End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 Discussion


The door slowly opened and in an instant, an extremely terrifying aura filled the air. The Beastmen all felt a hot and dry sensation within their heart. Apparently, the aura alone could make people burn.

Boundless flames spurted out of this illusory entrance, including faint golden Hellfire, dark purple Bone-corroding Black flames, pale Corrosive Fire, and dark green Dark Night Phoenix Fire.

All the flames were like a flood flowing out with rumbling sounds.

Aura Slashes came from the Four Heaven Sword Saint Beastmen. Those crystal-like scarlet Aura Slashes were like fishes going against a waterfall.

But those tangible Aura Slashes rapidly shrunk and disappeared into nothingness halfway through the flood of flames.

The remaining four Heaven Rank Beastmen also joined in the fight, but those flames covering the sky couldn’t be dealt with. The eight Heaven Rank Beastmen could resist, they could even dodge.

But the Beastmen on the ground couldn’t resist or dodge that easily.

The fire spells and various kinds of flames formed a flood that frantically spread. It was no different from a large-scale offensive spell.

Flames spread everywhere within a kilometer. The other Beastmen used Battle Aura Armors to withstand the burning flames and spells.

But the Blood Bone Beastmen ran out of luck. Their strongest defenses were their bones, they were even stronger than Battle Aura Armors.

It was very easy for their bones to extend out of their bodies and cover their vitals to resist the fire spells. But there was Bone-corroding Black Flames among the flames Syudos released.

Bone-corroding Black Flames were actually the weakest flames when they couldn’t come in contact with bones, but once they did, they would definitely be among the strongest kinds of flames.

As long as it infected a bone, if the victim didn’t cut off the ignited part or used extreme power to forcibly disperse the Bone-corroding Black Flames, then the only outcome was for all their bones to turn to ashes.

How could the Blood Bone Beastman Sword Saints know about this. They were submerged in the flood of Bone-corroding Black Flames and their bones were all ignited.

These Blood Bone Beastmen were 9th Rank Sword Saints at best, how could they forcibly destroy Syudos’ Bone-corroding Black Flames. In a few seconds, the flames burst out of their bodies alongside Hellfire, Corrosive Fire, and Dark Night Phoenix Fire, and they rapidly turned the Blood Bones Beastmen into ashes.

The other Beastman Tribes didn’t have an easy time either. Dark Night Phoenix Fire would stick to their Battle Aura Armors and frantically consume their Aura. After the Corrosive Fire corroded their Battle Aura Armors, the Hellfire would burn them, leaving the final blow to the Bone-corroding Black Flames.

Or, they would end up torn to pieces by the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel barrage of spells.

After a dozen seconds, several dozen of the few hundred Beastmen were burnt to death.

The eight Heaven Rank powerhouses flew into a rage and frantically started casting, but Lin Yun could barely manage to defend against them with his two Extraordinary Magic Tools and his Law Runic Shield.

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel were on a frantic offensive, while Lin Yun also raised his Draconic Staff and kept releasing Four Element Bombs. The attacks that couldn’t hit the eight Heaven Rank Beastmen directly fell onto the Sword Saints and Arch-Warlocks on the ground.

A minute passed and the eight Heaven Rank Beastmen were going crazy. They led their subordinates into the Raging Flame Battlefield, with the weakest being at the 7th Rank. Moreover, they had brought quite a few 9th Rank Arch-Warlocks.

Their forces were the pillars of their Tribes, but now, thirty to forty of their subordinates had been killed within a minute.

The Blood Bone Beastmen’s losses were especially disastrous. Half of their forces had been incinerated.

After adapting to Lin Yun’s unreasonable attack, the eight Heaven Rank Beastmen thoroughly burst out and released their Extraordinary Power without restraint.

The eight Heaven Rank powerhouses’ Extraordinary Power pressured Lin Yun and decreased the mana fluctuations in his surroundings by more than half.

But Syudos and Enderfa weren’t greatly affected and just kept casting.

Lin Yun frowned. The pressure of eight kinds of Extraordinary Power forcibly emptied the air. It was like his body was falling into a deep sea as a huge pressure suppressed him from all directions.

The runes on the Law Runic Shield barely resisted a few attacks of the eight Heaven Rank powerhouses before reaching its limits. Several dozen thousand Law Runes appeared on the surface of the Law Runic Shield.

Moreover, every Law Rune was in an agitated state. This showed that the Law Runic Shield was reaching the limits of its endurance. It would collapse within a few seconds at this rate.

After losing that strongest defense, it would take a dozen seconds before the eight enraged Heaven Rank Beastmen tore him to shreds.

More importantly, the Equilibrium Law’s power was reaching its limits, and the power supporting the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was returning to the void.

If he got rid of another dozen Beastmen, these Heaven Rank Beastmen would truly go berserk and he would suffer.

