End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 Lin Yuns Wrath

The Dark Night Phoenix flew over a kilometer before a sharp cry came out of its big mouth, making visible ripples spread out from it. Shockwave after shockwave fiercely moved towards the Heaven Grade Array.

Everything shattered into pieces wherever the shockwave passed. The corpses of the two dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts lying down in front of the array were like piles of sand being blasted apart.

The Quicksand Tower’s mages hurriedly condensed and compressed the metal-like mountain of sand. After being shaken by the sound waves, it instantly collapsed back into normal sand.

At that moment, the Dark Night Phoenix’s huge flaming wings fiercely flickered and sent violent gales erupting with a mournful whistle.

The rising gales blew at the sand mountain, and all the sand was blown to the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield in less than three seconds.

Seeing that the Endless Sand couldn’t resist, the Quicksand Tower’s mages started to feel terrified. Before the sand protecting them was completely blown away, they all disappeared into the tunnel they had used to sneak in.

With all the sand being blown out, the depression was once again visible. The Dark Night Phoenix raised its head and slowly flew to the Heaven Grade Array. It folded its wings and decided to occupy that location.

In the distance, Lin Yun sneered as he looked at this scene. Resource-wise and mana-wise, this place was the worst, as it was near the edge of the plane. How could the Dark Night Phoenix remain there?

But after occupying it, the Dark Night Phoenix might not leave until the crisis had been thoroughly solved.

‘You idiots of the Quicksand Tower, you harmed others for nothing. Now look at what you have done! The Heaven Grade Array is in the talons of the Dark Night Phoenix, and you want to escape?

‘How could there be such a good outcome?’

Flames burnt around Lin Yun. He was almost exploding from rage. The Quicksand Tower had emerged from underground and had suddenly destroyed one of the arrays.

With the disappearance of the light boundary, his subordinates ended up falling into a deadly trap.

Xiuban, Reina, Enderfa, and the puppet were fine. With Xiuban’s physique, getting rid of him wasn’t easy, and Reina was a Frost Dragon that was in the process of evolving, so her vitality was extremely robust. It wouldn’t be too bad even if she was seriously injured.

The puppet’s foundation was that of a Heaven Rank Puppet, and thus, it wouldn’t be easily destroyed. As for Enderfa, he would be fine as long as he got into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Spell Wheel wasn’t destroyed.

But Lin Yun had spent a lot of effort to develop his mage army, and they didn’t have the formidable defense and vitality of the others.

The strongest mage of the mage army was only a 3rd Rank Archmage, and they could only display so much power by using all kinds of arrays, Magic Tools, and Magic Robes crafted especially for them.

Their formidable power could only be displayed when working together. When meeting the sudden change in circumstances, the mage army’s joint power was overwhelmed.

If they hadn’t all advanced to the Archmage realm, at least half of them would have died from the Quicksand Tower’s trap!

Thankfully, no one died, but they were all seriously injured. Even Xiuban and Reina were injured. As for the puppet, an important weapon system had been destroyed, and many of its components had become piles of scraps. Its fighting power had greatly fallen.

Enderfa was fine, but the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel had a tear, and it would take a long time to mend it.

Even Lin Yun’s Law Runic Shield shattered while resisting the attack that fell as the light boundary disappeared!

After the Law Runic Shield shattered, several thousand Law Runes had collapsed back into basic runes, and he might not be as successful when combining the Law Runes again. A lot of the runes would end up being discarded.

In the end, everyone worked hard and fought hard for such a long time. They had been hopeful as half of the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were killed, only to suffer such a horrifying blow.

When added to the fact that the Heaven Grade Array had been snatched by the magic beasts, Lin Yun was rapidly bursting with rage.

When the light boundary was shattered, Lin Yun did notice the approaching Dark Night Phoenix and could only make the decision to give up on the Heaven Grade Array.

Now, he was waiting at the mountain on the other end of the Quicksand Tower’s tunnel.

And sure enough, it didn’t take long before a group of battered and exhausted mages came out of a cave on the northern side of the mountain.

Lin Yun floated in the air with a cold expression. He didn’t say anything unnecessary before he threw a Fire God Spear burning with a faint golden flame in front of the mage leading the group.

