End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123 Humans Vs Beasts 2

Syudos led the flames into the Book of Mantras to digest the Dark Night Phoenix Fire. If uncontrolled, that fireball could even spread to the entire Book of Mantras’ flame world.

After flapping its wings and spitting out flames at the killer of the Moonlight Deer, the Dark Night Phoenix stopped its attacks. Its burning eyes coldly looked at everyone before it folded its wings.

It no longer made a move, but its aura spread out. The 2nd Rank Heaven Beast’s aura surrounded everything within a dozen kilometers. The dense power kept bearing down everything. It was like small mountains were bearing down on their backs.

Facing this kind of large-scale aura pressure, the strength of the four Heaven Mages and Dedale was suppressed by 30%, while the strength of those under the Heaven Rank was suppressed by at least 50%.

Casting became more difficult, their mana consumption increased, the casting time increased, and the might of their spells decreased.

Facing this sudden aura, the remaining four Heaven Beasts and the several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts seemed to have gone crazy. Not only were they unaffected by the pressure, but their eyes even became extremely red and they instantly turned berserk.

The red-eyed Earth Rhinoceros flew into a rage and fiercely charged towards the humans. Behind it, the Frost Ape covered in layers of ice fiercely swung its arms.

The two remaining Flame Wolves had raging flames burning all over their bodies. They were like moving flaming mountains pouncing towards the human army.

The four Heaven Beasts were completely berserk and led several dozen berserk Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. It was like a flood of creatures was flowing towards the human alliance.

The earth fiercely shook, and the berserk aura spread like waves. The humans were forced to continuously retreat as their strength was pressured by the Dark Night Phoenix and they had yet to adapt to it.

The Earth Rhinoceros ruthlessly trampled on the ground, and waves suddenly seemed to rise up from the earth, crashing towards the humans.

The Frost Ape opened its mouth, and several hundred Frost Spikes fell down like a rain of ice, ruthlessly chasing after everyone.

And two Heaven Rank Flame Wolves opened their bloody maws and spat out two columns of flames. Just as they came out, the flames combined to form waves of fire that fell down towards everyone.

Along with the several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts releasing spells from the back, the sky was covered in spells that fell towards everyone.

The Four Heaven Mages could barely resist and immediately flew out.

“Retreat! Total retreat!”

A startled roar echoed as everyone started withdrawing. The six powerhouses with the power of the Heaven Rank also started retreating.

They stopped casting while retreating a few kilometers away. The Dark Night Phoenix’s pressure had reduced, and everyone could now adapt to it.

They had been chased for a few kilometers, and their expressions were terrible. Six Heaven Rank powerhouses had been forced to retreat against the attacks of four Heaven Beasts. This was a huge disgrace.

After being chased for a while, the beserk power of the magic beasts had also slightly weakened. At that time, the six Heaven Rank powerhouses started their counterattack.

Dedale had a dark expression. Raging flames were burning in his eyes as he let out a huge roar. His Burning Soul magic robe, metal staff, and three flaming spheres all burst out with their peak power.

The raging flames transformed into a flaming tornado that flowed towards the Frost Ape. The raging, flaming impact hit the Frost Ape’s body and immediately evaporated the frost off its skin. The flames seemed to be alive as they coiled around the Frost Ape’s body and blocked its attacks.

Raphael floated in the air and a large number of gales formed with a wave of his hand. Countless cyan Wind Blades transformed into whirling tornadoes that tore towards a Flame Wolf.

Jouyi’s Starry Sky Mirage appeared once again and transformed into a huge starlight world that shrouded the surroundings of the Earth Rhinoceros, confusing it and not letting it charge.

The last Flame Wolf was shrouded in Harren’s Curtain of Darkness. The boundless dark aura kept corroding the Flame Wolf’s body.

As for Morgan, he released his Darkness Elemental God into the pack of several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, taking advantage of the situation to crazily massacre them.

Exhaustion could still be seen in Lin Yun’s eyes. He had just expended a lot of energy to forcibly form those Law Runes. That already exceeded the limits of his ability. He calculated that at least seven hundred basic runes were used to form these Law Runes.

