End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125 Talking With The Beastmen

The few Heaven Mages remained silent, but someone of the Odin Royal Family immediately burst out in anger.

“Sir Merlin, have you gone crazy? You are too naive. Do you think that those stupid Beastman that can’t even close their mouths will speak with you?”

‘Damn, that Mafa Merlin’s brain has an issue. Negotiating with the Beastmen? What are you going to discuss? Are you going to ask the Beastmen to stop attacking?

‘To have them attack the array with us?

‘What a joke, they already have eight Heaven Rank Beastmen, they don’t need the Beast God’s Blood that much.

‘Our side is the one in need, they would be able to get rid of all of us as long as they attack us while we attack the array. They would end up being the Raging Flame Battlefield’s victors.

‘And the losses of a few Heaven Rank powerhouses and two hundred top tier Archmages would definitely affect the Raging Flame Plane’s situation.

‘They have eight Heaven Rank powerhouses, they can always attack us, do they need to discuss with us?

‘Getting close would be impossible, these idiots definitely won’t give us an opportunity to negotiate, it would become a dangerous battle.

Many people were doubtful, many felt that Lin Yun’s idea was completely unreasonable and ridiculous.

“Then you pick an option that will work and we will go with that.”

Seeing everyone opposing it, Lin Yun readily gave up. The Odin Family instantly became silent.

Jouyi and Harren looked at each other, their eyes carrying a wisp of shock. But they didn’t feel that it was ridiculous.

‘Sir Merlin never did something without assurance. This might sound unfathomable, but Sir Merlin knows what he is doing.

Jouyi’s expression flickered and he slowly opened his mouth to say, “There is no good option, regardless of the option, we have to give it a try.”

After Jouyi gave his opinion, Harren seconded the motion. Raphael thought for a bit before supporting it. Morgan didn’t even think before approving of the idea.

Unexpectedly, Dedale also silently approved of the idea.

This time, the others simply couldn’t oppose it. The six powerhouses with Heaven Rank power were all in favor, there was no point in the others fighting against it.

“Then who is going to discuss with the Beastmen? We can’t have everyone go, right? Since Sir Merlin suggested it, Sir Merlin should have some assurance. Sir Merlin should go.”

The members of the Odin Royal Family promptly removed themselves from the equation and threw the burden on Lin Yun.

‘Since you want to show off, then you should go. Let’s see if those few Heaven Rank Beastmen kill you when you reach their camp.

‘When the time comes, you might not even be able to say a word before being eliminated by those Heaven Rank powerhouses.’

Lin Yun sneered and ignored the members of the Odin Royal Family.

‘So what if it can help breakthrough to the Heaven Rank, the most important part of the Beast God’s Blood is being able to catalyze the God Fire Ember. As long as there are enough Beast God’s Blood, I might be able to ignite that God Fire Ember into a genuine God Fire.

‘These people can’t understand the use of the Beast God’s Blood, they only see the tip of the iceberg.

‘I have to get this array no matter the cost.’

Lin Yun didn’t say a word and flew away, not taking anyone with him.

As he flew to the area where the Raging Flame Beastmen were stationed, a terrifying Extraordinary Power aura burst before his eyes and all the Heaven Rank Beastmen flew to the sky and sneered as they looked at Lin Yun.

That Blood Bone Beastman sneered and transformed into a shadow. In an instant, several dozen needle-like bloody aura appeared around Lin Yun.

Numerous aura needles carried strange aura as they surrounded Lin Yun.

“Stupid Human, you were lucky last time, I hadn’t wanted to kill you. But I really didn’t expect that you would dare to fly over by yourself, you are just courting death.

“Since you want to die, I’ll be magnanimous and send you to the earth’s embrace. The earth has already opened its arms so hurry up and drop dead!”

The Blood Bone Beastman burst into a loud laughter, echoed by a few Beastmen.

“Is this guy tired of living? As kindhearted Beastmen, we have to send him to the earth’s embrace.”

“It’s a pity, this guy’s strength is pretty good. He hasn’t reached the Heaven Rank but has the power of the Heaven Rank. If he dies now, the humans would definitely feel distressed.”

“I say, this human must think that he is powerful and can contend with us by himself. You aren’t afraid? Wow. As a brave Beastman, I’m trembling in fear, look at my shoulders, they can’t help but shake, ahahahah”

The few Heaven Rank Beastmen floated in the air, mocking him. Even the Beastmen on the ground were ridiculing him. In their eyes, this was just a laughing matter.

Lin Yun coldly sneered.