Daggeth’s expression changed as he saw Lin Yun with his eyes closed.

“Sir Mafa Merlin, there must be a misunderstanding”

Daggeth didn’t have time to finish his words before Ferton loudly screeched, “Sir Daggeth! Why bother speaking with him? That idiot has been fighting for such a long time and is definitely at his limits! Look at his exhausted face! Even casting might be hard for him.

“Damned idiot, we let you keep your life, yet you didn’t run! Is this arrogance, or stupidity? Don’t tell me that you think you can handle the few dozen of us on your own?

“It’s perfect that you didn’t run! After getting rid of you, no one will know about the array producing Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals.

“Mafa Merlin, you are courting death…

“Everyone, together! He has already reached his limits! We can get rid of him!”

Ferton laughed hysterically as he looked at Lin Yun. He raised the Endless Sand in his hands and it crazily filled the sky before transforming into a huge sand wave that flowed towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes and let out a rune. He blocked the sand wave and then opened his Demiplane’s Planar Path before summoning a mirror image in the air, allowing everyone within the Demiplane to see what was happening outside.

Glancing inside the Demiplane, Lin Yun started burning with rage. The fifty mages, Xiuban, Reina, the puppet, and Enderfa were all paralyzed on the ground. Most of them couldn’t do something as simple as taking out a Health Potion.

The small wolf led the two Beastman Ancestor Souls in providing critical care to Lin Yun’s subordinates.

“Watch Watch how I kill these fools. Rest assured, I’ll help you vent your resentment for what happened,” Lin Yun mumbled to the Planar Path.

He then turned his pale body and looked at the Quicksand Tower’s mages.

Ferton had sharp eyesight and immediately shouted, “Hurry up, everyone attack together! That guy is already seriously injured and has reached his limits. He can no longer hold on, hurry up and get rid of him! Or he’ll definitely retaliate”

As Ferton’s words stopped, every mage of the Quicksand Tower raised their staves. The strongest of these few dozen people were Ferton and Daggeth. The two were Peak 9th Rank Archmages, and they could advance to the Heaven Rank as long as they completed the Extraordinary transformation.

There were also two that had just advanced to the 9th Rank, and the remaining ones were 8th and 7th Rank Archmages.

Of the few dozen people, most of them had already started casting. Faced with those spells, Lin Yun’s expression grew increasingly colder.

A Law Runic Shield made of more than ten thousand Law Runes appeared around him and forcibly resisted their spells.

Lin Yun coldly looked at Ferton and said, “Moron, you’ll be the first to die.”

Lin Yun’s mana burst out like an eruption. He used pure spellcasting ability and spent several times the mana to instantly condensed over a hundred Fire Dragon Impacts.

The concentrated flames converged into fierce Fire Dragons, and the berserk power burst like a flood. Roaring Flaming Dragon heads thrust into the large number of spells in front of them.

Explosions kept echoing as the Fire Dragons exploded one by one, but the spells released by the Quicksand Tower seemed to have also been torn apart.

The whirling flames rushed into the quicksand spells, and it took less than two seconds for Lin Yun to pass through the quicksand-covered area. He was only fifty meters away from Ferton.

That distance was no different from standing next to each other for a 9th Rank Archmage. Any spell released would hit their target almost instantly at this distance.

This was basically melee range to 9th Rank Archmages. It was already a pure contest of who was more powerful, who could chant the fastest, and who had the strongest defense.

Lin Yun’s sudden burst completely exceeded the expectations of every member of the Quicksand Tower. They didn’t expect that Lin Yun could burst with so much power when at his limits…

Ferton screeched in alarm.

“Sh*t! Hurry up and get rid of him, that guy doesn’t have the strength to keep going! This is his last burst of power, his mind is already at its limits!”

While screaming at others to attack, Ferton directly gave up on offensive spells and instead kept chanting short incantations to form shields in front of his body.

Ferton frantically withdrew, but he was far slower than Lin Yun. Lin Yun’s eyes were red, and since he said he was going to get rid of Ferton first, he would definitely get rid of him first.

This time, his losses had been disastrous. He had lost a stable source of mana crystals, and all his subordinates had been seriously injured.

Lin Yun kept staring at Ferton and rapidly chanted an incantation. In a flash, rain and wind rose around his body.