End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118 God Fire Ember

‘The power to repel all elemental power, light, and darkness. In a place shrouded with God Fire, no worldly power could appear. Even the air can’t remain in its presence.

‘How could the blood of the Beast God condense into God Fire? Damn, this was only a drop of Beast God’s Blood that lost its Law fragments. Even the bloodline power of the Beast God’s Blood couldn’t be that powerful.’

Lin Yun was shocked. If this was God Fire, then he had no way of controlling it, he could only watch the God Fire roam about and destroy everything in its way.

If he dared to approach, it would only take an instant before he was turned to ashes.

After following the God Fire and probing for a bit, he suddenly discovered that runes could influence its path. Lin Yun was suddenly excited.

‘That scared me… Turns out that it’s not true God Fire, but the embers left after some God Fire was extinguished’

At the end of the Magic Era, Lin Yun had researched a lot about the so-called Gods. He had a thorough understanding of the Heaven Rank and above.

Heaven Rank powerhouses that wanted to surpass the Heaven Rank had to ignite God Fire. After igniting God Fire, they could break through to the next stage. God Fire was extremely important, the core of everything.

The flame before his eyes was the ember left behind after some God Fire stopped burning. To a true God Fire, it was feeble like a candle about to be extinguished.

But even if it was a faint ember, that essence came from God Fire!

Even magic-resistant materials would turn to ashes if they got within the range of that ember’s power. This wasn’t something that could be done with the power of the Heaven Rank. It wasn’t a matter of quantity, it was a matter of quality. It was just as hard as crossing the bottomless Abyss.

Lin Yun softly sighed.

Although that thing was powerful, as far as he was concerned, it was almost an invincible existence. No, not almost To Lin Yun, it was an existence that couldn’t be touched. Touching it amounted to death, and even his soul wouldn’t be able to escape.

‘I might only be qualified to touch the ember of a God Fire after I advance to the Heaven Rank and grasp Extraordinary Power.

‘At that time, there would be some hope of studying that thing, but even then, I would only be qualified to touch it, nothing more. Right now, looking at it from a distance is good enough. Touching it is definitely impossible.’

After recognizing it, Lin Yun more or less figured out a method to stop it from raging around.

He couldn’t touch it, but he could direct it with runes.

Runes kept flying out one by one. After getting too close, the Law Runes suddenly collapsed, but as they collapsed, a trace of Law Power transformed into a breeze that brushed against the God Fire Ember.

The God Fire Ember slowly flew up while Lin Yun kept using even more Law Runes to envelop it. Each time the Law Runes collapsed, the God Fire Ember would move in the direction Lin Yun wanted it to go.

Slowly, the God Fire Ember flew to the sky, followed by Lin Yun. He kept spending Law Runes to direct and guide it.

After expending no less than three hundred Law Runes, he finally drove the God Fire Ember to the peak of the Demiplane.

He kept spurting out Law Runes and then seemed to merge the God Fire Ember with the Demiplane’s space, making an invisible pattern appear.

The God Fire Ember followed that pattern in the sky and slowly orbited.

Suddenly, a gentle radiance blossomed from the God Fire Ember and illuminated the entire Demiplane.

The controlled God Fire Ember hung in the sky, playing the role of the Natural Demiplane’s sun. Its gentle radiance was like sunlight illuminating every corner of the Demiplane.

According to Lin Yun’s arrangement, the God Fire Ember wouldn’t actually rise and set, but it would roam the sky and make it seem like sunrise and sunset happened.

Once the God Fire Ember was far enough, the radiance would be dim like night, and once the God Fire Ember came back to an area, it would be like noon.

When the radiance appeared, the vegetation of the entire Demiplane started receiving benefits.

A large number of plants’ shoots rapidly transformed into saplings, while the huge trees started extending their branches and leaves, recovering from that not dead, yet not alive withering state.

Immense vitality covered the entire Demiplane. Insects’ noises could be heard, periodically echoing with the movement of the God Fire Ember.

But the biggest change came from the Mana Vines. The thick Mana Vines were like huge, green pythons slowly unfurling their bodies. Then, a thin layer of light roamed on the surface of the Mana Vines.

The Mana Vines’ roots spread further and further and forcibly grabbed onto the Demiplane. Then, every Mana Vine split once again into two or three smaller ones.

