End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116 Lin Yuns Wrath 2

Lin Yun held his Draconic Staff and kept spitting out Law Runes. In an instant, 3 Four Element Bombs wrapped in Law Runes appeared.

The Four Element Bombs were compressed to just a meter in size, and chains formed of Law Runes coiled around them, further compressing them and increasing their speed.

Three explosions echoed as the bombs disappeared. They tore through the air as they travelled at an extreme speed, creating sonic booms in their wake.

A loud booming sound echoed as the berserk destructive power spread out and Ferton’s dozen layers of shields were blasted by a Four Element Bomb. Those quicksand shields were like children’s toys in front of the Four Element Bomb, exploding and scattering into sand.

The second Four Element Bomb hit Ferton’s triple shields, consisting of his Mana Shield, Elemental Shield, and Runic Shield. They only slightly fluctuated before distorting and exploding.

The shockwave from the explosion swept Ferton’s body. It was like he had been kicked by a giant and sent flying. His magic staff exploded, and his left shoulder and left arm holding onto the staff were completely crushed. Most of his arm was destroyed by the explosion, and his shoulder bone caved in.

Ferton paled as he looked at the last Four Element Bomb flying over, his eyes filled with despair.

“Mafa Merlin, the Quicksand Tower won’t let you off if you dare to kill me! My uncle is a Heaven Rank powerhouse!” Ferton shrieked.

But he couldn’t do anything else now. He watched as the last Four Element Bomb flew over, and he recast Mana Shield and Elemental Shield. The Runic Shield couldn’t be condensed again right after being torn to shreds.

In the distance, Daggeth loudly pleaded for leniency. “Sir Mafa Merlin, this is a misunderstanding! It really is a misunderstanding, please listen to my explanation”

Daggeth had a regretful expression… He didn’t have another option. They had been blinded by benefits and had overlooked how powerful that guy was. Apologizing wouldn’t likely be useful.

But it was like Lin Yun didn’t hear Daggeth’s pleas. Raging flames were burning in his eyes. Ferton had already been sent flying by the explosion, and Lin Yun showed no mercy, sending the last Four Element bomb to strike him as he landed.

As it hit, the Law Runes shackling the Four Element Bomb exploded. All the power from the Law Runes transformed into a halo that enveloped the Four Element Bomb’s surface.

That halo was like a giant’s hand that forcibly compressed the Four Element Bomb, so when it came into contact with that pressure, the originally weak balance was instantly shattered.

The ice and fire powers compressed within the Four Element Bomb clashed and created an explosion of berserk power. But because of that compression, the clash became even fiercer.

Soon, the halo could no longer continue suppressing the completely uncontrollable power.


It was like countless claps of thunder boomed at the same time. The Four Element Bomb instantly disappeared, and the power transformed into a huge black sphere.

That sphere kept expanding and engulfing everything it came into contact with, annihilating everything it devoured.

The Annihilation Effect was fortunately roused, and it burst out when it was compressed at the most berserk time. In an instant, that sphere of mana that didn’t emit any mana fluctuations had already expanded to seventy meters.

Ferton’s body was instantly covered by it and no sounds could be heard; even his breathing had disappeared.

That explosion’s Annihilation Space expanded to a hundred meters in diameter before suddenly collapsing towards its center and thoroughly disappearing.

Everything within those hundred meters had completely disappeared It was as if the atmosphere had been annihilated into nothingness.

The air and elements in the surroundings started to flow backward in the blank zone. The violent power transformed into gales that kept spreading.

Ferton had been annihilated, and not even a hair could be found. The mages of the Quicksand Tower were also hesitating, looking at Lin Yun’s back as if he was some terrifying God.

But the cast spells couldn’t be taken back.

Over a hundred quicksand spells fell onto Lin Yun’s Law Runic Shield in succession. Facing such a powerful and dense spellwave, with the lowest spell being at the 6th Tier, Lin Yun couldn’t control his body and was being pushed back along with his Law Runic Shield.

