End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Tempting Offer

“We can’t really do anything about it. After all, the Quicksand Tower is our ally, yet their mages were all killed by Mafa Merlin. This matter is a bit troublesome.

“Regardless of what is said, this is a very bad situation. We might have some infighting.

“We should observe for now. In any case, whether Sir Merlin did something or not, we have to keep him alive, the rest can wait. There must have been a misunderstanding”

In the face of the Odin Royal Family’s accusations, Morgan and Raphael couldn’t help justifying themselves. Jouyi and Harren also got a big headache.

‘Getting rid of the Quicksand Tower’s mages so brazenly Most likely, all the mages of the Quicksand Tower that entered the Raging Flame Battlefield were killed.

‘This is naturally no different from murdering one’s allies. It’s enough to blow up this matter’

Jouyi and Harren didn’t know the circumstances, but they knew that the Quicksand Tower’s mages had to have done something excessive.

But they were at a loss and didn’t know how to justify Lin Yun’s actions.

“Sir Harren, when the fight starts, we have to escort Sir Merlin and leave this place,” Jouyi calmly told Harren, who indifferently nodded.

In any case, regardless of what happened, they couldn’t let the Odin Kingdom handle people of their Andlusa Kingdom, especially since it was Mafa Merlin.

The Odin Royal Family latched onto the part about murdering allies, and Dedale also sneered from the side, fanning the flames.

Seeing that this issue was about to reach a point where he’d receive all the blame and become the public enemy, Lin Yun slowly stepped forward and pointed towards the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield.

“You can check with your own eyes.”

The Odin Prince had been criticizing Lin Yun as if it was natural, ready to make a move alongside Dedale.

But they froze when they heard Lin Yun’s words. Morgan reacted the fastest and immediately flew up to check what was happening in that direction.

After crossing mountain peaks and flying a few kilometers away, Morgan returned with an alarmed expression.

“Damn, there are many Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, as well as a few Heaven Rank Magic Beasts There is even a 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix!

“Sh*t, a 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix! How could there be a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast here!?”

Morgan’s alarmed shout startled the group, and they immediately started flying in that direction. After a few kilometers, they sensed the faint aura of the Heaven Rank with a single glance and they remained silent after returning.

The Odin Prince was startled and was no longer in the mood to criticize Lin Yun. Dedale also forgot about his apprehensions and wasn’t even in the mood to think about the technique in Lin Yun’s hand.

The group looked at Lin Yun and waited until he explained that matter.

“Sir Merlin, how come there is a 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix here? And what’s going on with that large group of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts?”

Lin Yun closed the book in his hands and slowly stood up.

“It’s because there is a very powerful array over there that can absorb the power from some areas to form a Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystal before summoning an inferior magic beast to fuse with the mana crystal and create a Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast.

“Moreover, that array can produce ten mana crystals a day!”

Lin Yun directly mentioned the array and even introduced that array’s abilities.

The introduction of the array stunned everyone.

“Sh*t, that’s how the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts are made?”

“As long as we occupy that array, wouldn’t we easily get ten Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals every day?”

With the mention of that array, who would care about the death of those fools of the Quicksand Tower?

Moreover, everyone knew that it was because of that array that Lin Yun got rid of the Quicksand Tower’s mages.

“Sir Merlin, the mages of the Quicksand Tower died because”

Someone from the Odin Royal Family was unwilling to give up and wanted to maximize their benefits. He wanted to use this matter to pressure Lin Yun.

But he didn’t have time to finish his words before being sneered at by Enderfa’s three faces.

“That 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Phoenix was able to occupy that array thanks to the help of the Quicksand Tower. Now, days have passed and several 1st Rank Heaven Beasts have appeared This is all thanks to their contribution.

“If those fools hadn’t helped the magic beasts breach our array, how could the magic beasts have managed to occupy? How could there be several 1st Rank Heaven Beasts?

“Getting rid of them instantly was letting them off lightly!”

The person of the Odin Royal Family immediately became silent after hearing Enderfa’s words. He was even inwardly complaining about the mages of the Quicksand Tower.

‘Sh*t, it looks like Mafa Merlin had managed to take control of the array, but was besieged by the magic beasts.

‘He should have been able to resist, but his defenses were destroyed by the idiots of the Quicksand Tower.

‘Real idiots! If not for them, Mafa Merlin might have still been occupying the array, and he wouldn’t have been able to hog everything to himself once we arrived, would he?

