End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117 Aftermaths Of The Battle

Lin Yun looked back in the distance and looked at the Dark Night Phoenix guarding the array, not caring about the fight happening in the distance. Those several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were guarding the surroundings, firmly protecting the array.

With a dark expression, Lin Yun turned back and flew away. He found a safe location and entered the Demiplane.

In the Demiplane, Enderfa was lashing his whip, fiercely cursing at Daggeth’s group.

“You idiots! So what if you are mages of the Quicksand Tower? So what if you are 9th Rank Archmages? You are truly idiots! You can’t do something as simple as digging a river path? Why don’t you die.

“What? You still dare to glare at me? Uncle Enderfa will get rid of you”

Enderfa was enraged. These guys had already been injured by Lin Yun and thrown into his Demiplane so they now became the targets of his venting.

The four first-rate Archmages of the Quicksand Tower were now riddled with injuries but they were like sand digging slaves clearing up a river path in the Demiplane and adjusting the course of the river going through the Demiplane.

Daggeth didn’t dare to speak, he had experienced Lin Yun’s cruelty first-hand. Moreover, he had seen the Shadow Tower’s people and understood that he should be cooperating sincerely and do what was asked of him. He could see the Shadow Tower’s mages being treated like slave Beastmen, carrying heavy stones to build a building.

In the distance, Dylas was rejoicing in others’ misfortune and happily smirked as he looked at the four members of the Quicksand Tower.

‘Damn, fortunately there are other idiots that provoked Mafa Merlin. It looks like they trapped Mafa Merlin really badly. That’s great, that fierce evil dog Enderfa will bite Daggeth’s group now, he definitely won’t pay attention to us during that time.

‘Daggeth’s group had best not cooperate, Enderfa would definitely like it. The more arrogant they act, the better it is. Enderfa definitely wouldn’t have time for us then and we can slowly build the palace.

‘I heard Mafa Merlin has an even fiercer subordinate, a Soul Walker playing with souls. These idiots of the Quicksand Tower are keeping them off our backs, I hope they won’t die from being toyed with. If they do, wouldn’t it be our turns?’

The Demiplane had new workers, but Lin Yun was in a terrible mood.

The morale among his subordinates was low, the fifty mage were completely hurt, and they had used too much mana in the battle, they were all pale as corpses.

The mage army’s Joint Chant Array had directly exploded for the first time, they even almost died. This was a huge blow for the mage army that had had a smooth path so far.

Lin Yun had kept telling them that alone they were useless, but as long as the fifty of them could join forces together, they could display, a dozen to a few dozen times their power.

He had even said that their union being broken meant their deaths.

Lin Yun left a pile of Health Potions and Warmth Nourishing Potions to let the mage army recover. He even encouraged these demoralized guys.

On another side, Reina was calmly healing her wound. Her expression didn’t look good, it was clear that this battle’s failure was greatly discouraging her, and she didn’t care that it was due to an accident.

Dragons were prideful, they would never make an excuse for their failure, failure was failure.

As for Xiuban, he was lying on the ground like a corpse, his eyes unfocused as he looked at the sky.

Xiuban and his lack of casting ability could have very little impact in this kind of large-scale battle. He couldn’t have rushed out or he would have been besieged by a large group of magic beasts.

The powerful physique Xiuban was intensely proud of ended up with bloody holes, he had even almost been cut in half. He had almost died.

That was a huge blow to Xiuban’s confidence. After fusing with all kinds of Draconic Blood, Xiuban’s bloodline had already been upgraded to an unimaginable degree. His body especially, it was a lot stronger than Reina in her Frost Dragon Shape.

After all, Reina fused with the empty mana crystal of an Ancient Poison Dragon and her Life Essence was in the middle of evolving, her body far exceeded other Frost Dragons. But even so, her physique was far behind Xiuban.

Xiuban didn’t eat or sleep, which made Lin Yun unable to smile.

After looking at his subordinates’ conditions, exchanging the puppet’s components, and boosting their morale, Lin Yun was no longer in the mood to continue with his experiments.

That array was now occupied by the Dark Night Phoenix, and there were still several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts guarding it. Taking it back was more or less impossible.

No one here was a match for the 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix. They could barely resist its attack, but Lin Yun didn’t have any confidence in launching an attack.

