End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 Tidal Wave

Yet, the Extraordinary Power released by the Dark Night Phoenix could still suppress them and all Heaven Rank powerhouses by 20% and 40% for all Archmages!

As for the Beastmen, the eight Heaven Rank powerhouses all had unsightly expressions. Seven of them looked at Gallsworth as Gold Beastmen had the greatest understanding of the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Before entering the Raging Flame Battlefield, they knew that there was a 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix here. Back then, the Heaven Rank Beastmen relied on the array to resist the Dark Night Phoenix.

At that time, the few Heaven Rank powerhouses’ strength had been reduced by 10% by the Dark Night Phoenix’s aura and the guardians of the array barely managed to stop it.

But now, the Dark Night Phoenix’s Extraordinary Power’s pressure was spread over so many people, yet it could still weaken them by 20%!

This meant that if a Heaven Rank powerhouse fought on their own, their power would be suppressed by at least 50%!

A 1st Rank Heaven powerhouse wouldn’t last more than a minute with half of their strength.

Gallsworth’s expression was unsightly.

This 2nd Rank Dark Night Phoenix’s wisdom was higher than before, and it was also stronger. It was at least twice as powerful as the last time the Raging Flame Beastmen entered the Raging Flame Battlefield.

‘If it attacked alongside the magic beasts, we might not be its opponent. We have to deal with these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and those few 1st Rank Heaven Beasts first’

“Let’s retreat first, this Dark Night Phoenix’s aura is at least twice as powerful as the last time we encountered it. Let’s get rid of these stupid magic beasts first, we will get rid of the Dark Night Phoenix when it is the last one left!”

Gallsworth’s solemn words made everyone take a deep breath. The few Heaven Mages all had shocked expressions, and Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning.


It didn’t sound like much, but it was based on the original strength of this Dark Night Phoenix. Two times a hundred wasn’t much, but two times a million or a trillion, the difference would rapidly reach the point where it would make people despair.

No one refuted Gallsworth’s words, they all started withdrawing while fighting. After moving two kilometers away, the Dark Night Phoenix’s pressure became negligible. A dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts also died during the retreat.

Suddenly, the unmoving Dark Night Phoenix raised its head and slowly stretched its wings. A burning hot aura slowly filled the air and everyone felt as if flames were slowly ignited, that was a kind of heat evolving from the heart.

“Hurry up and get rid of these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and those Heaven Beasts! That Dark Night Phoenix is about to join the fight!”

Dedale was most sensitive to fire aura and suddenly let out an urgent shout.

Berserk flames spurted out. Dedale controlled the three flame spheres and released his strongest flames. The three kinds of flames formed a storm that ruthlessly charged into those few magic beasts emitting ice aura.

In an instant, the fourteen Heaven Rank powerhouses all released their most powerful attacks.

On the Beastmen side, a faint golden Aura transformed into a large Aura Slash, blood-colored light transformed into Aura Needles covering the sky, Abyssal power transformed into black smoke condensing demonic heads.

On the human side, spells of the fire, ice, wind, earth, light, and darkness elements all mixed together to form a berserk flood of destruction falling towards the remaining twenty Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

The flood of destruction kept flowing down. They stopped the hit and run tactic to burst with their strongest abilities.

The remaining Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were submerged by the flood of destruction. They lost the support of the Dark Night Phoenix and ten of them were rapidly killed.

The few Heaven Beasts left were besieged by a dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses, and the Heaven Rank who had been enraged only used a few seconds to turn these few Heaven Beasts into corpses.

In the array, the Dark Night Phoenix had unfolded its wings, but it hadn’t left the array. It knew that as long as it left the array, trying to get it back wouldn’t be easy.

As its subordinates were all getting eliminated, the Dark Night Phoenix fully unfolded its wings in anger, before fiercely flapping them.

Dark blue flames were raging on its wings and mixed with the gales to transform into a kilometer-wide dark blue tidal wave that whistled towards the human side.