Those Mana Vines pierced through the barrier of the Demiplane to extend into the Void and swallow the chaotic energies there.

These chaotic energies formed the foundation of a plane. For a mage, almost half of it would be useless impurities.

But to a Demiplane, every bit was useful. The mana could spread through the entire Demiplane, and the purest mana would be gathered into the Mana Pond.

As for what mages considered impurities, they would merge with the Demiplane’s earth and supply the plane with all kinds of rare elements. By the time they were broken down and absorbed by the plane, they would re-condense into various kinds of magic ores or valuable materials.

Even magic-resistant materials could appear there.

Radiant light flashed as the Mana Vines kept on increasing in number, all of them becoming bigger and bigger. Lin Yun could already feel a few magic ore veins taking shape, as well as isolated magic ores appearing in various places.

Some plants even started growing near the mana pond.

Lin Yun smiled. It had been worth spending a few hundred Law Runes to control that God Fire.

The Demiplane hadn’t directly grown, but the vitality had increased and the essence had become more complicated.

And this, to a Natural Demiplane, was more important than the growth in size and grade.

Those ores and plants were inferior and magic materials couldn’t be found most of the time, but it was a good start. As long as there was a start, there would be more and more later.

For several days, Lin Yun tried to research this God Fire Ember before completely giving up. Controlling the God Fire Ember was impossible for the moment.

He used a few dozen to a few hundred Law Runes each time and could barely control it, while those Law Runes were lost permanently.

Once they were shattered, they couldn’t even transform back into basic runes They just thoroughly dissipated. No one apart from Lin Yun, with his vast number of runes, would dare to use that method to control the God Fire Ember.

Ordinary mages, or even Dedale, who had already one foot in the Heaven Rank, would at best have a few dozen Law Runes, and most likely even less, or none at all.

It would be considered outstanding if powerhouses that had just advanced to the Heaven Rank and stabilized their realms had a few thousand Law Runes.

Slightly controlling the God Fire Ember at the cost of a few hundred Law Runes was something that no Heaven Mage would do. Their Heaven Rank power would be completely crippled if they did so.

Once the mage army, Reina, and Xiuban recovered, Lin Yun immediately led them out of the Natural Demiplane.

After having discovered the secret of the Beast God’s Blood, the demand for the Beast God’s Blood was even greater, and giving up on the array was impossible.

“Impossible! Sir Merlin, that’s a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast! How could we defeat it? Taking back that array is impossible.”

Hearing Lin Yun explaining a plan to take back the array, Xiuban was the first to dampen the mood.

Enderfa was bitterly shaking his three faces.

“Merlin, we know the importance of the array. Who would have thought that Beast God’s Blood could transform into a God Fire Ember after being refined by your device?

“Damn, if that was public knowledge, who wouldn’t want to snatch it back?

“But that’s a Dark Night Phoenix! Even if it has only a little portion of the Phoenix Bloodline, it’s still a Phoenix. Apart from Syudos, no one could go against it without being burnt to death.

“No, that guy can kill us all without even releasing Phoenix Fire”

The mages of the mage army remained silent. Kurumu had a calm yet bitter expression, but he kept his mouth shut.

It was because this kind of existence could directly blow out their Joint Chant Array and prevent the mage army from displaying their power at all. Moreover, their fire spells were nothing more than tickles to the Dark Night Phoenix.

Wanting to use flames under the Heaven Rank to burn the Dark Night Phoenix was nothing more than a joke. The Dark Night Phoenix devoured flames stronger than the mage army’s elemental flames as snacks…

Lin Yun frowned. Let alone these people, even Syudos, who had already evolved into a Flame Spirit King, shook his head with uncertainty when Lin Yun mentioned the 2nd Rank Heaven Beast. He wasn’t sure he could injure it, let alone kill it.

Lin Yun kept thinking of other ideas, but after thinking for a very long time, he still couldn’t figure out a way.

There were plenty of methods, but they all required power, and the gap in strength was too large. All the methods were no different than sheets of paper unable to withstand a single blow.

“Sir Merlin, how about we try to lure the big bird away? Once it leaves, we can rush back in and rapidly set up the defenses. We would have snatched the array back by that time”