End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128 Cooperation

Morgan was shocked and stammeringly asked. But everyone understood the meaning behind that sentence, it was just too scary.

The muscle-brained Raging Flame Beastmen had never compromised with the humans they were at war with. Yet, they actually gave up half?

Doesn’t that mean cooperation? After taking over the array, half of the profits would go to the humans.

But the Raging Flame Beastmen already have eight Heaven Rank powerhouses. If they all advanced, then they can only bring the Beast God’s Blood back to the Raging Flame Plane to give it to other powerhouses that could complete the Extraordinary transformation.

However, there aren’t that many powerhouses among the Raging Flame Beastmen that can fuse with the Beast God’s Blood. Only those who reach the peak of the 9th Rank are qualified to complete their Extraordinary transformation, ordinary 9th Rank powerhouses could only dream of it.

There might be powerhouses able to use the Beast God’s Blood after a few decades.

But it was different on the human side, there were too many Mage Towers and forces, and not a single one of them would dislike having too many such things.

Archmages’ lifespans weren’t short and every Mage Tower had Archmages stuck at the peak of the 9th Rank.

As long as there was Golden Transformation Potions, a large number of powerhouses could be raised in a short term.

It was impossible for the Beastmen to not know this. If the Beastmen were stuck here, their losses would be far smaller than humans and their harvest would far surpass humans. They would be the true winner of this Raging Flame Battlefield.

Yet they were actually cooperating?

Are they really that stupid? Cooperation meant they would give up victory. This Raging Flame Battlefield could end up peacefully, but they would instead let the human side catch up.

After leaving the Raging Flame Battlefield, this little bit of power would give a greater advantage to the humans on the battlefield.

They couldn’t understand what happened. Although they said that Beastmen were stupid, the Beastmen weren’t stupid to the point of not understand this.

The group remained silent and looked at Lin Yun with a strange expression, waiting for his explanations.

Lin Yun slowly walked over.

“Prepare for battle, I’ve already signed a contract with the Beastmen. We will cooperate in attacking the array and after taking over the array, all the mana crystals harvested would be used to trade for Beast God’s Blood. I’ll then refine it into Golden Transformation Potions and divide it evenly between both sides. The first bottle will go to whoever made the biggest contribution.”

After Lin Yun finished, a person of the Odin Royal Family loudly questioned, “You actually want to make potions for the Beastmen! Don’t you know what that means? They will”

That guy barely said a few words before discovering something wrong. No one was supporting him, they were all looking at him with a strange expression.

Morgan laughed, “Fool, do the Beastmen need potions to advance to the Heaven Rank?”

Everyone remained silent, the Beastmen could advance to the Heaven Rank without a potion, but now, the humans had the opportunity to advance to the Heaven Rank.

And on the side, Raphael, who had a deep knowledge of alchemy, couldn’t help laughing.

‘Those stupid Beastmen are really pitiful, they were actually tricked by Sir Merlin due to their lacking alchemy knowledge.

‘The effects of the Golden Transformation Potion are worse than the raw Beast God’s Blood. They must be thinking that it would show better effects when refined…

‘They are really pitiful, they actually signed the contract’

Jouyi also had an understanding expression. He looked at Lin Yun and shook his head with a smile. He then said a few words to Harren and Harren immediately started laughing.

“I have to say, how could Sir Merlin not have prepared a trap for those Beastmen to jump into”

Many people smiled. Potioneering was completely different for Beastmen than it was for humans. Who knows how many times potions have been used to trick Beastmen over the years.

Moreover, potions usually did have better effects than the raw materials. Over the years, the potions that the Beastmen had come in contact with were no exception, that’s why it was common sense to them.

That Odin Royal Family member had a red complexion and didn’t dare to say a single word, for fear of becoming a laughingstock.

That offer had already exceeded everyone’s expectations. Although they were curious as to how Lin Yun succeeded, no one dared to ask.

They were getting benefits, the process wasn’t important, especially since the negotiation process had been discussed by others. Compared to the profits they would receive the process wasn’t important at all.