After a sigh, Lin Yun swept a glance at the surrounding eight red-eyed Beastmen.

“Can we have a good discussion now?”

The Blood Bone Heaven Rank Beastman had a malevolent expression as he put his hand on his long sword before fiercely roaring at Lin Yun, “Damn Human! I want your death. You must die here today. Don’t even think of returning to the embrace of the earth, I’ll tear your soul along with your body!”

The Gold Beastmen’s General was on the verge of turning berserk, his teeth were chattering and his Aura was continuously spreading into a halo.

“Stupid Human, you have to pay the price with your life. Slaughtering our warriors means being spurned by the earth. Damned guy, no matter what you say, don’t think of leaving this place alive!”

“Despicable scoundrel, your power has already reached its limits, don’t think we are blind. Within a few minutes at most, we will be able to bash your head and use your skull as a wine cup!”

The eight Heaven Rank Beastmen kept snarling, frantically attacking with their Auras. The only Warlock raised both arms and kept summoning flaming meteors.

The eight Heaven Rank Beastmen didn’t even want to talk, they were just determined to get rid of Lin Yun.

Lin Yun raised his shield and sneered before taking 1-meter-long scrolls. Soon, thirty magic scrolls floated around Lin Yun and the mana they emitted made the surrounding space distort.

“Alright, the Raging Flame Plane will be destroyed in a hundred years, but it doesn’t look like you want to talk about it.

“There are a few dozen Summon Meteorite Scrolls here all made from Heaven Beast Leather. Each one of them can summon a meteorite that could at the very least compare to an 8th Tier Spell.

“With fifty scrolls, only a few of you eight idiots might be able to survive. At least half of you will be buried alongside me, as well as those few hundred core forces.

“I wouldn’t suffer a loss. The most important thing is that in a hundred years, the Raging Flame Plane will be destroyed, too bad.

“Maybe you’ll be lucky and directly destroying the Raging Flame Battlefield might also destroy that time node. Who knows”

Lin Yun kept taking out magic scrolls as he talked. He even tore one of the Summon Meteorite Scrolls. Soon, a huge meteorite dragged a few-kilometer-long flaming trail as it ruthlessly crashed two kilometers away.

The earth ruthlessly shook and the terrifying shockwave swept over a kilometer away. Saying that it had the power of an 8th Tier Spell was somewhat of an underestimation.

And the most important part was its speed, it was too fast to be intercepted!

Looking at the six dozen scrolls floating around Lin Yun, the eighth Heaven Rank Beastmen froze and calmed down.

More importantly, Lin Yun was continuously taking out scrolls, and every single scroll was emitting similar mana fluctuations…

Cold sweat trickled down Gallsworth’s forehead as he looked at Lin Yun’s scrolls. He no longer dared to swing his sword.

‘That stupid human is definitely tricking me, these scrolls can’t all be Summon Meteorite Scrolls!

‘Does he dare to take us down alongside himself? He absolutely won’t dare, humans are cowards, he must be tricking us…

‘Right, he is tricking us, he is doing that to force us into a discussion…

‘Hold on, he just mentioned the Raging Flame Plane’s destruction He wants to talk about this matter?

‘Sh*t, does he know something? If the Raging Flame Battlefield is destroyed, how could the Greater Demon Overlord not be released?

‘A disaster would immediately befell the Raging Flame Plane, does he know how to settle that problem?’

Gallsworth’s expression suddenly changed.

The Blood Bone Heaven Rank Beastman’s eyes flickered with hatred. He wanted to keep attacking, but Lin Yun expressionlessly activated the scrolls one after another.

After four scrolls were activated, Gallsworth immediately shouted, “Human, stay your hand! We can have a discussion!”

The eight Heaven Rank Beastmen gritted their teeth and only surrounded Lin Yun, not daring to make a move.

No one knew how many Summon Meteorite Scrolls Lin Yun possessed, and no one knew whether these scrolls were real or not.

Even if there were some scrolls with obviously different auras, they didn’t dare to gamble.

This kind of otherworldly meteorite wasn’t a meteor condensed from flames. It couldn’t be stopped once it started falling. A hundred of them falling on the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield could absolutely collapse and destroy the entire Raging Flame Battlefield.

Moreover Lin Yun seemed to know a way to avert the Raging Flame Plane’s destruction. This made the Beastmen unwilling to gamble.

Lin Yun didn’t say anything, but the vague information attracted the Beastmen’s interest. They also didn’t dare to gamble because they couldn’t afford it.

At the start of the negotiations, Lin Yun calmly looked at the eight Heaven Rank Beastmen before his eyes and the Beastmen powerhouses in the back without a single trace of fear.

These Beastmen would be able to tear him into pieces within half a minute if they became hostile.