End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 Heaven Grade Array

It dispersed the berserk power into the most basic elemental powers before merging them with the array to form a stable mana crystal.

Using spatial power as a foundation, the mana crystals were forcibly compressed and were even more stable than ordinary mana crystals, nothing could go wrong.

A slight rotation of those Law Runes and the entire array would transform into an entirely new array.

With the spatial power within the mana crystals as foundation, a low level magic beast would be forcibly summoned before the spatial power connection made the mana crystal easily merge with its head.

With spatial power as the core, and the mana crystals elemental power, the magic beasts bodies would transform, it was like a huge amount of power was forcibly squeezed into their small bodies

Due to the pressure of the spatial power, the elemental power couldnt burst the low level magic beasts bodies and instead made them fuse with the elemental power.

But in the end, forcibly raising their level to the Pseudo Heaven Rank didnt give them Extraordinary Power.

Even their huge bodies were an unavoidable side effect.

By the time the magic beasts finished fusing with the Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals, that wisp of spatial power would be used to teleport them away.

The entire process was completed by the array and most of it happened inside the array. Only the creation of the mana crystal and the fusion with the magic beast happened atop the mountain peak.

The process could only be sensed for a few seconds. Moreover, almost no mana fluctuations could be felt during these few seconds, everything was hidden by spatial power.

Surprise could be seen in Lin Yuns eyes. He carefully observed this array and finally understood the effect of that wisp of spatial power.

He gasped in amazement, that array could only be set up by a Saint Alchemist, every Law Rune pairing was extremely concise.

The most important thing was that the change in the Law Runes not only didnt make the array collapse, it instead formed a different array that didnt conflict with the previous one. The difficulty was far higher than that of a Heaven Grade Array, it was a hundred times more complicated.

"Masterpiece, it could be said to be a perfect masterpiece!"

Lin Yun exclaimed in surprise as he studied this array. This seemingly extremely simple yet extremely complicated array wasnt something he could analyze at the moment.

He greatly profited from studying it for two hours, especially his understanding of Law Runes, it greatly deepened. He got a new understanding of the construction of arrays.

At this time, an ice mana crystal condensed at the peak and Lin Yun sent out three runes before the array could change. The runes revolved around the ice mana crystals surroundings and transformed into a sphere of light that wrapped around the ice mana crystal, severing its connection to the array.

Lin Yun took the mana crystal and observed it for a short period of time before confirming that there was almost no difference between that mana crystal and the mana crystals from the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

As for the difference, it was that this mana crystal didnt have the aura of a magic beast, it was a pure mana crystal that wasnt marked like the mana crystals in magic beasts.

Lin Yun took the mana crystal, and since the array couldnt proceed with the mana crystal and magic beast fusion, it immediately started condensing another mana crystal.

It took more than two hours for an earth mana crystal to condense.

After a day, a total of ten mana crystals had been condensed. Lin Yun kept track of the time and determined that this array could roughly condense ten mana crystals a day.

At this rhythm, it would take a month for him to gather the three hundred mana crystals he needed and exchange them for the three drops of Beast Gods Blood. At that time, his research would reach a conclusion and he would discover the secret of the Beast Gods Blood.

Would he still hunt for magic beasts after discovering this place? The number of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts of the Raging Flame Battlefield could be said to be replenished by this array.

There were only ten every day, which meant that there were only ten Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts appearing everyday in the entire Raging Flame Battlefield, how could there be enough to hunt?

Lin Yun had personally led his group and they werent able to hunt more than ten within a week.

This place might have never been discovered before because it was not only desolate, but also because it was at the edge of the plane, a very dangerous location.

The most important reason might be because no one discovered the abnormality. That abnormality only happened for a few seconds and wasnt emitting any mana fluctuations. Unless someone happened to be at the depression during those few seconds, no one would discover it.

But he had discovered it. Others might come over to look for them and they would definitely check this place then. It was necessary to set up something.

As he thought about it, Lin Yun appeared in his Demiplane. He heard miserable screams echoing just as he entered.

