End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 Dealing With An Idio

Her Life Essence has already been evolving, it was continuously being transformed by the mana crystal of the Ancient Poison Dragon. Unless she fell, she would definitely surpass the very first Frost Dragon.

Reina slowly flew over. Those ghosts flying in the air used mind magic to try to drive Reina away, but they turned into ice statues and shattered just as they were getting within fifty meters of Reina..

Reina flew over a kilometer and froze over a thousand abyssal lifeform, up until a Level 39 Lesser Demon Overlord started fighting her, temporarily stopping this massacre.

As for the mage army, they transformed into a fire cloud. After that period of battle and strengthening, the commander of the mage army, Kurumu, had already advanced to the 4th Rank of the Archmage realm, and the other mages all gained a rank. Even the weakest one was already a 2nd Rank Archmage.

The elemental flames summoned by the mage army also underwent some change. Those were orange flames burning with higher temperature. The mage army could barely summon them by using the Joint Arrays.

As the fire cloud spread, circles of flames kept spreading in the surroundings, like an uninterrupted ring of fire. All attacks charging at the mage army were swept by the circle of flames and shattered.

The flames flowed forward and kept wrapping the large number of abyssal lifeforms within. By the time several hundred abyssal lifeforms were wrapped in, only ashes were left behind.

The crawlers let out miserable screams as they burnt. The moisture within their bodies evaporated and only their burnt black carapaces remained.

The Evil Water Elementals released poisonous water, but it was evaporated by the flames, just like their water-based bodies. They only left dark blue Water Elemental Essence behind, it was the only thing that resisted the heat.

Soon, one of the four Level 39 Lesser Demon Overlords took care of the mage army.

On the chaotic battlefield, everyone had joined the fight apart from Lin Yun and the Bone Demon Overlord.

The Bone Demon Overlord was sitting on his throne, supporting his chin with his hand while playing with a black smoke rune with his other hand. Once the number of abyssal lifeforms reduced, the Bone Demon Overlord crushed the abyssal rune and summoned a large number of abyssal lifeforms once again.

The Bone Demon Overlord sneered, a rich Extraordinary Aura being emitted from his body.

“Stupid lifeforms, this kind of cannon fodder has no limit in the Abyss. Offering their lives for their esteemed Demon Overlord is the greatest honor.

“As for idiots like you, you are the same as these cannon fodders, your fate is for your soul to sink into the endless Abyss. Slaughter, slaughter even more ruthlessly.

“Come and entertain me, stupid mortal!”

The Bone Demon Overlord laughed heartily. Waves upon waves of abyssal lifeforms were surging forth and kept putting pressure on Lin Yun’s group.

The puppets suffered a large amount of damage, and more abyssal lifeforms died, but a steady flow of abyssal lifeforms were summoned.

Enderfa and Syudos were on Lin Yun’s sides and followed him as he floated towards that Bone Demon Overlord.

Ultimately, the last Level 39 Lesser Demon Overlord took out his huge bone sword and took a step towards Lin Yun as he roared, “Stupid mortal, you have already offended the great Overlord Dorablo. The Great Dorablo is only a step away from becoming a Black Iron Overlord, you are courting death!

“Let the servant of the great Dorablo tear your soul!”

The Level 39 Lesser Demon Overlord rushed over and Enderfa’s three faces sneered.

“Idiot, you are nothing more than a Lesser Demon Overlord yet you dare mention tearing Merlin’s soul. Is your head filled with lava? Are you stupid to that degree!?”

The army of Demons charged into Lin Yun, and the Lesser Demon Overlord facing him was also swinging his bone sword.

Lin Yun sighed. He opened his closed eyes and his terrifying aura transformed into smoke that burst out of his body. Ripples could clearly be seen spreading around him.

The big four-colored wheel shadow appeared behind him, and as it revolved, it spread wisps of the aura of Laws.

Four-colored ripples spread out like a flood caused by the water of a dam being suddenly released, it instantly flowed towards the waves of abyssal lifeforms.

The abyssal lifeforms swept by the red-colored ripples had their insides being burnt by flames and raging flames surged from their mouths, ears and eyes. They instantly transformed into ashes and dissipated.

