End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Out Of The Raging Flame Battlefield

The humans didn’t like to obey one another. After advancing to the Heaven Rank, Dedale’s prestige wasn’t the same as when he had just arrived in the Raging Flame Plane. He especially didn’t dare to casually provoke the Henry Family’s two Heaven Rank powerhouses.

No one could do anything against Arnaud’s breakthrough, everyone that could complete their Extraordinary transformation already did. Lin Yun himself didn’t need it, while Xiuban and Reina’s bloodlines were too powerful and they would be able to breakthrough without the potion.

And the mage army’s mages were too far from the Heaven Rank, they simply didn’t need the potion.

The only one that could complete the Extraordinary transformation was Arnaud, so this lucky event could only fall onto the Henry Family.

Naturally, this had to do with Morgan spending a huge sum and putting a mountain of valuable materials in Lin Yun’s hands.

The other forces have more or less benefited, and this quota could only be given to Arnaud Henry.

The group either quarrelled and fought between themselves, or fought with the Beastmen.

But that matter was unrelated to Lin Yun. Lin Yun would research the God Fire Ember everyday in the Demiplane.

Everyone’s mana crystals were used to make Golden Transformation Potions and the remnant power was devoured by the God Fire Ember that had turned into a sun.

Slowly, the God Fire Ember grew in size and shone even more brightly over the Demiplane. The changes over the Demiplane were increasing.

New kinds of plants were growing and some lifeforms with very simple organisms were being born in the seas and lakes.

Those were lifeforms born in the Demiplane, even if those lifeforms weren’t too different from plants. But it was also a very good start.

The God Fire Ember slowly expanded and changes soon started to appear.

As time passed, the Raging Flame Battlefield was reaching its closing time. This time, the Raging Flame Battlefield ended in a peaceful way.

In the center of the Raging Flame Battlefield, an ancient door emitting an halo could be seen in front of the temple. In the center of the red copper-like door, a white halo transformed into a vortex and the rich spatial path spread to the surroundings.

The group stepped through the lit gate and disappeared from the Raging Flame Battlefield one after another.

On the other side, in the Raging Flame Plane, the layout of the battles had changed since a large number of powerhouses had gone to the Raging Flame Battlefield.

The Raging Flame Beastmen kept suffering defeat after defeat and were pushed back by the humans into the hinterlands. The humans took over a large amount of land and resources.

With great supplies and resources, the mage armies became stronger and stronger and many powerhouses started emerging, forcing the Raging Flame Beastmen back into their Holy Mountain.

All the Raging Flame Beastmen had retreated to the Holy Mountain, but a huge disaster happened.

The Holy Mountain suddenly became active and the terrifying existence under the Holy Mountain started awakening. All kinds of disaster started happening.

The vegetation on the edge of the Raging Flame Plane started dissipating and was taken over by boundless sand. Living creatures were submerged and the long river of burning flames flooded and started wreaking havoc. The countless ghosts of the Wailing River started rushing on the land.

The azure sky was covered in a layer of dark grey smoke and not a single trace of blue could be seen. From time to time, there were meteors falling down, bringing about endless disaster.

Some huge spatial cracks started appearing in the sky, it was like a huge giant opening its sinister mouth.

Spatial Storms, Void Storms, and Elemental Storms, all kinds of destructive disasters started spurting out of these spatial cracks, and the Raging Flame Plane’s elements were filled with death and hot aura.

The earth was covered in cracks and the land kept splitting open, colliding, disintegrating, and colliding again as thick cracks appeared.

There were a few cracks that spanned over several thousand kilometers, and a sinister power kept churning within those deep cracks. Scalding and chaotic lava kept spurting out of these cracks.

The entire Raging Flame Plane had sunk into that apocalyptic scene.

The first thing Lin Yun’s group saw after coming out of the Raging Flame Battlefield was that layer of black smoke covering the sky and the cracks spreading over the ground.

The air was full of berserk elemental power, and all mages would have a hard time meditating in there as the elements would act like crazy destroyers after entering their bodies and destroying everything they encountered.

Everyone was shocked after going through the gate and seeing this scene.

Lin Yun was appalled as the scene of the end of Noscent appeared in his mind. It was exactly like what was happening to the Raging Flame Plane.

Crack covering the sky, a Void Storm entering the Raging Flame Plane, everything was too familiar.