These Raging Flame Beastmen believed in strength. If his fists weren’t hard enough, he wouldn’t have an opportunity to speak, if he didn’t beat them up, he wouldn’t be able to discuss with them.

Especially when dealing with humans, they believed in one thing: a dead human was a good human. Getting rid of them was in their instincts.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and the huge Purple Dragon’s shadow appeared behind him, holding a multi-colored wheel shadow in which four damaged gems were embedded.

He held the Book of Death in his left hand and the shackles covering it automatically fell off. Four colored rays of light blossomed and enveloped Lin Yun.

In an instant, Lin Yun’s aura crazily expanded. The Book of Mantras floated on Lin Yun’s left side and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel floated on Lin Yun’s right side.

Syudos transformed into a sphere of flames and floated on top of the Book of Mantras. As for Enderfa, he calmly floated above the Spell Wheel, his three faces extremely solemn.

Using all the Magic Tools, Lin Yun’s mana erupted. His four base Laws had already been established. Lin Yun’s Archmage path had almost reached completion, and it was even more perfect than other people.

Slowly, a huge and simple scales shadow appeared, and Lin Yun was in its center. The Book of Mantras and the Spell Wheel were floating on each tray.

Immediately, the void deep-like Void Forge and the Elemental Heart with glaring colors simultaneously appeared.

The scales slowly leaned on one side. The Book of Mantras was already an Extraordinary Magic Tool and surpassed the Spell Wheel in power. But as light flickered on the scales, endless power surged from the void.

It was like the peace was forcibly torn apart from the void and the power surged into the Spell Wheel.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel’s aura sharply increased and reached the Extraordinary Grade in less than a second, its aura was now comparable to the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras’ aura.

The scales once again regained its balance, but the power Lin Yun exuded, apart from not having Extraordinary Power, already exceeded all the Heaven Rank Beastmen before him.

The Equilibrium Law only had six core formulas, but it was the strongest Meditation Law in Lin Yun’s eyes.

When he obtained that Meditation Law Set, he upgraded the Elemental Heart’s core formulas out of nowhere. In order to keep the equilibrium, he had to forcibly raise the Elemental Heart by a rank.

Lin Yun had always been thinking that the Equilibrium Law shouldn’t simply be something that allowed a mage to have two Core Meditation Law Sets.

The Equilibrium Law itself had some effects, but he had yet to unearth the Equilibrium Law’s effects.

All Core Meditation Law Sets would have effect in battle, or in other areas.

The Equilibrium Law definitely couldn’t be simple since it could increase the rank of the Elemental Heart.

After advancing to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm, and after the Archmage magic path leaned towards perfection, the Equilibrium Law could display its effects in battle.

The Equilibrium Law maintained balance. Even if the balance was shattered, the Equilibrium Law was an existence that could forcibly correct the balance.

Before, the Void Forge had one more Meditation Law than the Elemental Heart, and the Equilibrium Law forcibly supplemented a Meditation Law to the Elemental Heart.

This was reinforcing the balance by strengthening the weak and not weakening the strong. This was its most formidable effect.

After using the Equilibrium Law, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel’s power could temporarily reach the Extraordinary Grade.

Lin Yun suddenly burst out with a powerful aura that made it look like those blood needles made of aura fell into a swamp. The closer they were to Lin Yun, the slower they moved, and after three or four meters, they completely dissipated.

Lin Yun instantly transformed into a flaming orange Flame Elemental with a cold expression. He chanted a brief incantation with strange words and four Law Runes suddenly condensed in front of him.

At that instant, the buffed Enderfa roared and halos spread out of the Spell Wheel, it was like the Spell Wheel expanded a few dozen times.

As the Spell Wheel revolved crazily, countless runes appeared on the surface of the Spell Wheel and countless fire spells appeared one after another. The fire spells transformed into a hundred-meter-thick spellwave that swept towards the Beastmen.

The Blood Bone Beastman was shocked and transformed into a blood shadow to escape. The fire spellwave roamed the area and instantly suppressed the Raging Flame Beastmen. Aura radiance kept being destroyed one after another within the flood of fire spells.

In less than a second, several dozen Sword Saints were submerged by the fire spells and only some of them managed to escape.

The suddenly outburst startled those Beastmen who were planning on watching the show. Four Heaven Rank Beastmen simultaneously attacked and their Aura bloomed with light, their crystal-like swords ruthlessly slashing toward Lin Yun.

At this moment, Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras and a several-dozen-meter-tall huge flaming door shadow appeared behind him.