After sliding a hundred meters back, Lin Yun once again stabilized his body. He raised his head and glared with his eyes filled with raging flames.

Daggeth gritted his teeth as he immediately understood. It wasn’t like they could stop the fight at will. It was too late to acknowledge their mistake.

The several dozen mages of the Quicksand Tower scattered, forming a semicircle. Some people floated in the air, while some remained on the ground.

A large amount of sand surged from underground and submerged every one of them, their silhouettes no longer visible.

Lin Yun summoned Syudos, and the wheel shadow behind him started frantically revolving, sending Fire Law Runes rushing through the air.

These Fire Law Runes formed a vortex that instantly expanded, and patterns of light appeared in the air. Suddenly, boundless flames poured down from the sky.

On the ground, several hundred meters were instantly covered in a sea of fire. The quicksand was completely submerged in flames like a churning sea.

Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras to release different flames: the golden red Hellfire, the ashen black Bone-corroding Black Flames, and the ashen grey Corrosive Fire. These flames were like sparks that crazily spread through the sea of fire when they came into contact with the elemental flames.

The three kinds of flames tangled with each other as they spread. It took only a few seconds before the several hundred meters of flames merged together.

The ground was forcibly burnt by the flames and the sand turned into a sticky, viscous liquid that flowed on the ground.

It took less than five seconds before the mournful screams of the Quicksand Tower’s mages echoed. The mages hiding in the quicksand kept reinforcing their defenses and hiding deeper and deeper.

But Lin Yun and Syudos joined hands and transformed those several hundred meters into Hell. Flames kept burning everything and kept spreading downward, burning the ground into nothingness.

It was like the mages hidden within the sand were trapped in a sealed room with fire burning outside.

The Corrosive Fire could burn through, the Hellfire’s terrifying heat could keep raising the temperature, and the Bone-corroding Black Flames would adhere to any bone and keep burning until all the bones turned to dust.

Miserable wails kept echoing. Unseen to anyone, a dozen mages of the Quicksand tower had been burnt alive within the quicksand.

When Syudos first controlled the Book of Mantras, even the Heaven Bronze Beastman, someone specialized in defense, was burnt to death, let alone these mages.

The flames covered several hundred meters. After thirty seconds of burning, Daggeth led three mages at the edge of the sea of flames and rushed out. Half of their robes had been destroyed by the heat. One of the mages had his left hand hit by the Bone-corroding Black Flames and could only cut it off.

Unfortunately, a Four Element Bomb immediately greeted them once they rushed out. A loud explosion echoed and sent the four mages flying while spurting out blood, and Lin Yun hurriedly chased after them.

Before Daggeth even got up, he immediately shouted, “Sir Mafa Merlin, we surrender, we surrender, please stop the slaughter”

Daggeth had a bitter expression as he looked at the remaining three mages. He turned around and looked at the slowly burning sea of flames with despair and regret.

‘I really shouldn’t have listened to that fool, Ferton… Damn I didn’t even notice the 2nd Rank Heaven Beast. After so much planning, we only helped the 2nd Rank Heaven Beast break through Mafa Merlin’s array…

‘I did say that Mafa Merlin’s strength is absolutely comparable to a Heaven Mage, but everyone ignored that because they were blinded by profit.

‘Someone comparable to a Heaven Mage isn’t someone we can handle, even if he is exhausted.

‘Damn, not only does he have an Extraordinary Magic Tool, but its Incarnation has already awakened.

‘I hope he can stop the massacre with our surrender. That damned Ferton, he ruined us. Everyone died because of him. I hope I can explain that to Mafa Merlin and at worst compensate him.

‘Ferton had his brain filled with mana crystals, and he actually wanted to get rid of Mafa Merlin Right, see how that worked out’

Daggeth led the three mages, not showing any resistance. It was like he was showing his neck for Lin Yun to cut.

By then, Lin Yun’s anger had slightly diminished. He told Syudos to put away the flames and used Flame Shackles to drag them into his Demiplane.