End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 Pressure

The four Law Runes-covered Four Element Bombs instantly condensed in the mouths of the Barbarian Oxs and exploded on contact.

The violent power exploding in such a narrow space made the burst power exceed the Four Element Bombs. Half of the four Barbarian Oxs heads were destroyed, and their huge bodies were like four several-dozen-meter-tall small mountains shielding the front of the array.

After completing that step, Lin Yun gravely looked at the several dozens of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts in the rear.

A dozen ten-meter-big Destruction Energy Spheres were flying over from a distance and their berserk destructive power stirred the surrounding elemental power into chaos.

The pressure carried by a dozen Destruction Energy Spheres was no less powerful than a small Extraordinary Spell.

Everyone had cold sweat trickling down as they faced that dozen of Destruction Energy Spheres, no one dared to leave the protection range of the array formation.

A second later, that dozen Destruction Energy Spheres landed on top of those four Barbarian Oxs corpses.

The berserk destruction power burst out and the dozen Destruction Energy Spheres rapidly expanded. It seemed as if a dozen several-dozen-meter-big ashen black spheres exploded in the front.

The berserk attack transformed into a storm, a storm that devoured everything.

After a few seconds, that terrifying storm of destruction slowly dissipated and it looked as if a monster had taken a bite of the ground over a hundred meters in front of the array formation.

The ground in front of the array formation was missing an eight-meter-deep layer. As for the four corpses of the Barbarian Oxs blocking in front of the array formation like meat shields, they also lost a part of their bodies.

The corpses of the Barbarian Oxs were sprawled on the ground and were missing a four-meter-wide side. A quarter of their body had suddenly disappeared.

Kurumu paled as he looked at the scene before his eyes before suddenly understanding.

Heavens, I finally understand why Sir Merlin wanted to stop the few dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts from approaching, he wanted to get rid of those four foolish Barbarian Oxs first.

Damn, if not for these four idiots being used as meat shield, our array formation would have definitely been unable to resist that attack.

If a dozen Destruction Energy Spheres directly hit the array, it would take three seconds at most before the entire array formation burst and we would lose more than half of the group under that kind of destruction.

Everyone looked like they had a new lease on life, but Lin Yun became even more serious.

He had shown good control and let the four Barbarian Oxs attack the array formation first in order to use their bodies as meat shields.

They had innate Stoneskin, they didnt need to cast it as it was always active, and thus, using their corpses as meat shields showed wonderful effects.

It was a trick he had thought of on the spot to guard against those Heaven Rank Magic Beasts Destruction Energy Spheres. During the previous battles, they had to grit their teeth and block them from afar because of this.

A berserk power like Destruction Energy Spheres could attack further the more they were controlled. These Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts simply couldnt control those berserk destructive powers. They could go a kilometer at most before they lost control.

As long as they blocked them a kilometer away, they wouldnt need to be afraid of not being able to resist the power of the Destruction Energy Spheres.

But because of that 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts long-distance Extraordinary Spells, Syudos painstakingly set-up flame defense had thoroughly collapsed and these magic beasts could attack within a kilometer.

He purposefully let the four Barbarian Oxs attack, but he hadnt expected that a quarter of their bodies would have been destroyed by one attack.

Losing the layer of Stoneskin, the Barbarian Oxs corpses could at most resist another volley of Destruction Energy Spheres before being thoroughly destroyed.

Lin Yun flew at a low altitude and roared, "Focus fire on the magic beasts that just released Destruction Energy Spheres! The others will just dodge and charge in the formation if these guys released another volley."

After roaring, Lin Yun took the lead in flying out of the defense of the array formation. The Draconic Staffs Purple Dragon Incarnation could be seen behind him. Barton and Lagulin were also summoned out of the Book of Death.

Lin Yun even used the Element Chapter to summon a Peak Level 39 Flame Elemental Dragon.

He used everything at his disposition regardless of mana consumption, the buff of the Element Chapter had also been roused to the extreme.

The huge wheel shadow was floating behind him and numerous Law Runes appeared on Lin Yuns body before forming a Law Runic Shield.

At that moment, Lin Yuns mana was like a canteen with a hole from which mana crazily poured out.

Four Element Bombs kept condensing in front of Lin Yun. That spell was most effective when faced with a huge group of beasts.