Soon, the human army and the Beastman army gathered not far from the array. There were close to seven hundred Sword Saints and Archmages. Such a huge force gathered all of the peak forces of the human side and Beastman side.

There were eight Heaven Rank Beastmen, four Heaven Mages, as well as two human powerhouses that could display the power of the Heaven Rank for a total of fourteen 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses.

As such a powerful force was gathered together, the surrounding mana fluctuations couldn’t help condensing and then converging into a several-hundred-meter-thick transparent fluctuation that charged into the sky and tore the clouds into fragments.

On the path to the array, the various magic beasts lying on the ground raised their heads, even the Dark Night Phoenix extended its wings, dark blue flames burning in its eyes as it impatiently looked in the distance before letting out a sharp cry.

All the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and the Heaven Beasts got up on their hind legs and let out snarls.

The eyes of the remaining four Heaven Beasts flickered with coldness as they roared at the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

Immediately, the several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts seemed to instantly become violent and crazily charged at the gathered humans and Beastmen.

The earth started to shake and the elements started becoming chaotic. Energy Spheres condensed and flew towards the humans and Beastmen.

The Energy Spheres filled with destructive power arrived before the allied armies and a dozen mushroom clouds suddenly appeared. They were emitting destruction aura and were frantically spreading towards all sides, destroying everything on their way, even shattering hills.

Rocks were swept by the waves of destruction and instantly turned into ashes, which were then annihilated in those energy waves.

Amidst the explosions, concentrated chants echoed and spells were cast.

The weakest among these Archmages were at the 7th Rank, and they could release a dozen spells below the 6th Tier within a second.

The powerful 9th Rank Archmages could cast forty to fifty Low Tier Spells within a second, while Heaven Mages could easily cast spell waves.

Several hundred Archmages casting together formed a hundred-meter-tall tidal wave of spells.

The earth-shattering spells ruthlessly collided with those destructive Energy Spheres, and the berserk power formed a terrifying chaotic zone between the two armies. Elements and air couldn’t exist in that location, it was a pitch-black vacuum which kept exploding and annihilating everything.

On the side, the Beastmen Sword Saints raised their greatswords and scarlet Aura Slashes shot out as if they were several hundred thick crystal swords.

The countless greatswords swept with berserk power and ruthlessly pierced the Destruction Energy Spheres’ shockwaves. The fierce power collided and it was like that pitch-black annihilation space was forcibly cut into a few hundred pieces, as if space had already been shattered.

A total of fourteen Heaven Rank powerhouses and several hundred Archmages and Sword Saints were facing a few dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. Even if these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were only a step away from the Heaven Rank, the allied armies were pressuring them.

The charging Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts managed to charge a kilometer forward before being thoroughly suppressed. On one side was the chaotic spell tidal waves coming one after another, and on the other was a flood of ruthless Aura Slashes tearing and slicing.

In less than five seconds, the three Barbarian Oxs at the forefront were forcibly torn apart. They couldn’t charge out of this sea of Aura and spells. A few dozen Aura Slashes and several hundred spells would hit them every second, and the Barbarian Oxs also couldn’t resist.

After half a minute, eighteen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were torn apart. Blood flowed on the ground like rivers.

Even the four Heaven Beasts couldn’t stop the progress of the human army and Beastman army. Once they were a kilometer away from the array, the Dark Night Phoenix, who had been hiding his head in his wings, raised his head once again.

The Extraordinary aura of a 2nd Rank Heaven Beast burst out and formed gales that whistled past, pressuring the fourteen Heaven Rank powerhouses, as well as everyone else.

As for those Magic Beasts, their power was instead strengthened and they fiercely charged with red-eyes, instantly counterattacking.

The fourteen Heaven Rank powerhouses’ expressions suddenly changed.

Morgan yelled in shock, “Damn, how could that Dark Night Phoenix be so powerful. Its aura alone can suppress all of us, he actually suppressed the strength of a dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses and several hundred Archmages and Sword Saints!”