Then, Enderfa fiercely shouted some curses.

Lin Yun flew over to take a look, but he could hardly recognize the people sprawled on the ground.

The Shadow Towers mages had their magic sealed, but their bodies were strengthened by mana. Even if they were worse than Sword Saints, they were far stronger than ordinary people. They would be monsters when compared to ordinary people. Moreover, their constitution was strengthened and their physique exceeded ordinary people.

But now, the robes of that dozen shadow mages were tattered and they were all covered in dirt. Two people were moving a three-meter-long boulder from a distant stone mountain to a plain, a few kilometers away.

On the plain, a huge building was slowly taking shape. The foundations were built properly, and these polished boulders were shaped into bricks.

The little wolf was crouched on a big boulder not far from the building and the two Beastman Ancestor Souls were fiercely looking at the shadow mages, supervising their work.

As for Enderfa, he kept moving back and forth, his three faces looking in three directions. He would immediately whip anyone slacking, making the shadow mages scream incessantly.

Dylas noticed Lin Yun from afar and his eyes brimmed with tears of excitement, as if he was seeing a close relative.

"Sir Merlin, help"

Dylas didnt have time to finish his words before a blazing whip lashed at his back with a sharp noise. His robe became even more tattered and a cauterized bloody wound appeared on his back.

"Damn fool, have you forgotten the rules? You must report first if you want to speak!"

Dylas shuddered but quickly shouted, "Reporting to Sir Enderfa Ah"

Enderfas faces looked at Dylas with devilish grins and he lashed the whip again.

"Idiot, its the 9th time you made a mistake, so youll get lashed nine times!"

The whip lashed out and Dylas rolled on the ground while holding his head. He couldnt say anything, he could only scream.

As for the surrounding shadow mages, they were fearfully glancing over, before promptly focusing on their work. No one dared to say a word.

Lin Yun was suddenly cheerful. Its been a few days, yet Dylas had already been taught to this extent by the bored Enderfa and was no longer arrogant.

Lin Yun left a few words before looking for the mage army, "Enderfa, dont kill them, these guys will be useful in the future."

Once Lin Yun left, Enderfas three faces grinned and whipping sounds echoed.

"Idiots, you have a month to build a temple for His Highness Wolf God, if its not built properly, youll get one more lash for every extra day!

"After building a temple for His Highness Wolf God, youll have to build a palace for Lord Enderfa. If thats not done properly, Lord Enderfa will show you what a calamity is!"

Enderfas words greatly satisfied the two Ancestor Souls, who were busy brainwashing the small wolf every day.

They fiercely threatened the shadow mages, "With us here, you can rest assured in knowing that you wont die from Sir Enderfa."

Lin Yun didnt pay attention to those shadow mages and instead took a look at Byron in solitary confinement. That guy was standing in a small dark room, dejected. Even if he was a Planar Infiltrator, he couldnt escape from the sealing power of the Demiplane.

After finding the mage army practicing a new spell, Lin Yun led them out of the Demiplane and then started building new arrays around the huge array.

These arrays would mainly be used for warning and defense, but this place was a small depression, it was open on all sides and not very good for defense. He would need to set up a lot of arrays and it would take half a month by himself.

He had the mage army help with that task. In over a day, a circle of arrays surrounded that small depression.

Inspired by the Heaven Grade Array, Lin Yun used Law Runes for the array and then connected these arrays together to form an Array Formation. When the time comes, the power of the arrays would be linked.

If any array suffered an attack, it would disperse it within the array formation and it would scatter the power underground.

The ground had become extremely hard in this place due to the existence of the Heaven Grade Array, the earth within a huge range was under the protection of the Heaven Grade Array. This was also why this place was so calm despite being at the edge of the plane.

Lin Yun just finished setting up everything when he felt the earth shake. A few seconds later, the shaking became even more distinct. They could even see stones rolling down a hill in the distance due to the shaking.

One of the mages flew up and checked what was happening, before suddenly shouting in alarm, "Heavens! What the Sh*t! Magic Beasts! Lots of Magic Beasts! Enemy attack!"