End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Perfect Explanation

“Moron, that’s not a mindless beast! It’s a genuine Heaven Rank Dark Night Phoenix! That guy won’t leave the array no matter what happens”

Lin Yun and his subordinates formed a circle and they kept discussing methods to take back the array. At the same time, the other forces were headed in this direction.

Two days had already passed since the magic beasts in the Raging Flame Battlefield had made such big movements. A large group of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts had rushed to this location, if the other forces couldn’t discover that, they would truly be stupid.

After hurrying to this place, they noticed the traces of the Quicksand Tower’s mages, but they only found the wreckage they had left behind. Not a single mage of the Quicksand Tower was found.

“Daggeth’s group seemed to have fought a group of mages… It doesn’t look like this was done by Beastmen or magic beasts”

An old mage of the Odin Royal Family frowned as he looked at the battlefield and shared his suspicions.

They followed the traces of the battlefield and rapidly moved forward, only to find an enormous hole that had been burnt black. A lot of sand had been fused into glass from the heat.

Seeing this big hole, someone stood up with a solemn expression. Dedale’s eyes flickered with flames as he looked at the black hole. He frowned, appearing somewhat fearful.

‘Such a powerful flame forcibly burnt everything. That’s not something a spell can create!

‘To use pure flames to burn several meters of the earth within a few hundred meters Who did this?

‘It’s definitely not a Beastman. Not a single one of the Beastmen that came this time possesses such a skill. Moreover, there is still a rich aura of mana that hasn’t dissipated. That was done by a mage proficient in fire spells….

‘Our Burning Tower, Sky City, the Henry Family, and the Odin Royal Family are all here. As for the Shadow Tower, they aren’t proficient with fire spells.

‘The Andlusa Kingdom’s Royal Family, the Cloud Tower, and the Black Tower moved with us.

‘This only leaves the Merlin Family!

‘The traces of the mages of the Quicksand Tower disappeared in this burnt hole Did Mafa Merlin do it?

‘Damn, how could Mafa Merlin be that powerful?

‘The mages of the Quicksand Tower might have already been wiped out, all their auras disappeared here’

And next to him, Morgan wiped his cold sweat as he looked at this burnt black hole. Morgan immediately understood who had fought with the Quicksand Tower.

‘Damn, Sir Merlin keeps on getting stronger. Those fools of the Quicksand Tower actually provoked Sir Merlin to the point where he flew into a rage and killed them underground.

‘These idiots have done a lot of stupid things, and look at where that got them. They all burnt to death, that bunch of fools.

‘Weren’t they puzzled as to why no Heaven Bronze Beastman had appeared?

‘I just didn’t tell them that the Heaven Bronze Beastman had already been burnt to death by Sir Merlin. That the Beastman as proficient in defense as Green-shelled Tortoises couldn’t resist Sir Merlin’s flames. Those idiots must have become ashes.

‘No, their ashes must have definitely been turned into nothingness.

‘In any case, we can’t provoke Sir Merlin. Fortunately, I have a good relationship with Sir Merlin now’

Having seen Lin Yun casually burn the Bronze Beastman to death, Morgan wiped his cold sweat and remained silent. Sky City’s Raphael was also uneasy.

Of the ten forces that entered the Raging Flame Battlefield, only three were missing. Moreover, this place clearly had traces of a mage battle. There were no traces of Beastmen.

Anyone with a brain could figure out who had burnt the Quicksand Tower’s mages. This was definitely a miserable scene.

Jouyi and Harren remained silent, while the Azurewave Sword Saint’s expression was somewhat unnatural. After guessing who had done that, he paled.

When they had entered the Raging Flame Battlefield, he had been somewhat looking down on Mafa Merlin. He couldn’t understand why Jouyi and Harren wanted to cooperate with this novice Archmage.

‘Fortunately, I didn’t target Mafa Merlin back then. How come that guy is so powerful? When we found traces of the Quicksand Tower, there had been traces of several dozen mages.

‘But after reaching this hole, their auras completely vanished…

‘Isn’t the Quicksand Tower a force chosen by the Odin Kingdom to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield? One of the three strongest mage towers in the Raging Flame Plane? They were actually annihilated by Mafa Merlin?

‘Isn’t he still in the Archmage realm? How could he be so powerful? Even a true Heaven Rank powerhouse couldn’t do something like that.’

The Azurewave Sword Saint wiped some sweat from his forehead and quietly glanced at Jouyi, Harren, Morgan, and Raphael. ‘The four of them have already advanced to the Heaven Rank. And sure enough, they all have solemn expressions. Morgan even seems to be relieved…

‘Why is that guy relieved? He definitely knows something I don’t’

A group of people died quietly. This filled Dedale’s solemn expression with fear. The others were either fearful or relieved.

Only the Odin Royal Family was infuriated.

“That damned Mafa Merlin, it’s definitely Mafa Merlin!

