End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Origin Of The Magic Beasts

The flames of war were spreading, internal conflicts didnt matter at such a time. No one would dare to start something.

Lin Yun gave up on the temporary camp and walked around the edge of the battlefield with a few of his subordinates. He never came in direct contact with the Raging Flame Beastmen, he only hunted Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, or occasionally looked at the Beastmen hunting magic beasts and fighting over the loot. He simply didnt give the other side the opportunity to start something.

Lin Yuns eyes roamed the battlefield but news kept coming in.

In the morning, Sky Citys mages arranged an array near the temple and killed the majority of a Beastman team. A Heaven Rank powerhouse was even seriously injured as Raphael made him flee.

In the afternoon, the Burning Tower was ambushed and Dedale was besieged by two Heaven Rank powerhouses and almost died. Both sides lost many people.

The battle became very fierce from the start. Lin Yun silently counted the crystals he possessed.

Before, Sky City and the Henry Family were giving him 40% of their loot, while the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower were directly giving him all their crystals.

With both the Raging Flame Beastmen and the humans hunting the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, the number of magic beasts in the Raging Flame Battlefield sharply declined. When going hunting, they would have to spend most of the time searching for magic beasts.

Lin Yun had been able to study the Beast Gods Blood at ease. But now, there were battles everywhere and the four forces couldnt focus on hunting magic beasts. The supply of mana crystals had been cut off.

Even if the Beastmen didnt attack his camp, Lin Yun had no other choice but to hunt magic beasts.

After counting his mana crystals and referring to the pace of his study, Lin Yun estimated that he would need about three drops of Beast Gods Blood to research the secret of the Beast Gods Blood.

With those three drops, he would be more or less able to figure out the secret.

After a week, Lin Yun suddenly frowned.

At the start, he had only been able to encounter only one magic beast on average. Sometimes he wouldnt find one for the entire day.

But the frequency at which he found magic beasts suddenly increased three days ago. He had encountered five Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts in three days, and he just discovered the 6th a dozen kilometers away.

He took out a mana crystal and carefully researched it, but it gave no results. After pondering for a bit, Lin Yun took out thirty mana crystals at once. This time, the Magic Array caught a wisp of a different aura.

After being gathered together, these mana crystals were pointing to a direction. It was the direction of the temple. But after the quantity increase, the spatial power contained within started faintly resonating with another location.

He took out all his mana crystals and even set up an array blocking the resonance between the mana crystals and the temple. At that time, Lin Yun was able to feel a faint resonance.

That wisp of resonance wasnt leading to the temples area, it was leading him forward, slightly towards the side.

After putting away the mana crystals, Lin Yun frowned and flew in the air to look in the direction of the resonance, doubts and expectations flashing within his eyes.

That wisp of resonance appeared at a very low frequency, it would appear once every two hours. He wouldnt have discovered it if not for luck.

"We are going in that direction."

Lin Yun pointed at the direction from which the resonance was coming.

Xiuban started scratching his head and said, "Sir Merlin, we havent gone in that direction before. Didnt you say that it led to the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield and that the resources were even more scarce in that direction.

Lin Yun nodded.

"Thats right, the closer to the center of the Raging Flame Plane, the richer the resources. The magic beasts would also be low in numbers.

"But because of this, I neglected something"

The entire Raging Flame Battlefield was a strange small plane, it was essentially a time and space node.

Normally mana would become even more rarefied when reaching the edge of this kind of small plane. The edgemost location could even lead into the chaotic void. They could even encounter a voidstorm that would blast them apart if they were unlucky. They would die without leaving a corpse behind.

Moreover, that was a desolate place, and no one would face the dangers for that kind of desolate area.

But there was a clue now, which gave Lin Yun a bold thought.

On the way to the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield, the vegetation was indeed getting scarcer and scarcer and the various magic materials and resources were dwindling.

If he was right, the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts he would encounter had never been hunted before.

Then, Lin Yun suddenly sensed a reaction a few kilometers away. Suddenly, there was the feeling of a Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast appearing. Then, the feeling of the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast appeared closer to the center of the Raging Flame Battlefield.