Four Element Bombs kept flying out, continuously creating mushroom clouds as those magic beasts at the forefront exploded in bits of flesh and blood.

But that destructive power was extremely limited. There was really too many Beastmen.

Lin Yun kept releasing Four Element Bombs, Gaias Hands, Touch of Frost

A Horned Viper over a hundred meters long raised its head and spurted out black rain-like venom. Then, the ground under its body shook and a twenty-meter-big dark hand emerged from below.

That huge hand seemingly made from black stone as fiercely grabbed at that Horned Vipers nake and held it in place. At the same time, a tentacle of frost had spread to the Horned Viper and a layer of icy blue light had instantly covered the Horned Vipers body.

A layer of the ice had condensed on top of the Horned Viper and had greatly reduced the Horned Vipers reaction speed. That delay was enough for the Gaias Hands to grab its neck.

Then, the Horned Viper opened its mouth to spray corrosive venom onto the Gaias Hands, but a Four Element Bomb exploded in its mouth. After a loud explosion, only fragments of the vipers head remained.

Lin Yun killed this Horned Viper in just three seconds, but then, that 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts aura covered the battlefield and greatly suppressed Lin Yuns strength. He even had to split a lot of his power to resist that 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts aura.

The moment the aura of the Heaven Beast appeared, a ten-meter-big fireball, a twenty-meter-big huge rock, and a ten-meter-long Frost Spike simultaneously hit his Law Runic Shield.

The fireball, rock, and Frost Spike exploded and the force of the impact made the Law Runes covering Lin Yuns Law Runic Shield roam frantically. It was originally similar to a transparent sphere wrapped around Lin Yun. But at this moment, it was more like a deformed balloon on the verge of exploding.

After flying upside down for several dozen meters, Lin Yun managed to stabilize himself. He was flushed and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Injuring ten monsters wasnt as valuable as eliminating one.

These magic beasts were huge and their hide thick. Injuries, unless they were fatal, would only serve to increase their ferociousness, it wasnt really worth it.

But getting rid of one could decrease the pressure.

However, he hadnt expected the magic beasts to be that crazy and the power of their spells to be so much stronger than expected. The attack of three Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts almost shattered the Law Runic Shield.

Lin Yun had calculated that with the current power of the Law Runic Shield, it wouldnt shatter as long as the attack it received didnt surpass a 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses Extraordinary Spell.

Replaced by these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, he could resist three Destruction Energy Spheres at once!

If it was these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beastss instinctive casting, he would definitely resist five spells simultaneously.

But because of the 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts aura, he could barely resist three of their instinctive spells and they almost shattered his Law Runic Shield.

That 2nd Rank Heaven Beast had yet to come, it hadnt even made another move, yet it already forced him to use 40% of his power to resist it.

Lin Yuns expression turned more and more unsightly as he made calculations.

If its aura pressure could do that, then there was only one conclusion: that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast hadnt been an ordinary inferior magic beast before being transformed into a Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast by the array.

It inevitably possessed some powerful magic beast bloodline. Only this kind of magic beast with a powerful bloodline could create so much pressure on lower ranked lifeforms just with its aura.

Thats power from the bloodline, its a natural gap. Its just like a Level 40 Dragon facing a Level 40 Pig Beastman. Even if ten Pig Beastmen faced a Dragon of the same rank, they could only be killed. The aura pressure alone was enough to make the Pig Beastmen unable to display their power.

Sh*t, my luck is so great. When summoning inferior magic beasts, that array must have summoned an inferior magic beast with a powerful bloodline..

After the forced transformation to the Pseudo Heaven Rank, that inferior magic beast must have strengthened his bloodline and may have gained wisdom after its transformation!

Everyone pressured by that aura of the 2nd Rank Heaven Beast could only display a fraction of their power. Lin Yuns had to split 40% of his power to resist the 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts aura, let alone the others

The mage army was flying at a low altitude and their hundred-meter-big fire cloud had been compressed to fifty meters. The active elemental flames were like drowning fairies withdrawing in low spirits, and the speed at which flames flowed slowed down quite a bit.

In the firecloud, a several-dozen-meter-tall Flame Giant stretched half of its body, as if trying to cross into the plane. It was trying its best to crawl out of the firecloud.

But Five Frost Apes kept attacking and clashing with that Flame Giant, creating a large amount of white steam every time their attack clashed and slowing down the speed at which the Flame Giant condensed.