End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114 Endless Sand

"Mafa Merlin! An idiot greedier than a goblin like you wants to occupy this array by yourself? Dream on!

"This now belongs to our Quicksand Tower, hahaha, idiot, just wait to be torn apart by these crazy magic beasts!

"Rest assured, we will mourn you after your death, thank you for discovering this array.


Ferton and Daggeth flew the fastest, they threw out the Endless Sand the moment they rushed out of the hole.

That fistful of sand frantically expanded and transformed into a several-dozen-meter-wide sand waterfall in less than a second.

The sand waterfall was like a yellow ribbon that revolved around the central mountain peak, protecting all the Quicksand Towers mages within.

In less than three seconds, the mountain peak at the center of the depression was thoroughly covered in yellow sand hiding the Quicksand Towers mages within.

As for outside, a key part of the array formation had been destroyed and it immediately made the array formation unable to perfectly maintain its light boundary.

Facing the crazy attack of those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, it took less than three seconds before it popped like a bubble.

A large number of berserk spells could no longer be blocked by the light boundary and fell towards Lin Yun like a flood.

The array formed by the mage army was instantly shattered to pieces and the firecloud they had transformed into exploded. The fifty of them spat out mouthfuls of blood as they fell from the sky.

The patched puppet was hit by a Destruction Energy Sphere and a few of its first-rate replaced components directly exploded into scrap metal. Were it not for the patched puppets foundation genuinely being at the Heaven Rank, that attack would have destroyed it.

The thick-skinned Xiuban had a blood face, and there was a meter-long cut across his back exposing his bones. It looked like he would have been torn in half had he not reacted on time.

Reinas wings had three big holes dripping with blood, and her back was burnt black.

Everyone got injured almost instantly. The fifty mages were even seriously wounded.

Lin Yun rapidly threw the fifty mages, Xiuban, Reina, and the patched puppet back in the Demiplane. He then turned and glanced at the depression, to the spot where the group of mages of the Quicksand Tower were being protected by the sand.

"Whats the matter? Damned Mafa Merlin, you are still in the mood to glare at us? This is what you deserve. Why arent you going to those magic beasts to be torn to shreds?

"This is really unfortunate, what can you do now? These raging magic beasts will never stop until they tear you apart.

"Sure enough, this array is something that can only be controlled by our Quicksand Tower, we still have to thank you for discovering this array for us.

"With this array, we will be able to trade for everything we want within two months.

"Haha, Mafa Merlin, you want to glare at me? Fine, you only have a few minutes at most, so hurry up and resent me. Look, these crazy magic beasts wont even give you an opportunity.

"Hurry up and assist us in blocking these magic beasts, you dont have a choice anyway"

Ferton proudly laughed and every mage of the Quicksand Tower smiled.

The Endless Sand was a specialty of Earth Planes. Only endlessly barren Earth Planes could produce this kind of extreme treasure.

A small Desert Plane might only give birth to a very small amount of Endless Sand, and that small amount was rumored to be the essence of the entire Desert Plane. As long as enough mana was supplied, that handful of Endless Sand could even turn into a Desert Plane.

This was something the mages of the Quicksand Tower were yearning for. A little bit was enough to guarantee that the mages of the Quicksand Tower could display 120% of their strength in any environment.

Even in the legends of the Quicksand Tower, those Desert Planes were Demiplanes left behind by fallen Heaven Mages.

Now, the mages of the Quicksand Tower were continuously pouring mana and the created sandwaves were already linked to the ground. That Sand Dragon-like mountain peak was covered in terrifying sand that protected everything inside;

As long as the mages of the Quicksand Tower took turns to pour mana into the Endless Sand, the sand would just keep on growing, with no sign of ever decreasing.

Lin Yun glared murderously at the mages of the Quicksand Tower, especially Ferton since the latter was arrogantly floating amidst the sand while sneering. Lin Yun then turned around and burst with mana as he flew away.

Ferton was somewhat surprised by Lin Yuns actions and looked quite regretful.

Damnit, that Mafa Merlin actually controls a Demiplane, he is so damned lucky. Inheriting the Demiplane left behind by a Heaven Rank powerhouse isnt easy. This should have been the Demiplane left behind by some Heaven Mage of the Merlin Family.

If not for that Demiplane, Mafa Merlin would have definitely not picked up his injured subordinates and would have fled on his own. At that time, his subordinates would have been killed by those crazy magic beasts, and Mafa Merlin might have even been dragged down and killed there.

They helped us hunt some magic beasts, how nice.

Its a pity, these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts might not be able to stop Mafa Merlin on his own.

But it doesnt matter, that damned guy was fortunately tactful enough and gave up on the array. Otherwise, even if these magic beasts didnt kill him, I would have gotten rid of him.

He must be at his limits after fighting for so long. The others might not even need to make a move, he wouldnt be my opponent.

In any case, it doesnt matter whether Mafa Merlin dies or not, we already control this array. Everyone would have an increase in power.

If Mafa Merlin dares to look for trouble then, he shouldnt blame me for being rude. Letting him survive is already a thanks for finding out the array.

Ferton couldnt help laughing, and the other mages of the Quicksand Tower also had excited expressions. Even Daggeth, who originally didnt approve of the plan, was flushed from excitement.