Just as he walked out of the gate and feeling the death and burning auras, Lin Yun felt as if he had returned to the end of Noscent.

He carefully looked around and noticed that it was really the Raging Flame Plane, but the Raging Flame Plane was rapidly reaching its end.

The earth was being overturned far faster than Noscent’s, and the cracks in the sky spread far faster than Noscent.

Noscent still had the Shelter Tower which kept slowing down the process, but the Raging Flame Plane didn’t, the entire plane seemed to be undergoing rapid collapse.

Gallsworth looked at this scene with shock.

“This is impossible?! How could it be like this? Could the Ancient God’s legend be true? It’s over, we are finished. The Ancient God slumbering under the Holy Mountain has awakened”

The Gold Beastmen, as the rulers of the Raging Flame Beastmen, were not only the most powerful, they also knew the most secrets regarding the Raging Flame Plane.

Just like when they entered the Raging Flame battlefield, the Gold Beastmen were the one with the most knowledge of the secrets. It was because every time the Gold Beastmen entered, they would come out alive.

Their experience was the most valuable treasure. As for the other Beastman Tribes, there had been many times where the powerhouses they sent out had been unable to come back alive.

In addition to wars and natural disasters, they only knew a little about the Raging Flame Plane’s secrets and records, no one had a better understanding than the Gold Beastmen.

Gallsworth was also the first to react to this apocalyptic scene, apparently knowing something.

The other seven Heaven Rank Beastmen all surrounded Gallsworth.

“Gallsworth, we want to know the truth. What’s going on with this damned world. Why is it like this? Has the Greater Demon Overlord already freed itself from the seal of time? Wasn’t it supposed to be a hundred years?

“How could it be like that? What’s going on with the Holy Mountain? What’s happening to the Raging Flame Plane? What’s happening!?”

Despair and pain could be seen in Gallsworth’s eyes.

“Ancient God, it’s definitely that Ancient God, he is coming back to life!

“I always thought that the Ancient God was a legend, because the legend of the Greater Demon Overlord was real. I really didn’t expect this.

“When the war expands and the plane’s source is activated, the slumbering Ancient God below the Holy Mountain would start awakening and it would start devouring the Raging Flame Plane’s mana to revive.

“The Raging Flame Plane’s life and mana, as well as the source of the plane would be devoured by this awakening Ancient God, and nothing would be left behind.

“I’ve read some sparse notes among old books. Back then, I thought our ancestors fearfully wrote thatbecause of the Raging Flame Demon Overlord, so I always thought he was the Ancient God…

“I’ve never taken those sentences seriously, but I really hadn’t expected it to be like this”

The Raging Flame Plane was reaching its end, and everyone worried about the people that remained in the Raging Flame Plane, so they all rushed back to their own territories.

Lin Yun rushed back to the Four Seasons Plain, and after a detailed explanation of what happened in the past few months, his heart started throbbing.

‘Ancient God’

A silent memory hidden in the depths of his mind suddenly resurfaced and Lin Yun became appalled.

It was because that thing wasn’t recorded as a fact at the end of Noscent, but as a legend, he just hadn’t expected it to be true.

In the records, an Ancient God had been slumbering in the Raging Flame Plane, and due to the conquest war activating the planar source, that Ancient God awakened.

He frantically devoured the Raging Flame Plane’s mana and made the world slowly die.

By the time the Raging Flame Plane thoroughly transformed into a dead world, the Ancient God also revived and became the only Ancient God alive.

And in the records, the outcome was that the Raging Flame Plane had thoroughly become a dead plane, all life and mana dissipated, it became a dead world without a single trace of mana or vitality.

The biggest reason why the record was uncertain and treated as a legend was because the revived God wasn’t one of the 72 Gods.

All Gods had names and titles, but this Ancient God appeared out of nowhere.

But it couldn’t be mistaken, Gods’ power was completely different from other lifeforms’, if he wasn’t an Ancient God, he wouldn’t grasp this power.

And this wasn’t one of the 72 Ancient Gods, it was called the 73rd God by those future powerful mages.

Many of the mages that studied the 73rd God were powerhouses that surpassed the Heaven Rank, with the strongest even being comparable to Gods.

But even with countless mages researching, they didn’t have a clue. In the end, whether there was actually a 73rd God was a huge question.