“That guy actually dared to do something like that! The Quicksand Tower’s few dozen mages were definitely part of the main force destined to handle the Raging Flame Beastmen. They had four 9th Rank Archmages and two powerhouses half a step into the Heaven realm!

“But now they have all died here. What the hell is Mafa Merlin doing?

“He has to pay the price for murdering his allies”

The relationship between the Odin Kingdom and the Andlusa Kingdom had never been particularly good. This was especially true of the relationship between the royal families.

The Odin Kingdom’s royal family had been sitting on some of the heritage of the 3rd Dynasty and was a lot stronger than the royal family of the Andlusa Kingdom.

They had always looked down on the Andlusa Royal Family. By now, all the forces of the Odin Kingdom were looking down on everything related to the Andlusa Kingdom.

Yet, a force of the Odin Kingdom had been eliminated. There had been a few dozen mages, yet not a single one could be found. This was a humiliation.

A mage of the Odin Royal Family took out a paper crane and hurriedly chanted an incantation. A series of runes entered the paper and it immediately went out, crossed over the burnt hole, and flew away.

There was a huge aura remaining there. Following that aura was too easy.

After twenty minutes, the paper crane led everyone to the area where Lin Yun’s group had been staying.

After seeing Lin Yun’s group, Morgan’s expression seemed to be saying, ‘Sure enough, it was like that.’

But he didn’t think too much about it.

It was actually the prince of the Odin Royal Family that flew into a rage and started cursing.

“Mafa Merlin! It was really you! How dare you do this!

“What about the agreement we had when we came in, did you already forget about it? How could you dare murder the Quicksand Tower’s mages? Murder your own allies? Are you trying to start a war? Are you provoking our Odin Kingdom’s prestige?

“Don’t even think of leaving alive if you don’t give us a perfect explanation today”

The Odin Prince flew into a rage, and seeing as he was about to become irrational, Dedale hurriedly dragged him to the side.

The others might not have noticed, but Dedale could see that Lin Yun was extremely calm. It was as if he hadn’t heard the Odin Prince criticizing him.

And on the other side, the Andlusa forces obviously remained silent. If they made a move, they would definitely support Lin Yun.

Also, Raphael and Morgan were forces of the Odin Kingdom, but they didn’t have a particularly good relationship with the Odin Prince. They also weren’t afraid, but whether they would help the Odin Prince or not was unknown.

Fear flashed in Dedale’s eyes as he dragged the Odin Prince aside.

“Your Highness, please don’t be impulsive. It’s better to discuss first. After all, we can’t reach a verdict by relying on speculations.

“I believe Sir Merlin can give us a perfect explanation as to why he murdered the Quicksand Tower’s mages, his allies.”

Dedale looked at Lin Yun as he persuaded the Odin Prince to not be impulsive, but he was also adding fuel to the fire and fanning the flames…

‘Perfect explanation…

‘Everyone died, what use is there in a perfect explanation?

‘How could it matter if he says that the Quicksand Tower took the initiative to attack and he got rid of them?

‘As long as they hadn’t done something to betray mankind, no circumstances justified getting rid of the Quicksand Tower. After all, they were considered allies.’

Sure enough, Dedale’s words ignited the fury of the Odin Prince.

His tone rose as he said, “Perfect explanation? Dogsh*t perfect explanation! Could it be that the Quicksand Tower’s mages betrayed us all? What have they done to deserve being wiped out?

“As I said, this is simply a provocation to the Odin Kingdom!”

The enraged Odin Prince kept denouncing Lin Yun while the people sitting there were sneering.

Xiuban casually sneered, “Hey, burning them to death is letting them off lightly. If it was me, I would have broken those fools’ bones one by one”

As he recalled that matter, Xiuban’s anger rose. If not for the Quicksand Tower, he wouldn’t have been almost torn apart by a group of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

Xiuban lifted Carnage and stood up. Reina and the mage army all stood up. The mention of the Quicksand Tower enraged them.

What should they do now that someone was looking for trouble? Obviously, they should beat them up.

Dedale frowned in alarm. While he had fanned the flames, he also helped the Odin Prince calm down. But the other side didn’t even bother to explain.

At this pace, the Odin Prince would just keep criticizing Lin Yun.

On the side, Morgan and Raphael quietly gathered together.

Morgan had a worried expression.

“Sir Raphael, tell me… If there is a fight, should we help Sir Merlin, or the Odin Royal Family?

“From Dedale’s behavior, he is definitely helping the Odin Royal Family. Do we actually have to avenge those gloomy guys?

“What a joke, I don’t want to be burnt to death. Sir Merlin has slacked a bit there… How could he leave such a distinctive trail?

“He could have grabbed a few Beastman corpses and thrown them there to shift the blame onto the Beastmen, or gotten rid of two or three magic beasts and placed their corpses there.

“Now that it’s obvious that they were the ones who took care of the Quicksand Tower’s mages, this matter has become a bit troublesome”