End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Humans Vs Beasts

The Shadow Tower’s reputation wasn’t very good, and they didn’t have a good relationship with others. Although the Quicksand Tower was powerful, they had completely disappeared, down to the last mage.

Moreover, the Quicksand Tower’s mages were never very sociable. No one would speak up for them apart from the Odin Royal Family. But with the huge temptation in front of them, the Odin Royal Family wouldn’t care about the Quicksand Tower’s matter.

The eight forces amounting to a couple hundred people majestically moved towards the array.

Apparently feeling the human alliance approaching, that Dark Night Phoenix resting in the depression suddenly raised its head. Its eyes were burning with dark blue flames as it coldly glared at the human alliance before closing them, not caring about them.

The 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix was disdainful of the human army. It simply didn’t care about them. But those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts lying on the ground stood up one by one.

Oppressive and angry roars echoed as the huge Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts looked at the human army, their berserk auras continuously rising.

The huge and chaotic auras spread out and fused to form huge gales, making the elements within several kilometers become violent.

The chaotic aura transformed into a very thick plume of smoke charging into the sky. The clouds in the sky were instantly torn to shreds and dissipated. The space at the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield shook from the burst of aura.

Dedale was leading the Burning Tower’s mages from the front. He had summoned his orange flames, which were used by the Burning Tower’s mages to release powerful spells.

The berserk flames transformed into a powerful flood that ruthlessly charged into the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts at the forefront. Six huge armored beasts were blocking at the forefront and resisted the Burning Tower’s attacks by relying on their powerful bodies.

At that time, people from the other forces also sent their own people to join the fight. In an instant, the flood of spells was like torrential rain that fell onto those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and pressured them.

The beasts suffered injuries after a few seconds. One of the armored beasts had an eye that got corroded and was bursting open.

But those few seconds of advantage were instantly reversed as the six 1st Rank Heaven Beasts rushed out from the rear.

Two Flame Wolves with hundred-meter-long bodies bared their fangs as they charged over. Their bloody maws suddenly opened, and liquid-like burning flames spurted out. An explosion echoed, akin to a mountain bursting open, as it clashed with the mages’ spells.

At the point of impact, the air distorted due to the heat and the space fiercely fluctuated, on theverge of shattering.

Behind the two Flame Wolves, a hundred-meter-tall Frost Ape roared and rushed out, knocking away several Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts along its path. Its ice-covered fist shook the Burning Tower’s fire spells and forcibly extinguished them one by one.

There was also a Moonlight Deer, an Earth Rhinoceros, and a Lightning Fanged Tiger.

The appearance of the six 1st Rank Heaven Beasts pressured the human alliance.

The Moonlight Deer cast Moonlight Walls for defensive purposes. The Earth Rhinoceros’ body emitted earth runes as it frantically rushed to the forefront.

Lightning was flickering on the horn of the Lightning Fanged Tiger, and brilliant light covering the entire sky was spurting out of its horn.

In an instant, the human side’s attack had been completely resisted, and the beasts were counterattacking.

Dedale, who was charging at the forefront, had an unsightly expression. The pressure from those six Heaven Beasts was even greater than that of a few dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

“We have to get rid of these Heaven Beasts first or we won’t be able to continue!” Dedale loudly roared before charging towards that mountain-like Frost Ape.

Fire and ice instantly started colliding. The three fire spheres hovering around Dedale kept releasing three kinds of flames, which surrounded the Frost Ape.

On the side, Raphael went for one of the Flame Wolves while Harren went for the other one. Jouyi clashed with the Earth Rhinoceros, and Morgan faced the Moonlight Deer. Only the Lightning Fanged Tiger remained and became Lin Yun’s opponent.

A battle between Heaven Rank powerhouses would greatly affect the surroundings. The six 1st Rank Heaven Beasts clashed against six human powerhouses, and their battlefield spread over a few kilometers.

The Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were given to the subordinates of various forces.

At the start of the chaotic battle, Dedale kept releasing flames to weaken the Frost Ape. Raphael roused his fortress to cast spells while setting up arrays.

Harren’s battlefield turned into a shadowy area that engulfed the Flame Wolf, and fierce mana fluctuations spread out from inside that area. The battle was very fierce.

Jouyi was fighting the Earth Rhinoceros, the one with the strongest defenses. Starlight flickered all around him, and looking from the outside, the space there had already distorted. As those stars revolved, the Earth Rhinoceros also started revolving.

