End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127 Discussion 2

“We are also aware of the Dark Night Phoenix, and it’s not the first time we have seen it. You don’t need to say anything. You might not be able to drive the Dark Night Phoenix away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t!”

Gallsworth started the negotiations by giving their bottom line. This was also a show of good faith. The other Beastmen had dark expressions, but they didn’t refute Gallsworth’s words.

Gallsworth also had a dark expression as he said those words, he was also shivering in anger.

‘This damned human powerhouse is extremely troublesome. He could battle the eight of us by himself and could still last a minute. Moreover, it is said that this guy isn’t the strongest among the humans, he isn’t even at the Heaven Rank.

‘Regardless of whether he speaks the truth or not, we can’t take back the array as long as the humans are here.

‘These humans would definitely disturb us if we attack the array. When the time comes, no one would be able to take back the array.

‘Moreover, this human has the power to destroy the Raging Flame Battlefield, not cooperating isn’t an option.

‘If they could offer good conditions, cooperation could be possible.

‘It was said that last time Beastmen entered, the Dark Night Phoenix hadn’t been occupying the array. It seemed that these magic beasts were unable to discover the array’s existence.

‘But they would come to snatch it after outsiders discovered it. As long as the magic beast attack was resisted, we would have a steady flow of mana crystals.

‘Now, that Dark Night Phoenix occupies the array, and it would be very difficult to take back the array with our power alone.’

Gallsworth discreetly discussed with the other Beastmen. They realized how awkward the current situation was. Cooperating was good and they wouldn’t suffer a loss.

Gallsworth showed his intent to cooperate and waited for Lin Yun to make an offer so that they could strive for more benefits.

But they hadn’t expected Lin Yun’s words to be so shocking.

“We cooperate to attack the magic beasts and snatch back the array. We will divide the mana crystals evenly.

“But I have a better method. You want the mana crystals in order to trade for the Beast God’s Blood, while I can refine the Beast God’s Blood into a potion increasing its effects.

“I believe you understand, the raw materials’ effects are far from being able to compare to the effect of medicine.

“The Beast God’s Blood is the raw material, and the Golden Transformation Potion I refine can display the power of the Beast God’s Blood to its pinnacle. Moreover, it wouldn’t have the slightest bit of danger. The Extraordinary transformation process would become even easier.

“We can trade all the produced mana crystals for Beast God’s Blood and I’ll refine them into medicine that we would divide evenly.

“As for who gets the first medicine, we can decide based on who contributes the most during this attack. Whichever side contributes the most would get the first medicine.

“This is a show of good faith. Whether you want to cooperate or not depends on you.”

Lin Yun had a sincere expression. This stunned the eight Beastmen sitting in front of him and even Gallsworth was at a loss for words.

That condition could be said to be very generous, it completely exceeded their expectations.

They originally discussed the outcome, and their lowest bottom line was to cooperate to attack the array and split the mana crystals in half.

As long as the offer didn’t exceed their bottom line, they would cooperate. Getting half of the mana crystals was always better than both sides continuously dragging the other down without being able to obtain a mana crystal.

But now, not only would they obtain half of the harvest, they could still experience the taste of a potion.

No matter how arrogant the Beastmen were, they couldn’t deny that potions refined by human alchemists were good things. Even if the two sides were at war, they weren’t completely out of touch.

There were always some people stealthily smuggling human potions to the Beastmen while Beastmen smuggled materials to the humans.

It wasn’t as if the major forces and Raging Flame Beastmen didn’t know about it, but that kind of trade was beneficial to both sides, so they ultimately turned a blind eye to it. As long as it wasn’t too excessive, no one would pay attention to it.

But the Beastmen never heard of the Beast God’s Blood being used as a material to refine potions.

But their superficial knowledge didn’t hinder them in understanding simple logic. The effects of a raw material would be a lot higher after being made into a potion.

After no less than half a minute, Gallsworth nodded with a strange expression.

“Okay, Human, I hope you’ll abide by your promise. But it’s fine if you don’t. Whoever breaks the contract after attacking the array would be cruelly punished.”

Lin Yun smiled and took out a magic contract from his bosom. The contents of the contract were already written on it.

And with the appearance of the magic contract, the last traces of doubts disappeared from the eight Heaven Rank Beastmen’s faces.

