End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 Snatching

“Hell, how did Mafa Merlin do it? I suddenly discovered that those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts left their territory to crazily charge in this direction.

“But it turns out they came to attack Mafa Merlin. How did that guy do it? That’s a few dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts!

“It looks like Mafa Merlin killed over twenty within a few hours.

“According to that speed, it would take at most two days before he gets enough mana crystals for a drop of Beast God’s Blood”

Daggeth was puzzled, he completely couldn’t understand how that happened. Ferton interjected

“Sir Daggeth, what are we waiting for? We might not be able to kill several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, but there are over twenty Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts’ corpses.

“That’s over twenty mana crystals. How many Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts did we hunt over the past ten days?


“We only obtained seven mana crystals in ten days!

“Hell, at this rate, when would we have enough mana crystals to trade for a good True Spirit Magic Tool?

“Those brainless Raging Flame Beastmen just appeared, but they already have six Heaven Rank powerhouses. Moreover, the strongest Gold Beastmen have yet to appear.

“The strongest among the Beastmen is that Gold Beastman General. He must have definitely advanced to the Heaven Rank.

“He could already display the power of the Heaven Rank before advancing, there is definitely no one that can match him.

“Mafa Merlin, that greedy leech, is simply forcing us into our death!

“We might not have noticed that early on if not for our Quicksand Tower being sensitive to the earth pulse.

“If not for that, Mafa Merlin would have already got rid of all the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts of the Raging Flame Battlefield by the time we discovered this.

“At that time, we would have been unable to hunt even one Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast and we would have definitely been screwed in an all-out war against the Raging Flame Beastmen.

“That damned leech, that idiot Does he think that he can handle the Raging Flame Beastmen on his own if he gathered enough mana crystals?

“We should snatch these corpses for the sake of the alliance.

“Sir Daggeth, we should make a move now!”

Daggeth was somewhat hesitant.

“Sir Ferton, plundering an ally’s prey isn’t very good. Moreover, Mafa Merlin isn’t weak, his strength might only be second to Sir Dedale of the Burning Tower.

“Moreover, his followers are also not weak, we..”

Daggeth didn’t get to finish his words before several voices exclaimed.

“Sh*t, Heavens, what’s that!”

“Damn, that’s a mana crystal!”

Daggeth turned his head towards the battlefield and saw the flaming power condensing atop that seemingly ordinary mountain peak. Law Runes were floating atop the mountain peak and even more array patterns could be seen.

In an instant, that bare mountain became translucent and the Law Runes and patterns contained within could even be seen, but three seconds later, that change thoroughly disappeared and the peak of the mountain rapidly condensed into a mana crystal.

Ferton had been extremely greedy for mana crystals all along, his eyes turned red and he removed his magic robe’s hat before shrieking, “Damn, what did I just see?! That was an array!

“Sh*t, I finally understand why the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts can’t go extinct in the Raging Flame Battlefield. Damn, that’s what that old Beastman meant.

“These monstrous Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were all created!

“This is the place were the mana crystals are made, all the mana crystals are made from that location!

“That b*stard Mafa Merlin actually thought he could monopolize this array? That greedy leech No, he is even more stupid and greedy than those dirty goblins.

“Sir Daggeth, we can’t keep waiting, this array has to be controlled by our Quicksand Tower. We absolutely can’t let a scoundrel like Mafa Merlin take over it.

“What do you all think everyone? It would be fine if he only attracted some Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, after all, we could still look for other magic beasts to hunt.

“But Mafa Merlin not only attracted a large number of Pseudo Heaven Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, he also occupies this array. It won’t be long before we can no longer obtain mana crystals.

“We would have been screwed… We can never let this array remain in Mafa Merlin’s hands. We absolutely can’t let Mafa Merlin hold onto it.

“Everything we want might end up being taken by that Mafa Merlin, the Sand Waterfall Magic Book, the Earth Totem, the Elemental Crest…

“They would no longer have anything to do with us…

“Think about it, as long as we occupy that array, we would no longer have to face the danger of hunting. We would no longer be spending a huge amount of time every day to search for Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

“As long as we defend this place, we would get a steady flow of mana crystals and we could trade for anything we want!

“As long as there are enough mana crystals, trading things from that temple would definitely increase the strength of the Quicksand Tower!”

Ferton’s eyes were red. He kept using the beautiful vision of the future to convince the mages of the Quicksand Tower.

