End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Two Birds One Stone

Jouyi was controlling the Starry Sky Reflection and Starry Sky Mirage in a similar fashion and had trapped the Earth Rhinoceros within.

If the enraged Earth Rhinoceros escaped now, it would definitely be more troublesome than two Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. After such a long time, the Earth Rhinoceros’ body hadn’t suffered many scars, and its berserk power could only be slowly ground away little by little.

On another side, the battle within Harren’s Curtain of Darkness was close to the critical juncture. Escaping wasn’t an option.

He threw another glance at the fighting between the alliance and the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, and it was incomparably fierce. But these people didn’t have the power to meddle in a fight between Heaven Rank powerhouses.

After looking around, Morgan didn’t find anyone that could be of help to Lin Yun. He burned with rage, but he couldn’t think of anything.

Dedale frowned as Lin Yun was trapped in the sea of lightning by the Lightning Fanged Tiger. Even when he was a few dozen meters away from the Lightning Fanged Tiger, hesitation appeared on Dedale’s face.

‘Mafa Merlin is facing the strongest beast, but I hadn’t expected him to be defeated so soon…

‘Unfortunately, I can’t save him. It’s not that I don’t want to save him, I just can’t break away from that stupid Frost Ape.

‘But it’s good if he dies… Mafa Merlin is really too troublesome. The Golden Transformation Potion definitely can’t fall into the hands of the Andlusa Kingdom.

‘If he leaves this place alive, the number of Heaven Rank powerhouses within the Andlusa Kingdom might completely surpass our Odin Kingdom within a few decades.

‘If he died here, while I might lose the opportunity to advance to the Heaven Rank now, it wouldn’t be a bad thing in the long term.

‘Unfortunately, I really can’t help. Mafa Merlin, I hope you’ll be lucky’

A series of thoughts flashed in Dedale’s mind, and he immediately started focusing on handling that Frost Ape.

The Lightning Fanged Tiger had already reached the edge of the sea of lightning, but seeing that there was no movement coming from within, it sneered as it slashed down with its claws.

Behind the Law Runic Shield, Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes and countless runes flashed through his irises. He spat out two Law Runes, seemingly with some difficulty.

Looking at them carefully, these two Law Runes were formed from several dozen Law Runes. These two unstable runes were formed based on the construction method of Law Runes.

It took no less than thirty seconds to form one of these two Law Runes, and they burst like a volcanic eruption just as they appeared.

The power of gales seemed to have been plundered away, and the surrounding lightning completely transformed into basic elemental power.

The powerful wind elements almost condensed into a liquid, while the lightning bolts within several dozen meters collapsed and were scattered back into the most basic wind elements before being devoured by these two runes.

At that moment, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff, and a long, pitch-black Wind Blade condensed.

Space was forcibly sliced open as that Wind Blade appeared, leaving behind a spatial tear that wouldn’t be able to heal for a while. A berserk spatial storm erupted from this spatial tear, but it was instantly sliced to pieces by the Wind Blade.

The sudden changes frightened the Fanged Lightning Tiger, but the Wind Blade was already shooting forward like an arrow.

It was like a knife cutting through butter… The Lightning Fanged Tiger stretched out its claws and swiped twice, but the Wind Blade sliced through its head and then continued onward.

A roar echoed as the mountain-like Lightning Fanged Tiger fell to the ground, its head cut in half. The Moonlight Deer’s healing ability had no effect.

On the other side, the Darkness Elemental God suddenly roared in alarm, and its black smoke burst out as it instantly disappeared.

Just as the Darkness Elemental God disappeared, a pitch-black Wind Blade appeared in front of the Moonlight Deer.

Right when the Wind Blade came into contact with the Moonlight Deer’s shield, the pitch-black crack suddenly expanded. The shield that the Darkness Elemental God had been attacking for so long without being able to make more than a small crack on its surface was now forcibly torn to shreds like a piece of paper.

The Moonlight Deer’s shield actually wasn’t very powerful. The Darkness Elemental God’s claws could casually tear through it, but it could only claw a small crack. However, the Moonlight Deer’s Light Shield had the strongest recovery ability.

It could fully recover from a small crack in a second. This was the most loathsome thing.

But now, a dozen-meter-long crack appeared, and the Light Shield simply couldn’t repair it. Just like an afterimage, the Wind Blade flashed through and cut the Moonlight Deer’s antlers.

The dozen Energy Spheres hanging from its antlers simultaneously exploded, and terrifying light power wrapped around the Moonlight Deer. In that split second, the Moonlight Deer’s body transformed into a ray of light.

The black Wind Blade and the ray of light collided, leaving a black crack in the ray of light.

In an instant, the Wind Blade passed through it, and the Moonlight Deer regained its original appearance. Human-like fear could be seen on its face as it turned into a light golden ray of light that slowly dissipated.