The combination of the Starry Sky Mirage and the Starry Sky Reflection was enough to trap this Earth Rhinoceros; it couldn’t break free of that power. But Jouyi’s spells could hardly injure the Earth Rhinoceros. That skin covered in earth runes had extremely terrifying defenses. Spells at the 7th Tier or below could only leave very minor marks.

As for Morgan’s fight, he had the greatest advantage. He released his Darkness Elemental God and it simply paid no attention to the other magic beasts, directly rushing towards the Moonlight Deer.

The Moonlight Deer was emitting an aura of light, which almost made the Darkness Elemental God go berserk. Wisps of darkness revolved around the Moonlight Deer, continuously flickering. Darkness and light kept clashing and creating loud explosions. The mana fluctuations created visible ripples that spread in every direction.

The fight with the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts was also well underway. They were barely able to keep pressuring the other side into being unable to charge.

Lin Yun saw the circumstances on the battlefield and frowned. He wasn’t feeling very optimistic.

If it had only been Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, four Heaven Mages and two Archmages able to display the power of Heaven Mages definitely would have been able to slowly kill them all.

But now, the Dark Night Phoenix had helped six Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts advance to the Heaven Rank. It wasn’t as simple as having an increase in power.

Heaven Beasts awakened their wisdom. Even if their power hadn’t changed, the way they displayed their power would make them twice as efficient, not to mention the double or triple increase in power…

Most importantly, the Dark Night Phoenix was still resting with its head hidden behind its wings, completely not caring about what was happening.


A thick bolt of lightning exploded on Lin Yun’s Law Runic Shield, stirring him from his thoughts.

The Lightning Fanged Tiger in front of him had its back arched, and lightning was flickering on its horn. Glaring lightning kept flying out, forming a river that flooded Lin Yun.

Other lightning bolts transformed into long whips that ruthlessly lashed at Lin Yun’s Law Runic Shield. Numerous Law Runes were roused and flickering.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at the disinterested Dark Night Phoenix. His Draconic Staff dimmed, and the runes he spat out transformed into shields that kept layering over one another.

Hardly caring about the Lightning Fanged Tiger’s attacks, Lin Yun kept floating in the air, motionless. The Lightning Fanged Tiger showed a mocking smile and released a large number of lightning spells to pressure Lin Yun while slowly approaching. It stretched its huge sharp claws, seemingly wanting to tear Lin Yun apart.

As it had awakened its wisdom, the Lightning Fanged Tiger became extremely cautious. It had completely pressured the other side, but it was still approaching slowly.

As time passed, the several dozen meters around Lin Yun thoroughly transformed into a sea of lightning. Lightning bolts kept lashing at Lin Yun from every direction. The shields covering his Law Runic Shield slowly decreased in number, and a small half of his Law Runes had collapsed. They would only display their effect again after being recondensed from regular runes.

In the distance, Raphael, Morgan, Jouyi, and Harren were worriedly looking at the sea of lightning, but they had their hands full at the moment.

Morgan gritted his teeth and glared at the Moonlight Deer. The Moonlight Deer’s attack power was pretty low, but its defenses were extremely powerful. And its healing spells were the most disgusting part.

Not only could it heal itself, but it could also heal the other magic beasts. The six Heaven Beasts were all in perfect condition.

Only one of the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts had been killed, and that was because the Moonlight Deer had been unable to save it in time.

The Darkness Elemental God was emitting smoke. A pure Darkness Elemental God like itself was very sensitive to light. Even light healing spells could injure it.

This made the Darkness Elemental God even more berserk, and it used its sharp claws to tear through the Moonlight Deer’s defenses.

But it was consuming too much power, and Morgan could only focus his energy on the Darkness Elemental God. He cast all kinds of support spells like Touch of Darkness on the Darkness Elemental God’s body and kept supplying it with darkness from the Demiplane to heal its injuries.

After casting another Touch of Darkness to let the Darkness Elemental God recover the smoke it had lost, Morgan’s expression became even more depressed.

‘Damnit, how could that Moonlight Deer be so troublesome? That guy doesn’t attack at all, it only uses shields and healing spells. If I don’t get rid of that Moonlight Deer, these Heaven Beasts will never die!

‘Sir Merlin is in danger… The Lightning Fanged Tiger is the strongest and fiercest of these six beasts.

‘If this continues, Sir Merlin will definitely die in the sea of lightning’

Morgan was enraged, but he couldn’t go over. He took a quick glance at the others. Dedale’s battle was the fiercest. He was entangled with that ice-covered Frost Ape and simply couldn’t break away.

Raphael had already set up his arrays and was now controlling them to slowly grind at the magic beast trapped inside.