They knew how binding a contract was to a mage. If they violated the contract, they would be met with a penalty even more vicious than they would, it would be no different from death.

The contract was passed among the eight Beastmen and none of them found anything wrong. At this time, Gallsworth signed his own name as the representative.

Lin Yun signed his own name and the magic contract disappeared in a burst of light.

“Let’s have a pleasant cooperation, Sir Gallsworth.”

Lin Yun smiled and slowly walked away from the Beastman camp.

‘As long as all mana crystals are exchanged for Beast God’s Blood, all the Beast God’s Blood would pass through my hands and would be used to expand the God Fire Ember.”

Potions had better effect than their raw materials, this was an universal truth of the world of alchemy. But no alchemist ever said that this was an absolute truth.

Potions tailored for humans had many effects that weren’t necessarily as good as if it was directly consumed, not to mention potion tailored for other races.

As for the Golden Temptation, it was clearly most efficient for Humans as the raw materials were deadly to them and they couldn’t consume the Beast God’s Blood as a raw material.

But to Raging Flame Beastmen, the raw Beast God’s Blood was the best. The effects of the Beast God’s Blood might not be as obvious as the Golden Temptation on the completion of their Extraordinary Transformation.

But the greatest effect of the raw Beast God’s Blood wasn’t the completion of their Extraordinary transformation, but the various hidden buffs they received.

Bloodline strengthening, Bloodline’s ability strengthening, as well as many important, yet invisible buffs that could make them walk even further on their path.

These weren’t in the Golden Temptation Potion.

To them, fusing with Beast God’s Blood to advance wasn’t too different from advancing by themselves, it was even a bit better.

But after taking the Golden Temptation Potion, no matter how talented these Beastmen were, no matter how high their comprehension was or how rich their bloodline was, they would never be able to walk the later part of the Heaven road, they would be stuck there.

Humans used the Golden Temptation to break through and could still turn back to establish their foundation, they could spend more time understanding the Laws, which would forcibly eliminate the side effects of the Golden Temptation.

To the mages of this era, the Golden Temptation could be said to have no side effects, because even if they lived to the end of their lifespans, they still wouldn’t be able to see the day when their side effects would appear.

After the Beastmen easily agreed to the conditions, Lin Yun returned to the human camp. Many people were filled with expectations, as if they were about to watch a good show.

Dedale’s eyes flashed with apprehension.

For Mafa Merlin to be able to return alive from the Beastman camp was truly inconceivable. He had just sensed very powerful battle fluctuations and there were quite a few Heaven Rank Beastmen.

But the battle fluctuations soon disappeared along with the Extraordinary Power’s aura. He originally thought that Mafa Merlin had been killed, but he hadn’t expected him to actually come back alive, and without a single injury.

‘Don’t tell me he is that strong already? He managed to escape a few Heaven Rank Beastmen using Extraordinary Power’

On another side, the Odin Royal Family member who had been sneering at Lin Yun was now shocked.

‘He actually returned alive!? He wasn’t killed by those Beastmen?

‘Didn’t a few of them use Extraordinary Power just now? How could he still be alive? How could he return? And he looks uninjured, his mana fluctuations are also very smooth. What’s going on? What the hell happened?’

The group foolishly watched as Lin Yun flew over. Earlier, when the few Beastmen used Extraordinary Power, everyone argued whether they should go and save him or not.

But the argument lasted less than a minute yet the Extraordinary Power dissipated. Everyone thought LinYun had been eliminated. Jouyi and the others thought Lin Yun had already died, until Lin Yun returned…

The expression of the Odin Royal Family’s member flickered as he pushed away the sneer and doubt to replace it with a trace of ridicule.

“Sir Mafa Merlin, didn’t you go ‘discuss’ with these brainless Beastmen? How is it, done discussing? Come, tell us the results. Let’s see whether these Beastmen gave up on the array or not.”

Lin Yun indifferently shook his head.

“Giving up the array is definitely impossible”

Lin Yun didn’t have time to finish before the man of the Odin Royal Family started laughing.

“Didn’t you go speak with those Beastmen? Your discussion wasn’t successful? For them to let you return There must be a problem with their heads”

“… But they decided to give up half of it.”

Lin Yun finished the second half of his sentence with an indifferent tone.

All the mocking and laughter instantly stopped. It was as if everyone had suffered from a Warlock’s Silence curse and their heartbeats suddenly became a lot louder.