A bold guess appeared in Lin Yuns mind.

These magic beasts are created here!

He flew all the way to the place where the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast suddenly appeared, but there was nothing there, it was desolate like a desert. There was only a bare mountain peak.

The entire area looked like a depression and from its edge, huge sandy soil steps carved from the ground led to the center of the depression. As for that bare mountain peak, it was in the center of that depression.

Looking at this huge depression, Lin Yun flew up in the sky and runes appeared before his eyes, followed by array patterns.

But Lin Yun was unable to finish inferring.

Damn, thats a huge array. Its not ordinary, its using Law Runes as nodes! I actually cant infer it, this is definitely a Heaven Grade Array!

Shock flashed in Lin Yuns eyes, but it was instantly replaced by a smile. He flew to the center of the array and flew around the peak a few times before stopping in front of an unremarkable notch.

He opened his mouth and three runes entered the notch. In an instant, the entire mountain seemed to become transparent, and numerous runes filled the mountain peak. The mountain peak and the depression were linked together and formed a huge tri-dimensional array!

Moreover, all the runes in the array were Law Runes.

Boundless power from the void was entering the array and was forcibly torn apart before scattering and fusing with the array. Various elemental powers were separated and then entered the mountain peak through the array.

Flame power was currently being condensed at the peak of the mountain, along with a wisp of spatial power.

That spatial power formed an inner core around which the flame power continuously converged.

Once the flame power was compressed to its peak, a light appeared at the peak of the mountain and a burning flame mana crystal appeared out of nowhere. Then, all the flames were compressed into the mana crystal and the mana crystal grew stronger and stronger.

It only took a few seconds before all the flames disappeared and a Level 40 fire mana crystal remained floating there.

Before Lin Yun could move, the array activated again and the formidable spatial power within the mana crystal roamed the entire array.

At that instant, numerous Law Runes revolved within the array and all the runes instantly transformed. The entire array transformed into another type of array.

At the top of the mountain peak, a fearful Striped Tiger suddenly appeared and that fire mana crystal slowly merged with that Striped Tigers head.

Then, the spatial power once again appeared and the Striped Tiger disappeared from the mountain peak.

This time, this depression and the mountain peak regained their ordinary original appearance and there was no sign of abnormality.

A smile appeared on Lin Yuns face.

Last time in the temple, Lin Yun had been doubtful when he discovered that the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystals could convert into items.

The Raging Flame Battlefield couldnt be considered a big plane, but it wasnt small either. After all, no matter how big a small plane was, it couldnt endure endless hunting.

Those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were magic beasts at the 40th level, even though they werent genuine Heaven Rank Beasts and couldnt use Extraordinary Power. As magic beasts, they would inevitably make their own territory, and the stronger the magic beast, the bigger its territory.

Even if there were a lot of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, the territory of each magic beast wouldnt be too small, it would be at least ten kilometers.

Divided like this, the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts would go extinct from hunting and their number would decrease as the hunt progressed.

Ultimately, there would be no Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast left.

But during these past few months, so many people hunted the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic to the point where each force saved enough for at least one drop of Beast Gods Blood worth a hundred Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals.

Several thousand Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts had been eliminated. Such a huge power would be enough to destroy a kingdom in Noscent. But here, those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts only guarded their territory and would rarely fight one another.

Following the Beastmen and the humans hunt, the number of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts hadnt drastically decreased. There were just a lot less which limited everyones hunting speed to a certain extent before no longer decreasing.

When thinking of the words of the old Beastman, Lin Yun had a bold conjecture. The Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were made by someone, but they could keep replenishing their numbers!

Even when researching the Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals, Lin Yun felt that these mana crystals werent natural Mana Crystals but artificially made mana crystals.

Lin Yun thoroughly understood now, after seeing this array and seeing the creation process of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

This was a Heaven Grade Array, and a very powerful one!

That array extracted power from the void, and Lin Yun guessed that it might be directly drawing the power from an elemental storm or a void storm.