And that kind of Law Rune needed Extraordinary Power to form. By relying on the Magic Array, he was barely able to forcibly form a prototype.

At the moment, his mind was still exhausted, and he could only condense Four Element Bombs to bombard the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

That pack of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts was immediately sent into chaos under the attacks of the Darkness Elemental God and Lin Yun. After the four Heaven Beasts were dragged into their own battlefields, these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts couldn’t form a united front. Their strength rapidly fell.

Facing the Darkness Elemental God and Lin Yun’s overbearing attacks, as well as those two hundred Archmages, they soon started having casualties.

Three Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were killed in less than three minutes, and eight of them had been seriously injured.

The Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts slowly started retreating towards the array while Lin Yun and Morgan led the Archmages to chase them and harvest their lives.

By the time the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were within a kilometer of the array, the 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Phoenix raised its head and looked at them with anger. It was like someone having a sweet dream being continuously awakened. That slender neck was standing tall, and it let out a sharp cry.

The space in its surroundings instantly shook, and ripples visible to the naked eye kept spreading from it. The earth rippled and the rocks in the area seemed to have experienced countless years of decay before turning to dust with a loud bang.

The soundwave shook everything within a kilometer into fragments. When the beasts retreating to the array heard that sound, it was like they received a blessing. They simultaneously turned and started counterattacking.

Lin Yun and Morgan led the army to stop at a kilometer’s distance and hide behind a small hill to avoid the Dark Night Phoenix’s sound attack.

The waves swept over and the hill kept shaking. The weathered rocks on the surface of the hills were shattered one by one, and layers of earth kept being scraped away.

After a few seconds, the several-hundred-meter-tall hill had lost five meters from its surface. The mages were all hidden behind the hill, supporting their shields with difficulty.

After that soundwave passed, a lot of sand and dust formed a huge sandstorm that rushed about in the distance.

It affected the fight between the four Heaven Beasts and the four humans.

Dedale’s flames, Raphael’s Wind Blade tornadoes, Jouyi’s Starry Sky Mirage, and Harren’s Curtain of Darkness were shattered one after another by that huge sandstorm.

After regaining control, the four 1st Rank Heaven beasts instantly changed direction and fled towards the array.

They were back to square one.

Morgan fiercely stomped his feet.

“Damn, that Dark Night Phoenix is too disgusting! Against so many Heaven Rank powerhouses, it still feels disdain and doesn’t want to make a move, but it keeps causing trouble.

“Damned b*stard Either come and fight, or keep watching! Sh*t, it really is a vile magic beast! Beasts will stay beasts, after all. It’s even more hateful than those muscle-brained Beastmen”

It wasn’t just Morgan… Everyone had dark expressions. The Dark Night Phoenix disdained to fight against the human army and only dispatched these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic beasts and six Heaven Beasts.

But whenever the magic beasts suffered losses, the Dark Night Phoenix would start making trouble, releasing large-scale cover fire, or spouting Dark Night Phoenix Fire.

Sometimes it would even release the aura of the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm to pressure them and reduce their strength.

If they approached the array, the Dark Night Phoenix would keep releasing its aura to cover the around the array, pressuring the strength of all humans.

And whenever one of the four Heaven Beasts seemed to be on the verge of death, the Dark Night Phoenix would spout a mouthful of Dark Night Phoenix Fire to save them.

The six powerhouses able to display the power of the Heaven Rank fought for half an hour, but they were unable to get rid of the four buffed Heaven Beasts.

The greatest gain was that they had been able to kill six Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

The longer the fight lasted, the darker their expressions became. Each time they cooperated to get rid of a Heaven Beast, they would be interrupted. This was a terrible feeling.

After the fight lasted ten more minutes, Dedale had been thinking a lot and prepared an explosive surprise for the Frost Ape. He only needed to lure it over and the flames surrounding the Frost Ape would explode with enough power to leave it on the verge of death. Without the Moonlight Deer to heal it, it could only end up dying from its injuries.