‘And with our help, the power of the array might have stabilized, and we might have been able to safely occupy the array.

‘Ten mana crystals a day Even divided among so many forces, it would still be more than what they could hunt on their own. Furthermore, there’s also the huge group of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts gathered there. The gathering speed of mana crystals would be a lot higher.’

Dedale also forgot that he had been trying to stir things up and threw aside the matter of the Quicksand Tower.

“The Beastmen already have a lot of Heaven Rank powerhouses, and they can use Extraordinary Power in the raging Flame Battlefield.

“There are fewer and fewer Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts appearing in the Raging Flame Battlefield. Especially in the past two days, it’s been very difficult to encounter one.

“We have to take back that array!”

People nodded at Dedale’s suggestion. At this time, Lin Yun suddenly said, “We should cooperate in taking over the array and then trade the mana crystals produced for Beast God’s Blood. I can help you refine Beast God’s Blood into potions.

“It’ll help those on the verge of advancing to the Heaven realm complete their Extraordinary transformation. But the potion’s success rate isn’t 100%, it’s about 50%.

“The person that contributed the most in taking back the array should get the opportunity to advance, and the second person would come next.

“Is that okay with you?”

Lin Yun’s words instantly startled the group. Dedale was looking at Lin Yun with puzzlement.

‘Mafa Merlin actually wants to help us refine the potion? What is he thinking?

‘Since when is he that kind?’

It wasn’t just Dedale… The Odin Royal Family was also suspicious. They definitely couldn’t understand why Lin Yun was suddenly offering such good conditions.

Attacking the array was something everyone hoped for, but refining the potion only regarded Mafa Merlin.

Raphael, Morgan, Jouyi, Harren The four of them advancing to the Heaven Rank was a surprise.

But the Azurewave Sword Saint was actually exulting. He had heard that Jouyi and Harren had managed to advance thanks to Lin Yun. Now he had the opportunity to advance to the Heaven Rank. Who could say no?

Advancing to the Heaven Rank was a huge temptation, and an extremely generous proposal. In less than three seconds, everyone agreed to Lin Yun’s suggestion.

Lin Yun had a calm expression, his heart hardly caring.

He absolutely couldn’t take the array on his own. It wasn’t just that 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix now. There were also some 1st Rank Heaven Beasts and a few dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank powerhouses.

He couldn’t completely get rid of these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. Several dozen Pseudo Heaven Ranks attacking together was something he couldn’t block without the light boundary.

Only with everyone attacking could they have a chance of taking back the array.

Moreover, even if they took back the array, they would be splitting the mana crystals among everyone. Apart from the Henry Family, Sky City, the Black Tower, and the Cloud Tower, the others would have to request him to refine the potion.

But they would probably trade for items in the temple, just like Dedale and the Odin Royal Family. They definitely wouldn’t have the courage to ask him directly.

This way, the speed at which he would get the Beast God’s Blood would be very slow.

But by adding this tempting offer, all the mana crystals would definitely be used to trade for Beast God’s Blood, and once all the Beast God’s Blood were used to refine Golden Temptations, what was left behind would belong to Lin Yun.

All the mana crystals would be used to strengthen the God Fire Ember!

The God Fire Ember had already appeared, and it no longer needed that precise evolution process. As long as he had a large amount of Beast God’s Blood, he only needed to extract the Law fragments and directly fuse the rest of the power with the God Fire Ember.

Once the God Fire Ember expanded to a certain degree, it wouldn’t just be an ember, but rather a genuine God Fire.

If the God Fire Ember was already that powerful, how powerful would it become if it was ignited into a true God Fire? It wouldn’t be something that could be defined by the Heaven Rank.

More importantly, if he truly ignited a God Fire, then the biggest benefits wouldn’t be the God Fire itself, but rather, the other things it contained.

The bait tossed by Lin Yun was something Dedale couldn’t resist. Advancing to the Heaven Rank was the wish of all Archmages.

They quickly came to an agreement. The mana crystals would be divided evenly, but they would first gather a hundred mana crystals to trade for a drop of Beast God’s Blood in order to have Lin Yun refine a Golden Temptation Potion.

The person chosen for the first opportunity would be based on their performance during the attack.

With this temptation, Lin Yun didn’t need to worry about some people slacking or being opportunistic during the attack. If they didn’t put any effort, then fine, they temporarily wouldn’t get mana crystals after the attack, while whoever spent the most effort would be the first to trade the mana crystals for the Beast God’s Blood, and would be the first to advance to the Heaven realm!