This made everyone’s eyes turn green. Even Daggeth, the most conservative one, was red-eyed. He had been fancying the Earth Totem for a while.

That thing was a specialty of Earth Plane, it was both a magic material and a good item that could be used as a Magic Tool.

Unfortunately, they were really too rare. The Quicksand Tower only had one, and it was in the hands of a Heaven Rank powerhouse. He simply didn’t have the opportunity to obtain it.

Seeing that thing in the list of tradables of the temple made Daggeth excited. The Earth Totem was crafted into a jewel which could make the wearer’s earth magic power rise by 20% and it is very effective for Heaven Rank powerhouses!

Unfortunately, the Earth Totem needed 89 mana crystals, and he couldn’t just take out all the mana crystals to exchange for an item for himself.

Everyone, including Daggeth, had something they were aiming for. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough mana crystals.

The only thing they traded for was the Endless Sand as it could raise everyone’s strength.

Ferton’s eyes were red as he pointed at the battlefield.

“Sir Daggeth, why are you still hesitating, take a look, that damned Mafa Merlin isn’t going to let those corpses slip by.

“He’ll take all the mana crystals in his pocket. The array can only be held in the hands of the Quicksand Tower.”

Ferton was enticing Daggeth. All the mages of the Quicksand Tower were already envious and were all looking at Daggeth.

The leader of this expedition was Daggeth, no one would dare to make a decision without permission if there was a problem, unless Daggeth nodded.

Greed flashed in Daggeth’s eyes and he couldn’t help nodding.

“Okay, we have to be the one controlling this kind of array. Mafa Merlin is truly too excessive!

“But how can we take over the array? Mafa Merlin set up a boundary to guard it, do we have to follow those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and attack Mafa Merlin’s boundary?

“Those damned beasts would definitely attack us, wouldn’t that be helping Mafa Merlin?”

Ferton sneered.

“Sir Daggeth, have you forgotten what we, mages of the Quicksand Tower, excel at?

“Mafa Merlin’s boundary is an array. I’ve been carefully observing it, and it appears to be an array formation.

“Mafa Merlin does have high achievements in the field of array, we would die if we try to force our way through.

“But these arrays are arranged on the ground, we only need to change part of the ground and transform it into sand.

“We don’t need to destroy the boundary, we only need to destroy one of the arrays of the array formation. Then, we would just have to let Mafa Merlin resist those crazy monsters.

“After that, we just need to go around the back and occupy that array. We’ll use the Endless Sand to rapidly set up defenses that’ll lock Mafa Merlin and the magic beasts outside.

“Haha, like this, Mafa Merlin would be the one helping us share the pressure. As long as we have the Endless Sand’s defenses, how could these stupid Pseudo Heaven Rank break through.

“Moreover, we can all see that Mafa Merlin and his followers are already exhausted. It’ll definitely be very easy for us to take over the array.

“Mafa Merlin definitely can’t resist us, with our full mana reserves and spells, he will only be able to stare blankly as we take over the array.

“When the time comes, we will keep picking the fruits of victory. I’m sure those crazy magic beasts will definitely help us tear Mafa Merlin to pieces”

Ferton shared his plan and immediately grinned as everyone approved.

After coming to a decision, Ferton was the first to follow the mountain’s tunnel to move underground.

After chanting a brief incantation, Ferton released a yellow light towards the mountain wall and rapidly transformed it into sand before moving it behind them.

A seven-meter- wide tunnel appeared in front of them.

Every member of the Quicksand Tower were taking turns to supply the mana and it took them a minute to cross close to 400 meters.

After three minutes, the Quicksand Tower’s mages had created a passage from the peak of their mountain to the array.

As for the floor, Lin Yun and the others were caught in a bitter battle and no one noticed that a passage was being created ten meters under them.

After half a minute, the radiant boundary suddenly became unstable. A part of the runes roaming on the boundary had become illusory and their roaming process had become bumpy.

Problems appearing on one part made the light boundary, which was originally operating like a bowl covering the array, distort and continuously change form.

Lin Yun’s complexion suddenly changed. He turned to look towards the side. The light of the array instantly dissipated, and even the ground where the array had been set up was rapidly transforming into sand.

The sand-transformed earth was slowly caving in, and in a flash, a four-hundred-meter-big hole appeared.

An excited Ferton came out and rushed towards the small mountain peak at the center of the depression.