End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Pressure 2

Half a minute passed yet the mage army didnt complete the summon of the Flame Giant. It took over twenty seconds longer than usual!

In the air, half of the Flame Giants body was emerging from the firecloud and then kept recoiling, slowly returning towards the array formation.

Relying on the array formation, the mage army managed to completely summon the Flame Giant, but the fifty mages no longer dared to leave the protection of the array, they could only control the Flame Giant from the rear to fight against Frost Apes.

On another side, the puppets spellwaves and Enderfas elemental storm were also greatly pressured.

The elemental power here was suppressed by the 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts aura pressure. All elements were in low spirits and their liveliness had been greatly reduced. Even if they kept casting spells, they couldnt raise the liveliness of the elements.

As for the puppets spellwaves and Enderfas elemental storms, they were directly linked to the elements density and liveliness.

The denser the power of the elements and the higher the activity, the stronger the spellcasting would be, especially for battle. Element power could become more and more berserk. At that time, the puppet and Enderfas casting would reach an even stronger power.

But now, they were weakened by half because of the pressure. Spells of the four elements and storms of the four elements converged together and couldnt suppress those berserk Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

The most important part was that there were really too many Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, a dozen were currently charging at the forefront.

The puppet and Enderfa blocked three, but they were already backing away, slowly retreating to the defensive perimeter of the array formation.

There, just as Enderfa and the puppet gave up on their own defenses, a Flame Impact, a Frost Roar, and a Flood of Darkness transformed into a tri-colored attack that ruthlessly fell onto the array formation.

Law Runes led large numbers of runes to form a light boundary that kept decomposing the spells released by the magic beasts, splitting the power behind those spells apart.

On another side, Xiuban was besieged by two Forest Wolves and was sent flying back to the array formation. The power of the impact even made the array formation regard it as an attack.

Xiubans body ruthlessly fell onto the light boundary and the Law Runes within several dozen meters started flickering.

After falling to the ground, Xiuban fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood and massaged a purple blue mark on his chest.

"Damn, they are really powerful. These guys are truly strong, Lord Xiuban almost lost his life"

On another side, Reina was forced to return to the array formations defensive perimeter.

It had been less than a minute, and apart from Lin Yun being able to get rid of a magic beast, no one else managed that feat.

That group of crazy Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts forced Lin Yun and the others back into the array formation and ten Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts immediately opened their maws and Destruction Energy Spheres full of destruction aura appeared within their mouths.

Ashen black Destruction Energy Spheres flew out and once again ruthlessly impacted onto the four corpses. Glaring rays of light suddenly blossomed and those Destruction Energy Spheres were like a group of killer ants rapidly destroying the corpses of the four Barbarian Oxs.

The earth kept shaking as pitch-black spatial cracks emerged outside the array formation and the light barriers radiance blossomed to its peak.

Numerous runes appeared on the light boundary, there were even four crystal-like Law Runes suddenly appearing at the peak.

This meant that the light boundarys defenses had been roused to their peak. The light boundary would only shatter once those four crystal-like Law Runes were shattered to pieces.

After a dozen seconds of fierce vibrations, the chaotic power also started dissipating. The dust and smoke scattered, letting everyone see the scene on the other side of the light boundary.

The four Barbarian Oxs corpses treated as meat shields had already transformed into a big pile of fragments, and most of the several-dozen-meter-long bodies had already been destroyed.

The hundred meters in front of the light boundary now looked just like the depression.

And this time, there was already a dozen melee-proficient magic beasts with formidable bodies outside the light boundary.

The battle started again, but they were all casting, trapped within the light boundary. If they left the light boundarys range, most of their power would be used to defend themselves, they simply wouldnt be able to cast.

By relying on the array formations defenses, they were able to slowly stabilize the situation. Syudos released the hottest Hellfire while Reina kept releasing powerful Chills. The environment formed by two extremes somewhat weakened those crazy magic beasts.

The mage army followed after Syudos and cast fire spells, while Enderfa and the puppet kept releasing ice spells.