Those swept by the blue ripples instantly transformed into ice statues and fell down. On the earth, ice statues kept being shattered and numerous fragments covered the ground.

As for those swept by the cyan ripples, it looked as if they had been cut into countless fragments by countless Wind Blades.

Finally, those swept by the yellow light had their faces instantly congealed and their bodies exploding into fragments that turned into sand.

Enderfa sneered as he looked at these Level 25 to 30 cannon fodders.

“A bunch of brainless idiots. Merlin’s power is already as strong as peak Archmages, he established four base Laws, earth, fire, water, and wind form a perfect equilibrium.

“Furthermore, he controls a Natural Demiplane where the Laws of the four elements had already stabilized. The aura of laws alone isn’t something cannon fodder can resist.

“Whoever comes die. The number of weaklings had lost all meaning to Merlin. You still dare to come and throw away your lives?

“Moreover, that Lesser Bone Demon Overlord is only a step away. If he could complete the Extraordinary Transformation, he would become an Overlord. But he’s throwing away his life for the sake of a Peak 1st Rank Heaven powerhouse.

“Really, Demons really have brain issues”

Enderfa’s three faces were simultaneously scolding and he angered that Lesser Demon Overlord. His berserk roar echoed as his body exploded with countless bony outgrowths. Those bony outgrowths appeared alive and rapidly formed a bone armor wrapping around him.

Sehanling’s aura instantly increased and he stepped across a hundred meters in an instant. His huge bone sword ruthlessly attacked Lin Yun’s head.

Enderfa’s three faces exposed pitying smiles. Lin Yun didn’t even spare a second glance at this level 39 Lesser Demon Overlord. Rather, he was looking at the Demon Overlord sitting on the throne of bones.

On Lin Yun’s left, Syudos, who was motionlessly floating as a fireball, opened his mouth and sent a fist-sized ashen gray flame at the Lesser Demon Overlord.

The flame frantically expanded, and by the time it reached the Lesser Overlord, the flame had already transformed into a fifty-meter-big fireball.

The bone greatsword slashed the fireball in two, but the ashen grey flames covering the sky wrapped around the Lesser Bone Demon Overlord.

The flames, that had transformed into a thin layer of flames, suddenly raged and thoroughly ignited the Lesser Bone Demon Overlord’s body, going as far as rushing out several hundred meters in the sky.

Mournful screams echoed as the Lesser Bone Demon Overlord struggled frantically. He kept emitting black smoke and the bones within his body kept growing, but it only resulted in him burning even more. After a few seconds, the Lesser Bone Demon Overlord fell to the ground and could only let out a scream as he wanted for his death.

“I told you that you were a fool, you just didn’t believe me. Syudos’ Bone-corroding Black Flames had the power of the Heaven Rank, they came from the Book of Mantras. A fool like you without Extraordinary Power actually dares to leave your bones exposed? Aren’t you courting death”

The Lesser Overlord was instantly killed by Syudos, making the Demon Overlord that had been enjoying the show suddenly stop moving.

The abyssal rune in its hand dissipated and an angry roar echoed. In an instant, the Bone Demon Overlord’s entire body was covered in bloody bony outgrowths.

Smaller bony outgrowths were growing on the surface of these bony outgrowths. The blood colored smaller bloody outgrowths looked like barbs growing on the surface of the bigger ones.

The six Demons dragging the bone throne let out screams at the same time. Their heads were simultaneously pierced by a bony outgrowth.

As the six bony outgrowth were removed, the six huge Demons let out vigorous screams and instantly disappeared.

It looked as if their skeletons had suddenly been taken out as the six several-dozen-meter-tall wretched skeletons could be seen. Only a pile of flesh and skin remained on the ground.

The Bone Demon overlord floated to the ground and the six skeletons seemed to be broken by invisible pairs of hands, before merging once again. After a couple seconds, the six skeletons transformed into four bone swords and two bone shields.

A berserk power suddenly spread out and all Demons and abyssal lifeforms within a kilometer hid in horror.