End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132 Outcome

Piercing the Dark Night Phoenix’s body was as simple as piercing the air.

The Dark Night Phoenix flew up in alarm, but the hole on its chest rapidly expanded. Its body, which could resist 8th Tier Spells without a bruise, was now rapidly being eroded.

It rapidly flew up three hundred meters high, but its body exploded into a burst of ashes, and those ashes didn’t have time to fall before being completely destroyed.

On the ground, Lin Yun summoned Syudos and made him devour the bursting dark flames, while he himself chased after the flying God Fire Ember.

That thing couldn’t be controlled, if he left it to its own devices, it would devour everything it encountered until it reached the edge of the Raging Flame Plane. It would then devour the spatial barrier and thoroughly disappear in the endless void.

But with something like a Spatial Gate, it was possible to direct the God Fire Ember without getting in contact with it.

After flying ahead of the God Fire Ember, Lin Yun calculated its path and rapidly opened the Spatial Gate.

The Spatial Gate in the Demiplane led to the God Fire Ember’s original trajectory.

After three seconds, the God Fire Ember returned to the Demiplane and orbited in a circle in the sky.

After getting the God Fire Ember back, Lin Yun sighed in relief. He would have been extremely regretful if he had lost that thing.

Everything in the sky had disappeared, the Dark Night Phoenix had thoroughly disappeared. Even the Level 42 Extraordinary mana crystal had been burnt to ashes by the God Fire Ember and left nothing behind.

‘What a pity, this God Fire Ember is too powerful and can’t be controlled, it didn’t even leave the Level 42 mana crystal behind…

‘Even if it’s just the ember of an extinguished God Fire, it’s not something a Level 42 magic beast can resist.’

Lin Yun softly sighed. It was a pity that the materials and mana crystal of the Dark Night Phoenix, a level 42 magic beast, the strongest magic beast he ever encountered, ended up annihilated. Not to mention that this Dark Night Phoenix had the bloodline of the Immortal Phoenix, its materials were even more valuable. Materials with a wisp of the Immortal Phoenix’s power could be crafted into True Spirit Magic Tools with special power.

After all, the Immortal Phoenix was a legend, even during Noscent’s peak.

There was only one true Immortal Phoenix. It was said that it existed during the era of Gods and was truly immortal. Each time its life reached its end, it would use God Fire to burn itself to ashes before undergoing rebirth amidst the ashes and regained its youth.

Towards the end of Noscent’s Planar Colonization Era, there was a powerhouse known as the Immortal God. He had been killed four times at the Archmage realm.

But after every death, that person would reappear stronger. When he reached the Heaven Rank, he brazenly entered the depths of a Fire Plane and someone personally saw him burning to ashes in there.

But he ended up reappearing after some time.

It wasn’t until Noscent started declining that his secret was unveiled.

As an Archmage, he accidently entered a small plane, which was the world the Immortal Phoenix had chosen to undergo rebirth.

He merged with a wisp of the Immortal Phoenix incinerated ashes and witnessed the Immortal Phoenix being reborn from ashes, obtaining a wisp of the Immortal Phoenix’s ability in the process.

As long as he wasn’t killed twice in a row within a short period of time, he would be able to be reborn from ashes.

Later, some people captured and researched some magic beasts possessing a wisp of the Immortal Phoenix’s bloodline and came to an understanding. They took out the wisp of Immortal Phoenix bloodline within their bodies and used mana crystals to refine a kind of single-use Magic Tool that could allow a mage to be reborn from ashes once after their death.

The Dark Night Phoenix was one of the races that encountered the most misfortune during those times.

Lin Yun shook his head and threw aside his regrets. The God Fire Ember was the greatest harvest. There were plenty of opportunities to find magic beasts possessing the bloodline of the Immortal Phoenix, he even knew several places.

It’s just that these magic beasts were too powerful, the weakest were Level 44 or 45. He couldn’t handle them at the moment.

Lin Yun stood at the edge of the array and calmly pondered. The others watching from a distance were already terrified.

The Blood Bone Beastman had been grinning, expecting Lin Yun to die from a mouthful of dark flames.

But he ended up seeing the Dark Night Phoenix flying up in alarm and its huge body transforming into ashes in a couple seconds.

‘Damn, by my ancestors What the hell was that? The Dark Night Phoenix was actually burnt to death?

‘What a joke, the Dark Night Phoenix has a wisp of the legendary Immortal Phoenix’s bloodline, yet it was burnt by a small flame?

‘That’s a Level 42 magic beast, an Extraordinary Magic Beast on the verge of reaching Level 43, yet it was actually burnt to ashes…

‘What was that small flame? Damnit, what could it be…

‘It’s too frightening’

Gallsworth’s expression also hardened and his eyes flickered with an alarmed expression.