But not taking the array back couldn’t be done. From looking at it from a distance with Eagle Sight, he saw that the mana crystals produced by the array weren’t used to produce new Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic beasts, they were instead intercepted by the Dark Night Phoenix.

Many fire mana crystals were devoured by the Dark Night Phoenix, while the rest of the mana crystals were given to the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

The originally injured Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts immediately recovered after absorbing the mana crystals. After half a minute, a magic beast with half of its body destroyed and its viscera exposed recovered and seemed to have no issue.

A large number of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts converged together. For a short time, there would be no new Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast appearing in the Raging Flame Plane. Once all the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were killed, not one more would appear.

Since he couldn’t circumvent the Dark Night Phoenix, he could only fight over the array.

Lin Yun frowned in contemplation. Some strange fluctuations suddenly came from the Demiplane and he received Enderfa’s warning.

Lin Yun instantly leaked killing intent.

At this time, the only people that could make trouble were those shadow mages and quicksand mages.

After returning to the Demiplane, he first sensed some different fluctuations coming from the laboratory. An extremely terrifying aura was occupying the place.

He instantly appeared above the laboratory and only saw a huge hole in the laboratory.

And it was in the core area of the laboratory.

The array set up at the top of the laboratory had been constructed out of magic materials, and they were all magic-resistant materials. It could resist all sorts of magic element interferences and even Hellfire couldn’t burn through it.

But now, a five-meter-big hole spread before Lin Yun’s eyes.

This core area of the laboratory was used to research Beast God’s Blood. There were all kinds of instruments inside that Lin Yun had specially created, and at the very center was the alchemical device to transform Beast God’s Blood.

It was a device made with valuable materials. Two of the materials used had been traded in the temple. These were materials that couldn’t be found in Noscent.

Unfortunately, they had been thoroughly destroyed and only some remnants remained.

Even the other instruments, tools, and devices in the laboratory had been destroyed.

At the very center, only a fist-sized red-colored flame calmly floated there.

It looked like an ordinary elemental flame. From a distance, one could feel a faint horrifying aura, but no mana fluctuations could be felt after approaching, it was as if he was looking at something that didn’t exist.

Lin Yun was suddenly taken aback, the Magic Array faintly sensed that the aura of the Beast God’s Blood had disappeared!

The bloody mist surrounding the laboratory had also disappeared!

All that should be left behind in the laboratory was the Beast God’s Blood whose Law fragments had been stripped and the bloody mist surrounding the laboratory. But Lin Yun hadn’t condensed the new Beast God’s Blood…

Yet everything had disappeared, only leaving behind an ordinary-looking flame.

‘The pure Beast God’s Blood power condensed into that flame?’

Lin Yun frowned and sensed the flame from a distance. He couldn’t isolate that flame with any power. The core laboratory had been destroyed, if that flame was put outside and burst out with terrifying power, it would definitely compare to an ordinary Extraordinary Spell.

Cautiously approaching, Lin Yun let out a Mana Tentacle to manipulate the flame. Unfortunately, just as the Mana Tentacle came in contact with the fireball, the spell collapsed and the pure mana was burnt into nothingness.

Lin Yun was startled. Mana Tentacle was the safest method, all sensitive alchemy experiments and array materials had to be manipulated with Mana Tentacles. This was made of pure power, it could be compared to the earth’s gravity in that regard.

Yet it was burnt? And the mana directly collapsed?

Apparently roused by the Mana Tentacle, that sphere of flame suddenly started roaming, burning everything on its path.

The walls of the laboratory were made of magic resistant materials, but whenever the flame was within five meters of them, they would instantly turn to ashes, not even given the chance to burn.

A large number of instruments and materials were burnt to ashes. Lin Yun cast an Askrim Gate to block that flame’s path, and a powerful ice aura spread, but it had no effect on the flame.

When the flame was within five minutes of the icy gate, the icy blue crystal-like Askrim Gate immediately collapsed and transformed into pure ice elements that dissipated, even those ice elements couldn’t get within five meters of the flames.

And the flame was still stubbornly floating in another direction. Everything within five meters instantly transformed to ashes…

He cast a Flame Cage, but the Flame Cage also collapsed into the most basic elements and even the fire elements couldn’t get within five meters of the flame.

After using a large number of methods, he still couldn’t control that fist-sized flame.

At this time, Lin Yun’s eyes widened as he looked at that flame carelessly floating around…

‘Sh*t That’s

‘God Fire!’