End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106 Negotiation 2

"But the dispatched mage was caught by Mafa Merlin after diving into his Demiplane.

"Then, the insidious Dylas instigated me into taking over Mafa Merlins camp and snatching his technique by force. I was afraid of the punishment upon my return and thus I agreed and brought in some people to jointly attack Mafa Merlins camp.

"But who would have thought that there were so many powerhouses in Mafa Merlins camp. We simply werent their opponents and we were all captured

"Then, Sir Phelps was also captured"

The more Sizhang spoke, the quieter and paler he became, he could already guess what kind of punishment he would be met with after returning.

Phelps gritted his teeth and fiercely slapped Sizhang.

"Too many powerhouses? You idiot almost killed us, I almost died because of you!

"Damn fool! There are four Heaven Mages in this camp, thats five when you add Mafa Merlin and his Heaven Rank strength!

"Yet you actually rushed to plunder?! Will you not rest until we die?!"

Sizhang took the slap, not daring to resist, before angrily cursing Dylas.

"I was originally aware that I was in the wrong, but I was deceived by Dylas. I went so far as to attack Mafa Merlins camp only because of his instigation.

"If not for that damned guy, I would have already discussed the matter of the cooperation"

Sumart was looking at Sizhang in shock while grinding his teeth.

"Sh*t, after so long, it actually turned out to be our fault? We were the ones to destroy the alliance?!

"Damned b*stard, do you know how big of a blow that would be to our Burning Tower if that matter was spread by Mafa Merlin?

"Fighting over an allys technique, taking over an allys camp. If this is disclosed, no one would dare to cooperate with the Burning Tower!

"As for that idiot Dylas, he really hurt us. That idiot smelly rat of the Shadow Tower had better not show himself before me or I would get rid of him!"

Cold sweat trickled down Sizhangs forehead as he thought of what would happen to him after returning. But he suddenly had a flash of insight and he hurriedly fought for that opportunity.

"Sir Sumart, you must save the mage named Byron! He previously infiltrated Mafa Merlins Demiplane, he must have figured out the key of Mafa Merlins alchemy experiment.

"As long as we save him, we would definitely be able to grasp the crucial secrets of the technique to refine Beast Gods Blood. With that technique, we would be able to use Beast Gods Blood to keep producing Heaven Rank powerhouses."

Sizhang wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, thinking that as long as they could obtain the technique to refine Beast Gods Blood, even if the process was a bit complicated, it wouldnt be considered a failure. At least, he wouldnt be thrown in a magic mine to dig.

Sumarts eyes shone and he immediately continued with the negotiations.

After negotiating, Sumart redeemed all the mages of the Burning Tower with over thirty mana crystals.

These mages had recently been imprisoned alongside the Shadow Towers mages and had gained some surprising information. After asking a few times, Sumart confirmed Byrons worth.

He once again looked for Lin Yun and started negotiating regarding the Shadow Towers mages.

"Sir Merlin, I already figured out what happened and the cause behind that matter. But as an ally, I cannot ignore contradictions between forces of the alliance.

"And thus, our Burning Tower is willing to redeem the Shadow Towers mages, every single one of them!"

Lin Yun was happy when he heard these words.

He hadnt thought that the Burning Tower would care about the lives of the mages of the Shadow Tower and be so magnanimous.

"A total of fourteen people, thats 42 mana crystals."

But Sumart frowned as Lin Yun finished his words.

"Sir Merlin, isnt it supposed to be fifteen?

"They tricked us into making a mistake, this is the tragedy of our alliance. The mistake has already occurred, our Burning Tower has the duty to correct it.

"But we cant give up on anyone. Even if the mistake he made is even worse, he is still part of the alliance.

"Fifteen people for 45 mana crystals, please hand them over, Sir Mafa Merlin."

Lin Yun sneered.

"I still have use for that last one. Take out the mana crystals if you want to redeem the others. I dont have time to waste on you."

Sumart frowned.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, to tell the truth, we didnt want anything like this to happen. It was Sir Sizhang and Sir Dylas acting on their own initiative.

"I didnt know what happened, the mages of the Shadow Tower incited Sir Sizhang to make this mistake, our Burning Tower wont let them off.

"Especially the one called Byron. I already learnt that everything was his doing. His futile attempt at destroying the alliance would make us fail in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"We have to handle that traitor. Moreover, our Burning Tower has the duty to let everyone know the truth and learn of that guys crime.