The sudden development startled humans and magic beasts alike. He had killed two Heaven Beasts in one blow!

In the distance, exhaustion could be seen in Lin Yun’s eyes. He ignored everyone’s shock and quickly reminded them, “Be careful, that Dark Night Phoenix is about to awaken”

Lin Yun had been watching the Heaven Moonlight Deer since the start of the fight. He knew how troublesome Moonlight Deer were. With one of them here, let alone killing a Heaven Beast, even killing more than a few Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts would be very difficult.

The Moonlight Deer’s fighting strength was very poor in itself. It was still the weakest even after reaching the Heaven Rank. It was definitely a punching bag.

But its defensive and healing abilities could absolutely transform a battlefield into a nightmare.

The Energy Spheres hanging down the Moonlight Deer’s antlers would guarantee that its shield wouldn’t disappear as long as it wasn’t torn to shreds in one move.

As for its Light Therapy ability, it would guarantee that other magic beasts couldn’t be eliminated.

Getting rid of the Moonlight Deer in a direct battle was impossible. Furthermore, the Energy Spheres hanging down from the Moonlight Deer’s antlers would keep supporting it during battle.

If it was near death, that Dark Night Phoenix who disdained to fight with them would definitely intervene to save the Moonlight Deer.

If they wanted to get rid of the magic beasts, they had to get rid of the healer; Lin Yun understood this simple reasoning.

He used the Lightning Fanged Tiger’s sea of lightning to cover his aura and relied on his Law Rune Shield to forcibly block the lightning attacks before slowly creating two law runes made of several dozen law runes.

Even if it was just a frame that could only display the power of a single blow, and even if that power was very weak, it was enough to instantly kill a 1st Rank Heaven Beast.

It just so happened that there was a sea of lightning around him. After scattering the sea of lightning, the rich wind elements left behind were most suitable for casting a Space Rending Blade.

The spell was extremely fast and had the strongest tearing power.

The death of the Lightning Fanged Tiger was accidental; its aim was to behead the Moonlight Deer. The most basic Wind Blade was a spell that could be upgraded without limits. Space Rending Blade could only tear a thin hole through space, as its front part was a spatial tear with extreme power.

And as long as it kept being strengthened, the structure would keep becoming more complex. A Wind Blade that could tear through time would eventually appear during the peak of Noscent.

Lin Yun spent almost a minute to cast that spell, so slicing through the Moonlight Deer’s radiant body wasn’t surprising.

After the Lightning Fanged Tiger and the Moonlight Deer’s deaths, Lin Yun reminded everyone of the real threat, and the huge wheel shadow behind him spouted a large number of Law Runes. Layers of shields of the four elements appeared on top of the Law Runic Shield.

In less than two seconds, thirty layers of shields were formed…

While the others didn’t understand what Lin Yun’s reminder meant, the sleeping Dark Night Phoenix hiding its head in its wings suddenly opened its eyes.

In an instant, those several-hundred-meter-long wings flapped over the battlefield and created gales. Air was blown away, and the space in the vicinity of the Dark Night Phoenix’s wings seemed to have been shattered like glass.

The battlefield instantly plunged into chaos. Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts firmly dropped down on their stomachs, their huge bodies trembling as if they feared that they would be blown away by the wind at any moment.

The spells released by human mages were all blown into the sky by this sudden gust of wind. They were nowhere to be seen.

A dozen mages were sent flying away even with their shields raised.

Dedale’s flames were all blown away, Raphael’s array instantly collapsed, and Jouyi’s Starry Sky Reflection suddenly collapsed and dissipated into rays of light. Even Harren’s Curtain of Darkness was like a black cloth being torn into countless fragments.

After a flap of its wings, the Dark Night Phoenix immediately spewed out a dozen dark blue flames.

The dark blue flames crossed through space and instantly attacked those thirty shields covering Lin Yun’s body. The flames slowly burnt like the most gentle flames.

But Lin Yun’s defensive shields were like bubbles popping from the heat, shattering one after another.

In less than a second, a dozen shields had been shattered. Lin Yun kept replenishing the defensive shields with a steady expression while Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras and charged towards the Dark Night Phoenix’s flames, letting the flames burn his body.

Then, he opened the Book of Mantras and used himself as a bridge to lead the Dark Night Phoenix’s flames into the Book of Mantras’ flame world.

The huge cluster of the Dark Night Phoenix’s flames slowly turned into a stream and rushed into the Book of Mantras.

Syudos had transformed into a Flame Spirit King, and with his identity as the Incarnation of the Book of Mantras, no flame could destroy his body.

It wasn’t just Lin Yun Even Syudos had been eyeing the Dark Night Phoenix for a while. The Dark Night Phoenix could be said to have the Phoenix Bloodline. Its flames couldn’t compare to Phoenix Fire, but they possessed a wisp of Phoenix Fire’s properties.