The flames and gales burst into a power that could compare to a large scale Extraordinary Spell.

The Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts’ corpses spread on the ground like small mountains were like dead leaves blown away by the gales and flames.

Several ten-meter-tall huge corpses flew one after another, ignited by the flames. As the gales whistled past, these corpses seemed to have been cleansed and turned into a pile of fragments.

These ignited fragments transformed into piles of ashes, but the flames within the gales became even more berserk.

The several dozen Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts’ corpses turning to ashes made the onlookers tongue-tied.

That terrifying power was like a true elemental tidal wave, it was close to three-hundred-meter-tall and several-kilometer-wide. It simply couldn’t be dodged.

That was a true disaster. It didn’t matter that it was only a few hundred meters in height, it would be the same if it was two-kilometer-tall, dodging above it was useless.

The elemental tidal wave’s attack would devour all elements and assimilate tem. All assimilated elemental power would become even more berserk.

Especially the area impacted by the tidal wave, an elemental collapse would be formed which would tear everything apart. Flight-type spells would be useless there.

Blocking it was their only option if they wanted to survive.

That was a true disaster that all lifeforms in all planes were afraid of. The Endless Sea became Noscent’s most dangerous region because elemental tidal waves were very common there.

If one was unlucky, they would meet one within a few days.

And the scene before their eyes was no different from a true elemental tidal wave.

The six Heaven powerhouses of the human side immediately landed on the ground and kept casting in order to defend themselves.

Dedale led the mages of the Burning Tower to cast shields that formed a huge flaming barrier.

Raphael led Sky City’s mages to use their floating fortress to form a dozen-meter-big small array.

As for Lin Yun, he frowned and stood in the center of the mage army. The mage army started using their Joint Chant Array’s defensive barrier. And following the mage army’s chant, Lin Yun kept spitting out Law Runes into the flames.

The flames transformed into helixes forming a huge spiral maze within several-dozen-meters. Anyone wanting to reach the center of the maze had to follow helix after helix and might need to cross several kilometers to reach the center.

Lin Yun was leading within the center of the helixes and calmly waited for that blazing tidal wave to appear.

On another side, the Beastmen were gathered together, their greatswords stabbed into the ground and their dazzling Aura shining. The Auras of the various tribes converged together and formed a huge Aura Hemisphere that enveloped everyone.

After four seconds, the tidal wave of dark blue flames and gales whistled past.

The magic beasts’ corpses, rocks, fragments, everything that was drawn in disappeared silently. This berserk power engulfed them, but no sound could be heard, no sound could spread. It was because the air had already been emptied and the mana devoured.

Silently, the Dark Night Phoenix’s tidal wave clashed with everyone’s defenses.

The Burning Tower’s flaming shield was rapidly infected. The crimson flames slowly turned dark blue, and once that huge defensive shield was thoroughly assimilated, it would no longer be under the control of the Burning Tower’s mages.

Dedale summoned an elemental vortex which frantically spurted elemental flames to replenish the huge shield’s flames. If their defensive shield was assimilated before the tidal wave passed, they would all be burnt to death.

Sky City’s array blossomed with a glaring radiance, it was like a steep slope stuck in the ground leading the gales and flames into the sky. Their array’s power had been roused to their peak. They even borrowed the power of their floating fortresses. It took less than three seconds for the mana source of one of the fortresses to be scrapped because of overload.

On the Henry Family side, Morgan summoned a darkness gate and led the tidal wave’s flames and gales’ power into the world of darkness. Roars could be heard coming from the darkness gate, and the entrance was also covered in cracks, as if it would collapse at any time.

Morgan kept taking out mana scrolls and potions before throwing them out one by one to reduce the pressure on the darkness gate.

Not far, Jouyi, with his Starry Sky Barrier, and Harren, with his Darkness Space, had a very hard time resisting, their defenses seemed on the verge of collapse.