End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110 Scary Opponen

At that instant, the fire boundary Syudos had set up thoroughly lost its effect. The spatial ripples, gales, sound waves, and rock fragments formed a storm of sand and dust. That storm was like an impulsive giant that arrogantly tore the several-hundred-meter-wide flaming wall to shreds.

The flames covering the sky were torn apart and fused with the sandstorm before slowly dissipating. The fire vortex in the sky kept spouting out elemental flames up until it was swept by these spatial ripples and sound waves. It slightly shook and lasted less than three seconds before exploding.

Suddenly, those formidable flames that had lost their fuel and couldnt be replenished were rapidly shattered by the sandstorm.

The sandstorms remnant power attacked the surroundings of the depression. At that instant, the array Lin Yun had previous set up took effect.

Rays of light illuminated the surroundings of the depression, all the arrays burst out at once and the rays of light converged into a huge multi-colored light barrier which covered the entire depression.

That terrifying sandstorm was like a formidable flood that flowed towards the depression. Even after passing over the depression, the sandstorm still rushed towards the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield and ruthlessly attacked the spatial barrier at the edgemost area.

Suddenly, spatial ripples rapidly spread over that place which looked like an endless void area like smoke rings, only dissipated after spreading over ten kilometers.

After the sandstorm attack, Lin Yun rushed out with an unsightly expression.

2nd Rank of the Heaven realm!

Thats definitely a true 2nd Rank Heaven Beast!

Its totally unlike those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts that had yet to awaken their wisdom.

That 2nd Rank Heaven Beast was still very far away and couldnt even be seen, yet just a roar was comparable to a large-scale Extraordinary Spell!

That spell looked like a sandstorm, but it was actually a kind of soundwave. The soundwave spreading speed and range were the widest, it was far wider than the range of an ordinary defensive spell.

The powerful shockwave shook the space, greatly increasing the distance and speed at which it spread. Moreover, that huge power seemed to forcibly tear apart a layer of earth as it spread, thus, forming a sandstorm.

Cold sweat trickled down Lin Yuns back as he looked in the distance.

He looked over the mountains, but even with Eagle Sight, he could only see within ten kilometers.

But wherever he could see, the earth had been peeled and the mountains had become bare. Apart from the naked ground and mountains, nothing could be found.

Moreover, the range covered by that sandstorm was only a few kilometers in width, places past that werent affected at all. This showed how precise and accurate the power and magic control of the 2nd Rank Heaven Beast was.

Thinking of the might of that sandstorm, even after its power had been dampened by the mountains on its path, Lin Yun knew that they were in great trouble.

It really was a huge trouble

Lin Yuns expression was unsightly. He didnt know if he was lucky or not.

2nd Rank Heaven Beast He had thought about it the day before. The array keeps creating mana crystals and transforming magic beasts into Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, but what happened when the Raging Flame Battlefield wasnt open? How come they didnt make the entire Raging Flame Battlefield burst.

A century of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast transformations, if they lined up, they would be able to encircle the plane a few times.

Or was it that the array wouldnt manufacture that kind of mana crystal when the Raging Flame Battlefield wasnt open, which also meant that no new Pseudo Heaven Rank would appear.

Or maybe it was that the mana crystals would be created, but the Pseudo Heaven Rank transformations wouldnt happen, letting these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts fight over them.

But according to the information he previous gained, the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts locations, species, and quantity were in line with the information of the Raging Flame Beastmen, or with the time before the Raging Flame Battlefield was last closed.

Lin Yun guessed that when the Raging Flame Battlefield wasnt opened, this place might be in a halted state and time might not be going forward.

Moreover, it was possible that these manufactured magic beasts were slumbering.

Now that he felt a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast approaching, Lin Yun knew that the importance of those Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals wasnt just due to their race inheritance.

Rather, it was more important temptation to let them advance to the Heaven Rank, and let them awaken wisdom, to become true Extraordinary lifeforms!

These mana crystals was their lifefine, all their hopes were now taken over by Lin Yun in that array. That was a good reason to be angered.

2nd Rank of the Heaven realm

Lin Yuns heart slowly sank.

The gap wasnt just a little big. The 1st Rank could be considered as having barely transformed into an Extraordinary lifeform, strictly speaking, it was like the infancy period of an Extraordinary lifeform.

At this stage, the increase in strength couldnt compare to the later stage, but it was like heaven and earth when compared to the previous stages.