‘What is that thing?

‘That human actually controls such a terrifying thing? Damn, what the hell is it?’

The eight Heaven Rank Beastmen all paled. Everyone had been suppressed by the Dark Night Phoenix and couldn’t get within a kilometer of the array.

But that Dark Night Phoenix had been burnt by a small flame.

That scared everyone.

It was the same for the humans. Morgan and the others had been getting ready to help, but they were now looking foolish. Their shields had yet to scatter, they didn’t react at all, thinking, ‘How could the unparalleled Dark Night Phoenix suddenly become ashes?’

As for Dedale, he was looking at the scene with unfocused eyes, his mouth open, and shock visible on his face. It was as if he had seen a God.

‘What was that flame? Sh*t, what was that flame? It actually burnt that 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix to ashes…

‘No, Mafa Merlin can’t even control that flame. That’s not a power Mafa Merlin can even control. But even if he can’t control it, it is unimaginably powerful.

‘An unstoppable power, what kind of flame is that?’

The group of people were foolishly looking at the scene. Thirteen Heaven Rank powerhouses and a few hundred Archmages were all stunned.

After a few minutes, everyone looked at the light shining at the peak of the array as a new mana crystal was condensed. When Lin Yun grabbed the mana crystal, they were suddenly roused.

‘The array has been snatched back!’

After taking back the array, the group started guarding the place while the array condensed mana crystals everyday.

With the matter of Lin Yun burning the Dark Night Phoenix to death, everyone’s attitude towards Lin Yun had greatly improved. Whether it was Beastmen or humans, no Heaven Rank powerhouse dared to inconvenience him.

With the production of mana crystals, they traded for the first drop of Beast God’s Blood, and the first bottle of Golden Transformation was given to the human side, the Beastmen had no plan on taking it.

The refined potion was handed over to Dedale since he had yet to advance to the Heaven Rank.

Boundless flames descended during his Extraordinary transformation. A Fire Demiplane was established and very complicated fire law runes fell into Dedale’s body, allowing him to rapidly grasp Extraordinary Power.

The 2nd bottle of Golden Transformation Potion was delivered to the Beastmen and a new Heaven Rank Beastman was born.

Without the magic beasts’ obstruction, a fixed amount of mana crystal was produced every day, and soon, eight Heaven Rank powerhouses appeared on the human side.

Dedale of the Burning Tower, Raphael of Sky City, Morgan and Arnaud of the Henry Family, Reeves of the Odin Royal Family, Jouyi of the Cloud Tower, Harren of the Black Tower, and the Azurewave Sword Saint of the Andlusa Royal Family.

As for the Beastmen, they had ten Heaven Rank powerhouses and an unused Golden Transformation Potion.

The strength of the group could be said to have reached its peak and they had nothing to do but quarreling every day.

Without the array continuously creating Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, none could be found in the Raging Flame Battlefield as they had all been hunted. The group had nothing to do while waiting for the mana crystals to be formed and could only fight.

“Morgan, you fool, don’t think that you can be arrogant because you have a Darkness Elemental God and Arnaud helping you, don’t think that you are the only one with helpers.

“Come, fight me if you still have balls. If I don’t tear your mouth apart today and have you kiss my rear, I would be known as the coward among Steel Beastmen!”

“Kaila, you fool! Weren’t you taught a lesson by my Darkness Elemental God yesterday? Come, my Darkness Elemental God needs something to grind its teeth and you are very suitable.

“Your bones would be perfect”

After a few sentences, a few people ran in the distance and started fighting. Half an hour later, a bloodied Morgan and Arnaud came back while gnashing their teeth, and not far, a purple and a green Beastmen came back limping, their clothes corroded and their bodies covered in some corrosive burns.

“Foolish Morgan, you only know how to provoke these Beastmen all day long, you are really a fool. And your Darkness Elemental God was actually unable to get rid of a Steel Beastman, what an idiot” Reeves of the Odin Royal Family sneered at the bloodied Morgan.

On the side, Dedale frowned while holding a sphere of flames and comprehending fire law runes.

“Sir Morgan, please be quiet, don’t tell me you don’t understand what silence means? Do you want me to teach you?”

Morgan sneered, “Reeves, don’t think you can straighten your back and talk arrogantly because you advanced to the Heaven Rank. Let me tell you, even if you advanced to the Heaven Rank, you are still a fool.

“If you don’t believe it, then let me see your strength. You talk big, but your bones can’t even be used by my Darkness Elemental God to grind its teeth.

“And Dedale, I can’t bear to see those Beastmen’s arrogant attitudes. If you disapprove, then go get rid of these Beastmen. Don’t act like that with me. What did Sir Merlin say already Right, stop talking nonsense.”