At that time, a terrifying roar echoed and spatial ripples could be seen in the air, just like the water of a lake being disturbed.

The terrifying soundwave created gales that carried rock fragments to form a sand and dust storm moving towards them. The 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts terrifying aura suddenly fell upon them and pressured them.

It was like the Endless Sand controlled by the Quicksand Towers mages encountered a deserts tornado, the countless grains of sand were swept by the sandstorm before charging into the Planes barrier.

Ferton exclaimed in alarm, "Damn, whats that thing? Heavens, a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast?! Sh*t, how could there be something like this?! Hurry up and pour more mana in, its drawing in too much sand!"

Daggeth was actually the calmest and he gave orders with a deep voice, "Everyone pour mana into the Endless Sand!"

Over twenty mages of the Quicksand Tower simultaneously poured all the mana they could into the Endless Sand. Suddenly, waves of Endless Sands suddenly appeared and continuously replenished the sand walls protecting them.

After a dozen seconds, the sandstorm ultimately dissipated and the Quicksand Towers mages sighed in relief. But when the sand dispersed, the scene unveiled in front of them was even more terrifying.

On the horizon, a dark blue large bird was slowly flying towards them. The bird had a long Phoenix-like head, but it didnt have the long tail of a phoenix.

It only had two wings on which burnt dark blue flames, and its wingspan was over a kilometer in length. Each time it flapped its wings, it would create some invisible gales. It was like Wind Blades appeared out of nowhere and ruthlessly engulfed both sides.

Lin Yun was currently concealing himself in the air, three kilometers away. After seeing the appearing 2nd Rank Heaven Beast, his doubts were finally solved.

Dark Night Phoenix!

There was an extremely small chance of a Shadow Sparrow evolving into a powerful magic beasts, but Shadow Sparrows were just level 10 magic beasts. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the time, their Dark Night Phoenixs bloodline wouldnt awaken.

It would only awaken under some extreme circumstances and they could rise from the ashes, evolving into a new kind of magic beast

That Dark Night Phoenix had been summoned into the Raging Flame Battlefield as a Shadow Sparrow and its bloodline awakened during its forced transformation into a Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast. It awakened his wisdom and directly became a genuine Heaven Rank Magic Beast.

It had been using those mana crystals to advance to the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm and ended up becoming the true ruler of these magic beasts.

Earlier, Lin Yuns first reaction after hearing the 2nd Rank Heaven Beasts roar had been to hurry up and leave. Once it made a move, everyone would be dead.

But then, they got rid of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and it still didnt make a move after half of them died.

Lin Yun was somewhat doubtful and he had thought that it was because of the array formation, or because it was afraid of destroying that Heaven Grade Array.

But he still didnt see the Heaven Rank Magic Beast after a while, so Lin Yun decided to keep on fighting and relied on the array formation to kill a few dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. Although it was bound to be a bitter struggle that might not end up being successful, there was still hope.

He would kill all the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, and if that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast still didnt make a move, he would keep on guarding and would pocket ten mana crystals a day until that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast came to fight.

Unfortunately, the bitter struggle was cut short, the Quicksand Tower wrecked it.

That group of idiots directly destroyed the array formation but thought they could rely on Endless Sand to defend? Without the defense of the array formation, nothing could stop that 2nd Rank Heaven Beast.

Lin Yun sneered as he looked in direct of the array.

Those idiots had better not die.

Damn, with the array formations protection and Syudos existence, we were barely able to intimidate it into not participating. But relying on Endless Sand to stop a 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix is retarded

When he saw the Dark Night Phoenix, Lin Yun knew that Syudos was the reason why it hadnt joined the fray.

Syudos had previously been an Upper Rank Flame Spirit and was the kind that relied on devouring flames to advance and possessed his own name.

After becoming the Incarnation of the Book of Mantras, Syudos had directly reached the Heaven Rank, and once the Book of Mantras completed its transformation into a world of flames, Syudos logically completed his most important life evolution.

He evolved into a Flame Spirit King, and as a Flame Spirit King, his biggest characteristic was that he could no longer be burnt by all kinds of flames. The only thing that bound Syudos was whether the flames he devoured were strong or weak.

The Shadow Flames atop the Dark Night Phoenix were a tonic for Syudos. If the Dark Night Phoenix dared to approach, its Shadow Flames would automatically be devoured by Syudos.

And with the existence of the array formation, that Dark Night Phoenixs fears were quite obvious. He might as well send its subordinates to attack.

Unfortunately, the mages of the Quicksand Tower didnt have either of the two key elements, they even destroyed Lin Yuns light boundary.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. His mana fluctuations rose to the point where he could barely conceal them and he was on the verge of bursting into flames.

That group of idiots just harmed me for no benefits, but sure, you guys can take care of the Dark Night Phoenix.

The mages of the Quicksand Tower had yet to give up. Daggeth paled and understood something, but before he could say anything, Ferton immediately shrieked, "Hurry up and pour more mana in, make the Endless Sand form a desert wall. How could there be a Dark Night Phoenix here, and a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast one"

The Endless Sand surged and thoroughly flooded the depression. Then, the sand frantically whirled and was crammed into the depression, piling up into a huge mountain of sand. The Heaven Grade Arrays surface was covered in sand, the bubbling halo slowly froze and its surface became as smooth as metal.