for the other mages, 3 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals by person. No bargaining, Im very busy.

"You can decide now if you want to have a deal or not, but dont come bothering me again after taking your decision."

A trace of anger flashed in Sumarts face, but he instantly suppressed it.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, 50 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals? Is this extortion?

"This is too much, 30 at most, we cant go higher.

"I came to negotiate in good faith, Sir Merlin!"

Lin Yun sneered.

"Sir Sumart, I dont care whether you are aware of what happened or not. Im giving you three seconds to think about it, 50 mana crystals, no haggling.

"Its only 50 mana crystals, a drop of Beast Gods Blood is a hundred. Im giving you a discount because we are all humans.

"If not because of those Beastmen, you would have needed 200 mana crystals to get that idiot back alive."

Sumart recalled Dedales instructions and suppressed his anger before nodding.

"Alright, 50 mana crystals, but I need to see Sir Phelps first."

Lin Yun nodded and quickly sent someone to lead him to the injured Phelps. Sumart almost shed tears when he saw Phelps appearance.

The Heaven Mage needed someone to help him walk, his body was full of injuries and three of his broken limbs had been roughly set.

Restraining his anger, Sumart immediately took out fifty mana crystals and gave them to Lin Yun before rushing to treat Phelps.

After leading Phelps to a lone magic tent and making him drink three Health Potions, the latters injuries rapidly healed.

Sumart smeared medicine on Phelps body while comforting him.

"Rest assured Sir Phelps, everything else will be easy to handle as long as we rescue you. That Mafa Merlin is a greedy guy, we have to make him spit out everything he devoured.

"He actually dared to capture our Burning Towers people, thats trampling over the Burning Towers honor. We definitely cant let him have an easy time. Once we return, we have to notify everyone and make everyone destroy this alliance-shattering-fool.

"That daring guy captured our mages for no reason. We have to retaliate against the Merlin Family after we leave the Raging Flame Battlefield"

Phelps had a strange expression and remained silent for a long time. His expression was very unsightly.

After a while, he said with a dark expression, "We cant make it public, this time we were tricked by an idiot. That damned idiot Forget it, lets have the foolish Sizhang tell you in person.

"I also dont know everything"

Phelps gritted his teeth as he scolded a few times. But he had scolded Sizhang and not Lin Yun, which made Sumart somewhat puzzled.

Sumart went to look for Lin Yun again, but Lin Yun was no longer there, so Sumart could only take out three more Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals to trade for Sizhang.

After returning to the magic tent, Phelps stood there with a sinister expression and coldly stared at Sizhang.

"Speak, tell everything you know to Sir Sumart. Remember, we want to know the truth and not the lies you weave!"

Sizhang was finally rescued. He thoroughly despaired when he saw the captured Phelps and no longer held the hope of being lucky. He could only tell the truth.

"Sir Dedale sent me to discuss a collaboration with Mafa Merlin. I thought he wouldnt cooperate so easily with us, so I wanted to scare him a bit

"But who would have thought that he wasnt willing to give me the chance to speak and drove me out. I then met Sir Dylas of the Shadow Tower and he instigated me into cooperating with him to steal Mafa Merlins refining technique"