End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 Towards The Holy Mountain

This was a huge riddle by the time Noscent was destroyed.

And the main reason behind this outcome was that the 73rd God completely disappeared after devouring the life and mana of the Raging Flame Plane. Not a single trace of him was left after he resurrected his body.

There was still no appearance of that 73rd God by the time Noscent had developed to its peak and slowly stepped into the end of times.

Apart from Gods no other lifeforms could do something like devouring the entire Raging Flame Plane for its resurrection. Whether the 73rd God existed or not, that was a fact that couldn’t be disputed.

Lin Yun frowned as he recalled some things about the 73rd God.

This kind of matter was treated as a bard’s epic at the time and wasn’t taken seriously.

Because everything written down in the decaying library had to have 100% accuracy and be authentic.

The world of magic was strict, anything that wasn’t rigorous couldn’t be included in the decaying library. Only something huge like the riddle of the 73rd God could be included in the decaying library despite the regulations.

And many of these things were fake and were used as recreational material by Lin Yun.

He hadn’t expected this huge riddle to be true.

A terrifying aura was entrenched in the Holy Mountain’s direction. It was clearly a kind of upper rank lifeform emitting pressure and covering the entire Raging Flame Plane. All lifeforms could clearly sense that there was a very terrifying lifeform slowly resurrecting.

The Raging Flame Plane was like an anthill with everyone being ants and with the Dragon slumbering under the Holy Mountain slowly awakening.

That was a gap in spirit, life, and mana, it was a pressure formed by the gap in all essences!

What else could cause that apart from an Ancient God?

Lin Yun frowned, no matter if it was the 73rd God, he had to stop him from devouring the Raging Flame Plane’s mana.

At the current pace, Lin Yun’s control of the Raging Flame Plane had already reached the final stage. He originally only needed to conquer the Raging Flame Beastmen, he had already made preparations to control the rest of the Raging Flame Plane.

But now, the Ancient God started resurrecting and all his efforts had gone to waste. Everything in the Raging Flame Plane would eventually be reduced to ashes and the entire world would die.

How could he tolerate that.

“Damnit, bullsh*t Ancient God. Even a living Ancient God would have to think twice about taking away the fruits of victory.

“That damned guy, he not only wants to snatch the fruits of victory, he is even trying to chop the tree and devour it!”

Lin Yun gritted his teeth and angrily led his subordinates towards the Holy Mountain.

Xiuban, Reina, the patched puppet, the mage army, the puppet army…

Everyone gathered together and formed an army charging towards the Holy Mountain.

All kinds of Abyssal lifeforms appeared on their path, and ultimately, they encountered an abyssal army a few hundred kilometers away from the Holy Mountain.

Thick black smoke covered everything within several kilometers and the boundless Abyssal mana converged into black clouds in the sky. Terrifying ghastly silhouettes kept emerging from the black smoke.

Bats with sharp teeth, tattered wings and spiralling pairs of horns appeared extremely sinister. These terrifying monsters were the falcon domesticated by Demon Overlords.

There would only be so many of them in battle when they were led by Demon Overlords. Over a hundred monsters fluttered within the black smoke in the sky.

They looked like the biggest falcons and could find any hidden enemy within dozens of kilometers.

Those dreadful monsters could even warn the Demon Overlord when there was an enemy within a hundred kilometers.

And on the ground, six 100-meter-tall long monsters emitting black smoke were dragging a huge bone throne.

The throne was made out of huge Beast Bones. It was unknown how many lives had been reaped to craft this several-dozen-meter-tall throne.

On the throne, a Bone Demon with two ten-meter-big curving horns was calmly sitting there.

A black smoke flame was burning between the two demonic horns, continuously transforming into sinister demonic faces.

Raging flames were burning in the Bone Demon Overlord’s eyes and it coldly sneered as he faced the distant army.

The Bone Demon raised his hand and abyssal runes flowed out of his bone hand. As the abyssal runes dissipated, dense black smoke instantly spread in the Bone Demon Overlord’s surroundings and vortexes made of black smoke kept appearing.

On the ground, amidst that army of several thousand Demons, boundless abyssal lifeforms appeared.