This was even stricter in magic beasts. A magic beast that awakened wisdom and gained the power of the Heaven Rank had a comprehensive breakthrough.

A 1st Rank Heaven Beast would be able to sadistically play with a Pseudo Heaven Rank Purple Ox like a cat playing with a mouse.

That kind of huge gap was much larger than the gap between 1st Rank Heaven Mage and Pseudo Heaven Mages.

If a Barbarian Ox awakened wisdom, and gained Extraordinary Power, it would be able to stand there and resist over a hundred 8th Tier Spells without being harmed. This was a qualitative difference.

When a monster transforms into an Extraordinary lifeform, their progress and change would be far more important than human powerhouses. Some aspects of its characteristic would undergo a transformation.

But the gap between a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast and a 1st Rank Heaven Beast was even more important. It could be ten times to a hundred times more important.

Just by releasing their aura, a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast could make a 1st Rank Heaven Beast powerless to rebel. The gap in bloodline and rank were strictly enforced by magic beasts. Every gap in level was like a moat that couldnt be bridged, they simply couldnt break through. It wasnt like human mages that could use tools and technique to bridge that gap.

All the Pseudo Heaven Rank here wouldnt be enough to kill that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast. Similarly, no one here was that 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts opponent.

Everyone would die by the time that 2nd Rank Magic Beast arrived.

Lin Yun had a faint smile, he wasnt calm and collected. If a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage had come, he might have been able to do something at a terrible cost.

But all those methods would lose their effect when facing a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast.

The Magic Tools in his hands also couldnt get rid of a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast.

To put it simply, all his methods wouldnt be able to break this 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts shield, that was a monster with a super thick skin and blood.

They might be able to resist for three minutes maximum, before the 2nd Rank Heaven Beast would be able to kill everyone. At most, the other side would have a scratch here and there, definitely not more.

After Syudos became the Incarnation of the Book of Mantras, he had become comparable to a 1st Rank Heaven Beast, but he was far from having tapped in the book full power, he could at best display the power of the 1st Rank Heaven Mage.

When faced with a 2nd Rank Heaven, Syudos might be killed, or the Book of Mantras might end up destroyed as an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

Lin Yun had yet to make a decision when the magic beast standing across him decided for him.

Those several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts once again charged towards the depression. They could see them rushing over from such a distance anyway.

The magic beasts noticed that we were losing the fire protection erected by Syudos perception and it invisibly removed the pressure hanging over the heads of the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

Within three seconds, four Barbarian Oxs with rock-like bodies rushed to the front of the array and were merely a few hundred meters away.

Lin Yuns Four Element Bombs and the mage armys Burning Flames flooded them. It was over for them. But then, their bodies tumbled and started rolling down hill towards the array formation.

The formidable momentum they carried during their charge wasnt something they couldnt control.

Four several-dozen-meter-tall mountains of flesh rolled down until they hit the light boundary and instantly darkened the rays of light. In a second, the darkened rays of light rapidly increased and Law Runes started floating out of the barrier.

There was a huge number of runes around these Law Runes, the Law Runes seemed to be leading those numerous runes to roam within that light boundary, dispersing the power hitting the light boundary before spreading it through the arrays.

After dispersing it into several dozen parts, the parts would be broken down into the arrays depending on their various effects. The light boundary only shone for an instant before turning dark once again. The impact of the bodies of the four Barbarian Oxs happened in less than a second and was resisted by the array formation.

Lin Yun glanced at the four dazed Barbarian Oxs outside the array formation with a cold expression. He then opened his mouth and let out four strange runes. Then, four Law Runes of various colors appeared in the air.

The three-dimensional Law Runes collided before forming a four-colored sphere of light. It then split into four and entered the bodies of those four Barbarian Oxs.

Immediately, four lights simultaneously blossomed from the mouths of the four Barbarian Oxs and Lin Yuns mana burst out like a leaking pipe.

A huge amount of mana spurted out, and at the cost of increased consumption, four instant Four Element Bombs condensed in the mouths of those Barbarian Oxs.

Such a close distance was enough for Lin Yun to condense the Four Element Bombs in their mouths.Moreover, casting interference was truly impossible. Normal mages absolutely couldnt condense such a spell. The only way for Lin Yun was to rely on bewitchment for this and use his own mana to forcibly cast Four Element Bomb in an instant.