"I understand Sir Merlins mood, but that person has to be given to us for punishment. 6 mana crystals, this is already my bottom line."

Lin Yun sneered.

This guy sounds very convincing, he is even deceiving himself. He specifically requested for Byron, saying that they would throw a bunch of criminal charges on him, but they only want him for the key knowledge of the refining technique he "had".

In the end, isnt it for the sake of the Beast Gods Blood refining technique?

"Sir Sumart, this person cant be handed over. If you want someone else, then you only need to pay mana crystals."

Sumart got up, his tone suddenly becoming unyielding.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, that person has to be given to us. He has to be punished for his sin. I can promise that youll be able to watch his punishment.

"That traitorous plotter is a malignant tumor, his crime has to be publicized. Hell then be delivered to a Beastman Ancestor.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, I believe you wont stop our Burning Towers aspirations!"

Lin Yun stood. Disinclined to listen to Sumarts nonsense, he left after casually leaving a sentence.

Lin Yun had left Byron out, but that wasnt because he was afraid that the latter had seen something regarding the refining technique, after all, the experiment Byron had seen, from start to finish, had nothing to do with Beast Gods Blood.

The Golden Temptation compounding didnt require some key technique, it was requiring perfect work every second during the compounding process.

It would fail if there was any mistake in a single detail.

Byron was left behind because Lin Yun took a fancy to his ability. Planar Infiltrators werent known in this era. He had luckily come across one and wanted to use Byron for his next plan, how could he give Byrons ability to the Burning Tower.

Sumart left, enraged at the failure of the negotiations. A day later, Sumart came once again and ignored the Shadow Towers other mages, only requesting for Byron. The Shadow Towers mages numbered fourteen people, Dylas included.

There was a total of fourteen individuals and they were all worth three mana crystals for a total of 42 mana crystals, yet Sumart ignored these guys.

He then put all the groundless charges on Byron and insisted on taking him back to let him suffer punishment.

Unfortunately for him, Lin Yun had no plant to yield.

The mood clearly turned solemn. On the third negotiation, the thick smell of battle could be felt in the air and more mages of the Burning Tower appeared.

It looked like a war was about to start, when an unexpected news spread out.

The small-scale conflicts were escalating and the Raging Flame Beastmen started encircling and annihilated the human forces. Moreover, the vanguards leading the Raging Flame Beastmen were four Heaven Rank powerhouses!

According to the news, the Raging Flame Beastmen currently had at least six Heaven Rank powerhouses. The real number could only be higher and not lower.

In less than a day, the Quicksand Towers camp was destroyed and many people died. The Odin Royal Family was also forced to give up on their camp and started fleeing.

Facing Heaven Rank Beastmen that could use Extraordinary Power, these forces simply couldnt resist and could only preserve as much power as they could while fleeing.

The few forces that had been hanging around Lin Yuns camp couldnt stand still when they heard the news. Sky City, the Henry Family, the Cloud Tower, the Black Tower, they all left Lin Yuns camp and united to resist the Raging Flame Beastmen.

Because of that, the Burning Tower, the strongest force led by Dedale, the "leader" of the alliance, they couldnt keep arguing with Lin Yun.

If they kept negotiating during that time, it would definitely end in infighting. Even if they ended up getting Byron, they wouldnt be able to research the Beast Gods Blood.

Because the Raging Flame Beastmen would have already annihilated the human alliance by then. They definitely wouldnt be able to deal with these Raging Flame Beastmen just by relying on a few Heaven Mages that couldnt use Extraordinary Power and they might end up dying in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Sumart hurriedly left with the Burning Towers mages, no longer caring about Byron. The Shadow Towers mages were also ignored by the Burning Tower; they didnt use Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals to redeem them.

Lin Yun brough Dylas and the group of shadow mages to the Natural Demiplane and imprisoned them within. As long as Lin Yun didnt open the Planar Path, these guys would never be able to escape, even if their strength was intact.

Not to mention that there were still two Beastman Ancestor Souls that didnt listen to Lin Yun within the Demiplane, as well as the idle Enderfa and the mage army.

The Shadow Towers mages wouldnt be able to pull any trick.

The fight spread to the entire Raging Flame Plane within a day, especially to the places with a high concentration of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, these were places contested by both sides.

Most of the fights happened at the temple area. Either Beastman groups were hiding in the surroundings and a battle would start whenever humans appeared, or the humans were lying low, waiting for the Beastmen to trade their Beast Gods Blood.