Dark blue Evil Water Elementals squirmed as they left the Abyssal Gate one after another. The human-like Undead Skeletons and the Bone Demon without a single bit of flesh roared as they rushed out of the Abyssal Gate.

The latter ones didn’t have hands, they had sharp bone blades instead. And Lin Yun attentively watched their goat horns. These were the favorite fodder of Bone Demon Overlords.

When the huge number of Bone Demons started attacking, it was like they were in a pure meat grinder. Even if they were facing a Dragon, they would be able to shatter it into fragments.

Moreover, there were critter-like crawlers crawling on the Demons’ heads, it looked just like a beetle and their defenses were powerful. They were experts at ambushes.

There were tall man-eating two-headed monsters with four limbs. Their bodies were covered in a layer of black rocks, which was the best to resist spells.

That terrifying power was used to shatter their preys’ heads. This was their most efficient attack. Apart from Demon Overlords, even Lesser Demon Overlords could end up eaten.

Evil Lesser Demons, Bloodthirsty Bats, Dark Werewolves…

All kinds of Abyssal lifeforms were summoned by the Bone Demon Overlord. The big demonic army spread over a few kilometers.

Apart from those six Magic Beasts bitterly dragging the throne, there were only four Level level 39 Lesser Demon Overlords.

There were over sixty Bone Demons, several thousand various demonic living lifeforms, as well as the Low level beasts planned to be used as cannon fodder.

There were at least ten thousand Abyssal lifeforms covering the earth.

And those that were nothing more than cannon fodder in the Overlord’s eyes were lower than Level 25. Level 30 lifeforms were just cannon fodder that was a bit stronger in his eyes.

The black flood of Abyssal lifeforms roared as they charged into Lin Yun’s group.

Lin Yun coldly looked at this scene. His puppet army had been growing in numbers over these few months, there was already more than ten thousand puppets. They were like a flood of metal as they faced that abyssal flood of abyssal lifeforms.

Several thousand Sword Puppets transformed into a wave of metal. Sword lights flickered and illuminated the battlefield, spraying blood reeking of sulfur in the sky and countless limbs shattered and exploded in the battlefield.

The casting puppets in the rear raised their arms and kept releasing their enchanted spells.

The Bone Demons rushing at the forefront were torn apart one after another under that barrage of spells.

As for Xiuban, he brandished Carnage and rushed into the battlefield with a nasty laugh. Every time he swung Carnage, not a single Abyssal lifeform could get within ten meters.

Each time Carnage was swung, the air exploded from that terrifying power. Air blasts spread in all directions. An explosion landed on the back of a crawler, and that thick carapace shattered into pieces. The crawler hiding inside didn’t even have the chance to escape and was instantly torn to pieces by that terrifying power.

Xiuban’s magic patterns kept shining. Wind power was wrapped around him, the earth increased his power, fire and ice were enchanted onto Carnage as he kept attacking all enemies in his surroundings.

Xiuban was like an arrow that was shot in the center of the abyssal army. No Demon or Abyssal lifeform could so much as slow him down.

Soon, Xiuban reached the center of the army and shattered at least a dozen lifeforms within a second.

It didn’t take long for a thirty-meter-tall Level 39 Bone Demon Overlord to rush over. Its huge bone sword was like a ten-meter-long club that violently fell towards Xiuban.

Suddenly, Xiuban’s massacring speed was greatly slowed. The surrounding Demons stepped aside and handed Xiuban to the Lesser Demon Overlord.

And on another side, Reina had transformed into her graceful Dragon Shape and kept chanting in Draconic. Every time Reina flapped her wings, a large number of snowflakes would slowly fall to the ground.

Those snowflakes immediately froze the Evil Water Elementals, it took less than two seconds for their surface to be completely covered. After three seconds, the mana of that group of sinister Evil Water Elemental had completely disappeared.

The earth within several hundred meters was completely covered in ice, and hundreds of Evil Water Elemental statues could be seen.

A few Lesser Demons walked into the icy area and instantly flew backward in alarm, but their legs were already frozen and the ice was rapidly spreading to their bodies. Their expressions were also frozen as they turned into ice statues.