With this slow weakening effect, the power of these Pseudo Heaven Magic Beasts were more or less reduced to half. During this time, Lin Yun started reaping the lives of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, one after another .

After over half an hour like this, everyone was exhausted. Thirteen Pseudo Heaven Ranks Magic Beasts corpses were piled in front of the array.

But no one had time to collect mana crystals this time, because not only did the number of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts in the rear hadnt decreased, there was even more than at the start!

Lin Yun released three Four Element Bombs and destroyed half of a Bristletooth Beasts head, exhaustion visible on his face.

"Everyone hold on for a while, then we will kill some Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and use these magic beasts corpses as meat shields. We will leave immediately whenever that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast decides to make a move. "

Lin Yun didnt believe that the light boundary could resist the 2nd Rank Heaven Mage. He now kept fighting just in order to delay a bit more.

They would be able to remain on the defensive as long as that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast didnt personally make a move.

Moreover, that array was manufacturing ten mana crystals a day. These Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were also harvestable mana crystals.

Since that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast had already appeared, who would believe that it was only here to enjoy the show. If they kept on fighting, the other side would definitely attack them.

He had to get as much as possible while he could.

As long as the enemies didnt break through, it would be the same as gaining a mana crystal every two hours and some. Coupled with the challenging battle against these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, although the danger was huge, the harvest was even bigger.

After an hour, all the mages of the mage army were pale as their mana consumption was extremely fierce.

Lin Yun had already distributed three Mana Potions and every mage of the mage army had already drunk two. Taking a third one would reach their limits, if they took one more, they would start to lose control over their mana and even the purity of their mana would decrease by more than half. They would need to spend a lot of time purifying their mana after this battle.

Xiuban raised Carnage, his thick aura and the yellow halo covering Carnage had already dissipated. After adding Gravity onto Carnage, Carnage was somewhat heavy enough. After close to two hours of battle, even a monster like Xiuban had a dozen scars on its body.

On the other side, the puppets weapon system has already been scrapped due to overload.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheels mana source was dimming and its mana was being rapidly consumed.

Reina, in her Frost Dragon Shape, couldnt even cast ordinary ice spells.

The Purple Dragon that had been standing behind Lin Yun was exhausted and returned to the Draconic Staff in order to recover. Lin Yun was so exhausted he couldnt straighten his back.

He had the support of a Natural Demiplane, so he naturally didnt have to worry about mana consumption. But unlimited mana didnt mean that he could just keep on fighting.

Even tireless puppets would overload during long fights and their components would be scraped, let alone humans.

Casting in this kind of overload state for such a long period of time exhausted Lin Yuns mind. It was a kind of exhaustion from the soul which continued to spread. Obviously, his mana was abundant and the efficiency and speed were reduced to the minimum when casting.

That 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts aura was getting heavier. It apparently specially pressured this location with its aura, not affecting those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

If this continued, it wouldnt be long before that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast personally joined the fray.

He turned to look at the mountain peak as a mana crystal was condensed there. A few seconds later, that Heaven Grade Array turned into another array summoning an inferior magic beast.

After being released by Lin Yun, the Spirit Snake crawled to the peak of the mountain and returned with a mana crystal in its mouth. After having lost the mana crystals power as a primer, the Heaven Grade Array was unable to continue summoning the low level magic beast and instead kept condensing mana crystals.

After pocketing the mana crystal, Lin Yun once again released the Spirit Snake and had it drill into the pile of corpses outside the light boundary. One by one, the Spirit Snake carefully took the mana crystals back in the zone, but there were already more than twenty Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts corpses outside the light boundary, and it only brought back seventeen mana crystals.

The remaining magic beasts corpses were in areas being bombarded by spells. There were even some Destruction Energy Spheres falling there. If the Spirit Snake was unlucky enough to encounter one, it would be thoroughly destroyed.

The bitter struggle continued. However, within a small mountain over a kilometer away from the battlefield, the mages of the relatively secretive Quicksand Tower were hiding and watching the fight.

There was a passage leading quite far away within the mountain. Daggeth was standing there, leading a group of mage. At this time, he spat out three runes on the stone wall before him.